Friday, September 15, 2006


Tom Lehrer !!!!

Mid 50's I heard some songs by Tom Lehrer. Great songs ! I discovered he was a mathemathic professor on a US university.
Maybe I was just one of the few in my country who bought his records.
On another site I saw a great posting of first 2 LP's (1953 and 1959).
So there's no need to clean and rip my own LP's. In the comments I will give you the details.

When I was at school I was pretty good in mathematics and chemistry (the last 2 years I got mostly A- or 9's).
When Tom Lehrer is singing 'The Elements' I remember I did knew all of them but also all the 'info behind it' (I had the whole 'elements table card' in my head).
A superb video animation is made by US Dallas man Mike Stanfill some years ago : Elements song by Tom Lehrer
Quote by Mike :
I have long admired the satiric talents of Tom Lehrer and it just seemed natural to put the words and music of his "Elements" song into Flash format. This is by far my most popular Flash animation but I know it's all due to Mr Lehrer's spritely creation. I'm pleased to say that this animation was shown after the presentation of the Chemistry Awards at Harvard's IG Nobel Awards in October of 2002.

When there was an exam probe the others had to use the whole hour, I only needed 10 minutes. Don't consider me super intelligant, it was hard labour !

The last pre-exam probe I was again ready in 10 minutes with the 10 questions. Sadly I made a substraction error in the first question which influenced the results of the other 9 questions although my thinking/resolving was allright. I got from my teacher only a 2. Man, was I angry at him. Could kill him, so childish ! A week later he explained to me he did that to let me know/learn not to be satisfied too quickly not only on the exam but also later on in my life.
So a great educational teacher he was !!!
And did I study university mathematics ?? No, the same teacher told me to do a quite different thing. And again he was right I must admit now. I would have gone mad I think. Maybe became a genius but a crazy genius.
Nowadays I'm glad I had the chance to contribute to society in another way..... :-)

Back to the music and Tom Lehrer. Some more interesting songs on these LP's are are Poisoning Pigeons In The Park or We Will All Go Together When We Go. I can go on !!!

Sadly TL didn't made a lot of LP's/songs. He preferred a university career on Harvard. Well that was his choice !

From time to time I play his LP's (nowadays not available anymore). If you like these try to get Tom Lehrer's live LP's ! They are even more great !

If you are interested look at the comments as I already said.


Thursday, September 14, 2006



Although I have a huge amount of (quite old) music and other interesting stuff I still don't have the time (at my age I am still working ; others would be already be retiered) to let my friends enjoy me when I am playing that.
Of course you outsiders also want to know about it (aren't you ?).

Because my lack of time my BLog is a little bit dissapointing for a few months (after I started april 1) to you and myself.

Please keep in mind I started this BLog only for my personal purpose to, at my old age, try to learn something about the internet and Blog/homepage and to have fun with it.

I could write eg about the sweet deepfish 'Lullabye' but no-one would be interested. So music is much more likely to get some reply info. That's always needed for a BLogger ! A certain download counter is not important to me !! My average is between 10-30. So I really pity/regret the person who did delete my old posts. Elswhere I see downloads of 1000 !! So why bother my simple BLog ?

So, for several rerasons, I decided to post from now on something from myself but also from others which I discovered on the internet.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Barbara Lewis

For a friend who rediscovered his 'Baby I'm yours' vinyl by Barbara Lewis.
Of course he wants to see her also, so here you all go :

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Popcorn evening again

It's the first saturday of the month again so there are just a few hours to go to the next Popcorn show by Theo Dumoulin on Laser Radio.
You can count with us Popcornlovers using the counter on the left untill zero.

Tonight it's Popcorn In Heaven !

As always there will be some songs who didn't have airplay untill now. Some songs ? I think tonight there will even be a lot !

One of the songs Theo will play (#38) is the beautiful 62-Nilson - The only light.
See the scan at the right.
See the comments as usual to get some info.

Saturday you can JOIN us at 20 hrs CET to have some wonderful oldies to listen to.


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