Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Single songs 2008_september

From time to time there are suggestions or requests in the comments of my articles. Sometimes I honoured that in the past, but from 2008_july on (well, it will be a test) I will post them the last date of the current month.
Please note, my Blog isn't a request Blog. For that purpose sometimes other sites can be of help like Grumpy's Golden Oldies... But when I like a remark and if I can and have time I wanna be of some help.
Requests over here will not be posted or honoured ! Just specific comments about the songs are allowed and posted.

Songs will be available in the comments to download for just a very limited time !
If you just wanna listen click the play-button > on the left.

Milkshake Madamoiselle Billy Storm - When You Dance listen
Blue Paul Anka - Wondrous Are The Ways Of Love _1963 listen

Monday, September 29, 2008


Paul Anka - ABC_Paramount yrs 1957_1961 _1

Paul Anka - ABC_Paramount years 1957_1961 _vol1 as promised yesterday. And again, no talking, just enjoy my old vinyl....

Paul Anka - ABC_Paramount years 1957_1961 _#1
01-Diana _1957
02-Don't gamble with love _1957
03-I love you baby _1957
04-You are my destiny _1958
05-Crazy love _1958
06-Let the bells keep ringing _1958
07-Midnight _1958
08-Just young _1958
09-All of a sudden my heart sings _1958
10-I miss you so _1959
11-Lonely boy _1959
12-Your love _1959
13-Put your head on my shoulder _1959
14-Don't ever leave me _1959
15-It's time to cry _1959
16-Waiting for you _1959

Again : in the comments is more interesting info.


Sunday, September 28, 2008


Paul Anka - ABC_Paramount yrs 1957_1961 _2

Paul Anka - ABC_Paramount years 1957_1961 _vol2 ???? I hear you cry : "Did I miss the first volume ..?" Lol, no, I will post that tomorrow....
No talking today and tomorrow, just enjoy my old vinyl....

Paul Anka - ABC_Paramount years 1957_1961 _#2
17-Puppy love _1960
18-Adam and Eve _1960
19-My home town _1960
20-Something happened _1960
21-Hello young lovers _1960
22-I love you in the same old way _1960
23-Summer's gone _1960
24-Story of my love _1961
25-Tonight my love tonight _1961
26-I'm just a fool anyway _1961
27-Dance on little girl _1961
28-Kissin' on the phone _1961
29-Cinderella _1961

I am certain in the comments is more interesting info.


Saturday, September 27, 2008


Emmylou Harris in Carre Amsterdam Holland

I wanted to take a trip to Amsterdam to see (...) the red light district over there but more important to attend Emmylou Harris' concert in theatre Carré.
Stupid me, I was too late to buy tickets, the concert was sold out.
At this very moment I will compensate myself starting watching two dvd's with concerts by Emmylou. An old 80's concert with some hits from that time and a bootleg dvd of the superb concert she did in Belgium Brussels 2006_may_26 with Mark Knopfler (only available for true fans...). In my mind I will be present tonight at my all time favorite female singer's concert.... Toi toi Emmy.
Did I offer you this superb concert already ? No time to check, let me know.


Friday, September 26, 2008


Otis Redding sits on the dock of the bay

I am not so much into deep soul or Motown soul. I like just some 'standards' and a few more simple or obscure soul. One or two month's ago I offered you Aretha Franklin on behalf of Marie_José.
I need a reason to write and post about a particular artist...... A wise man just needs half a word.... :-)
Yesterday I did some research about The Rolling Stones first albums and I came to their That's How Strong My Love Is written by Roosevelt Jamison and Pain in my heart written by Naomi Neville. Great songs in my opinion and also performed by the late great Otis Redding. So I think it is time to offer you this performer which I could appreciate at the time and still do for this kind of songs.

Otis Redding - The dock of the bay_the definitive collection.
02-Mr Pitiful
03-Love Man
04-(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
06-I Can't Turn You Loose
08-Hard To Handle
10-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)
11-My Lover's Prayer
12-These Arms Of Mine
13-That's How Strong My Love Is
14-Cigarettes And Coffee
15-My Girl
16-A Change Is Gonna Come
17-I've Been Loving You Too Long
18-Try A Little Tenderness
19-Pain In My Heart
20-Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay

Should the comment section ...... Yes yes !

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Veronica_Cees van Zijtveld - Showtime

The third, picked from my old offshore radio archives, of radio Veronica broadcasts is by Cees van Zijtveld. And again quite an old one, this over 40 years old studio mono-recording...

DJ Jan van Veen announces in his intro this lively sunday morning program. Left out is the news and some of the commercials. The ones still there present are by famous Dutch actor Henk van Ulsen who does Satin hairspray and female singer Trea Dobbs who does a limonade commercial on her hit Ploem ploem jenka...
At the end you will hear a piece of the Belgium Top10 at the moment. A special note to the great J'ai pleuré by Belgium Claudia Silva. Such a nice voice. I wonder what's become of her.

After the closure of off-shore radio Veronica (I believe he did the news on that sad last day) Cees van Zijtveld worked for the Dutch public radio services and retired 2006_july.

Veronica_1965_july_25_Cees van Zijtveld - Showtime
Selvera's - Toen ik je ogen zag
Les Cotes D'Asfait - La salade
Commercial Henk van Ulsen_Satin hairspray
Lion, Johnny - Sophietje
Pitney, Gene - Looking through the eyes of love
Freddy - 50000 Meilen von zu Haus
Dobbs, Trea - Drie rode rozen
Cooke, Peter & Dudley Moore - Until we meet again (parody)
Byrds - All I really want to do
Commercial Limonade Trea Dobbs_Ploem ploem jenka
Clark, Petula - You'd better come home
Beatles - Help
Cooke, Peter & Dudley Moore - Ballad of Spotty Muldoon
Commercial Veronica_Summer T shirt
Herman's Hermits - I'm Henry the VIII I am
Goodwin Orchestra, Ron - Those magnificent men in the flying machines
Jingle Veronica_Het station waar muziek in zit
Sir Douglas Quintet - She's about a mover
Aryan, Marc - Kathy
Adamo - Mes mains sur tes hanches (Corrected. 'Orange' in shoutbox was so right !!)
Presley, Elvis - Crying in the chapel
Sham, Sam the & Pharao's - Wooly booly
Silva, Claudia - J'ai pleuré
Blue Sounds Incorporated - Eurovision slob

Interesting playlist isn't it ? Hurry up to the comments to get this 1965 studio recording...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Poll : How often to do you visit my Blog ?

I like to know how often you visit my Blog. Here's the result of last month's poll.
A sincere warm thanks to all the contributors !

My Blog seems to about 10% of the people who participated not the right place....
Sometimes I can imagine. I posted, as a private joke, last month august_22 a video called Inge's striptease dream. At least one person came to my Blog by a Google search 'Blog striptease'. Google placed my Blog at third place out of over 4 million results... Lol, I can imagine that person expected something else than what he (best chance it's a 'he'...) will find on my blog.
I understand more and more how Google search 'works'... Of what I write about on my humble blog is mostly quite high on Google results....
The video, by the way, is watched over 500 times within a month...

The rest of the participants say to visit my blog quite frequently. That corresponds with my other trackers. The majority of you is very loyal and returns.
Still quite some people come to my Blog by a Google search or website referring and only read the post/page they were searching for. So sad because I think there must be more interesting stuff on my Blog for them.
And indeed I notice more and more new/old visitors explore my Blog in full. Wise decision !

In the comments are the (few) remarks to this poll.
If you have other suggestions that's also the place to be...

Again the complaint of more bloggers......
A simple comment to a posting (at least if you download a 'music file') is so much appreciated by me and by every Blogger !! Give us reasons to go on..... Don't be just a 'taker/leecher'. Participate in discussion/information !

And don't forget to participate in the new poll. It is just one simple click !

Monday, September 22, 2008


Cruisin' 1955 'Jumpin' George Oxford KSAN, SF

This is number seven (the last one was 2008_august_17...) in my/the small serie of Cruising records. You can get more info about this serie at the great Cruisin' blog.

It's 1955 in the CRUISIN' series and popular music is changing radically. The moon/June/spoon generation is giving way to a noisier, brasher rock 'n' roll tribe. The message in Billboard magazine this year is "Keep pop alive in '55" and adults are calling the new music a teen-age fad, but there is no stopping it. 1955 is, after all, the year of "The Blackboard Jungle" and the song from that film, Bill Haley's Rock Around the Clock.

The music was alive that year. Mitch Miller and his chorus may have been crashing through The Yellow Rose of Texas, while Bill Hayes crooned "The Balld of Davy Crockett," but the artists attracting teen-agers were singing about black denim trousers and motorcycle boots. Snooky Lanson, Russell Arms, Gizelle MacKenzie and Dorothy Collins began to experience difficulty interpreting R&B for "Your Hit Parade." And in Nashville, a former truck driver called Presley was named Outstanding New Country Artist of the Year and then signed a record contract with RCA.

1955 was a year of non-musical changes as well. The anti-communist paranoia created almost single-handedly by Sen. Joe McCarthy was waning. President Eisenhower ended U.S. occupation of Germany. The Supreme Court gave local authorities the task of integrating public schools. Fifteen-million workers came together as the A F of L and the CIO merged. School kids formed lines to try a new polio vaccine invented by Jonas Salk.

On the lighter side in '55, the Oscar for the best film song went to Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (the movie of the year was "Marty")...slumber parties were popular, and so were shoe taps and strapless prom dresses with lots of crinoline...Mary Martin was "Peter Pan"...and after winning six of the last seven World Series, the Yankees were beaten by the Brooklyn Dodgers.

More info about 1955 can be found in the text-file !

Cruisin' 1955 'Jumpin' George Oxford _KSAN, San Francisco.
'Jumpin' George Oxford resume.
One of the men helping shape the burgeoning rock revolution was "Jumpin'" George Oxford, a mild-mannered white Southern family man who when facing a radio microphone turned into a dapper, jive-taling rhythm and blues disc jockey, introducing records by black artists for a station beamed to the black market, KSAN in San Fransisco.

In 1955, Old "Jumpin'" was one of radio's pros, with 18 years of radio experience. He was heard on KSAN morning, afternoon and night, 43 hours a week. (Today most rock jocks work only a three-hour shift, six days a week.) This repeated exposure, coupled with a growing white R&B audience, made "Jumpin'" George Oxford one of the most effective radio personalities of the time.

His slogan for the year (you'll hear it here) - a variation on the futile plea in Billboard, "Be alive in '55!".

Opening Theme (Rock and Roll) - Buddy Morrow
Crazy Little Mama - Eldorados &"Jumpin'" George Rock and Roll Jubilee Teen Jive Talk
Sincerely - Moonglows
Maybelline - Chuck Berry & Melrose Record Shop commercial & Acme Home Remodelers commercial & Letter from Korea
Ain't It a Shame - Fats Domino & 30th & San Pedro Furniture Warehouse commercial
Story Untold - Nutmegs
Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley & Columbus Motors (1955 Dodge commercial) & "Jumpin'" George Bar-B-Q Pit jingle (from 1953)
Only You - Platters & Rogers Men's Store commercial
My Babe - Little Walter & "Oh Yeah" about I Got a Woman (Ray Charles)
Earth Angel - Penguins
Pledging My Love - Johnny Ace

This year 1955 is the oldest in the Cruisin' series. So far you can find on my Blog 1955-1961 and the 'special Cruisin'.... So check my Blog....
As usual, I wouldn't be surprised if you find download info in the comment....

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Pim Maas (the Dutch Elvis) singles 1959_1962

Indorocker requested 'the Dutch Elvis' Pim Maas. And yep I have.

On 1959_may_28 the 14 year old Pim Maas participated in a Dutch Elvis Presley imitation contest at the Royal cinema in Amsterdam. Backed with the Presley Cats (in which his father Pim Maas sr played the saxophone) he performed Tutti Frutti & Baby, I Don't Care. Out of 339 candidates young Pim won and his price was a record contract. Second became Ria Valk.
Elvis Presley invited Pim Maas to Bad Neuheim in Germany where he was in the army at the time. Pim joined Elvis for two days. Later on he said 'it was a unique event which changed my life. I'll never forget those remarkable days'. The same year his first single All Right Baby/Kansas City is issued. He records until 1962.
In 1973 he leaves Holland to the States where he starts an antique shop. Three more singles are recorded. In 1991 Pim Maas returns to Holland. Pim Maas still performs in the oldies circuit.

Pim Maas (the Dutch Elvis) singles 1959_1962

01-All Right Baby
02-Kansas City
03-Soldier (Gi) In Amsterdam
04-Darling You Stole My Heart
05-The Way You Kiss Me All The Time
06-Can I Make A Date With You My Baby
07-La Paloma (No More)
08-Moonlight Swim
09-The Drifter
10-I'll Keep Searchin

If you don't mind the crackles of the vinyl you can go the comment and pick these unique recordings.
Dutch people especially, tell me if you remember Pim Maas and what you think of this piece of Dutch history.
I like that poster on the right. Krasnapolsky 1959_september_07.....

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2008_09_20

According to the green counter my humble blog very heartly welcomes today it's 200.000 visitor.

I still don't know yet if I will go tonight to the Popcornparty at the La Locanda (Den Depot) party centre in Belgium, Steendorp.
Normally I can't drink alcohol 'cause I have to drive 100 miles back home. Will one of the 'free' ladies invite me ? Of course best should be one who has a driver's license and where I can sleep..

Anyway, today there will be a Popcornparty at my Blog. So, not too many words, just dance.
Milkshake Madamoiselle requested in a comment and in the shoutbox a Billy Storm song so she will have to dance for me at the end of this party...
So, too young lady for me, dance for me on Billy Storm - When You Dance

As usual it is from various sources. So don't expect full CD quality.

Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2008_09_20

01-Craig Douglas - A Hundred Pounds Of Clay
02-Susan Maughan - The Verdict Is Guilty
03-Eileen - Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher
04-Robert Knight - Dance Only With Me
05-B Bumble & The Stingers - Canadian Sunset
06-Bobby Pedrick - Dining And Dancing
07-Toni Fisher - Dort In Berlin
08-Bobby Lee - Everyday
09-Idalia Boyd - Hula Hoppin'
10-Frantics - Straight Flush
11-Nancy Holloway - Je Ne Veux Que Lui
12-Peanuts - Passion Flower
13-Jerry Cole - Land Of Dreams
14-Originals - Lend Me Your Ear
15-Rockin' Rebels - Wild Weekend Cha Cha
16-Concords - One Step From Heaven
17-Jamie Horton - Missing
18-Nana Mouskouri - Laissez Moi Pleurer
19-Ronnie Carroll - Please Tell Me Your Name
20-Billy Storm - When You Dance

On request of Rocco I also added some French Popcorn songs. Hope he's satisfied.
Take a special note at #07 miss Toni Fisher. West of the wall (see elsewhere on my Blog for an extensive explanation) is a Popcorn classic. Here I present you her own so much wanted and searched German cover Dort In Berlin.

The music link to this 45 minutes oldies compilation (and I hope your reply why you like or dislike it) is in the comment.


Friday, September 19, 2008


Somewhere tomorrow 200000 visitors

A 200.000 visitors/clicks since I installed this counter on 2006_june_19.
So there were even more, after all I started my Blog 2006_april_01.....
Since 2007 december, when I reached the 100.000, I reconsider the future of my humble Blog. I postponed the quitting/closing every month so far. At the moment the daily counter says way over 300. So many downloaders/leechers, but so little participation (except for a few persons).........

What do you think if I make my Blog accessable to just members ??

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Veronica_Tineke de Nooij - Koffietijd

The second in my old offshore radio Veronica broadcasts is by Tineke de Nooij.
Tineke (the nickname 'Tinus' was used for her....) started working for Veronica on 1960_august_27 and stayed until the station closure 1974_august_31.
I remember the story she was afraid to tell Uncle 'Bull' Verwey she was pregnant 'cause she thought to be fired as a not married girl. How different things turned out. When she came to the studio the next morning Uncle 'Bull' and his wife had arranged all kinds of children stuff, even a little children's bed....
She married producer Tony Vos who can be heard in this hour with his song Ik voel me zo alleen (a cover of Brenda Lee's All alone am I). They got two children.

Veronica_1964_march_24_Tineke de Nooij - Koffietijd
Swe Danes - At a Georgia's camp meeting (tune)
Domino, Fats - Lazy lady
Right Sisters - That's okay
Lettermen - When I fall in love
Waller, Fats - Carolina shout
Timmerman, Gert - Wer einmal das Heimweh hat gekannt
Swe-Danes (Alice Babs vocal Ulrich Neunann guitar Svend Asmussen (violin) - Gufus
Lee, Brenda - Waiting game
Dusschoten, Frans v - Alexander
Conway, Russ - Medley (Ramona ao)
Selvera's - Ik zie de maan
XX (Unknown) - Je t'aime tant _Can someone tell the name of this artist ??
Dietrich, Marlene - Bitte geh nicht vort (cover Jacques Brel_Ne me quitte pas)
Grealey Orchestra, George piano - Lucy's theme (Movie Paris)
Hoes, Caeserine (daughter of Johnny Hoes !) - Mitsu, kom toch naar me toe
Hodges, Eddie - Bandit of my dreams
Grönloh, Anneke & Dutch Swing College Band - Dr Jazz
Nijs, Rob de - Stil verdriet
Vaughn Orchestra, Billy - Lili Marlene
Vos, Tony - Ik voel me zo alleen (cover Brenda Lee_All alone am I)
Spiders - Osewisewose
Connif Orchestra_Choir, Ray - Sweet Sue just you
Swe Danes - At a Georgia's camp meeting (tune)

A few days ago I wrote about the record Hé Tineke hé Joost. The flip Turkse koffie is enclosed here. As a bonus there's also the orginal Turkish coffee by the Tony Osborne Orchestra.

Enough reason to hurry up to the comments to get this 1964 studio recording...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Perez Prado - Mas exitos con el rey del mambo

Perez Prado - Mas exitos con el rey del mambo

01-Mambo Del Futbol
02-Besame Mucho
03-Tomcat Mambo
04-Rompiendo El Piano
05-Sabor A Mi
07-A La Billy May
09-Historia De Un Amor
10-Quien Sera ?

Perez Prado needs no introduction...
The music link is in the comment.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2008_09_16_garden

The gardening season is almost over... I did harvest enough apples, pears, prunes, strawberries, flowers and so on.... It was a pleasure to 'work' (I can better say watch others...) in my garden and to see all those nice birds, bees, butterflies, rabbits and other animals while having a good drink.
Here's my today's 'garden' compilation. As usual it's from various sources, don't expect CD quality. Ain't I still a good looking guy on this 'Country Garden' cover ?

Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2008_09_16_garden
01-Accents - Enchanted Garden
02-Bobby Comstock - Garden Of Eden
03-Connie Francis - A Garden In The Rain
04-Dee Thomas & Versatiles - In The Garden Of Love
05-Don Drummond - Garden Of Love
06-Frankie Vaughan - Garden Of Eden
07-Gene Pitney - Garden of Love
08-Jimmie Rogers - English Country Garden
09-Jimmy Wages - Take Me from this garden Of Evil
10-Joe Valino - Garden Of Eden
11-Joey Dell & Corvets - Only Last Night In A Garden
12-Johnny Hallyday - Garden of love
13-Johnny McKay - Garden Of Love
14-Lloyd Nelson - Rose For My Garden
15-Paul Anka - In The Garden Of Eden
16-Perry Ford - Garden Of Happiness
17-Peter Jay - Paradise Garden
18-Rick Nelson - Garden Party
19-Safaris - Garden Of Love
20-Zoot Sims - Small Garden

The music link to my latest 50 minutes oldies compilation (and I hope your reply why you like or dislike it) is in the comment.


Monday, September 15, 2008


Veronica_Joost den Draaijer - 7 O'Clock Show

For a 'obvious reason' I listened last days to some very old offshore radio Veronica broadcasts and decided to offer you some in the future ahead.

The first one is by Willem van Kooten who used the dj name Joost den Draaijer.

Veronica_1964_july_30_Joost den Draaijer - 7 O'Clock Show
Round Robin - Kick that little foot Sally Ann
Chartbusters - She's the one
Commercial Rapid photosystem
Francis, Connie - Looking for love
Ventures - Walk don't run (version 1964)
Jean, Earl - I'm into something good
Presley, Elvis - Such a night
Commercial Alaska cigarettes
Benton, Brook - A house is not a home
Kennedy, Jerry (guitar) - Blue beat
Veronica - Why don't they let us fall in love
Dana, Vic - Love is all we need
Beatles - A hard days night
Beatles - I'll cry instead
Commercial chalet renting
Beatles - I should have known better
Beatles - If I fell
Rolling Stones - It's all over now
Manfred Mann - Do wah diddy diddy
Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road
Reeves, Jim - I won't forget you
Clark Five, Dave - Because
Animals - House of the rising sun

Joost made with fellow dj Tineke de Vos one record. Hé Tineke hé Joost, a Dutch cover of the song Paul and Paula. The flip is Turkse koffie.
As a bonus here are also both songs. And as a special bonus is a remembrance by Paul and Paula to their song also...

And.... more about 40 year old broadcasts to come !

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Rodney Carrington - Show them to Me

Busy reading/answering old mail.... Someone did send this to me a long time ago. More sex on my Blog ! Watch this subtitled song, you won't regret it !

Rodney Carrington - Show them to Me

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Veronica's last day 1974_august_31 Top40

Yesterday I offered you two hours of Radio Veronica's last day 1974_august_31. Today I will make that Top 40 complete for ya. Simply go to the comments. Including my earlier postings you will have in total the last 5 hours broadcasting (13-18 o'clock), including all commercials and news-breaks. Please note these are all midwave recordings.. Maybe in the future I will add the rest of that day's live broadcasting starting 07 o'clock.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Today Uncle Bull celebrates his 99th birthday

Today the 'lion of Loosdrecht' celebrates his 99th birthday.....
I can hear first visitors of my Blog ask themselves 'who may 'uncle Bull' be' ?
Well he was with his two brothers Verwey the 'founders' of Dutch commercial off-shore radio. European visitors will of course have heard of the name 'Radio Veronica'.
Only later on Radio Caroline, North Sea International, Lord Sutch, Mi Amigo and so on 'arrived'. But Veronica was the first !

The station initially announced itself as "VRON" (Vrije Radio Omroep Nederland = Free Radio Station Netherlands) but this was quickly changed to "Radio Veronica".

Uncle Bull led the company as a father, always worried for the well-being of "his boys and gals". He knew exactly how you should deal in a pleasant manner with intangible creative dj's like Rob Out (who died a few years ago), Joost den Draaier, Lex Harding, Jan van Veen, Tom Collins, Chiel Montagne, Will Luikinga, Tineke (Vos-)de Nooy, technician Adje Bouman and so many others.
He always loved party's and a little drink on it's time (as did the others...).
Could that be the secret of our Hendrik 'uncle Bull' Verwey ?
The above photo was taken 18 month's ago during the Radio Veronica reunion. Great applause when he entered the room : he's loved by everyone !
Auke Kok did write a book about our great pirate off shore radio station Veronica and presented the first copy to Uncle Bull. Check for yourself at 2.20 how funny he still is/was at the age of 97..... Of course I have a copy myself with a nice memo by Auke.
The eyes aren't what they used to be, nor is his general health. Yeah he needs to be taken care of ('nursed'). No wonder when you're 99.

The picture on the left shows you uncle Bull 1974_august_31 on the vessel Northerney whilst the last broadcast was prepared.
His 'looks' didn't change much in 34 years, dont you agree ?

My 2007 march post offers you the last Radio Veronica broadcast from 1974_august_31 (including the final speech by our uncle Bull).
I have Veronica's last week's broadcast complete (day and night). Today I offer you the two hours before that last hour. Lex Harding - Top 40 and Tom Collins - Tipparade. Check the comments.

Dear uncle Bull, I'll drink some 'Kettle one' (Dutch gin) to your health and up to the hundred !!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Two thousand one, nine eleven

I was at work. Also in the WTC they were at work. The radio news. A plane hit the WTC. My assistant was there a short while before. TV on. We saw the second plane hit the other tower. Unbelievable, it surely was an attaque. Beyond our imagination. Settle differences in opinion with talkings, never violance. Accept another person can view things in a different way. If 'your' truth is the only truth and you act like this you are indeed a terrorist.

In remembrance to those who lost their lives at the World Trade Centre.
But also to those who lost their lives elsewhere in the world to this
same kind of senseless not understandable behaviour/thinking.
Rest in peace.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Happy birthday my adult daughter

September, 09, 1987 was a special day. My wife did wake me up very early in the morning and said I better prepare not going to work that day. I was to become father again.... At 20 o'clock my daughter was born at our home.

My dear little daughter, happy birthday with your 21th anniversary !!

Monday, September 08, 2008


Today 1932 Patsy Cline was born

Patsy Cline (born Virginia Patterson Hensley September 8, 1932 – March 5, 1963) was an American country music singer who enjoyed pop music crossover success during the era of the Nashville Sound in the early 1960s. Since her death at age 30 in a 1963 plane crash at the height of her career, she has been considered one of the most influential, successful, revered, and acclaimed female vocalists of the 20th century. The story of her life and career has been the subject of numerous books, movies, documentaries, articles and stage plays.

From Wikipedia :
Patsy Cline was best known for her rich tone and emotionally expressive voice, which, along with her role as a mover and shaker in the country music industry, has been cited and praised as an inspiration by many vocalists of various music genres.
Posthumously, millions of her albums have been sold over the past 45 years and she has been given numerous awards, which has given her an iconic status similar to that of music legends Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Only ten years after her death, she became the first female solo artist inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame. In 2001, she was voted by artists and members of the Country Music industry as #1 on CMT's television special of the 40 Greatest Women of Country Music of all time, and in 1999 she was voted #11 on VH1's special The 100 Greatest Women in Rock and Roll of all time by members and artists of the rock industry. According to her 1973 Country Music Hall of Fame plaque, "Her heritage of timeless recordings is testimony to her artistic capacity." Among those hits are Walkin' After Midnight, I Fall to Pieces, She's Got You, Crazy, and Sweet Dreams.

Patsy Cline's 12 Greatest Hits

01-Walkin' After Midnight
02-Sweet Dreams (Of You)
04-I Fall To Pieces
05-So Wrong
07-Back In Baby's Arms
08-She's Got You
09-Faded Love
10-Why Can't He Be You
11-You're Stronger Than Me
12-Leavin' On Your Mind

Join me in the comments to meet this country girl....

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Meet a Popcorn prophet tonight #2

Murphy's law.....
Earlier this week I lost my C partition. Got it back but replacing an older image failed and lost the partition. And so on and so on. But I think finally it's ok now.
My internet connection failed most of the time this week. Provider problem.
This morning one of my HD's said bye bye..... Immediately started formatting another external drive and am now making a new original of my backup....
Well, it keeps me away from the street.... and so I quickly present you

Popcorn 2008_09_02 Popcorn Prophet_2

19-Hillard Street - Invisible Chains
22-Chuck Payne - Ripple In The Stream
23-Joe Hinton - You Gotta Have Love
24-Performers - I'll Make You Understand
25-Chuck Jackson - A Tear
27-Eddie De Marr - You're A Gas
28-Sam 'The Man' Taylor - Any Time (instrumental)
29-Mark Wynter - Heaven's Plan
31-Ronny Douglas - Run run run
32-Jerry Butler - He Will Break Your Heart
33-Gloria Lynne - Watermelon man
35-Marketts - Surfer's Stomp (instrumental)
36-Shari Dee - No Feeling Any More
37-Newports - Canadian Sunset
38-Lucky Starr - Wrong
39-Baby 'Justine' Washington - Leave Me Alone
40-Jerry Wallace - Little Miss Tease

Don't forget to listen and chat tonight !! The music link to this fourty minutes second compilation is in the comment.

Theo Dumoulin's next live show will be saturday october 4 !!


Friday, September 05, 2008


Meet a Popcorn prophet on saturday #1

Again a lot of visitors these days. Back from holidays or waiting for the Popcorn ?? To the last : they know what is to come. POPCORN on Laser radio next saturday !

For saturday's Popcorn playlist go to LASER radio or the Popcorn Prophet Laser_log_Popcorn page and take a look at the playlist.
Saturday at exactly 20hrs local_CET time (14hrs_ECT time) Theo Dumoulin says : Go Popcorn go ! You can attend live if you JOIN us ! This way you get the internet stream directly in your Winamp or Mediaplayer.
You can also go to the LASER stream page and their stream.

To get everyone a littlebit 'in the mood' here's as usual my (alternative) playlist.
As usual, this is not a normal LP/CD, just some songs gathered from various singles/albums and even old 18cm tapes. I 'follow' Theo's playlist tracks but just use other songs by the same artists. So there will be popcorn and non-popcorn here !

Popcorn 2008_09_02 Popcorn Prophet_1
01-Alan Dale - Sweet and gentle
02-Bobby Adams - Save Those Teardrops
03-Mary Wells & Marvin Gaye - What The Matter With You Baby
04-Valiants - Lover, Lover
05-Milt Grayson - Your Old Stand By
07-PJ Proby - I Will
08-Alberto Cortez - Serenata en Portugal
09-Sarah Vaughan - Broken Hearted Melody
10-Merv Griffin - Banned In Boston
11-Willie Bobo - Chickadee (instrumental)
12-Roy Hamilton - Midnight Town, Daybreak City
13-Narvel Felts - Your First Broken Heart
14-Bobby Hebb - Bread
16-Major Lance - The Monkey Time
17-Jimmy Jordan - Teenage Tears
18-Miranda Martino - Lady Luna

You can have 'live chat fun' too if you join us in the Laser Radio chatroom. Theo appreciates questions and will give even more info.
Chatroom info using mIRC (best option : mIRC passed 2008_february the 150 million download mark !!)
Server: IRCnet Channel: #laserradio.nl
The language is Dutch but everyone can answer in English. Give it a try if you like the above tunes !! But please be there in time, we have just a small room ... :-)

The music link to this first compilation is in the comment.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2008_09_02

It has been three weeks ago I have compiled a personal compilation album of Popcorn and other oldies.
On the northern hemisphere the holidays are over, everyone is at work again (except for the 'retired'... lol), children went to school to be educated and I hope to 'educate' you with some nice oldies. The result is here.
As usual it is from various sources. So don't expect full CD quality.

Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2008_09_02
01-Jackaels ft June Jackson - That Look In Your Eyes
02-Annette Bard - Alibi
03-Matadors - Listen
04-Scott Brothers - Stolen Angel
05-Shepard Sisters - Deeply
06-Ventures - Lonely Bull (instrumental)
07-Trophies - I Laughed So Hard I Cried
08-Wallie Hawkins - Don't Believe Them
09-Genies - Shoo Fly Pie
10-Bobby Swanson - Tom And Suzie
11-Jordan & Wayne - Find A Little Happines
12-Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Summertime (instrumental)
13-Vells - You'll Never Cherish A Love So True
14-Bee Jay Barnes - Your Laughter Is My Sunshine
15-Ike & Tina Turner - Kinda Strange
16-Jimmy Jones - You're Much Too Young
17-X Rays - Chinchilla (instrumental)
18-Platters - True Lover
19-Tony Allen - Mr Happiness
20-Willows (AKA Five Willows) - Sit By The Fire

The music link to my latest 50 minutes oldies compilation (and I hope your reply why you like or dislike it) is in the comment.


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