Sunday, April 29, 2007


Some of our our old pop artists are dead

My personal favorite music is before the Beatles era, let's say 1962 is the 'time change'.
That doesn't mean I don't appreciate or have a lot of music after that 'time exchange'....

Watched tonight on my local TV a lot of oldie clips. Mostly (only ?) from the 70's.

One thing comes to my mind. A lot aren't wih us anymore. Not because of their age but because of 'other things'. To be true, I mean drugs.
Janis Joplin. Jim Morrison. Rex Gildo. Others. All are dead.
Our heroes ? Maybe. Certainly.
But they are dead and not because of their age. Drugs. Sexuality problems.

I don't know how much time 'the good Lord' will give me but (despite the uncertain personal problems I face) I'm happy the way I live my life.

I just wanna say drugs are bad. They are in no way a solution to the problems you think you have to deal with.

Sadly a lot of our musical heroes made, in my opinion, the wrong choice and paid a price too high.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


It's beyond Popcorn tonight

This week LASER radio exists already 2 years and webmaster Per restyled the site completely. He made my simple logo which you can see at the top. I don't know anything about making a web site. I like Blogger but I am thinking about making a 'normal' site of my own. Well, maybe I can phone him... :-)

Taking a look at the Beyond Popcorn playlist you will find, at least in my humble opinion, a great song at #03 Corsairs - Smokey places.
With this song they peaked at #10 1961/1962 as you can see ('s difficult to read but I can assure you it's there....) on the chart on the left.
Oh I like this group so much !

At #12 you will find the 1961 song Corren, Carmela - Always you ('Sempre tu' from the LP Camilla Corren international). She was a Jewish US citizen living in Germany at the time. A great singer !
I can't remember Theo playing this song. So, first 'aired' ?

Another superb song is #26 Little Tommy & The Elgins - I walk on which was issued 1962.
We all know a lot of the oldies Theo gives airplay are quite costly.
If you want this (also ...), the necessary info is Elmar 1084 - I Walk On / Never Love Again - 1962 OR ABC-Paramount 10358 - I Walk On / Never Love Again - 1962 and you will have to pay at least $85.00 as you can see for yourself at Records by Mail.

Keep the time counter on top in sight (saturday at 20 hours local_CET time) and JOIN (just click this to attend live !) us !
This way you get the internet stream directly in your Winamp or Mediaplayer.
You can also go to the LASER stream page.

On the Laser radio Popcorn page I read I will (have to ?) give 'related info'.... :-)
So here we go again. I try to differ every time.
The songs Theo and Brigitte are playing are mostly (not always !) songs which can be called as 'bubbling under' which means they mostly didn't even reach eg. the US top 100 chart.
In the past I offered an album of one artist or a compilation of some songs which you can hear. This time I offer you, let's say, the 'other sides' of Theo's 'other sides' ... :-) So the songs are not necessarily Theo's mellow kind of Popcorn songs but in my humble opinion very 'listenable'.
I could give you info about songs like 11-Burke, Solomon - If You Need Me which was also recorded so nicely by the Rolling Stones or 32-Trider, Larry - Don't Stop who sounds just like a Buddy Holly clone, but you have to search yourself.
Same goes for the songs which will be aired : I'll leave it up to you.

My 20 'other sides' (the track numbers refer to Theo's original playlist) :
01-Collier, Mitty - Sharing You
02-Power, Duffy - Dream Lover
03-Corsairs - I'll Take You Home
04-Andrea, John - Cathy Can I take You Home
05-Hunt, Tommy - Didn't I Tell You
06-Bell, Madeline - You don't love me no more
07-Tate, Howard - Sweet Love Child
11-Burke, Solomon - If You Need Me
17-Lewis, Barbara - Hello Stranger
18-Hinton, Joe - Where Have All The Flowers Gone
20-Kilgore, Merle - Wicked City
21-Lopez, Trini - Aquella Rosa (Spanish Harlem)
23-Marci & The Mates - Shall I Tell Him You're Not There
24-King, Jo Ann - Cha Cha Choo Choo
30-Scott, Freddie - Are You Lonely for Me
32-Trider, Larry - Don't Stop
35-King, Ben E - Don't Play That Song For Me (You Lied)
37-Pentagons - I Like The Way You Look At Me
39-Thomas, Pat - Where There's Love There's Hope
40-Troy, Doris - Watcha Gonna Do About It

Take a look in the comment to get a chance to listen to my 'other side choice'.
On purpose, and as always, you can only get this in the low bitrate of 128Kbits so certainly NO CD quality.
Hope I got your attention to listen to Theo's Popcorn show.


Thursday, April 26, 2007


Radio192 memories part2

On march 4 I wrote Radio192 memories part1.
Here's another link to the year 2004_june_19 when this message appeared on the Radio192 site :
Equipment will not be sold, R192 will continue !
Here you can see The All Time Favourite Roaring Sixties playlist presented by Ton Wibier and Jan Hariot.
Info about the 2CD 'the big Bull Verwey interview' made in 1993.
Searched the pictures and on page 52 I found this nice one made by H. Betlem (a very nice guy).
Next saturday this couple will present Beyond Popcorn to us all.

Looked again in the guestbook !!!
Saw request program The Jukebox presented by Jan Klomp and Luuk Meuwese. Saw much more.

I wonder how many links will still be alive ....
Just a few more memories of the recent past ..... :-(

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Leen is alive

Last december my little sister and her friend visited me when I had my birthday.
Of course we also talked about music. Gerard had a wish. Would it be possible to find a certain song where the lyrics were something like ...bla bla... It could be on an album called Leen is alive by comedian/actor Leen Jongewaard.

Searched and searched. Asked a few friends. Nothing.
On the 'Laser chat' producer Svinx finally made me very happy. She had bought this LP some time ago at the great price of € 2. Came home proud but her husband PJ had to disappoint her : they already got it.... Lucky for me because she could spare it now. So I got this LP about a month ago on the Veronica reunion day : thanks again Svinx !!

Gerard celebrates his 69th birthday today (although he acts like he's just 49 ...). Cleaned the LP and made a CD for him. So happy birthday Gerard !

This LP by Leen Jongewaard has sold only 500 copies in 1981 so it is useless for Record Companies to make a CD reprint of it. Ha, if you also want this LP you can order it at Leen is alive at FONOS.

Monday, April 23, 2007


FONOS an interesting Dutch music archive

In Holland there is a Dutch Music Archive.
They can record and make a CD of every out of print DUTCH LP for ya. This is of course not the case with normal available music but only intended to old vinyl which will certainly not be re-issued on CD. Sometimes you have to bring in the LP yourself.
They have a contract with the Dutch Music Companies to do so. They can sell the CD also to others for the low price of € 20 (and pay 'the rights'). Maybe an idea for other country's ?

Friday, April 20, 2007


Ink Spots part 2

In February I told ya about the Golden greats of the Ink Spots.

Just a few hours ago I got a comment the Ink Spots were so hard to find nowadays.
So here's a second part, also from vinyl.
Again some fine songs in my opinion like Don't get around much anymore, Ring telephone ring, Your feet's too big, Bless you (for being an angel) but also two 1945'er duets with Ella Fitzgerald & Bill Dogget piano Cow cow boogie & Into each life some rain must fall.


Sunday, April 15, 2007


I moved to the new Blogger system

Somehow I couldn't access the 'old Blogger' anymore. Occured before, but by replacing an old 'C-drive system image' I could again.
But not this time. I'm a man who sticks with the old things so tried and tried, but everytime I was 'ordered' by Google to go to the new Blogger.
After a week I had to give up and, with a lot of hesitating, I went to the new Blogger...... Would I loose everything or would it work out well ?
Pffff, it seems everything is intact.
Will be busy this week, so don't expect a new posting soon.
C you .... :-)

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Request Totally fuzzy or other site announcers

If you are from Totally fuzzy or other site announcers, please do not list my blog on your site.
I just found out about Totally fuzzy (2007_april_08) but now I learned there are more of this kind. How wonderful they may be to a lot of people or even 'Blog owners', in my opinion they are not ment to me.

I don't mind if a person links to me when he/she thinks my Blog is of interest to him/her and find that conveniant. I do so myself with the links on the left. Others can profit.

If my Blog is mentioned on announcer sites I get a lot of visitors but that's not my main goal. Those visitors will come and go.
I rather have visitors who come to me by searching something special which I write about and have and maybe offer. Although I hope, of course, they will be regular visitors in this way my Blog will stay small compared to others. I prefer that : I don't wanna be(come) the "biggest/best" or whatever.

As I stated in an earlier post, this Blog is intended as a kind op personal diary by which I (for my time being) want to learn about the things internet can offer like 'programming' (agree, a too big word for my tryings..) !

Thank you for reading and acting alike.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Forthcoming special benefit Popcornparty

Next saturday there will be again a very special benefit Popcorn evening. Like in last years Belgium dj Paul organizes this evening for Sophie.
She's a teenage girl with a serious skin desease called ichthyosis.

A few years ago this wonderful very, very informative Belgium site was dedicated to her and her disease.
It's only in Dutch but of course Babelvista can translate the pages for you.

The idea is to raise money to buy special medicin she needs and to promote and spread information about ichthyosis.
Be happy when you're healthy !

Paul and all the other dj's (Gilbert, Jeff, André, Rita, Bobby, Dirk and Mark), guys and dolls with the heart on the right place, do this all for free !

Sponsors to this special event are as in former years Belgium Magdalena oldies radio & Popcorn promo site

It's not all take and take in the world but there are also a lot of people who give.
I sure hope they will raise a lot of money for Sophie and the hospital again !
Good luck Paul !

Sophie turns 16 years on 2007_05_23 !
See my post that date : Neil Sedaka will sing Happy birthday sweet sixteen !!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Les Paul & Mary Ford plus Little Richard

I want to take you back to those wonderful fifties when life seemed so much more relaxing than nowadays.

You can hear a great 'overdubbed' Les Paul & Mary Ford - How high the moon plus the 'raw' Little Richard - Tutti frutti.
But to me that's not the point of this clip. Far more interesting are the great picture's you see and by which you get an idea of life in those days.

EDIT 2007_06_15
How nice to see in two month's there are 60 clicks to this Youtube video from my Blog.
The number itself is not important to me but by this I know you seem to like my postings and my choice of video's.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


On this day on this moment 1973 : Veronica

In the evening on monday 2 april 1973 there was a big storm on the Northsea together with high tide.
Everyone who was listening to off shore radio station Radio Veronica suddenly heard an announcement by Ruud Doets : "The anchor line is broken and we're drifting towards the coast". Panic, on the vessel, the listeners, but also on a 'board meeting' in Hilversum where a meeting with the Dutch government was prepared which was scheduled on april 18.
The broadcasting went on as long as possible but when the vessel the Norderney passed the Dutch coastline they had to remove the send crystal, otherwise they had been breaking the law. Although so often called a pirate station they weren't pirates at all but only used a leak in the law....
"Uncle Bull" Verwey already ordered 'man before the ship' so everyone left the ship immediately.

Without the crew Veronica stranded in the night (so it was tuesday) on the beach quite high against the dunes.
It was an emotional moment to walk alongside the ship, I can assure you. It shouldn't be there, it should be on the sea !!
They tried several times to get the vessel into the sea again, but they all failed. Everyone was afraid the ship should break into two because it had to be put into a better place with a lot of force. April 18, when it was high tide again, the Norderney finally could leave the beach. Within hours Rob Out and Tineke de Nooij were the first who could broadcast again. Back in bussiness !!!!!! Hoorray !!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007


On this day 1947 : so Emmylou Harris turns 60 years YOUNG of age !

Emmylou Harris turns 60 years young today.
When you have been with me on this Blog from the very beginning you'll know she's my all time fav female singer !

I could post (again) an entire album but I have something special for ya to celebrate her birthday.

Only few know (or seem to know ??) that in 1974 Emmylou Harris, under the name Hannah Brown, appeared on a single by the John Guernsey Group - All The King's Horses (released on the Sweet Breeze label).

So go quickly to the comment section to get this specialty !!!


Sunday, April 01, 2007


Happy blogging birthday to me/my blog !

As of today JeansMusicBlog is one year old.
This last year has been simply amazing.
I could analyze my visitors (an astonishing 60.000 since june 2006) my humble blog has gotten in the past year, but at the end of the day that's not what counts.
What's more important is that I've been fortunate enough to learn from the internet and blogging and I sincerely hope this has made me a better blogger as a result.

I’m not going to write too much (I do that in my normal postings ...) and say how I’d like to thank my parents, my cats and the guy who cuts my grass (my friendly neighbour) because frankly there’s plenty of other stuff going on at the moment.
But nevertheless, I’m quite surprised it’s been a whole year and I am grateful to you all who actually seem to care what I think about music and other things by (re-)visiting me.

It’s been such a rewarding experience for me that I now think everyone should have a personal blog. I really do.
If you don’t have a blog, go get one. It's quite easy. Just take an account with Google, sign in to Blogger and that's it ! You don't need to know anything about internet, formatting, graphics etc. One learns by try and retry. I learned the essential things in one evening so you can also. Of course I tried to change a lot on my original chosen Blog-template these past 365 days and I'm proud the way it looks today.
So if you’ve ever even toyed with the idea, let me tell ya : just do it!

I’m now an old hand at blogging. Exactly a year ago I started and yes, that qualifies me as an old timer. The average blog lasts only, let's say, 5 maybe 10 posts ? And then it seems to be forgotten.
Others last longer but they seem to post only (even recent, I don't like that) cd's without any comment to it. They get far more visitors but that's not for me. Not the real Blogging spirit as I understand.
I rather have a small dedicated 'audience' which will come back (but still will grow slowly I hope of course), will read my memories and will like the simple treasures I post as examples.

The number of downloads of my offers are very low. I'm very satisfied about that because I know my quality is on purpose very low (mostly with love treated vinyl, but also low bitrate) compared to others, so only the real lover will take it and be happy to have it.

This last year I have proven to myself (a quite old guy) my point : I must can get along with you youngsters .... :-)
We'll see what the next year brings. Depends on my available time but certainly also your well apriciated comments/interaction.
So I have only one request to you all and I've said it before. A little more interaction would be very nice. I don't mean just a thank you (that's meaningless and I mostly don't even publish that) but a why/when/where about your memories would be interesting to everyone.....

And again I did write too much, well it's my Blog, my personal diary !! .. :-)

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