Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Posted this 2006_august_15 but edited 2006_12_27 & 2007_01_14

Being a quite old guy my only intention with my BLog is to learn something about the internet to keep up with the youngsters (or you ...).
By my BLog I try to. I try to find ways to improve my BLog every day/week/mont.
It can be the looks, it can be the way I post things, it can be about security, it can be ....
So when you come back after one week things can be changed completely.
If you have nice suggestions please let me know in a comment over here.

I could write about flowers or architecture but I hope music will give me more 'feedback'. So my BLog is called JeansMusicBlog.
A blogger can only stay alive when you comment. So please give feedback. Is he doing eight/wrong.
Here are some 'rules' about my BLog.

You can not copy info from my BLog. Neither you can copy pictures.

My offers are always in a low bit rate. So if you want better/top quality go somewhere else or better buy the LP or CD.

In the first comment is the info to get a certain file. This includes the link and a password.
Maybe you have to do some copy/paste work. :-)

When you come directly in a post by eg Google you cannot copy my provided info link because of my security effort. Check the date, go to my home page and go from there again to the post you are interested in. Go to the comment. Now you are able to copy the necessary info.

Mac user's can have prob's with Winrar (Windows prg). There's a special prg/method for you !!

Questions ? Comment !

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