Thursday, January 31, 2008


My son's new truck

A week or so ago my son came in with the message 'I think I'll have a new truck'.
Had a phonecall today 'we've agreed'. Just some minor things like microwave and radio and climate control and so on to discuss ('costs only 3000 euro extra'...).
If I understood correctly this will be the one, but one never knows with children...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Wanda's Doo-wop Top20 _2008_01_30

Well I told ya yesterday about the Doo-wop Cafe.
Last night I listened to Wanda's Sweetheart Serenade. It's not all just doo-wop over there although doo-wop is their 'main interest'.

I did put a 20 songs, which she aired, aside for your listening pleasure and called it my Wanda's Doo-wop Top20 _2008_01_30.
01-G-Clefs - Ka-Ding-Dong
02-Chiffons - A Love so Fine
03-Raves - Billy The Kid
04-Silhouettes - Bing Bong
05-Vince Castro & The Tonettes - Bong Bong
06-Raging Storms - Dribble Twist
07-Drifters - Drip Drop
08-Platters - Harbour lights
09-Viscounts - Harlem Nocturne
10-Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes for You
11-Gatorvettes - If It's Tonight
12-Moonglows - In My Diary
13-Pearls - Let's You And I Go Steady
14-Vespers - Mr Cupid
15-Bobby Lewis - One Track Mind
16-Keystoners - Sleep And Dream
17-Ben E King - Spanish Harlem
18-Jimmy Beaumont - There's No Other Love
19-Charms ft Otis Williams - Walking After Midnight
20-Blonde Bomber (=Walter Rhodes !) - Strollie Bun

The music link to this 45 minutes listening pleasure is in the comment.
If you like these (and yesterdays) songs you know where to tune in next week....or any other part of the week...


Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Doo-wop Cafe Top20 _2008_01_29

Listened yesterday on the Doo-wop Cafe to some great doo-wop shows.
You can attend them live if you JOIN them with this link ! This way you get the internet stream directly in your Winamp or Mediaplayer.
You can also go to the Doo-wop Cafe index page and their stream.

I'm by origin not really a doo-wop 'connaisseur' but I wasn't disappointed about the number of songs I recognized. Here I present ya just a few they played.

Doo-wop Top20 _2008_01_29
01-El Dorados - Bim Bam Boom
02-Du Droppers - Bom balam _1953
03-Darrel Lee & Monte Clairs - Dream Girl _1961
04-Calumets - Every Beat Of My Heart
05-Teen Tones - Faded Love
06-Little David & the Harps - I Won't Cry _1955
07-Daychords - I'm So In Love _1962
08-Cameos - Lost Lover _1960
09-El Torros - Love Is Love
10-Blue Jays ft Leon Peels - Lover's Island
11-Flamingos - Nobody Loves Me Like You
12-Hi-Lites - Please Believe Me I Love You
13-Five Roses - Romance In The Spring
14-Billy Gallant - Scribbling On The Wall _1961
15-Dejan & The Elgins - That's My Girl
16-Bo Freeman & Group - The Girl For Me
17-Diamonds - The Stroll _1958
18-Marquis - You Lied _1961
19-Excels - You're Mine Forever _1957
20-Del-Vikings - Whispering Bells

The music link to this 45 minutes listening pleasure (and 'of course...' your reply) is in the comment.


Monday, January 28, 2008


Rolling Stones Got live if you want it EP & LP

Ricplayer Steve asked at the beginning of this Rolling Stones serie for a to him now unknown live 2LP round 1965-1966.
Don't think at that time the BBC sessions were available on LP so I think he ment Rolling Stones - Got live if you want it 65-06 UK EP & 66-12 US LP.

Rolling Stones Got live if you want it
65-06 UK EP
01-We Want The Stones
02-Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
03-Pain In My Heart
04-Route 66
05-I'm Moving On
06-I'm Alright

66-12 US LP
01-Under My Thumb
02-Get Off Of My Cloud
03-Lady Jane
04-Not Fade Away
05-I've Been Loving You Too Long
06-Fortune Teller
07-The Last Time
08-19Th Nervous Breakdown
09-Time Is On My Side
10-I'm Alright
11-Have You Seen Your Mother Baby
12-(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Check the comments.


Sunday, January 27, 2008


Rolling Stones Unsurpassed masters 5 '72_'76

Here's the last of my 'running' Rolling Stones Unsurpassed masters serie.

Rolling Stones Unsurpassed masters 5 1972_1976
01-Criss Cross
02-Waiting On A Friend
05-Living In The Heart Of Love
06-Drift Away
07-Dance Little Sister
08-Till The Last Goodbye
09-If You Can't Rock Me
10-Act Together
11-Fool to Cry
12-I Got A Letter
13-Cellophane Trousers
15-Come On Sugar
16-Munich Reggae
17-Start Me Up

Check the comments. In the textfile is complete recording info to all these songs.


Saturday, January 26, 2008


Rutles' Beatles parody

If you are unfamiliar with the Rutles I strongly suggest to check Wikipedia_Rutles about this 'UK group' which was a Beatles parody. Read who were 'behind' that group. A 'must' to know if you like the Beatles !
Sorry, but I have to say the Rolling Stones are much better !

Quote from Wikipedia.
The Rutles began life in 1975 as a sketch on Eric Idle's BBC television series Rutland Weekend Television. The initial sketch presented musician Neil Innes (ex-Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band) fronting The Rutles singing "I Must Be In Love", a masterly pastiche of a 1964-era Lennon-McCartney tune. The band name was coined as a continuation of the premise of the TV show on which the skit originated.

The show was presented as a programme produced by a fictional TV network based in the County of Rutland which is the smallest county in England. One of the running jokes was that it was a network run on a very tight shoestring. If the show parodied a topic, it would sometimes use names that were derivative of the word "Rutland". When Idle and Innes created a parody of the Beatles, it was natural word-play for them to devise a band name that sounded like a cross between the Beatles and Rutland. Innes credits Idle with suggesting "Rutles".

Innes was the resident musician/composer for the series, and would create songs with ideas on how they could be presented visually.

It was Innes who came up with the idea of a short skit spoofing the Beatles' film A Hard Day's Night. He had originally written "I Must Be In Love" which he realised sounded very "Beatley" and thought of the Rutles skit. He passed the idea to Idle, who had a separate idea for a sketch about a boring TV documentary maker. Idle and Innes decided to connect the two ideas into one extended filmed sequence, and this was shot for the TV show.

On the Wikipedia page above you see some pictures from the great TV video Rutles - All you need is cash 1978. Nice to watch that !
Here's a 9 minute clip of that TV show with George Harrison and Ron Wood !
So funny to watch the interview by George Harrison (look at the background) !!!!!

On 2007_may_22 I already posted Rutles - Sgt Rutter's only darts club band. Today an other album by them.

Rutles - The Rutles 1978
01-Goose-Step Mama
02-Number Two
03-Baby Let Me Be
04-Hold My Hand
05-Blue Suede Schubert
06-I Must Be In Love
07-With A Girl Like You
08-Between Us
09-Living In Hope
11-It's Looking Good
12-Doubleback Alley
13-Good Times Roll
15-Love Life
16-Piggy In The Middle
17-Another Day
18-Cheese And Onions
19-Get Up And Go
20-Let's Be Natural

It's also nice to listen to their other albums. An unprecedented Beatles parody !

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Friday, January 25, 2008


My opinion about bitrates

A word about bitrates.
This issue is totally out of bound in my opinion. I notice almost everybody is doing 224/320 kbs nowadays, which isn´t really necessary and simply blows up the amount of (internet) data. In reality it´s the quality of the source material and the quality of the encoding program which makes for the quality of the mp3. I have done in the past a lot of rips in 128 kbs, which I keep that way because they are absolutely sufficient. I've tried 160 and 192 kbs, because there is a slight, but listenable improvement in quiet passages in todays recordings (not the old analog '60 recordings...). Everything above that isn´t useful. I've seen tests with very good equipment. Ordinary people couldn´t even tell, which one was the mp3 with 128, and which one was the CD. Trained people can do that, but they couldn´t with mp3s in 192 kbs versus 320 kbs. Very few could tell the difference between the two in a direct source a/source b test. The issue is getting religious, as is sometimes the discussion vinyl versus CD.
What´s really silly about the whole thing is the fact, that some people now blow up their old 128 kbs mp3's to 320kbs, which isn´t of any use at all (in fact decreases the quality).

So all my examples are and will be in just 128kbs ! You will have to do with that....
And if you still want better sound quality : simply go out and buy it !

A last remark. How much didn't we like in Europe the midwave broadcasts from the off-shore radio stations in them years like Radio Caroline and Mi Amigo through our little transistor radios. We were sooo satisfied.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Presley, Elvis - Complete 50s masters 5

Elvis Presley Complete 50s masters vol 5.
The last in this serie of five can be found in the comments (hope also to see ....).


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Rolling Stones Unsurpassed masters 4 '70_'71

Here's the fourth of my 'running' Rolling Stones Unsurpassed masters serie.

Rolling Stones Unsurpassed masters 4 1970_1971
01-Wild Horses
02-You Gotta Move
03-I Don't Know The Reason Why
05-Dancing In The Light
06-Cocksucker Blues
07-Shine A Light
08-Alladin Story
09-Leather Jacket
10-Good Time Women
11-Potted Shrimp
12-Shake Your Hips
13-Silver Train
14-Sweet Virginia
15-Stop Breaking Down
16-Travellin' Man
17-Brown Sugar
18-I Ain't Lying
19-All Down The Line
20-Exile On Main Street Blues

Check the comments.
In the textfile is the complete recording info to all these songs.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Popcorn & oldies Top20 2008_01_22

It's time again, compiled from various singles/LP's (so certainly no 'superb CD sound' and not commercially available), for another 20 pleasant oldies songs !

Popcorn & oldies Top20 2008_01_22
01-Ruth McFadden - Stop Playing That Song
02-Kathy Zee - Buzzin'
03-Twilighters - Do You Believe
04-Everly Brothers - All I Ask of Life
05-Joyce Harris & Daylighters - Got My Mojo Working
06-Johnny Stevens - Hm-mm-baby-hm-mm
07-The Towsen - Just A Little Bit
08-Sinx Mitchell - Love is all I'm asking for
09-Tip Tops - Oo-Kook-A-Boo
10-Deltone's - Passion Flower (live Bandstand)


11-Sonny Parks - Raindrops On A River
12-Rusty Isabell - Yi Yi
13-Bobby Pedrick - That Girl is You
14-Earl Sinks - This Weird Sensation
15-Don Orbison & The Basics - Time
16-The Tams - Untie Me
17-Gary Criss - Welcome To My Heart
18-Keytones - What Is the Secret of Your Success
19-Karen Lake - When I'm Not A Teenage Anymore
20-La Lupe - Don't Play That Song


Monday, January 21, 2008


Today the Beatles are for sale

As I told ya earlier I'm not so into the Beatles. As I've understood real Beatles fans mostly vote Revolver as their best album. To me it's Beatles for sale. Nice rock'n'roll music.

Here's the Beatles for sale Purple Chick three CD de luxe edition.

CD 1 and 2 contain the normal album both in stereo and mono with some bonustracks.
CD 3 contains some outtakes. See the scan below.
All together about three hours music.

To get this all into one file of 100MB max I had to use bitrate 80kbs. In my opinion it still sounds great.
I know it's available elsewhere on the inter-net in a much higher bitrate.
But if you will be satisfied with my low sample go to the comments.


Sunday, January 20, 2008


Presley, Elvis - Complete 50s masters 4

Phil Everly yesterday. I like puzzling, keeps ones mind fresh. Change the first letters and you will have EP... So here's Elvis Presley again.

Elvis Presley Complete 50s masters vol 4.
The necessary info to the fourth in this serie of five can be found in the comments (where not just me but you also can give a positive comment....).


Saturday, January 19, 2008


Today 1939 Phil Everly 69th birthday

I like The Everly Brothers. Such a great harmony ! Today Phil Everly, the youngest of them turns 69 !
Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart !

Check my archives 2006_april where I wrote articles like Everly Brothers BBC radio broadcast 2006_04, my first LP It's Everly Time and Don & Phil Everly.
But also elsewhere on my Blog you can find info about them.

Here's (again...) a compilation album Everly, Phil - A portrait of Phil Everly.


Friday, January 18, 2008


Rolling Stones Unsurpassed masters 3 '68_'69

On 2006_june_09 offered you my personal bootleg Rolling Stones - Live in Utrecht 2003. Check that out again.

Here's the third of the 'running' Rolling Stones Unsurpassed masters serie.
I seriously do hope you all like it again.

Rolling Stones Unsurpassed masters 3 1968_1969
01-Did Everybody Pay Their Dues (recognize this ?)
02-Dear Doctor
03-Downtown Suzie
04-Blood Red Wine
05-Highway Child
06-Hamburger To Go
07-Sister Morphine
08-Still A Fool

10-Memo From Turner
11-Gimmie Shelter
12-You Got The Silver
13-I'm A Country Boy
14-Jiving Sister Fanny
15-Honky Tonk Women
16-Country Honk
17-All Down The Line
18-Loving Cup

Check the comments.
In the textfile is the complete recording info to all these songs.


Thursday, January 17, 2008


Beatles Acetates collection 1969

What's left? Beware of the so-called "1969 acetate". It was made in early 1988 by the same guys who originally did "The Quarrymen At Home" LP.

Manfred Weissleder, February 2002

The above is a quote from my last monday's article Beatles (aka Beatals) - The Braun Kirchherr Original April 1960 Tapes.
Well here's for ya that Beatles Acetates Collection 1969.
Known songs but quite special because of those original acetates !


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Presley, Elvis - Complete 50s masters 3

Elvis Presley Complete 50s masters vol 3.
Note track 10. One night of sin, banned at the time, was the original version of One night.
The third in this serie of five can be found in the comments as you will know.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Rolling Stones Unsurpassed masters 2 '65_'67

On 2006_june_05 I celebrated my 10.000 registered visitor and offered you the LP Rolling Stones - Some girls. I especially like from this album the bluesy/country song Girl with the far away eyes. Check that article again.

Here's the second of the 'running' Unsurpassed masters serie. Hope you all like it.

Rolling Stones Unsurpassed masters 2 1965_1967
01-Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
02-The Last Time
03-Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')
04-The Spider And The Fly
05-Cry To Me
06-Fanny Mae
07-(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
08-Looking Tired
09-19Th Nervous Breakdown
10-Paint It Black
11-Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue
12-Yesterday's Papers (Demo)
13-Yesterday's Papers (Backing Track)
14-Let's Spend The Night Together
15-Ruby Tuesday
16-Please Go Home
17-Get Yourself Together
18-Have You Seen Your Mother
19-We Love You
21-2000 Light Years From Home
22-Gold Painted Fingernails
23-On With The Show
24-Jumpin Jack Flash
25-Child Of The Moon

In the textfile is the complete recording info to all these songs. Check the comments.


Monday, January 14, 2008


Beatles the Braun-Kirchherr tapes 1960_april

Beatles (aka Beatals) - The Braun Kirchherr Original April 1960 tapes.
In April 1960 during the school vacation Paul borrowed a neighbour's tape recorder to record the then-called "Beatals" in his family home at No.20 Forthlin Road in Liverpool. In 1961 different tapes from these sessions were given to their friends in Hamburg, Hans Walther Braun and Astrid Kirchherr. In the late 70's Frank Dostal borrowed both original tapes and spliced them together in the Teldec studio on Heussweg is Hamburg. He made three copies, one for Hans Walther Braun, one for Astrid Kirchherr and one for himself.

In April 1988 some tracks of one of these copies were released on the German LP "The Quarrymen At Home". Soon later most of the other tracks were released on a Dutch double LP called "John, Paul, George and Stu - Liverpool May 1960". The final missing vocal track "The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" finally made it on Belmo's "Happy Christmas" single in 1991. All future CD releases were lifted from these sets which unfortunately were heavily compressed and edited. Even the official "Anthology Vol.1" double CD has the reverb and echo that was added to the tape in 1988! So it's not copied from the source tape but from the vinyl bootleg.

For the first time now you have the chance to listen to the material lifted from the original source tape. To be honest, there are still some little snippets missing but many tracks are one or two seconds longer than on any previous release and one song for the first time ever could be heard in it's entirely: "Well Darling" on all previous releases was shortened from the original 5'06" to about 2'30" or 3'30". Here it is in full length without any fades or edits!

What's left? Beware of the so-called "1969 acetate". It was made in early 1988 by the same guys who originally did "The Quarrymen At Home" LP. Now relax, float downstream and enjoy the Beatals as nature intended!
Manfred Weissleder, February 2002

WARNING. In my opinion this is only worthy to real Beatles fans who yet don't have this. To them it's a real 'gem' !! If you just like Beatles' music you may be disappointed. Make your choice : going to the comments or not.


Sunday, January 13, 2008


Popcorn & oldies Top20 2008_01_13

Are you wondering when it's time again for my compilation of some oldies ??
Here are, as usual compiled from various singles/LP's (so certainly no 'superb CD sound' and not commercially available), 20 pleasant oldies songs !

Popcorn & oldies Top20 2008_01_13
01-Jess Conrad - (I Wanna) Love My Life Away
02-Impacts - Bobby Sox Squaw
03-Dany & Juniors - Cha Cha Go-Go
04-King-Pins - Dance, Romeo, Dance
05-Adelphis - Give Me A Kiss
06-Joe Melson - Hey, Mr Cupid
07-Joyce & Privateers - Honor Roll Of Love
08-Classmates - I See It
09-Legends - I Wish I Knew
10-Jimmy Gilmer - I Wonder Why
11-Clydie King - I'm Invited To Your Party
12-Citations - Kiss In The Night
13-Jarmels - Little Lonely Ones
14-Le Vons - Love Is Better Than Ever

15-Tony Middleton & Willows - Only My Heart
16-Frankie Love - Save Her Love For Me
17-Fascinators - Sweet Baby
18-June Jackson & Jackaels - That Look In Your Eye
19-Ronnie Ellis & Originals - The Right Way Of Doing Things Wrong
20-Clovers - Vaya Con Dios

Just for fans, have fun... Check the comments.


Saturday, January 12, 2008


Presley, Elvis - Complete 50s masters 2

Elvis Presley Complete 50s masters vol 2.
The second in this small serie of five can be found in the comments.


Friday, January 11, 2008


Search from a Dutch harbour

I noticed this very moment an interesting search to me from a Dutch harbour.
You were right and if you come back post a comment. Will not be published !


Rolling Stones Unsurpassed masters 1 '63_'64

A dedicated fan has all the official albums by the greatest rock'n'roll band in the world which the Rolling Stones certainly are.
But a lot of songs/takes are great but somehow didn't make it as a master take.
And that's why these songs are so interesting and refreshing to listen to.

Rolling Stones Unsurpassed masters 1 1963_1964
01-Mick Talks About Bootlegs (he likes them !)
02-Baby What's Wrong
03-Diddley Daddy
04-Bright Lights, Big City
05-I Want To Be Loved
07-Come On
08-Memphis, Tennessee
09-Roll Over Beethoven
10-It Should Be You
11-Leave Me Alone
12-That Girl Belongs To Yesterday
13-Not Fade Away
14-Wake Up In The Morning (Rice Krispies Jingle)
15-Andrew's Blues
16-Route 66
17-Cops And Robbers
18-You Better Move On
20-Hi Heeled Sneakers
21-Stewed And Keefed
22-Down In The Bottom
23-Tell Me Baby
24-As Time Goes By
25-Blue Turns To Grey
26-Around And Around
27-If You Need Me
28-I Can't Be Satisfied
29-Crackin Up
30-2120 South Michigan Avenue
31-Down The Road Apiece

Here's part one of a six album personal compilation. I believe even a seventh has come out called Odds & ends. You understand it's not my compilation and so my request to ya all : does someone has that vol 7 (and more importantly : is willing to share....) ?
In the textfile is the complete recording info of all these songs. Check the comments.


Thursday, January 10, 2008


Beatles - Jelly beans hailing in dreamlike noise

Beatles - Jelly beans hailing in dreamlike noise. Ehhh, I hear you say "don't know that album". And you're correct.
'Whoopy Cat Records' states 'We fine tune fine tunes' and how right he is. He did a wonderful job by compiling this album of some live shows from 1963 'till 1965.

Beatles - Jelly beans hailing in dreamlike noise
Empire Theatre, Liverpool, December 7, 1963
01-I Want To Hold Your Hand
03-Twist & Shout
04-From Me To You

Empire Pool Wembley, UK, April 26, 1964
05-She Loves You (Murry The K intro)
06-You Can't Do That
07-Twist & Shout
08-Long Tall Sally
09-Can't Buy Me Love

Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia, June 15,1964
10-I Saw Her Standing There
11-You Can't Do That
12-All My Loving
13-She Loves You
14-'Til There Was You
15-Roll Over Beethoven
16-Can't Buy Me Love
17-Twist & Shout
18-Long Tall Sally

Empire Pool Wembley, UK, April 11, 1965
19-She's A Woman
20-Ticket To Ride


Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Presley, Elvis - Complete 50s masters 1

Yesterday was Elvis Presley's birthday (also) but as we all know : woman's first.
So today the first posting about Elvis.
Instead of my usual bla bla (suppose you don't read neither do you react...) here's a scan of what you can expect. It's the first of a serie of five.
Check the comments.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Happy birthday La bella B 2008_jan_08

Never ask a woman about her age.... well, she's blonde, you could give it a try....
Is it her at the right on front ?
Is it her guy in the background (...) ....?
It could all well be.....
Or not....

Happy birthday La bella B 2008_jan_08
01-San Remo Golden Strings - Quanto Sei Bella (You Are So Beautifull)
02-Martin, Dean - (Ma Come Bali) Bella Bimba
03-Scott, Jack - Bella
04-Little Tony - Bella Pupa
05-Four Lovers - Come Si Bella

06-Francis, Connie - Comm' E' Bella A Stagione (When I Hold You In My Arms)
07-Little Tony - La Bella Americana
08-Granata, Rocco - La Bella Ragazza
09-Ruby & Romantics - Una Bella Melody
10-Marketts - Bella Dalena

Hope her husband don't mind we 'chatted' a little bit last saturday and will in the future...
These 'bella' songs are intended to give her an even more 'bella feeling'.
Happy birthday BU.


Monday, January 07, 2008


Rolling Stones - 12x5 (Twelve by five)

ABCKO acquired the Rolling Stones' catalog after Allen Klein became their manager in 1965. The legal battles during the 70s produced releases that the Stones opposed (they took out full page adds asking fans not to buy them), including the controversial Metamorphosis releases (which are now available on CD for the 1st time ever). But the sad fact is that the Stones lost control of their great early material. With these remastered SACD releases, we at last have some idea of what they really sounded like in the studio. If we had these 40 years ago they would have ended up Greatest Rock And Roll Band in the Universe instead of just our tiny little World.

This is the Stones 2nd US album, released Oct 23, 1964. It cemented the early blues band legend with tracks from their famous Chess Studios session in Chicago during the 1st American tour (Muddy Waters helped carry their gear into the studio) and tracks recorded at Regent Sound in London. Essentially, this is the album that finalized their status as champions of Chicago blues.

The album starts with Chuck Berry's Around And Around, which the Stones had been doing as a show stopper in the UK, the big hits Time Is On My Side and It's All Over Now, the great Around and Around (my personal favorite) and the great slow blues numbers Confessin' The Blues & Good Times Bad Times. Although they used to do a lot of instrumentals, 2120 South Michigan seems to have survived as the only memory of this part of the early Stones familiar to most fans.

Rolling Stones - 12x5 (Twelve by five) (SACD Remastered). SACD=Super audio CD.
01-Around and Around
02-Confessin' the Blues
03-Empty Heart
04-Time Is On My Side version 1
05-Good Times Bad Times
06-It's All over Now
07-2120 South Michigan Avenue version 2
08-Under the Boardwalk
10-Grown up Wrong
11-If You Need Me

Bonus Tracks
13-Not Fade Away (10-01-1964)
14-Andrew's Blues (04-02-1964)
15-Hi Heel Sneakers (10-06-1964)
16-Look What You've Done (10-06-1964)
17-Tell Me Baby_How Many More Times (10-06-1964)
18-Down In the Bottom (10-06-1964)
19-We're Wastin' Time (July_Sept 1964)
20-Sleepy City (July_Sept 1964)
21-Try a Little Harder (July_Sept 1964)
22-Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (July_Sept 1964)
23-As Tears Go By (11-07-1964)
24-Blue Turns to Grey (11-01-1965)
25-Looking Tired (05-09-1965)
26-Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In the Shadow (#2-Aug 1966)


Sunday, January 06, 2008


Beatles, Rolling Stones & Elvis Presley weeks

Possible articles in the near future.

None really scheduled.
As I told ya earlier last year I wanna reconsider the future of my Blog : CLOSE or go on.

The next three weeks I just wanna post some Beatles, Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley 'items'.
Maybe YOU have some suggestions ?

EDIT 2008_01_12
I don't have any problems to find in my opinion interesting albums by Elvis Presley or the Rolling Stones.
The Beatles.... quite different. I'm not really a This costs me visitors...
I already prepared for tomorrow the 1960 Paul McCartney home tapes by Beatles (aka Beatals) : The Braun-Kirchherr tapes.
But what can the next one be ? The Quarrymen (including a few seconds of Puttin' On The Style 7-6-57, their oldest known recording) ? Some BBC radio recordings ?
A or some video's ? Or maybe even their great 'alternates' the Rutles........... ?

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Saturday, January 05, 2008


A crusade for Popcorn on Laser radio tonight

This saturday it's again Popcorn evening. TWO shows in ONE week ! How fortunate we'll start this year !
Just checking the songs at this moment of writing (friday evening). I have 16 of the first 20 songs, not bad at all as Theo always turnes on with recently discovered or even completely unknown old songs.

So tonight there's on LASER radio the first 2008 Popcorn programm called A crusade for Popcorn presented by Mr 'Mellow Popcorn' Theo Dumoulin.
Saturday at exactly 20hrs local_CET time (14hrs_CST time) Theo Dumoulin starts again. You can attend live if you JOIN us ! This way you get the internet stream directly in your Winamp or Mediaplayer.
You can also go to the LASER stream page and their Laser stream.

Here's my 'alternative' playlist of Theo's 2008_01_05 crusade for Popcorn
01-Tony Brent - Make It Soon
02-Ria Bartok - See If I Care
03-Dee Clark - Bare Footin'
04-Gene Chandler - Everybody let's dance
05-Jackie Edwards - Blue Moon
06-Craig Douglas - Oh, What A Day
07-Ernie Freeman & His Combo - Raunchy
08-Dale Hawkins - Susie-Q
12-Line Renaud - Pa p'tite folie (My truly fair)
14-Jimmy Ricks & The Ravens - Daddy Rollin' Stone
16-Baby 'Justine' Washington - Leave Me Alone
17-Jerry Butler - Find Another Girl
22-Jo Ellyn - It's so wonderful
26-Lorne Lesley - Bloodshot Eyes
29-Ed Townsend - Stay With Me
30-Dennis Volpe - The House Where Johnny Lives
31-Micky Denton - Steady Kind
32-Xavier Cugat - Apache
33-Dennis Turner - Roll On
37-Chuck Payne - Ripple In The Stream

Please note.
NONE of the above songs are on Theo's playlist. You'll have to listen yourself.
Some songs can be called Popcorn but not all. But they're all 'my alternative songs'.
I did choose as a funny 'bonus' 33-Dennis Turner - Roll on because of the involved Chevy (Chevrolet) I wrote earlier this month.... lol.
You can find more music of Theo's and this playlist posted on my Blog by Jerry Butler on 2007_december_08, Dee Clark on 2007_november_07 and Ben E King on 2007_09_28. So check them archives !

I finish this article with 2 video-clips. At the left Bobby Darin - Dream lover and

at the right the 'singing milkman' (so no dentist...) Craig Douglas - Lonesome me.

Go to the comments to get the 20 songs of my 'alternative' playlist of Theo's 2008_01_05 Crusade for Popcorn. I included the two video-clips.


Friday, January 04, 2008


Dario Moreno & Brigitte Bardot dance-video

I wrote on 2007_October_17 an article about Dario Moreno.

Amongst the songs I offered was his hit Brigitte Bardot.

Baikinange pointed at this posting on my Blog and even found a one minute dance-video of the two.
Wouldn't you liked to have danced with Brigitte Bardot ?

Sadly the clip ends just when it becomes very interesting....... :-)

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Hot Rod Hits compilation (dedicated to Mike L)

I wrote earlier on my Blog about Hot Rod songs in july and august 2007. Check them archives out !
Was talking today on a birthday party to Mike L from Germany. He don't like to drive longways as he used to do. So I dedicate these Car songs to Mike L jr !

Hot Rod Hits compilation (WE had such a Chevy Bel-Air Impala back in 1959 !)
01-Billie Jo Spears - '57 Chevrolet
02-Ronnie Dawson - Action Packed
03-The Playmates - Beep Beep
04-The Bel Airs - Bel-Air Chevrolet
05-The Delicates - Black & White Thunderbird
06-The Jesters - Cadillac Man
07-JT Red - Cruisin'
08-The Surfer Girls - Draggin' Wagon
09-Chuck Berry - Get Your Kicks (Route 66)
10-The Collins Kids - Hot Rod
11-Johnny Bond - Hot Rod Lincoln
12-Jan & Dean - Hot Stocker
13-Tico & The Triumphs - Motorcycle
14-Chuck Berry - No Particular Place
15-Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Red Chevrolet
16-Oscar McLollie & The Honey Jumpers - Roll Hot Rod Roll
17-Paul Evans - Seven Little Girls
18-Satans' Pilgrims - Squad Car
19-Ray Peterson - Tell Laura I Love Her
20-Nelson Riddle - Theme From Route 66

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Cliff Richard and Phil Everly were dreaming ...

Listened last days to a lot of old Everly Brothers LP's and went through my Blog what I posted about hem. Wasn't much. If there are suggestions/requests feel free to comment.
I posted this in 2006 and want to repost this Youtube video. Watch it, it's great.

All I have to do is dream by Cliff and Phil, a little older of course (aren't we all ?) both still sounding great ! Youngsters can learn about real singing.

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