Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Terry (Lazyrebel) passed away

Terry, to some known as Lazyrebel, passed away today at the age of 62.
Terry wasn't a 'taker' but a 'giver', a superb nice guy.

Imagine, he served the US in Vietnam and lost both hands. But life has to go on. He got two 'hooks' to use instead of normal hands. It was difficult people staring at him. He liked the internet. It was a way to make friends.
Look at Terry's site which he was, since a few month's, building up.

Some time ago I (and a lot of others I understand) got some personal made recordings he made with his band Lazyrebel & The Armed & Dangerous Band (not issued).
Imagine Terry singing but also playing the bass with those two hooks.

I did reread some personal mails and deleted them now, but will keep Lazyrebel in memory.
Hope he has now found peace and a little more luck now up there.

In the comments you will find his fine recordings. Hope for Terry there will be a lot of 'takers' now.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Be silent in the library !

Although I'm an old guy I'm also a little child.
Showed this to my son and we both had to laugh soooo much !!!

Hope you do the same (I mean the laughing). It's sooo stupid !!

Saturday, January 27, 2007


How to prank a telemarketer

How annoying it is when you have evening dinner and there's a phonecall by a telemarketer. Last night there was one again, so I decided to let you know what I always do about it.

I developed some 'anti-scripts' myself.
Example 1.
Start asking questions yourself. What education you need to do this. Is it neccessary to wear brown shoes for this job. Can I have your phone number to call you back (especially if it's a girl ... you have such a sexy voice...). Why not, you are calling me yourself, I like to do also. And so on. Just stupid questions/remarks.

Example 2.
Engage him/her in an "intellectual" conversation on an extremely boring subject.

Example 3.
Oh, I think you want to talk to my father. Maybe he's in the garden, I'll call him. Hé dad, there's someone on the phone for ya and I lay the phone aside. My father will never come of course : he's dead for almost 20 years......

Example 4.
Go along with them. Discuss the proposal.
If I understand this correctly I invest $1000, get a profit of 25% (the higher the profit the higher the risk or it must even be fraud).
Ho much did you invest yourself ? If so, you must be a rich person. If not, why ?
Why offering me ? Better keep it silent and profit yourself.
At the end (depends who's the smartiest in this conversation) you always can say 'I'm still not convinced and will think about it' or say 'I'm not interested after explaining' but never accept the proposal (keep in mind they may have recorded the phone call).

Example 5.
Say nothing until they hang up.

This is a nice one. It's from Bob & Tom's radio prg 2006_08_30 (NOT Bob Made prg, another Bob !).
Bob Made is an American comic who became sick and tired of this kind of phonecalls and decided to 'fight' back.

It's hilarious ! Give it a listen. It’s really short (3-4 minutes), but you will laugh your ass off. So this won't waste much of your time ... you'll thank me.

In the comments I'll place the complete transcription and a link to an mp3.
Also I'll put over there an interview by Paul Harris on his KMOX radio show sep 2006 with Tom Mabe (LATER today : have to extract that from a personal recording !!).

If you know other nice jokes like this please let me/us know !

Here's another one from YouTube with the same subject. What a joke : great fun !

Thursday, January 25, 2007


On this day 1938 : Etta James birthday

According to Wikepedia Etta James (real name Jamesetta Hawkins) is still active at this moment. So what a career. I remember her first 1960 major hit At last. What a great R&B singer.

I don't have much time at this moment (Ozzy, I also still have a working career .... but today again someone phoned me who likes to overtake my bussiness .... he's fifth in line ...) so I leave it to this.

I will add more info tomorrow.

Anyway, happy birthday Jamesetta and thanks for your wonderful recordings !

In the comments is my info to her great first 1960/1961 LP At last!
Note this is NOT the CD re-issue with the very nice 4 bonus tracks (with Harvey Fuqua). I have that also but will not post it. You must buy it if ya want it, sorry : 'fair policy'. My LP post is also only at a poor 128KBits.

For those who don't know Etta here's a Youtube clip I like I'd rather go blind (Blind girl) in Austin Texas some (.....) years ago.
Watch it completely. Look at her expression : this is real music !
Note, it's a completely different style compared to the LP I offer ya.
On YouTube you can also find At last and more nice recordings like with Chuck Berry but this is a more interesting song.

Sadly the above video isn't available anymore on Youtube.
I found another one of this concert but on this you don't 'see' Etta James nicely.
But I found a very nice other one. You hear just the song but aren't we elderly just living to benefit these nice young borns ??? Hope this child will have a very happy life. Same goes, of course, for all children.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


On this day 2007 on this very moment

I'm just a simple old guy.
Didn't know anything about internet until 14 month's ago (on 2005_11_04 I bought the cheapest/lowest/slowest cable connection).
Surfed a little bit. Learned about a, to me, 'new world' with so much info available and also right at hand.
Wished to be part of this community of the future for 'my time being'. But also hesitated, was a little afraid/anxious.
Finally I overwon my fear and started bloggin' (now it sounds so simple ..) almost 10 month's ago (2006_04_01 my first post 'It seems I finally made it' !!!).

Today, I can hardly believe my eyes : so many visitors in only ten month's.
It was never my intention to achieve a certain amount of visitors. But of course I like to be 'heard'. Who wouldn't ?

I write over here a kind of personal historical diary (I'm on the wrong site of the time-frame). You are the readers.
I could write about stamps, about cooking. But without some kind of feedback it would be boring to me or any BLogger and I/they will stop. So my personal music memories is the main subject 'cause that's more attractive to readers.

Feedback is gained by visitors, comments and/or downloads.
Sadly comments are few. Downloads also, but I don't mind that. I'm not interested in getting free Rapidshare points. Writing a whole year to get a month free RS points worth Euro 5 ? Ridiculous.
I don't want my BLog to be mentioned every week/month on something like 'Tofuhouse'. It attracts in my opinion the wrong kind of visitors. I rather have a small BLog with loyal visitors.
Just hope, when you download one of my (low bitrate) offers, you want more of that artist and buy some but also post a comment why you like it (or not !).
I like my BLog to be a 'discussion place' instead of just a 'taking place'. I'm really dissappointed about that at the moment. I said it before. So it's up to you !!

No, my main purpose is to learn about PC/Windows/Internet/blogging etcetera. To learn by try/error about HTML (I don't have books about this 'language').
I humbly state I achieved a lot (regarding my age ; my children can't). I changed quite a bit of my original choosen BLogger template. I like my results.
You readers may smile (suppose you can do better and if you think so reveal your BLog's/site's over here....), I don't mind.

So the number of visitors is important to me, whatever you do on my BLog.

I owe YOU ALL a well ment THANK YOU for stopping by !!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Setup ....

Monday, January 22, 2007


On this day 1931 : Sam Cooke was born

Sam Cooke is a man who has to be remembered today, no doubt about that !!

On Wikepedia you can find his bigraphy and if that's not enough you can go to the Sam Cooke site which is dedicated to him.

Known to most people by his hits like Only sixteen, Chain gang, Cupid, Twistin' the night away, Another saturday night : need I go on ?

Like so many black singers Sam Cooke started as a church singer. Oh how I like his gospel songs, even much more than his popular hits.
So I made a small personal compilation of songs he made with the Soul Stirrers for ya. So this is not a commercial available CD/LP !
I always get tears in my eyes when I listen to Touch the hem of His garment. Believing and also being humble you know.
Peace in the valley is also a nice, but more familiar, song. The others are all top as well !!!!!
I added three alternate take's instead of the original issued versions.
And because gospel is best heard in church itself I saved, in my opinion, the best (twenty minutes !) for the end : I have a friend above all others & Be with me Jesus & Nearer to Thee.
The comment is, as always, 'the place to be' for this.

Last wednesday I wrote about Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) and his 65th birthday. I referred to an earlier post of mine : the 1963-LP Cassius Clay - I am the greatest (for 'collectors' only !). But few know Sam Cooke helped Cassius Clay (they were friends) making those records in them day's.
Here are on Youtube Cassius Clay & Sam Cooke BBC 1964 (watch the interviewer laughing) while they are singing one of the songs from this LP.

Well if you like this (and I am 200% sure you will) go to my april 2006 posting !

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Sunday, January 21, 2007


On this day 1950 : George Orwell died

On this day in 1950 journalist/author George Orwell (real name Eric Arthur Blair) died.

His best-known work, Nineteen Eighty-Four, was published in 1949.
Who didn't read it in the fifties ? Big brother is watching you. Ah, that would/could never happen....

What do we have to do nowadys ? Install several prg's on our PC to avoid spy-ware. When we type our name in Google we find several matches. We have personal tax numbers and so and so on.

How right he was over 55 years ago.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Last week 1928 Jan 12 : Ruth Brown was born

Furyanimal (what's in a name) from Brasil has a nice BLog called Musicnews.
He asked me yesterday in a comment over here (...) if I had some Ruth Brown.
Well it happens I have a few ... :-)

Ruth Brown (January 12, 1928–November 17, 2006) was an American R&B singer. Born Ruth Alston Weston in Portsmouth, Virginia, Ruth Brown brought a popular music style to rhythm and blues in a series of hit songs for fledgling Atlantic Records in the 1950s.

On Wikepedia you can find her biography or go to sites like AllMusicGuide but there will be more interesting sites/BLog's. So 'Google'. Use the links on the left.

Young Ruth Weston was inspired initially by jazz chanteuses Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, and Dinah Washington, so not the least ones !
On Atlantic Records she had in 1950 her first (small) hit with So Long. Nice one's followed like Teardrops from My Eyes & Lucky lips (later covered by Roger Webb ; you know him as Cliff Richard).

In those years she married Clyde McPhatter who just had left the Drifters to start a solo career. They had two sons and 'as well' a huge duet hit in 1955 Love Has Joined Us Together.

In the comments 'Furyanimal' (and anybody who likes or think will also like her) can find a nice compilation. It's my own and I tried to vary the songs as much as possible (fast/slow/issue date) to give you a general idea of her musical quality's.
I added also as a kind of 'bonus' her great duet single with Clyde McPhatter Love Has Joined Us Together b/w I Gotta Have You.
The best songs are to me Oh what a dream, I don't know & Love Has Joined Us Together. Hope you agree and let me know (also if you have info about release date and so on).

Friday, January 19, 2007


On this day 1939 : Phil Everly 68 years young

A special day for me : Phil Everly's birthday.
Listened in the fifties to the crooner music my parents liked. Became familiar by AFN (American Forces Network) with r'n'roll/rockabilly/blues but also nice close harmony singing like the Everly's.
Remember I went during a very hot summer to the swinging pool and all day long there were a lot of Everly songs played. I had to buy some of their records.
See for my first LP It's Everly Time.
Now I must have all of them I think. So very nice to listen to !!!
In my archives you can find a 'portrait of Phil'. Look and find it !

By the way, I also learned Jean Stapleton ('All in the Family') celibrates today her 84th birthday. See for her a few days ago.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


On this day 1942 : Cassius Clay birthday

I just learned Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) also celibrates today his birthday.
Saw on TV a great docu about him.
I already wrote about him april 2006. So look in my archive over there for the record on the left.
I consider him as a great person. Not only how he behaved when he was still boxing ('I'm the greatest') but also what he did for the black American's (being an example) and his charity to the black children in the ghetto's.

As an honour to then born Cassius Marcellus Clay I also repost the picture of the great fight 1965_may_25 (hardly can't believe it's over 40 years ago) by 'the bee' Cassius Clay against 'the tank' Sonny Liston.



On this day 1927 : Eartha Kitt birthday

Eartha Kitt was born 1927_01_27, so today she will be celebrating her 80th birthday.
She's one of those special singers of the 50's and early 60's I like.
Look at Eartha's homepage but also at Wikepedia you can find a lot of info and more links.

I'll never forget her 'unique style' (and appearances) as one can hear in songs like My Heart Belongs To Daddy, Just An Old Fashioned Girl and Uskudar'a.

She's still active in the entertainment bussines.
From October to early December 2006, Eartha Kitt co-starred in the Off-Broadway musical Mimi Le Duck. She has a role in the movie "Somebody Like You", due out in 2007, and is voicing the character of Fossa in the animated movie "Madagascar 2", due out in 2008.
So I wonder if she has enough time for her grandchildren.
I hope so : (grand)children are the niciest gift !!

I bought this CD a few years ago second hand for only Euro 1.5. A few tracks skipped a little bit but I think I repaired them nicely.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Having a bad day because of snow? So is he.

Look at this commercial on Youtube :

Sunday, January 14, 2007


On this day 1954 : Marilyn Monroe marries

One of the most famous actressess was certainly Marilyn Monroe. Not only on the screen but also because of her personal life.
We all will remember that screenshot in the movie The Seven Year Itch.

Look at Wikipedea for Marilyn Monroe's biography.

Joe DiMaggio was a famous New York Yankee baseball player. His biography can also be found on Wikipedia.
So check for yourself.
On this very day in 1954 they married. I just wanted to tell ya.

May 1962 Marilyn Monroe 'performed' Happy birthday mr president to John F Kennedy.

I have a whole LP by her but just want to share only this 'song' because she also seemed "to have been involved with the Kennedy's" to say it nicely...
I like Kennedy's 'thanks' to her at the end. :-)

If you also want to listen :
Marilyn's Happy birthday song to John F Kennedy

'Anyjazz' has some more nice info about Marilyn Monroe on his Blog 'Thinks happen'. Just click his links over there, you'll not be disappointed !

Saturday, January 13, 2007


How rumors get started

Heard this morning when the first guy was preparing an oral presentation...
Guy1: "I have visual aids."

Friday, January 12, 2007


On this day 1971 : All in the family ('the Bunker family') started 36 years ago !!!!

'All in the family' started today exactly 36 years ago on CBS TV !
Who haven't watched this great serie ? The family always quarreling about everything. I liked the 'deeper thoughts' as explained below.

All in the Family was first seen in January of 1971 and immediately changed the face of television. Not only was this the number one television series from 1971 through 1976, but it also signified an avalanche of other situation comedies that dealt with controversial subjects in realistic ways. Including, Chico & the Man, The Jeffersons, Maude, Good Times and Sanford & Son

The series centered around the Bunker family who lived in a home located at 704 Houser Street in Queens, New York. Archie Bunker was the main character, and what a character he was. He was televisons most famous bigot, crass and down right rude. Yet he was loveable, with a soft side just beneath the surface. Edith Bunker was his somewhat dizzy wife whom he called "Dingbat". Edith put up with Archie and had qualities about her that made her one of television's most unforgetable characters. Also living in the Bunker household were Archie and Edith's daughter, Gloria, and her husband Mike, or "Meathead" as Archie called him.

The original format ended in 1979 which was when the series was renamed Archie Bunker's Place. The new format centered around Archie running his local tavern which he bought in 1977.

Meet the Bunkers was the title of the first show.
Originally aired: Tuesday January 12, 1971 on CBS

Writer: Norman Lear
Director: John Rich
Show Stars: Sally Struthers (Gloria Stivic (1971-1978)), Rob Reiner (Michael Stivic (1971-1978)), Jean Stapleton (Edith Bunker), Carroll O'Connor (Archie Bunker)
Recurring Role: Mike Evans (Lionel Jefferson)
Production Code: 101

Because of the succes of the show Archie & Edith made also an LP which I offer you here.
Although the sound quality is of course quite low I am personally very satisfied.
But when you get this you will have a unique LP.
More info about the TV show is included in the file.


Wisdom tooth

Yesterday I had a check-up appointment with my dentist and also to remove my last wisdom tooth.

First there was the checkup by Benny, than anesthesia and some digital pictures why two of my few small 35 years old mercury fillings have to be renewed.
How everything changes in the years ...

First we had lunch with fish and chips and a lot of talking about the good old days and how things goes nowadays (in general).

Benny didn't wanted to remove my wisdom tooth, his father Dick (my friend) had to do it. Ha ha. To him it was of course easy as I expected. Youngsters can learn from us elderly ... :-)
Twelve hours later : no problem at all !!
I'll make next week an appointment to renew those 2 fillings (filled about 1970).
Being an old guy of 60 years it's not bad to have only 7 small fillings, 2 endodontic treatments (because of a soccer accident in the 70's) and 2 simple golden crowns.
I smoke too much and drink too much coffee, my only problem.

Anyway, thank you Benny and Dick !

Almost forgot to mention my post about Bad habits and lessons & Ali and the gang (Cassius Clay's fight against Mr Tooth decay !).

If you click the above links you can only read my stories. If you actually want to have the LP you have to buy it somewhere but if you will do with an mp3 equivalent go to my 2006_may archives and look in the comments (otherwise you cannot copy the link) !


Thursday, January 11, 2007


On this day 1935 : Amelia Earhart Putnam

It wasn't my intention to write so much this week 'in my diary', but after I read in 'an old newspaper' the following story I hád to !

Honolulu, Jan. 11 --
Amelia Earhart Putnam, only woman to fly the Atlantic alone, took off from Wheeler Field for Oakland, Calif., at 4:44 P. M. [10:14 Eastern Standard Time] today on a trans-Pacific flight never made solo before.

["Everything fine; weather fair," Miss Earhart radioed Honolulu at 1:15 A. M. today, Eastern Standard Time, according to The Associated Press. Her position was not given. Navy radio men asked her to change her wave-length because of static, and she subsequently was heard on the changed frequency. Her signals gradually became weaker as she sped further along.

At 2:20 A. M., Eastern Standard Time, the navy radio at Honolulu reported it had received no report from the plane for more than an hour, having missed scheduled reports at 1:45 A. M. and again at 2:15 A. M. The navy was able to hear the aviatrix's carrier wave at 1:15 and at 2:05, however. It was estimated that at 1:20 A. M. Miss Earhart was about 600 miles out after four hours of flying and this probably accounted for the plane's signals gradually becoming weaker.]

Despite the bad weather in the Schofield Barracks area, which included a drizzling rain and a muddy field, Miss Earhart decided that conditions for her 2,400-mile cruise which she had planned ever since her arrival here two weeks ago, were right.

She entered her plane with a wave of her hand and a smile to the mechanics as she ordered the blocks pulled from in front of the wheels.
Taxiing to her starting point, she gave the heavily loaded Lockheed Vega the full gun and after a run of 3,000 feet rose into the air.

Plane Picks Up Speed
The plane settled for a moment but picked up speed and started to climb. Miss Earhart turned toward Diamond Head and within six minutes was half way to that historic landmark and at an altitude of 2,000 feet.
Just before she started, her husband, George Palmer Putnam, said that if his wife did not return in thirty minutes the flight would be definitely "on."
Miss Earhart took with her a collapsible life raft and life preserver, both capable of being inflated instantly by the pulling of a cord.

The plane she is flying was completely overhauled by army air mechanics at Wheeler Field. Gasoline tanks giving a capacity of about 525 gallons were installed and new landing lights were fitted into the leading edge of the wing.
The wireless equipment, with which Miss Earhart expects to talk to station KFI in Los Angeles, was working perfectly when she left the ground.

Husband is Worried
Mr. Putnam was worried and perspiring as the plane got into the air.
"I would rather have a baby," he said.
Miss Earhart came to the field in automobile with Lieutenant George H. Sparhawk, at whose home she had spent the afternoon resting. Mr. Putnam when making his farewells to his wife stuck his head inside the cabin so the spectators could not see or hear.
Miss Earhart wore a brown fur-lined flying suit to keep out the chilly blasts she expected to encounter over the Pacific tonight.
She taxied down slowly to her starting point in the middle of the field and then gave the plane the gun and got up quickly. As the ship went down the runway the propeller blast blew big chunks of mud from the field and over the red fuselage.

Mr. Putnam, when asked whether his wife was taking other precautionary equipment besides the life raft and life belt, said, "What else would she take?" shrugging his shoulders.
A crowd of less than 1,000 was on hand to see the take-off.

It was learned today that Miss Earhart had made a two-hour fuel-consumption flight at 16,000 feet during which she averaged 135 miles an hour and burned about twenty-three gallons of gasoline an hour.
Army air officers believed she went at least the same speed on her dash to the Coast. Figuring her fuel consumption with a full load at thirty gallons an hour, they estimated she would be able to make the Coast with a few gallons to spare.

Miss Earhart's flight started on the anniversary of the arrival of the six naval planes of the VP-10 squadron in Pearl Harbor from San Francisco a year ago. Her trans-Atlantic flight was made on the fifth anniversary of Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh's solo flight.

The personnel of the VP-10 squadron celebrated the occasion today with a flight about Oahu and a dinner at Pearl Harbor this afternoon.

Immediately I was thinking about the superb record that Ian Matthews made in 1972 : Plainsong.
Hé, there's no info/record on All Music Guide by him. Am I wrong ? No I found it as Plainsong - Plainsong. Didn't realise/remember.
See the comments to the tracklist of this LP I ripped 8-9 years ago. Didn't remove the crackles at the time. Made this on request I remember.

I just saw on the back sleeve of this LP 'Produced by Sandy Roberton at an Olympic qualifying price'.
I like such a joke (he must be a friend) !

Saw on AMG a (double ?) cd re-issue with 41 tracks which is far more interesting (so go out and buy !) but you have to do with the original 11 tracks (only 128Kbits : I do that on purpose, sorry) if this still interests you.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


B is for Johnny Burnette

Last saturday Gudo Leuven played some great R'n'roll/Rockabilly songs on Laser radio.
I promised to give a few here also. Didn't choose for a Various artist's compilation but for Johnny Burnette who recorded in 1956 his album Rock 'n' roll trio.

On it Honey hush (composed by 'Big' Joe Turner) and recorded by a lot of artists but I think Fleetwood Mac (Jeremey Spencer ór Danny Kirwan vocal, can't remember who) made the best version. But don't forget McCartney, Paul made on his album Run Devil Run also a very fine version.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


On this day 1968 : First landing on the moon

On Jan. 9, 1968, the Surveyor 7 space probe made a soft landing on the moon, marking the end of the American series of unmanned explorations of the lunar surface.

Read this New York Times article.

Remember this like it was yesterday. What a great achievement by great Americans like dr Werner von Braun ... :-)

In about two years there was even a human being on the moon ! How glad I am to have been 'present' at this all.

Monday, January 08, 2007


On this day 1935 : Elvis Presley was born

Elvis Aron Presley was born Jan 8, 1935 in Tupelo, MS and would/should have celebrated today his 72th birthday !!
How very much I like various artists, groups and songstyles HE was (and to me he still is) THE ONE and ONLY !
His voice was so nice, his repertoire so superb various. I can listen to him the whole evening without being bored or getting nervous or fall asleep.
I have all his LP's, a lot of cd's, the great 50cd box set, lot of live performance's, special recordings, bootleg's etcetera.

Tonight will be for me Elvis Presley night.

In the Music bible you can read all about him. Of course also at Wikepedia and various other places.
When you search "Elvis Presley" in Google how many hits will ya get ? Check it out : OVER 4 million in 0,12 seconds !!

I don't want to discuss the last years of his live and 'the pills'. How easy can we, with our simple lives, say that wasn't right.
I suppose with all the 'friends' around him he wasn't alone but he must have been lonely.
Hope you understand the meaning of this sentence !

The best way to remember Elvis nowadays is looking at some nice old picture's and/or read a book about him and certainly to listen to some fine songs by him.

I want to share something by Elvis with ya. Was a difficult choice. Just an album, too simple. Some rare old live songs, no. The million dollar sessions which Elvis did together with with Carl Perkins, Jerry lee Lewis and Roy Orbison, still no.

I decided to give you his last (unofficially recorded ...) performance from Indianapolis, Indiana, on June 26 1977 the evening concert at 8:30 PM !
Sound: "Audience Recording" (..not so good quality... ha ha, you will certainly be surprised). Reportedly from a tape recorded from the 2nd row center.
Definately the best sounding release of this infamous and historic concert.
Available on many inferior sounding cd's : "The Last Show" , "The Last Farewell" , "The Last Live Session" , "The Last Concert".
But this one is definately the best sounding release of this infamous and historic concert.

Even if you're not an Elvis fan this is a must-have !!
So why don't you give a comment .... :-)


Sunday, January 07, 2007


Fabulous Popcorn 'after party' and more

See my post about that fabulous Popcorn yesterday.

From Belgium (of course, because there are the 'roots' of Popcorn ...) came the answer to these unknown songs..
#12-Temptations - Cindy.
#14-James, Col - Settle down

Werner said he had both single's and is 100% sure. We'll hang him if he's wrong !! :-)

When Theo finished his show we had an incredible hour rock'n'roll/rockabilly by Gudo Leuven. I do hope the speakers survived it.
If you didn't listen you really missed something. I mean that from the bottom of my heart !
DJ V-Tone left us 10 minutes before the end to prepare his own live show on his V-rocket radio station. See the button on the left !
He wanted to start at 22 hrs local time but simply waited an hour. How nice is this live improvisation !!
Until the 'wee wee hours' (he really doesn't seem to have/use a time-limit ..) it was a superb saturday !

Just a part of V-Tones playlist :
Biluska, Ilonka - Jungle drums
Trumpet Boy - Exodus
South Sea Serenaders - Tabou
Hibbert, Lennie - Village soul
Harriot, Derrick - I don't wanna cry
Chiffons - If I knew then (what I know now)
Young Jessie - Big chief
Presley, Elvis - Put the blame on me
Les Thornton - Heaven bound
Ray, 'little' Jimmy - You need to fall in love
The Mark V - Cleo
Lynch, Kenny - That's what little girls are made for
Pitney, Gene - Follow the sun
Whitley, Ray - Deeper in love
March, Peggy - Losing my touch
Rays - Love another girl (speed up)
Adamo - Come back my love
Mitchell Ronnie - More than my share
Darvell, Barry - King for tonight (answer to him : yes I'm still listening .. of course : how nice is live radio !)
Top-son - Cien kilos de barro
Satintones - Faded letter
Rock Masters - Raining teardrops
Sapphires - Who do you love
Bystanders - Girls are made to love
Grant, Earl - Stand by me
O'Dell, Brooks - Don't play that song
Brewer, Teresa - I wouldn't dream of it
Touchstone, Joanne - Walk softly
T-Bones - The In crowd
Sakamoto, Kuyo - China nights
McCarther, Al - His true ove for you
Pacesetters - Say sayanora
O'Jays - Drifter
Davis, Bille - The last one to be loved
Clovers - The gossip wheel
Ciny & Sue - Temple of love

When you think these are nice songs you know you have to check into V-rocket radio in the future for non_stop/live very nice songs (see the button on the left !) !

I just want all the downloaders of my LP's strongly advice to do as I say (assuming you like the music I write about ; and you must, otherwise you wouldn't have downloaded it) to check Theo's and V-Rockets 'Popcorn'.

Next week or so I'll post something in the style of Gudo.


Saturday, January 06, 2007


Fabulous Popcorn on Laser radio tonight !

Fabulous Popcorn presented by the fabulous Two Theo & Brigitte on Laser Radio !

Of course the program's title must be linked to that Swedish goup The Fabulous Four aka the 4J's.
I suppose to the (vast) majority of you a unknown band. It was formed in 1965 and disbanded 1968.
When you look at the playlist Fabulous Popcorn you can find them at #05 & #31.

You want some info ? OK !
The Fabulous Four, one of the many competent Swedish (hey mrs Machteld !!) bands imitating Anglo rock in the mid-'60s, had four Top Ten hits in their country in 1966 and 1967, failing to make a ripple elsewhere. In the manner of many Swedish acts, they had an almost willful lack of identity. They tried sub-Merseybeat, folk-rock, and fuzzy garage, sometimes echoing groups like the Kinks and the Monkees. They wrote much of their material, but had their hits with awful covers of foreign pop tunes such as "Puff (The Magic Dragon)" and "Rhythm of the Rain" — recorded, one suspects, against their will. Their stuff is not worth tracking down unless you've got a serious jones for '60s Continental rock, though judged by the standards of that category, they produced some acceptable recordings.

I like their doo-wop recordings the best. Examples are Forever, Raggedy Ann, The Thought of You Darling & Will You Be My Love.
The album above is a nice one to listen to. Try to buy it.
Theo gives air-play to the very nice #06-Fabulous Four aka the 4J's - I'm coming home (1961).

Mister 'mellow Popcorn' always gives a lot of info during his show.
In the friendly chatroom (yes, everyone can live participate to the show and Theo likes that sooooo much !) there's always a lot of fun guessing the instrumental tune he playes in the background.

From time to time he is even more generous and gives us the whole instrumental.
I see such an example at #07-Light Orchestra, Enoch - And I love her.
I give you in advance the whole LP 64-Light, Enoch ah Orchestra - Discotheque from which this is taken.
On it too is Watermelon Man which is to me also a Popcorn song. Hope everybody agrees after listening.
Look as usual in the comments for my Rapidshare link that leads to 31 minutes nice instrumental vinyl (so including the crackles !) !

Everyone, who is familiar with this kind of music, will agree Theo has again choosen some fine artists and songs (again : look at the playlist !!!). Johnny Zee, Dee (Delecta) Clark, Titus Turner, the Untouchables and even Big Maybelle.
At #09-Corsairs - Dancing shadows (1962) original vinyl !!!!! is a great song and as Theo must know this one (as is their Smokey places) belongs to my top fav's in the genre !

So keep the time counter on the left in sight (saturday at 20 hours local_CET time) and JOIN (just click this to attend live !) us !
You get the internet stream directly in your Winamp or Mediaplayer.

Chatroom info, so you can join us :
Server: IRCnet
Channel: #laserradio.nl
The language is Dutch but everyone can answer in English.
Give it a try if you like the above tunes !!

You can also go to the Laser Radio site and click on the chat button at the top. That leads ya to the chat info page. But please be there in time, we have just a small room ... :-)

Lot of dj's (in those good old days) did put a sticker over the record to try to prevent them from stealing. So from time to time Theo discovers one about which no info can be found anymore because the label is damaged too much.
If you know these songs please post your suggestion/answer in the comments.
#12-Unknown Artist - Come back Cindy
#14-Unknown Artist - Settle down

See also the last broadcast 2006_12_04 where at least one 'Unknown artist' was solved/identified by the chat members within seconds !


Tuesday, January 02, 2007


A is for Paul Anka

Anka, Paul - Live in Germany 1964

Some great live tracks in Germany like Sing sing sing, You are my destiny, Diana, Put your head on my shoulder, My home town, Eso beso (that kiss), Ogni volta, Love me warm and tender and When the saints as his 'closing' song.

The orchestra was conducted by Eddie Karam.

When you downloaded this vinyl album and don't like it please tell me why it isn't of interest to ya but you still got it !
Do you have anything to say about Paul's old live performance's ?
Do you have more ?
Post your links in the comments !!


Monday, January 01, 2007


A happy 2007 to everyone !

No 'great' New year's card by me but just a simple wish for a healthy 2007 !!

Most readers of my humble BLog will be under 60 or are (at least) similar like that.
Hope you all 'reach' the end of 2007.

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