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Single songs 2008_august

From time to time there are suggestions or requests in the comments of my articles. Sometimes I honoured that in the past, but from 2008_july on (well, it will be a test) I will post them the last date of the current month.
Please note, my Blog isn't a request Blog. For that purpose sometimes other sites can be of help like Grumpy's Golden Oldies... But when I like a remark and if I can and have time I wanna be of some help.
Requests over here will not be posted or honoured ! Just specific comments about the songs are allowed and posted.

Songs will be available in the comments to download for just a very limited time !
If you just wanna listen click the play-button > on the left.

Mararie (from 'Northern Holland' ...??) Marino Marini - Il mazzo di mammole
soulman1949 Arthur Alexander - Everyday I have to cry

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris live

Gary W. likes Gram Parsons, so he'll get Gram Parsons.....
The next isn't exactly a quality recording as it was made somewhere in the audience.... But if you like Gram Parsons or Emmylou Harris (live) this is a 'must have'.
Gram Parsons & Fallen Angels ft Emmylou Harris
Live Tower Theatre, Upper Darby _1973_06

01-Devil In Disguise
02-Tried So Hard
03-We'll Sweep Out The Ashes
04-Streets Of Baltimore
05-Hickory Wind
06-Country Baptizing
07-Love Hurts
08-Hot Burrito # 2
09-Six Days On The Road
10-Sin City

There is at least one comment.... By me....


Thursday, August 28, 2008


Alarm Clock Problem

I got some PC-prob's. Stupid me.... Although I tell others to do it reguraly I made more than a year ago my last 'fresh' 'Acronis image'.... Quite stupid.
So last days I was quite busy to check the additions and changes I made last year. It meant installing the last fresh image, upgrading Windows, Anti-Vir prg, Google Earth, copying altered Outlook adresbook (I store my Outlook data on a different drive), checking and changing password alterations.....
It's not finished yet but at the moment my system runs smoothly again.

Well, JeanDupree wake up !

I will be honest... I found this on Soulman1949.blogspot.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Remember Jefke aka Beje #2

In Jefke's spirit here's the second part to his cremation, saturday 2007_august_25, one year ago. This second set was chosen by his family. The order of the songs is again my personal interpretation, certainly they/Marianne had an other order in mind. The last song, Big Maybelle - If I had you was played when they left the church, a worthy song also to end my personal remembrance to Beje with.

Popcorn Top20 Jefke_2008_08_25
01-Al Alberts - Heaven Needed An Angel
02-Al Collier - Who Will Take The Place
03-Adam Wade - Rain From The Skies
04-Billy Preston - Let Me Know (Instrumental)
05-Andy Williams - More
06-Chuck Jackson - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
07-Ben E King - Moon River
08-Carl Stevens - Call Of The Jungle (Instrumental)
09-Benny Turner - You Gonna miss me
10-Al McCarther - His True Love For You
11-Burt Bacharach - Any Day Now (Instrumental)
12-Ben E King - Stand By Me
13-Big Maybelle - If I Had You

Here's a Youtube video of Ben E King's classical Stand by me.

Think of Jef when you download the link given in the comment.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Striptease on my Blog !

Inge O turns 50 today. For weeks she's talking she wants a special event on her party : a striptease. I believe she also dreamt about stripteasing herself... And why not some sex on my Blog ? After last month's C's dream I present you

Inge's striptease dream

EDIT august_24.
I got some requests which song is played. It's Henry Mancini - A Shot In The Dark. For a limited period it's available in the comments !
And to make you happy, on her party in Kruibeke there was no male/female stripper, just some nice Popcorn songs provided by her dj-friends... :-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Remember Jefke aka Beje #1

You're dead when no-one thinks about you anymore......
You're not really dead when you are still remembered. Your physical body may be gone but your mind/spirit lives on.

Today it's exactly one year ago Jefke Budts aka Beje died. A Belgium Popcorn compadre. I knew Beje just by some E-mails but I was told he was a warm person with a great heart and always willing to help other people collecting their favorite Popcorn music.
The last years of his life he fought cancer. He was told he had beaten his desease 99% for sure and he was, as usual, very optimistic. Sadly it couldn't be 100%....

In Jefke's spirit here's the first part (of the complete 'set-list') to his cremation, saturday 2007_august_25. The order of the songs is my personal interpretation. The provider of this family requested favor, Theo Dumoulin, certainly has had an other order in mind.

Popcorn Top20 Jefke_2008_08_21
01-Dickey Lee - Am I Losing You
02-Jim Conte - Promised land
03-Paul Bruno - A Kiss From You
04-Benny Turner - You Gonna miss me
05-Dusty Springfield - Oh No, Not My Baby
06-Del Marino - I'll Never Be The Same
07-Mr Lee - If I Knew Then
08-Walter Jackson - It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom
09-Don Carrol - Handful of friends
10-Carmen McRae - Belonging To You
11-Jerry Jackson - Blowin' In The Wind
12-Al McCarther - His True Love For You
13-David Ruffin - Action Speaks Louder Than Words
14-Kenny Gamble - You Don't Know What You Got...
15-Verdelle Smith - Piece Of The Sky
16-Tony Middleton - Drifting
17-Kenny Karen - Nature boy
18-Kenny Dana - It's Been So Long
19-Castells - Sacred
20-Ted Taylor - Close Your Eyes

Come back in a few days to get the second part.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Today 1979 Dorsey Burnette died

Earlier I wrote about Johnny Burnette. Click the label below to get my Burnette Brothers articles (and I suppose to most of you hopefully some music...).
You will see eg I remembered last year the day of death of Johnny Burnette, today just a few days ago : 1964_august_14.
Today we have to remind one of the other Burnette brothers : Dorsey Burnette.
It's not difficult to get his biography. Just do a Google search....

Dorsey Burnette - Keep a knockin'
01-It's Late
02-Till The Law Says Stop
03-Warm Love
04-Long Legged Linda
05-Way In The Middle Of The Night
06-Rockin' Johnny Home
07-That's Me Without You
08-House With A Tin Top Roof
09-I Only Came Here To Dance
10-Bertha Lou
11-Keep A Knockin'
12-Devil's Queen
14-Four For Texas
15-Long Long Time Ago
16-My Honey

There is at least one comment.... By me.... You can add yours.


Sunday, August 17, 2008


Cruisin' 1956 Robin Seymour WKMH, Dearborn

This is number six in my/the small serie of Cruising records. You can get more info about this serie at the great Cruisin' blog.

The CRUISIN' history of rock and roll radio begins in 1956, one of the most exciting years in "pop" history, and to take us down this memory lane (with a beat) is Robin Seymour of WKMH, which was, when he joined it, a little-known station in Dearborn, Michigan. Robin came to the suburban Detroit station from the Armed Forces Radio Network and he brought with him a voice that mixed the warm, confidential tone of an intimate friend with the slick disc jockey rap we all know today, a blend which made him a natural for housewives and teenagers alike.

Robin never had any particular ethnic identification or allegiance - but the "Bobbin' with Robin Show" quickly found its audience, as he constructed a bright, orderly program that featured (almost exclusively) the records listed on the sales charts printed by the music press. He also was among the first of the nation's deejays to ask his listeners what they thought about new records, and hosted some of the earliest sock hops and commercial tie-ins with local record stores. In 1953 he was named "Disc Jockey of the Year" by Billboard, the music trade magazine. The following year he was given the same title by another publication, Hit Parader.

1956: President Eisenhower underwent an operation to relieve blockage of the small intestine due to ileitis, but physicians said he would be physically fit to run for re-election. Scientists said radiation was a peril to the future of humanity. Egypt seized the Suez Canal and the United Nations established the first international police force on the Sinai Peninsula. The first trans-Atlantic telephone cable system went into effect. The Hungarians revolted. Six Marine recruits were marched into a stream at Parris Island and drowned. The Andrea Doria sank off the coast of Massachusetts. And Elvis Presley and the spread of rock and roll nearly pushed everything else in this list of news stories right out of the conversation.

Cruisin' 1956 Robin Seymour WKMH, Dearborn.
Robin Seymour resume.
Robin Seymour hosted "Swinging Time" on CKLW until 1968. Seymour's career spanned everything from the big band era to the British invasion. But he missed a beat somewhere when he predicted that Elvis Presley was a sure loser, who "wouldn't last more than a year."
1956 was in fact the year Elvis recorded Heartbreak Hotel, Don't Be Cruel, Hound Dog and perhaps half a dozen other million-selling songs. The first of these (Hotel) appeared in the number one position at the end of April and that song or another by Elvis occupied the same lofty spot twenty-five of the year's remaining thirty-six weeks.

SIDE ONE starts with
Four Lads - Robin Seymour Theme
Chuck Berry - Roll Over Beethoven & Recommended Record Stores
Teen Queens - Eddie My Love & Faygo Root Beer Commercial
Roy Orbison - Ooby Dooby & Robin Seymour's Original Rock 'n Roll Review
Mello Kings - Tonit Tonit
& Dog Pound (Remote) Announcement & 56 Ford Commercial_Four Lads

SIDE TWO continues with
Platters - Great Pretender & WKMH Station Id & WKMH Sports Headlines_Van Patrick
Little Richard - Tutti Frutti & Sunday Show Promo
Cadets - Stranded In The Jungle & Merchants Green Stamp Commercial
Dells - Oh what a night & WKMH jingle & Budweiser® commercial_Crew Cuts
Five Satins - In The Still Of The Night & Detroit Times Commercial
Carl Perkins - Blue Suede Shoes
& Robin Seymour Theme_Four Lads & WKMH station ID

Compared to the original LP 4 songs were left out on this CD (but the Dells & Carl Perkins were added instead...).
Why Do Fools Fall In Love - Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers, Speedo - Cadillacs, Gee - Crows, Honky Tonk - Bill Doggett.

As usual, I wouldn't be surprised if you find download info in the comment....

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Chris Bliss amazing juggling finale

Chris Bliss performing an amazing juggling routine.

Music : Beatles Abbey Road, Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End

Check Chris Bliss on SonnyRadio if you also wanna see Chris doing this in his younger days....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today Artis zoo Lioness eats heron

Today a heron landed at the wrong place in Amsterdam zoo Artis.

The lion catches the heron and a lioness eats the bird....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today 1938 Dave 'baby' Cortez born

Dave 'baby' Cortez (born David Cortez Clowney, 13 August 1938, Detroit, Michigan) is an American pop music and R&B pianist and organist.
David Clowney made his first record in 1956 under his own name (David Clowney ft Pearls - Soft lights, I have it) but it was not until 3 years later that he scored a major success using the stage name Dave 'baby' Cortez. His instrumental The Happy Organ was the first pop/rock hit to feature the electronic organ as lead instrument with Gary Hammond as drummer. The 45rpm single went to #1 on Billboard magazine's Hot 100 chart. In 1962 he had another Top 10 hit with Rinky Dink, the famous (Radio North Sea International tune).....
When you search for Dave 'baby' Cortez check also The Valentinos....

Dave 'baby' Cortez - Organ Shindig & Tweetie Pie & In Orbit
01-The happy organ
02-Watermelon Man
03-How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
04-Twine Time
05-Stagger Lee
07-Paper Tiger
08-Tweetie Pie
10-Belly Rub (Part 1)
11-Belly Rub (Part 2)
12-Do Any Dance
13-Peg Leg
14-Sticks And Stones
15-In Orbit
17-You Talk Too Much
18-Hula Hoop
19-Come Back
20-Rinky Dink

I left out about 10 songs of this magnificent 3LP on one CD and added Happy organ and Rinky dink. If you want the complete CD go to Amazon/EBay or whatever...
My 'preview' can be found in the comments.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2008_08_11

It has been a while ago I have compiled a personal compilation album of Popcorn and other oldies.
Yesterday was a rainy day, nothing interesting on the radio so a good moment to digitalize some songs again. The result is here.
Please note it is from various sources. I had to remove crackles, use the equalizer, normalize a littlebit and so on. So, as usual, don't expect CD quality (although I have some songs on CD, but this is more fun...).

Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2008_08_11

01-Jumping Jewels - A Hundred Pounds Of Clay
02-Ace Kennedy & Candies - I Made A Mistake
03-Actors (Aka Jarmels) - Cool Water
04-A-Tones Ft Roger Ballon - Look A Who
05-Dig Richards & R'jays - Hush-A-Bye
06-Fire Devils - Oh My Papa
07-Young Savages - Kotek Kotek
08-Frank Gari - Tonight Is Our Last Night
09-Isley Brothers - I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
10-Lydia & Her Melody Strings - Heartbeat
11-Padre Twins - Roses Are Red
12-Johnny Hunter - If Only My Heart Could Say
13-Monarchs - Coming Home
14-Reggy Van De Burght - Eenzaam Op't Leidseplein
15-Wanda (de Fretes_Aubrey) - The Locomotion
16-Montereys Ft Don Dell - Make Believe Love
17-Sharp Cats Ft Verna Williams - Holey Moley
18-Tammy Montgomery - This Time Tomorrow
19-Wade Phillips - Please Don't Lie
20-Rollers - Violetta

The music link to my 45 minutes listening pleasure (and I hope your reply why you like or dislike this compilation) is in the comment.


Sunday, August 10, 2008


PopcornCity august Summerparty pictures

Last week I attended the third PopcornCity party in Antwerp. My navigation system failed a littlebit so I asked in Antwerp some ladies how to drive. What a coincidence : they too went to the same party ! As a small thanks they are on this compilation too. Yours truly is also visible but those pictures are a littlebit over exposed 'cause of the bold head and the whity/grey hair...

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Linda Griner - Goodbye cruel world clip

Linda Griner - Goodbye cruel world / Envious _Motown 1037 _1963.

This song is on this weeks playlist of PopcornCity.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Today 1964 Rolling Stones live Kurhaus

Today it's 44 years ago the Rolling Stones paid their first visit to the Netherlands. A memorable concert at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen/Den Haag near the beach. Watch it here and see the destruction......

It was the Rollings Stones second visit to Europe and the first to Holland. Untill today Mick Jagger remembers this event.....
A lot more info and personal notes as well the entrance ticket can be found at the site's of this Dutch Rolling Stones fans : DirkJan Vos and George Evers. If you dont visit their sites you are NOT a Rolling Stones adept !!!


Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Sam Cooke's complete Specialty Recordings 3

We are so used to the name Sam Cooke.....
I must confess I wasn't aware of the fact that when Sam Cooke was with the Soul Stirrers his name was written Sam Cook...
If you check eg Wikipedia you see they say his birthname is Samuel Cook. How wrong.... It simply is just Sam Cook.
When you are a vinyl collector check the name on the record. If it's Soul Stirrers ft Sam Cooke it's a re-issue (scan at right) !
But thanks to Erik Greene me and you all have been educated about this from now on !!!
Soul Stirrers ft Sam Cook - Jesus, I'll Never Forget

Complete Specialty Recordings Of Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers #3
01-The Last Mile Of The Way
02-He's So Wonderful
03-Touch The Hem Of His Garment
04-Jesus, Wash Away My Troubles
05-Farther Along
06-Must Jesus Bear This Cross Alone
07-Pilgrim Of Sorrow
08-Happy In Love
09-I Need You Now
10-I'll Come Running Back To You
12-I Don't Want To Cry
13-That's All I Need To Know
15-Lord Remember Me
17-That's Heaven To Me
20-Were You There
22-Mean Old World
23-I Have A Friend Above All Others
24-Be With Me Jesus
25-Nearer To Thee

The best song of this 3cd set is in my personal opinion Touch the hem of His garment. So that's why the scan. I hope you can see written S Cook as author.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Sam Cooke's complete Specialty Recordings 2

In the comments of my yesterdays Sam Cooke Specialty article Erik Greene responded. He wrote a book The Sam Cook Story from his family's perspective. Check his site OurUncleSam where you can order his book and more. Don't forget to listen to Erik Greene's brief biography of Sam Cooke at the bottom right !

Complete Specialty Recordings Of Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers #2
01-End Of My Journey
02-He'll Welcome Me
03-He's My Friend Until The End
05-I Have A Friend Above All Others
06-Come And Go To That Land
09-I'd Give Up All My Sins And Serve The Lord
10-I'm So Happy In The Service Of The Lord
11-All Right Now
14-He'll Make A Way
16-Jesus, I'll Never Forget
18-Any Day Now
20-One More River
21-Nearer To Thee
22-I'm So Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always)
23-Be With Me Jesus
26-He's My Guide (take 13)
27-Pilgrim Of Sorrow
30-The Last Mile Of The Way (take 2A)

By the way, no need to ask me for the remaining titles. If you wan this superb set you will have to buy it....


Monday, August 04, 2008


Sam Cooke's complete Specialty Recordings 1

Last week I told ya Zakkorama hits the 50's in july and august. Since then he asks for some early Sam Cooke songs of the fifties. Well, lemmie be of help to him....

Complete Specialty Recordings Of Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers #1
01-Come, Let Us Go Back To God
02-Peace In The Valley
04-I'm Gonna Build On That Shore
05-I'm On The Firing Line
07-Joy, Joy To My Soul
08-Until Jesus Calls Me Home
09-Jesus Done Just What He Said
10-Jesus Gave Me Water
11-He's My Rock (Wait On Jesus)
12-How Far Am I From Canaan
13-Christ Is All
14-It Won't Be Very Long
19-Jesus Will Lead Me To That Promised Land
20-Just Another Day
22-Let Me Go Home
23-Jesus Paid The Debt
25-How Far Am I From Canaan
29-Someday Somewhere

In three days I will offer Sam Cooke's complete Specialty Recordings.
Sorry, not completely complete.... I will leave out some outtakes as you can see at the playlist....


Saturday, August 02, 2008


PopcornCity Summerparty 2008_august_02

PopcornCity is a weekly radio program with, you've guessed, Popcorn music. Tonight DJ Jan van Deijck does already the third of his three summer party's in Antwerp/Belgium. I hope my navigation system will bring me at the right place.

Friday, August 01, 2008


Jo Stafford tribute again

I find it extremely sad I cannot find a good video to show how well talented Jo Stafford was. But I found on Youtube some nice vid's which shows a littlebit.

At the left Red Ingle & Jo Stafford 'singing' Tim-Tay-Shun and at the right Jo Stafford as guest in that famous TV program What's my Line? What a funny lady !

Next are two tribute's of just songs with scans. At the left Jo Stafford & Gordon MacRae singing the beautiful ballad Whispering Hope and at the right Jo Stafford singing the sad song Thank you for calling my mother liked so much.

When a video has ended you can click on other videos on Youtube to see and listen more of Jo Stafford !!!
To us music fans a pure voice is gone. To her children and grandchildren a mother and granny is gone. Their loss is bigger. I truely hope little comfort to them is what she (and her husband Paul Weston) gave to the world ! I hope someday one of them will read this and will comfort them.

Who can it be? Hello, hello?
Yes, this is me
Darling, oh my darling
What a surprise
It’s been so long, why?
There’s tears in my eyes

When will you be here?
What time will it be?
Oh, you’re not coming?
I see, oh, I see
Well, I hope you’ll be happy
Thank you, I’ll try
Thank you for calling, goodbye

Yes, operator
I’ll hang up the phone
Yes, yes, I know my party is gone
But I’ll always love him
I guess, till I die
Thank you for calling, goodbye


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