Thursday, July 31, 2008


Single songs 2008_july

From time to time there are suggestions or requests in the comments of my articles. Sometimes I honoured that, but from now on (well, it will be a test) I will post them the last date of a month.
Please note, my Blog isn't a request Blog. For that purpose can other sites like Grumpy's Golden Oldies sometimes be of help... But when I like a remark and if I can and have time I wanna be of some help.
Requests over here will not be posted or honoured !
Songs will be available in the comments for just a very short time !

Billy Barnes - Until
Junior Lewis - Which way

Brian Hyland - I'm Afraid To Go Home
Mark L
Red Ingle ah Natural Seven & Cinderella G Stomp (= Jo Stafford !) - Timtayshun (Temptation) _1947
Red Ingle ah Natural Seven (& Jo Stafford in background choir !) & Might And Main Street Choral Society - Cigareets whuskey and wild wild women _1948
Jo Stafford & Paul Weston Orchestra - Thank you for calling _1954


Paul Anka i grandi successi Italiano #2

Last day of july, second part of Paul Anka in Italian. This part consists mainly of original Italian songs.

Paul Anka i grandi successi Italiano #2
01-La Verità
02-Estate Senza Te
03-Hu, Hu
04-Ogni Notte
05-Io Ho In Mente Te
06-Oggi No Domani Si
07-Un Ricordo Per Te
08-No, Non Mi Puoi Lasciar
09-La Pineta
10-Deve Essere La Nostra Estate
11-Chi Più Di Me
12-Stasera Resta Con Me
13-Non Giocar Con L'amore
14-Parliamo Ancora
15-Domani Prendo Il Primo Treno
16-Sei Più Forte Di Me
17-Sono Plendidi Gli Occhi Tuoi
18-Memphis Tennessee
19-Il Piacere Di Vederti
20-Lontana Dagli Occhi Miei
21-Quando Ero Soldato
22-La Farfalla Impazzita


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Goodnight sweetheart

The lady who did send me july_28's boogie dance video is a real puppy lover.
Her own dog's name is Gracey (beware !). She just send me this amazing video.
It's been watched 2 1/2 million times in about 4 months, so it must be good !!

Goodnight sweetheart it's time to go (singing puppies to sleep).

EDIT august_08
One week later there are a million more people who watched this !!
How many from my Blog ???
Of course I have to admit this whole thing is a 'psychological' thing which one can use for animals as well as human beings.... I did it so many times.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Paul Anka i grandi successi Italiano #1

In the comments of my article Timi Yuro in foreign language (2008_july_16) Rocco asked about Paul Anka in Italian and so I did put aside some albums.
Today's part one contains well known songs, Popcorn classics like Ogni volta and Ogni giorno (Love me warm and tender) but also lesser known songs.
Later this week part two.

Paul Anka i grandi successi Italiano #1
02-Sei Nel Mio Destino (You Are My Destiny)
03-Crazy Love
04-Ogni Giorno (Love Me Warm And Tender)
05-Balla Con Me (Dance On Little Girl)
06-Piangerò Per Te (Crying in the wind)
07-Eh, Brava
08-Eso Beso
10-Dimmi Se Il Tuo Compleanno
11-Voglio Sapere (I'd like to know)
12-Cercavo Proprio Te
13-Ogni Volta
14-Chitarra, Vino E Amore (Steel Guitar And A Glass Wine)
15-Gli Amici E Tu
16-Per Carità
17-Non é Finita (Don't ever leave me)
18-Dimmi Subito Di Si (Tonight My Love Tonight)
19-Ora Triste (It's Time To Cry)
20-Senza Te Io Me Moro
21-Abbandonati, Amore (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
22-Ogni Notte (Non Ci Sei) (Every night)


Monday, July 28, 2008


Dancin' the boogie

Got this vid from a friend already awhile ago

Great dancing.... Wish I could.... Don't you ?

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Zakkorama hits the 50's in july and august

In july and august Zakkorama offers you great compilations of well known hits of the fifties (but very different of what you see on my Blog). If you like old sexy pin-ups from them years you are also at the right place. Pay Zakk a visit !

No, I don't wanna walk the dog, I wanna be the dog

Friday, July 25, 2008


Our first recordplayer PhilipsAG4156

Our parents had a recordplayer but I remember so well we, the children, got our own recordplayer in 1960. A stereo PhilipsAG4156 !!

Now we could play our own records of Elvis Presley, Paul Anka, Little Richard, Everly Brothers, Coasters, Johnny & Hurricanes, Cliff Richard & Shadows, Billy Fury, Gerhard Wendland, Conny Froboess, Edith Piaf, Les Compagnons de la Chanson, Marino Marini, Dario Moreno and so many more in full frequency hi-fi stereo sound... !!!
How costly this recordplayer was. How costly the records were... Those were the days..... Nowadays almost everyone (...) wants the music for free in 'glorious mp3'...
Not everyone ! Today 20CET_14ECT 'V-Rocket Popcorn radio' will air just from vinyl.....

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Jo Stafford died at age 90 last wednesday

Last sunday I heard Jo Stafford died wednesday 2008_july_16 in Century City, California of congestive heart failure at the age of 90. My mom was a huge fan of her since she heard her Thank you for calling for the first time.

Jo Stafford, born Jo Elizabeth Stafford 1917_november_12, was an American singer of traditional pop music and jazz standards whose career spanned the late 1930s through the early 1960s. Stafford is greatly admired for the purity of her voice and was considered one of the most versatile vocalists of the era. She was also viewed as a pioneer of modern musical parody, having won a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in 1961 (with husband Paul Weston) for their album Jonathan and Darlene Edwards in Paris.

In my humble opinion it is a must to check her biography at Wikipedia.

I gather you can get within a few days everywhere Jo Staffords greatest hits compilations so I wanna stick with Jonathan & Darlene Edwards - Greatest Hits vol1 just to give you an idea how this great singer could also sing 'out of key', so difficult when you have such a perfect voice and ear....

I've seen some informative reviews.
This collection of fourteen Jonathan and Darlene Edwards tracks is, to say the least, hilarious. From beginning to end you'll laugh so hard your chest will hurt and you'll get a headache. Honestly, you may have to stop the CD and catch your breath a couple of times.
The opening track, ''I Love Paris,'' will have you on the floor, especially if you've never heard Jonathan and Darlene's work before. Darlene warbles her affection for Paris so far off-key that France should throw her to the guillotine, and Jonathan goes off on his own tangents while Darlene attempts to sing, doing a speedy chorus of ''Jingle Bells'' when she comes to the line ''I love Paris in the winter.'' Other songs are equally as funny. Jonathan mangles ''Dizzy Fingers,'' and Darlene's train imitations on ''Alabamy Bound'' will leave you in stitches. The couple's version of ''Stayin' Alive'' has to be heard to be believed.
If you've ever suffered through a bad lounge act in real life, Jonathan and Darlene's work will appeal to you, and if you haven't you can experience the pleasure in the comfort of your own home, only this way you can laugh with them, not at them.

Two extremely talented performers: singer, Jo Stafford and her husband/pianist/arranger/conductor, Paul Weston evidentally used to entertain at parties by performing as the UNtalented Jonathan and Darlene Edwards. Their "act" became so popular that recordings had to be made. Everyone knows that there are 8 notes in a scale from Do up again to Do. Not for Darlene. I have a feeling there are 23 notes in her scale and not many of them sound 'right' to normal ears. And her sense of rhythm? Whoa!
Jonathan, of course, is right there next to her pumping away at his piano adding more notes & flourishes than the composer actually wrote. Some of the songs on this hysterical album were unknown to me ("You're Blase") and others are famous, such as Cole Porter's "I Love Paris." Every song is done in a version you'll never hear anywhere else....or maybe, if you're really unlucky you will hear your own Darlene and Jonathan whenever friends of yours sit down to entertain you. Perhaps you could give those friends a copy of this album and they'll never play and sing again. This very, very funny CD also comes with a clever interview featuring the Edwards couple, themselves. Here is an example: when asked about recording "Stayin' Alive," Darlene comments, "...I was just trying to get through that song. I didn't really have enough time to let my vocal talents come through because there were an awful lot of words."
Check also Darlene & Jonathan Edwards greatest hits review.

Jonathan & Darlene's Greatest Hits
01-I Love Paris
02-Dizzy Fingers
03-Take The 'A' Train
04-You're Blase
05-Alabamy Sound
07-I Am Woman
08-Don't Get Around Much Anymore
09-The Last Time I Saw Paris
10-Honeysuckle Rose
11-Autumn In New York
12-Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee
13-April In Paris
14-Stayin' Alive

Did you notice the two right hands on the sleeve ???

To complete this article I urge you to read a 2 page interview with 'Jonathan and Darlene' published Los Angeles Magazine © December 1982.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Happy birthday female tattoo fan...

Some female fans of my Blog do everything to give me a warm feeling...
A tattoo may be a nice thing but it is difficult to get removed later on...

C's dream...... (as he told a few weeks ago on the radio...)

The story board of this small video.
In part1 C meets my female tattoo fan at a Popcorn party months ago.
In part2 C mixed some characters of Popcorn into (hard)core-porn 'cause he always dreamt about a four-some party... Hope I will not offend you with C dreaming about three sexy ladies... (yep, the lady and her sister and girly friend have 'hidden' qualities...).
In part3 C decides to 'make her his' and has another dream... Inspired by part2 C buys a more 'appropriate dress' for her so she cannot show her tattoo-breast as advertisement for my Blog to anyone anymore. It also reveals what C seems to have in mind for her. Watch them both shopping in the Wall-Mart and note what she has to do with that big bottle...
Is this the future of this, until now, modern lady ????
No more complete freedom ? No more Popcorn parties ? No more... ?
They say : a woman can make a man's dream come true... It's up to herself. Lol !!
Happy birthday !

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It can be over in a second...

My daughter talked to Dan just 5 minutes before....
She drove home and saw him again.... too soon....
Road to this tree less than 20 yards....
No time to use his breaks....
Just one second....

Please drive safely
Timestamp this very moment


Best of Sam Cooke sleeve

Dec_2007_11 I wrote a small article about Sam Cooke. OK, allright, the sleeve (and by so the album title...) wasn't the correct one. That's the Blogger's freedom of choice... I do it also on other posts... Just how I think things fit best...
Here's the correct sleeve. Front and back from the original LP and back/inner from the CD re-issue with the 3 bonus tracks.


Monday, July 21, 2008


Today 1948 Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) born

Yusuf Islam, (born Steven Demetre Georgiou on 21 July 1948 in London, UK), best known by his former stage name Cat Stevens, is a British musician of Greek Cypriot and Swedish ancestry. He is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, educator, philanthropist and prominent convert to Islam. Check Wikipedia for his interesting biography.

Cat Stevens - Live KCET studio 1971
02-On The Road To Find Out
03-Where do the Children Play
04-Wild World
05-Miles from Nowhere
06-Longer Boats
07-Father and Son
08-Hard Headed Woman

It was hard to decide what album to play. At first I did take Teaser and the firecat with the wonderful songs How can I tell you (I always dedicated this to my ex-wife) and Morning has broken. But I decided to pick an unofficial live recording from the same year 1971. Simply because of the intreging sleeve someone made : after all, Cat Stevens became Muslim in 1977.


Sunday, July 20, 2008


For My Sake - 18 Teen Girls Songs

Got this from the internet a few years ago. Don't ask me where, I honestly couldn't tell ya. It is a nice personal compilation, I could have done it myself, but credits go to the original uploader : he/she did a fine job !

For My Sake - 18 Teen Girls Songs
01-Girlfriends - For My Sake
02-Diane Renay - Soft Spoken Guy
03-Sham-Ettes - You're Welcome Back
04-Jennifer Wells - Dining In Chinatown
05-Jelly Beans - I Wanna Love Him So Bad
06-Six Teens - Baby You're Dynamite
07-Ad Libs - The Boy From New York City
08-Jaynetts - Bongo Bobby
09-Susan Lynn - Don't Drag No More
10-Honeys - Little Dirt Bike
11-Annette Funicello - Beach Party
12-Brenda Lee - Hallelujah, I Love Him So
13-Raindrops - Hanky Panky
14-Shelley Fabares - The Things We Did Last Summer
15-Beverly Williams - Dutch Treat
16-Diane Renay - Man Of Mystery
17-Candy & Kisses - Together
18-Beas - International Girl

If you like some nice Popcorn songs like Diane Renay - Soft spoken guy or Jennifer Wells - Dining in Chinatown check the comments...

EDIT 2008_august_14
I notice there are quite some visitors to this item by a Google search of just 18 teen girls. Well I assume you must be at the wrong place...
On the other hand, it makes me thinking why not some 'sex' on my music blog ???
What's the opinion of my regular visitors to this ?

Friday, July 18, 2008


Today 1939 Dion DiMucci was born

Dion Francis DiMucci (born July 18, 1939), better known as Dion, is an American singer-songwriter, now widely recognized as one of the top singers of his era, blending the best elements of doo-wop, pop, and R&B styles.

From Wikipedia :
In early 1957 he auditioned for Bob and Gene Schwartz, who had just formed Mohawk Records. They recorded him with a vocal group, The Timberlanes, and released a single "The Chosen Few", arranged by Hugo Montenegro, which became a minor regional hit.
Schwartz also signed up Dion's friends, The Belmonts, named after nearby Belmont Avenue. Their breakthrough together came in early 1958, when "I Wonder Why" made #22 on the national US charts, followed up with "No One Knows" and "Don’t Pity Me" which were also chart hits.
This success won Dion and the Belmonts a place on the "Winter Dance Party" tour with Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. On February 2, 1959, after playing in Clear Lake, Iowa, Dion decided that he could not afford the $36 cost of a flight to the next venue. The plane crashed, and Holly and the other stars were killed.

By the end of 1960 Dion had recorded and released his first solo album. I give you
Dion di Mucci - Lovers who wander _1963
01-Lovers Who Wander
02-Come Go With Me
03-King Without A Queen
04-So Long Friend
05-The Twist
06-Little Diane
07-Mi Muchacha (Little Girl)
08-Stagger Lee
10-Tonight Tonight
11-(I Was) Born To Cry
12-Queen At The Hop
13-Candy Man
15-Lost For Sure
16-Love Came To Me


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Timi Yuro in foreign language

My Blog is not a request site/blog. But today from the far east Hong Kong was a simple remark from Azul about Timi's Italian song Interlude the reason I offer ya straight from vinyl Timi Yuro in foreign language

01-It's just a matter of time (Italian)
02-As long as there is you (Italian)
03-It'll never be over for me (Italian)
04-Interlude (Italian)
05-Dammi il tempo (Can't stop running away) (Italian)
06-Non e' come te (Get out of my life) (Italian)
07-La Morde (Italian)
08-Se tu not credi ame (Italian)
09-Tu vedi lei (Italian)
10-Hurt (Spanish)
11-You belong to my heart (Spanish)
12-Insult to injury (Alternate take)
(as 'bonus'...)

Azul check the comments...

Although she died 2004_march_30 Timi Yuro will always 'Smile'....


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Telstar_Original 60's hits of the Tornados

Telstar_Original 60's hits of the Tornados
02-Jungle Fever
04-Locomotion With You
05-Ridin' The Wind
07-Life On Venus
08-The Ice Cream Man
09-Theme From The Scales Of Justice
11-Hymn For Teenagers
12-Dreamin' On A Cloud
13-Hot Pot
15-Monte Carlo
16-Blue, Blue, Blue Beat
18-Red Roses And A Sky Of Blue
19-Popeye Twist
20-Love And Fury

Check the comments for nice instrumentals produced by Joe Meek.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Olympics meet the Marathons (aka Vibrations)

In about a month the Olympic games start in Beijing_China. The marathon is maybe the most difficult sports event. I was thinking about this last week when a request of Olympics - (Baby) Hully Gully came to us on the famous 'single song' request site Grumpy's Golden Oldies (so .... check it out...).

Olympics meet the Marathons (aka Vibrations)
Olympics :
01-Big Boy Pete
02-Dance By The Light Of The Moon
03-The Slop
04-Private Eye
05-Little Pedro
06-Shimmy Like Kate
07-(Baby) Hully Gully (Pts 1 & 2)
08-Stay Where You Are

Vibrations (aka the Marathons) :
09-Peanut Butter
10-Talkin' Trash (funny.....)
11-C Percy Mercy Of Scotland Yard
12-High Blood Pressure
14-Tight Sweater
15-Chicken Spaceman
16-Oink Jones

>> personal bonus
17-(I Wanna) Dance With The Teacher _1958
18-Western Movies _1958
19-Dooley _1961
20-The Bounce _1963
21-Dancin' Holiday _1963

22-Misty _1965
23-The Watusi _1960

Well, maybe you could comment about this Olympic Marathon....

Friday, July 11, 2008


Bedroom commercial

Funny bedroom Commercial.... Do you recognice thise ????
Headline: "Polisan (Wall Paint) could change your home so much. You better get used to it"
Brand: Polisan Elegans Agency: Leo Burnett (

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today 1947 Arlo Guthrie was born

Arlo Davy Guthrie (born 1947_July_10 in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY) is an American folk singer. Like his father, Woody Guthrie, Arlo often sings songs of protest against social injustice.

From Wikipedia :
Arlo Guthrie's most famous work is Alice's Restaurant Massacree, a talking blues song that lasts for 18 minutes (in its original recorded version; Guthrie has been known to spin the story out to forty-five minutes in concert). Guthrie has pointed out that this was also the exact length of one of the famous gaps in Richard Nixon's Watergate tapes. The Alice in the song is Alice Brock, who now runs an art gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
The song, a bitingly satirical protest against the Vietnam War draft, is based on a true incident. In the song, Guthrie is called up for a draft examination, and rejected as unfit for military service as a result of a criminal record — consisting in its entirety of a single arrest, court appearance, fine and clean-up order for littering and creating a public nuisance. On the DVD commentary for the film, Guthrie states that the events as presented in the song are true to real-life occurrences.
For a short period of time after its release in 1967, "Alice's Restaurant" was in frequent rotation on nearly every college and counter-culture radio station in the country. Indeed, it became a symbol of the late '60s and for many it defined an attitude and lifestyle that were lived out across the country in the ensuing years. Many stations across the States have made playing "Alice's Restaurant" on Thanksgiving Day a tradition.
A 1969 film, directed and co-written by Arthur Penn, was based on the story. In addition to acting in this film, also called Alice's Restaurant, Guthrie has had minor roles in several movies and television series. Guthrie's memorable appearance at the 1969 Woodstock Festival was documented in the Michael Wadleigh film Woodstock.

Arlo Guthrie - Alice's restaurant _1967
01-Alice's Restaurant Massacree
02-Chilling Of The Evening
03-Ring Around A Rosy Rag
04-Now And Then
05-I'm Going Home
06-The Motocycle Song
07-Highway In The Wind

I was dubbing what to post. A live concert with Alice's restaurant, the movie soundtrack maybe. Both contain this song in different versions.
But I decided to offer you just the 1967 original album with this 'addictive' song.
So join me in the comments to the mid-sixties....

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Fun in my village : the 'wallet game'...

We did this kind of stupid fun so many times in the fifties....
Is it back again ?? I like this better than other socalled 'fun'...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Quicksilver Messenger Service - Shady grove

Yesterday I was listening to some sixties albums, remembering living a short while in a kinda commune with some soccer friends at that time. It was fun. Old farm, cows, chickens. Just one problem. They (working guys) played heavy psych music while I had to study. This Quicksilver Messenger Service album was one of them. I especially like Nicky Hopkins playing piano on Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Shady grove _1969
01-Shady Grove
02-Flute Song
03-Three Or Four Feet From Home
04-Too Far
05-Holy Moly
06-Joseph's Coat
07-Flashing Lonesome
08-Words Can't Say
09-Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder

Lindsay Planer from All Music Guide reviews :
The third long-player from San Francisco psychedelic icons Quicksilver Messenger Service (QMS) is a direct contrast from their previous discs. Shady Grove (1969) is comprised mostly of shorter and self-contained pieces as opposed to the long and extended jams that were so prevalent on their self-titled debut (1967) and Happy Trails (1968). Ironically, the one stretched-out instrumental is courtesy of their latest acquisition — Brit recording session guru Nicky Hopkins (keyboards). Another possible reason for the shift in style as well as personnel is the conspicuous absence of Gary Duncan (guitar) — who is rumored to have been a "guest" of Bay Area law enforcement at the time. The band incorporate a number of different styles on the album. Kicking off the disc is an up-tempo rocking version of the traditional Appalachian folk song "Shady Grove." The QMS reading is highlighted by John Cipollina's trademark fluid fretwork and a familiar "Bo Diddley" backbeat — reminiscent of both "Who Do You Love" and "Mona" from the live ensemble LP Happy Trails. The slow and dark "Flute Song" is a trippy minor chord masterpiece that is augmented by the shimmering effect of Hopkins' airy piano lines which mingle throughout the light orchestration. Additionally, QMS try their hand at the same country & western-flavored sound that was making the rounds with their San Fran contemporaries the Jefferson Airplane ("The Farm") and the Grateful Dead ("Dire Wolf"). However, the down-home cowboy waltz "Word's Can't Say" never gets out of the stable, unfortunately. This somewhat uneven effort would sadly foreshadow QMS's journey from psychedelia and into a much more pop-oriented sound on their follow-up, Just for Love (1970). However, enthusiasts of those albums will find much more to revisit on Shady Grove than those who favored the first two records.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Shady grove (title song)

Aurora1957A, who placed this video on Youtube, says :
The video playing along with the audio is, uh, oh, some old psychedelic thing, a sub genre from a band probably long forgotten, they were called Sgt. Marine or something like that, I think, one of the songs of theirs that got FM radio airplay was about smoking beatles or roaches or peppers or something like that to get high...
LOL ! Well, check the comments for the complete audio......

Monday, July 07, 2008


Norderney ('Veronica') leaving Antwerp ?

Is the vessel the Norderney, home of former offshore radio station Veronica (owned in the 60's & 70's by Dutch brothers Verwey) leaving Antwerp at last ?? My guess is it'll leave to Benidorm, Spain... Read Dutch article Norderney surprise ?

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Japanese talent show

Japanese talent show : a girl has a living breathing shadow, superb done
Advice : at the end watch also the other videos shown at the bottom
If they don't show up automatically : click on the bottom at the right

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Who is tonight guilty of Popcorn ?

Again I notice an remarkable increase of Belgium visitors to my Blog. Well, they know what's to come : POPCORN on Laser radio !
LASER radio or the Guilty of Popcorn Laser_log_page shows you todays playlist.
Saturday at exactly 20hrs local_CET time (14hrs_ECT time) Theo Dumoulin is guilty of playing great Popcorn tunes again ! You can attend live if you JOIN us ! This way you get the internet stream directly in your Winamp or Mediaplayer.
You can also go to the LASER stream page and their stream.

To get everyone a littlebit 'in the mood' here's as usual my (alternative) playlist.
As usual, this is not a normal LP/CD, just some songs gathered from various singles/albums. I 'follow' Theo's playlist tracks but just use other songs by the same artists. So there will be popcorn and non-popcorn here !

Popcorn 2008_07_05 Guilty of Popcorn
01-Malcolm Dodds - All For The Love Of A Woman
02-Billy Butler & Enchanters - Found True Love
03-Bobby Comstock - Your Big Brown Eyes
08-Five Chances - Land Of Love
10-Flamingos - Your Other Love
13-Cornell Gunter (bb Ermines) - Call Me A Fool
14-Five Satins - You Can Count On Me
15-Jimmy Hughes - You Might As Well Forget Him
16-Wade Flemons - Hold Me Close
19-Jerry Fuller - A Wonder Like You

21-Bobby Rydell - The Cha-Cha-Cha
22-Lou Rawls - Please Let Me Be The First To Know
23-Adam Wade - The Writing On The Wall
24-Springfields ft Dusty - Marcabamba
29-Don Curtis - Rough Tough Man
31-Ty Hunter - Lonely Baby
32-Jo Ellyn - It's So Wonderful
35-Jive Five - Hully Gully Callin' Time
37-Marv Johnson - The Man Who Don't Believe In Love
39-Del Vikings - Flat Tire

In the last months I noticed quite some searches to songs which were played on this popcornshow. Join us in the Laser Radio chatroom and request over there !
Chatroom info using mIRC (best option : mIRC passed 2008_february the 150 million download mark !!) Server: IRCnet Channel:
The language is Dutch but everyone can answer in English. Give it a try if you like the above tunes !! But please be there in time, we have just a small room ... :-)

We hope to see you all again saturday september_06. And before I forget : the music link to this last 2007-2008 season compilation is in the comment..


Friday, July 04, 2008


Tomorrow 2 Popcorn party's in Belgium

Feeling lonely ? Wanna have fun ? Go to a party !

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Great bottle opener

Need to buy some beer.....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace Live 1972

Marie Jose lately heard on the radio a live version by Aretha Franklin of the famous Liverpool song You never walk alone.
I hope I can please her today with 110 minutes Aretha singing live gospel songs :
Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace Live 1972_january
01-Mary, Don't You Weep
02-Precious Lord, Take my Hand_You've Got a Friend
03-Old Landmark
04-Give Yourself to Jesus
05-How I Got Over
06-What a Friend We Have in Jesus
07-Amazing Grace
08-Precious Memories
09-Climbing Higher Mountains
10-Remarks by Rev CL Franklin
11-God will Take Care of You
12-Wholly Holy
13-You'll Never Walk Alone
14-Never Grow Old

Ron Wynn from All Music Guide wrote about this album.
Aretha Franklin disproved the notion that once you leave the church, you can't go back. She returned in triumph on this 1972 double album, making what might be her greatest release ever in any style. Her voice was chilling, making it seem as if God and the angels were conducting a service alongside Franklin, Rev. James Cleveland, the Southern California Community Choir, and everyone else in attendance. Her versions of How I Got Over and You've Got a Friend are legendary.

Check the comments to see if Marie Jose has a good musical taste....


Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Not working, just a hobby

Already taking care of the horses and cows feeding next winter.... Two times a year we have to hay. No work, just a hobby. In return we always have fun watching the children horse riding.

Wanna see more ? Click the archive buttons in the left bar !

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