Monday, August 27, 2007


Connie Francis - Love 'n' country

Without any further info is this my today's posting.
Tracklist :
Francis, Connie - Love 'n' country
01-My Hapiness _1958
02-This Girl's In Love With You _1968
03-I'm Sorry I Made You Cry _1962
04-What's Wrong With My World _1969
05-I Am A Fool To Care _1962
06-Please Help Me I'm Falling _1964
07-Many Tears Ago _1960
08-I Cant Stop Loving You _1962
09-You Always Hurt The One You Love
10-The Look Of Love _1968
11-If I Didnt Care _1959
12-Breaking In A Brand New Broken Heart _1961
13-If You Ever Change Your Mind _1965
14-Send Me The Pillow _1968
15-Everyboby's Somebody's Fool _1960
16-My Heart Cries For You _1967

Sunday, August 26, 2007


End user licence agreement

What to think of this ? Is this safe to accept ??

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Dillard & Clark - Fantastic Expedition of D&C

Yesterday it was quite crowdy at the Railway Station so very early this morning I was there again to have a closer look.
I told some people about my humble Blog and my little joke 'the Railway Station leaves at platform #1'. Suddenly I had to think about Dillard & Clark - Train leaves here this morning (also recorded by the Eagles, see below).

Dillard & Clark, a duo featuring former Byrd Gene Clark and Doug Dillard of the Dillards, was one of the first country-rock groups to form in the late '60s. The group formed in 1968 and became one of pioneers of country-rock, releasing only two albums before dissolving. Their music is hailed by critics and musicians as some of the best of the country rock genre.

In 1968, Dillard recorded his first solo album, The Banjo Album, which featured such rock musicians as Clark and Bernie Leadon. In the spring of 1968, Dillard toured England as a member of the Byrds, which led to the duo of Dillard & Clark, which officially formed later that summer. The duo secured a record contract with A&M and released their debut album, The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark, late in 1968. The record was recorded with Bernie Leadon (guitar), Don Beck (dobro, mandolin), and David Jackson (bass). Dillard & Clark toured following the release of the album ; their supporting band featured former Byrd Michael Clarke on drums.

Dillard & Clark began recording a second album early in 1969 with a new supporting band. The new lineup featured Leadon, fiddler Byron Berline, drummer Jon Corneal, and guitarist Donna Washburn. Steel guitarist Sneaky Pete Kleinow (who died this or last year ; I always liked his playing) and Chris Hillman, who were both members of the Flying Burrito Brothers, also guested on the album. The resulting record, Through the Morning, Through the Night, appeared later in the year. After its release, Leadon left the duo ; he would join the Eagles soon after his departure. Clark decided to pursue a solo career in early 1970. Dillard continued his solo career, using the remaining members of the duo's backing band as the core of his new outfit, the Expedition.

Interesting historical information, isn't it ? Ah, you like to read this.....:-)

By the way, Gene Clark died in 1991 at the age of 46.

Dillard & Clark - The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark 1968
Together with The Byrds' Sweetheart Of The Rodeo and Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline this album marked the birth of what soon became known as countryrock. Former Byrds-founder Gene Clark teamed up with one of the people who made bluegrass rock and virtuoso on anything that has strings, Doug Dillard and the soon to be Eagle and Flying Burrito Brother Bernie Leadon. The songs on this masterpiece were mostly written by Clark, Leadon and Dillard, in various combinations and showed bands like Poco, Eagles and even the Flying Burrito Brothers their future path. Bernie Leadon took one of the songs 'Train Leaves Here This Morning' with him to the Eagles and recorded it on their first album.

As usual to be continued in the comments....!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Railway Station leaves at platform #1..... :-)

Looking at the title of this post you may think I've become mad. OK, normally it's 'the train leaves at platform #1'.
But I'm right. The (old) Railway Station in our little village has been moved today about 150 yards to a new location.
You can imagine this event was/is 'the talk of the town'.....
It did take a lot of preparations.
Two weeks ago the Railway Station was lifted 2 yards (above). Today it was moved (lasted just 2 hours) and next week it will be put down on it's new location.
Here are some pictures of this memorable day (with 'your's truly' on the left...).

These are the things happening in our little village on the country-side....
We, the original inhabitants of our 'farmer village', don't destroy, we preserve....
A lot of people have been watching !!!

To celebrate this memorable event I did put in the comment a link to some Buffalo Bop 'train songs' called Choo choo bop.
You will find there also the tracklist of the songs as well as Train sound (from start to stop) & Express train sound (start, run, stop).
Go back to your childhood and 'happy training'.......

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Esquerita : Rock'n'Roll is here to stay

When you like, for instance, Little Richard or Gene Vincent (or all the other, but unknown, rockers) you really have to know something about Esquerita !
Esquerita was born in 1935 in New Orleans, LA an died Oct 23, 1986 in Harlem, NY.

Cub Koda writes on All Music Guide :
With a six-inch pompadour, brocaded shirts, rhinestone shades, and a rhythmic, belligerent style of piano playing, Esquerita was the original Little Richard, years before Mr Penniman tutti-frutti'd his way to stardom. Working around the Dallas-New Orleans circuit in the early '50s, Esquerita's shot at the big time came when Capitol Records decided they needed their own version of Little Richard, after signing their answer to Elvis, Gene Vincent. The resulting recordings, though smartly produced, stand as some of the most untamed and unabashed sides ever issued by a major label. Long revered by rock & roll fans the world over, they make Little Richard's Specialty sides look highly disciplined by comparison. Though Esquerita continued to record in a tamer style through the '60s, his Capitol sides stand as a monument to the potential of rock & roll's lunatic power and the off-kilter genius of Esquerita.

In the comments is a Rapidshare link of a 55MB file to a 1989 CD by Fan Club Records which contains 28 great R'n'roll songs !
I've put in the file also an extensive biography of Eskew Reeder Jr (his real name) as well as scans of this CD.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007



The consequences of not being able to afford a proper dentist.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Celtic Women Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring #2

May 28 I posted a Youtube video Celtic Women - Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring.
Lately I notice a lot of Google searchs by people who seem to like to have the video itself instead of just watching.
So I put over here a Rapidshare link to a 10MB AVI-file of this nice song/performance in the comments.
Fans of the Celtic Women : enjoy !

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Popcorn top20 _2007_08_18

Retired......but busy, busy, busy........
Worked in the garden, did some small bicycle tours, tried to post every day on my Blog but also found time to play a lot of oldies.
I decided to make a personal 'Popcorn top20' of songs I played last week from various LP's/CD's.
Well Popcorn is not exactly the right word. I've added also some other songs.

01-Joy, Benny - Money Money
02-Turbans - When You Dance
03-Johnny Rebb - How Will It End
04-Holden, Ron & Thunderbirds - Here I Come
05-Wooley, Sheb - Meet Mr Lonely
06-Johnny MacRae - Such A Fool
07-Spaniels - Everybody's Laughing _live
08-Johnny David - I Met A Girl
09-Halll, Linda - You Don't Have A Wooden Heart
10-Guytones - Ooh Bop Sha Boo (Give All Your Love To Me)
11-Hardy, Francoise - Il Tuo Migliore Amico [Ton Meilleur Ami]
12-Gene Cook - Silly Girl
13-Everly Brothers (Phil Everly solo) - Made to Love
14-Dowell, Joe - Poor Little Cupid
15-Martin, Dean & Easy Riders - Memories Are Made Of This
16-Hank Price III - How Will It End
17-Misty Bonner - I Can't Sit Still
18-Stone, Judy - Break My Heart, Break
19-Vartan, Sylvie - Dum Di La
20-Stan Vincent & The Dwains - The Snark

Some remarks
#01 Always liked this instrumental
#02 Superb Popcorn song in my opinion
#04 We all know his hit Love you so. This is almost the same song, so you know what to expect
#05 A little 'Tyuana sound', nice song
#06 Maybe not Popcorn but I find it so funny
#07 This is Popcorn, but here is a live version
#09 Nice answer record to Elvis' (although Joe Dowell recorded his version a few days earlier ..) Wooden heart
#13 A very rare version sung by Phil Everly sec with just his guitar (a not issued demo). Superb ! I'm a great fan of the Everly Brothers
#16 I've put two versions in my compilation. I think this is the best version of this Popcorn song.
#17 I'm sure you can't sit still listening to this rock'a'billy...
#19 Going through some old Sylvie EP's I found this (again..)
#20 An instrumental to end with

Note this is not an official LP/CD but my personal compilation. Look in the comments when you think it's valuable to you.


Friday, August 17, 2007


I just did buy the best laptop in the world

It does costs something but one has something .... :-)

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Today 1977 : Elvis Aaron Presley died

Yesterday I told ya about cleaning our new house these weeks in 1977. It was sunny and we made a lot of fun. A new life was ahead of us.
Suddenly there was a radio announcement.
"Elvis Presley died this morning at 08.42 hrs local time".
Well the cleaning and the fun was over. Had to sit down, couldn't believe it. But when the hours went by we had to believe the news. It became a sad day.

Read somewhere and you'll all agree with what Rolling Stone Mick Jagger has said : "No-one, but no-one, is his equal, or ever will be. He was, and is supreme."

I suppose there will be placed a lot of memory posts all over the internet. Preferably with a lot of albums in one post (so you can buy it...)... The more the better...
I don't like that.
Instead I have something special for my visitors. I'm almost certain this will not be available elswehere. I assure ya, you will not be disappointed downloading this ! Just take it and give your comment if you like it, but please don't reveal the content or I will not publish your comment.

This 5th post about Elvis completes my celebrating of the 30th anniversary of the death of 'the king'. Hope my stories and the musical offers I gave did interest ya.

His life had ended, a new life was still ahead of us. We all moved on. That's life...


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Elvis Presley #4, his final live performance

This month 30 years ago we moved into the house I'm still living and from which I showed you earlier this year some pictures.
A new house has to be cleaned. It has to be arranged the way one likes it. It's so empty at such a moment : no chairs, no dinner table, no bed etcetera.
But one thing was working : my small radio-tape recorder. So while working we played a lot of oldies tapes. It was fun. Did sing-a-long a lot with Buddy Holly, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Jerry Lee Lewis, little Richard and of course also Elvis Presley.

On january 8 I wrote about Elvis' birthday in 1935. Look for the complete posting my post archive 2007 January 8.

Quote from that post.
I decided to give you his last (unofficially recorded ...) performance from Indianapolis, Indiana, on June 26 1977 the evening concert at 8:30 PM !
Sound: "Audience Recording" (..not so good quality... ha ha, you will certainly be surprised). Reportedly from a tape recorded from the 2nd row center.

Available on many inferior sounding cd's : "The Last Show" , "The Last Farewell" , "The Last Live Session" , "The Last Concert".
But this one is definately the best sounding release of this infamous and historic concert.

How could we imagine this was his last performance ?? August 17, 1977, was to be the start of another tour.

If you want this last recording you really have to go to my January posting. In the comment over there is the complete info to it !


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today 1964 : Johnny Burnette died

Johnny Burnette, born March 25, 1934 dies this day August 14, 1964.
Growing up as a youngster in Memphis in the early fifties, Johnny became a golden gloves boxing champ. He always had an interest in music, which eventually led to his forming a musical trio consisting of his brother Dorsey on bass guitar and a friend of his, Paul Burlison, on electric guitar. They became known as the Johnny Burnette Trio. The three played together part time and worked full time as electricians in Memphis. They worked for the same electric company that employed a schoolmate of theirs as a truckers' helper. His name was Elvis Presley. In 1956, after playing at a few fairs, they left Memphis for New York and entered the Ted Mack competitions, where they won on top honors on the shows.
At this point they met Henry Jerome, who became their manager and got them a recording contract with Coral records. One of their first hits for the label, in 1956, was a song called "The Train Kept-A-Rollin" which had moderate success. After a few years together, the trio split up, Dorsey signed with ERA records by late 1959 and Johnny signed with Liberty records about the same time. By the summer of 1960, Johnny had his first national hit with "Dreamin'". Although Johnny died in a fishing accident in Clear Lake California in 1964, his son Rocky is keeping the Burnette name alive with songs like the 1980 hit "Tired of Toein' The Line" for EMI-America records.

In the comment a fine overview of his work with 18 songs (Legends of Rock'n'roll : see the scan above).
If you like that and want more go and buy that terrific Bear Family 9 CD set called Train Kept A-Rollin (of which you see a scan on the right) containing all his work (286 songs) along with a fine over 100 page book. It just costs Euro 190.


Monday, August 13, 2007


Today 1961 : German Democratic Republic closes border

The German Democratic Republic closes the border between the eastern and western sectors of Berlin, to thwart its inhabitants' attempts to escape to the West.
How well I remember that day and how frightened it was. What would the future bring ?
Later on I visited Eastern Europe several times. Nice people, not a nice political system. Had to been turned down somehow.
I truly cried when 'that damned wall' was turned down in 1989. At last, at last.....

So what, you're asking ? Politics ? No music ? I know, I know.
I played this week one of my all time Popcorn favorites Fisher, Toni & Wayne Shanklin Orchestra - West of the wall.
So what I hear you say again. I know, I know......
But you don't know (if you were indeed asking yourself) that this song is all about the wal, that wall !!!
I wrote earlier about West of the wall on 2006_dec_02, so just go to the end of that december archive page. It's an overly emotional song with a defiant tone about a couple whose love is separated by the Berlin Wall, an indelible symbol of the Cold War that, oddly, is rarely mentioned in the genre of 'war related songs'.

West of the wall I'll wait for you
West of the wall our dreams can all come true
Though we're apart a little while
My heart will wait until we both can smile
That wall built of our sorrow
We know must have an end
Till then dream of tomorrow
When we meet again

West of the wall where hearts are free
West of the wall your heart can come to me
And in my arms that hold you tight
You will forget the darkness of the night
The world knows about sadness and we are not alone
West of the wall that soon will fall and you'll come home

[Wall built upon sorrow, One day you will end, Hearts true to each other, Will not break, They will not bend, In our hour of sadness, How clearly we can see, Tomorrow's gladness, Free, free, free, free........]

Ah, there's sometimes so much to tell about music. See for example also my posting about John F Kennedy 2007_may_29 and the song Jimmy Dean - PT-109.
I suppose every reader of my BLog knows the WWII song Lili Marleen and the story behind it. Lale Anderson & Marlene Dietrich just to mention 2 artists.
Ha, ha, I have also a WWII German 'underground version' in which Hitler is hanged.... :-)

For those who don't wanna go to that earlier post (after all, they are in a hurry not to waste time by searching/reading, they just wanna download...) is in the comment again info to the above album containing this interesting song.

I've said what I wanted to say about this (sad) memorable day .....

A last note.
Toni Fisher also recorded an unreleased German version of West Of The Wall as Dort in Berlin. The German lyrics were by Hermann Lüth (1921-1978).
Is there someone who can provide this version ?? Please comment !

EDIT 2007_october_01
I notice, no-one commented so no-one seems to have this song or wants to share it. Yeah I know it's much better just to take than to give............ True ??
Lemmie tell ya I found the song myself on a very nice CD already a few days after I posted this topic. So don't bother anymore......
BTW I'll keep this very special song to myself now !

EDIT 2008_september_20
Today, in my Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2008_09_20 article, I finally offered you this very obscure song.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Basketball girl (funny video)

We men are such adults.....

Funny video of guys using girl as a human basketball.... Just 30 seconds.
In the comment you'll find a Rapidshare link to a small 700K avi-file.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Elvis Presley #4, UNCUT Legends Magazine

UNCUT Legends Magazine issued 2006_04_05 is completely about Elvis.
Picked this from the internet about a year ago. It's very informative to read this pdf file.

This is an Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Document.
I suppose you all can read a pdf file.

You will guess where you can find it..... :-)

I may post in the future more magazines like Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke, John Lennon, Beatles, Cassius Clay, Leonard Cohen, Rolling Stones.
We'll see.


Friday, August 10, 2007


Elvis Presley #3, The million dollar quartet '56

Again some oldies by Elvis. This time with 'his friends'. Man, was I glad I got this on vinyl a very long time ago !! The lost 'million dollar quartet' session was mine !
On the sleeve was written Jerry lee Lewis and friends and some text to this session but who would care. How I was fooled. It did turn out to be a fake Elvis singing on it (with the real Jerry lee Lewis)..... Nevertheless a nice LP with great songs like Save the last dance and maybe I will post it in the future.

Now I have two cd's claiming they are the real and complete session.
They just differ slightly in the number of tracks and the tracklisting.
Here I present to ya the one I think is the best one.
Quote from the back sleeve :
During the afternoon of Tuesday, December 4, 1956, the world's first superstar jam session took place and the MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET was born! ELVIS PRESLEY, CARL PERKINS, JERRY LEE LEWIS and JOHNNY CASH got together and made music history at the famous Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Away from the glamour of the media spotlight, the impromptu performances provide a refreshing "fly-on-the-wall" glimpse of what music truly inspired them. This historic event appears here for the FIRST TIME in its ENTIRETY and original sequence!

It's a great 'refreshing' session with of course some of their great hits but also a lot of gospelsongs like When The Saints Go Marchin' In, Just A Little Talk With Jesus, Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley, I Shall Not Be Moved, Peace In The Valley, Down By The Riverside, Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand) & On The Jericho Road.

You donnut have to pay a million dollar to listen to 47 songs (all together 70 minutes) by this 1956 quartet. Just check the comment.


Thursday, August 09, 2007


Is your internet download-speed slow or fast ?

It's always time for broadband.....
Slow internet download personal chat relationship webcam ad funny friends matchmake date.... A Telenordia commercial.

If you indeed (still) have a slow internet connection don't look at this ... :-)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Today 1963 : Kingsmen recorded Louie louie

On 1963_august_08 Record label WAND issued as #150 Kingsmen - Louie louie.
It entered the US Bilboard Top 100 on november 9th.
So what, you're asking. Well, an interesting story goes with it.

The song was composed and recorded in 1957 by Richard Berry ah Pharao's on FLIP.
Richard Berry sold the rights to this song in 1960 for a few hunded bucks just to be able to pay for his wedding with Dorothy Adams. What a mistake ! After all it was recorded later on in various music styles by over a 1200 artists. After a law suit in 1986 he got back the rights partially. Richard Berry died 1997_january_23.

When the Kingsmen version was issued a lot of radio stations didn't gave the song airplay because of the controversial text.
Even the FBI did a research to the song.

A few people are trying to make a documentary about this song with the full approval of Richard Berry (as they claim). So they started over ten years ago and I wonder if they ever will finish their project.
I'll keep it short. Just visit their website The Louie louie files and read ALL about this project and this song.

In the comments is info about 70 minutes Louie louie.....
Of course the well known examples but also interesting ones like versions by Adventurers ft Little Bill and Bluenotes_Shalimars, Gurus & Toots & Maytals.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


One last walk for the man behind 'These boots'

In january I read in a newspaper an article 'profiles Lee Hazlewood, reclusive singer, songwriter and producer, who is expected to die of renal cancer within year; has prepared for his death in various ways and has released last album'.

He died august 4th so his fansite homepage is worth to visit at this moment. Check there too the Lee Hazlewood story !
I suppose now there will show up a lot of his albums on the net.
Over and over again the same songs....
But Lee Hazlewood was so much more : singer/songwriter/producer/label owner.
Remember one of his first compositions was the hit Sanford Clark - The fool...

I think I have something special for ya all.... Not one of Lee's own albums (with Nancy Sinatra for example), not a song or a hit by him but a complete album by no less than Gram Parsons et al issued on Lee Hazlewood's own LHI label.

Here's the story behind this LP.
On his LHI label Lee Hazlewood issued a historical and legendary album that was produced by Suzi Jane Hokom in the early part of 1967 and nowadays is a collector's item. It became the first ever country-rock recording made by The International Submarine Band consisting of Gram Parsons (guitar and vocal), John Nuese (guitar), Bob Buchanan (guitar and vocals) and John Corneal (drums). Also playing on the album were session men Glen Campbell, Chris Ethridge, Earl Ball (piano) and JD Maness (pedal steel guitar).

Parsons formed the International Submarine band with guitarist John Nuese, bassist Ian Dunlop, and drummer Mickey Gauvin while he was studying theology at Harvard in the mid-'60s.
Although the group's fortunes were beginning to improve, Parsons left the band in February of 1968 to join the Byrds. However, he hadn't told LHI that he intended to leave the Submarine Band before he became a Byrd, and he had to sell his rights to the ISB name to Hazlewood in order to avoid a lawsuit; Gram took lead vocals on many of the tracks of the Byrds album 'Sweetheart of the Rodeo' but Hazlewood was also able to prevent Parsons' vocals from appearing on this album. So the vocals were re-done by the Byrds members Chris Hillman and Roger McGuinn.
Following Parsons' departure, the International Submarine Band attempted to replace the vocalist, but they couldn't find any possible candidates. By the time the ISB's debut album, Safe at Home, was released in the spring of 1968, the group had broken up.

Go to the comments for this collector's item.

EDIT 2007_august_10
In the comment 'Teacher' had a remark 'Sweetheart of the Rodeo' could have been even better without the interference of Lee H.
I fully agree with him.
I did buy a few years back a 2CD of 'Sweetheart of the Rodeo' of which I present ya the back scan here. Not just some tracks of this interesting International Submarine band are added but also the recorded but earlier not issued tracks with Gram Parsons !
EDIT 2007_september_19
Today I offer you this one. So go back to today (again).

Monday, August 06, 2007


Hot Rods & Custom Classics #4

Cars, cars, cars..... Finally the last part of this serie which I started july 29 !
So go back untill that date if you want the set complete.

Again some classic car songs like Pickett, Wilson - Mustang Sally & Williamson, Sonny Boy - Pontiac Blues & Ronny & Daytonas - GTO & Berry, Chuck - No Paticular Place To Go but also Flying Burrito Brothers ft Gram Pasons - Wheels !!

Again, you can see the complete tracklist in the comment.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Hot Rods & Custom Classics #3

Cars, cars, cars..... Here's the third part of this serie.

Again great car songs like the famous Diddley, Bo - Road Runner, the hits Playmates & Hugo Peretti - Beep Beep & Delicates - Black & White Thunderbird & Vincent, Gene ah Blue Caps - Pink Thunderbird & Riddle Orchestra, Nelson - Route 66 Theme.

You can see in the comment the complete tracklist.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Tonight we have to play our own Popcorn ....

A weekend without Popcorn music ? Impossible !
So we play our own records. OUR recordplayers and vinyl are intact ..... :-)

It's time to play 1959 song The Mystics - Hushabye on a 1956 Philips automatic record player. Enjoy the video.

No Popcorn show by Theo Dumoulin on Laser radio today ?
That maybe so, but we play those kind of records every day.
Theo has a very high standard on his 'mellow' Popcorn. I think no-one can compete with him. But the genre 'Popcorn' itself is broader.
So instead of Theo & Brigitte's broadcast I present you here a personal compilation and I hope you will like it.
So please note, this is a quick personal compilation of songs I listened to last week ! You cannot buy this anywhere !!
Made this in a hurry tonight so please no offence if you don't consider some songs as 'Popcorn'. I know, I know, I just think these are nice songs to listen to or are special in one way or another.
The tracklist of my choice to about 80 minutes listening pleasure.

01-Mystics - Hushabye
02-Tracy Pendarvis - A Thousand Guitars
03-Charles Aznavour - 19 Donne Tes Seize Ans
04-Mimms, Garnet & Enchanters - A Quiet Place
05-Prince Buster - Al Capone Guns Don't Huck You
06-Troy Ferguson's Country Gentlemen - At The Jamboree
07-Turner, Titus - Bla Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha
08-Miss X (Joyce Blair !) - Christine
09-Platters - Day-O
10-Barry & Tamerlanes (Barry Devorzon) - Don't Go
11-Sedaka, Neil - Feliz Cumpleanoz Dulces Dieciseis (Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen)
12-Anka, Paul - Hello Jim (French Version !!)
13-Mike Taylor - He's A Lover
14-Idalia Boyd - Hula Hoppin'
15-Arnell, Ginny - I Wish I Knew What Dress To Wear
16-Hallyday, Johnny - Johnny Lui Dit Adieu (Tell Her Johnny Said Hello)
17-Mouskouri, Nana - Laissez Moi Pleurer
18-Bennett, Jo Jo & The Mudies All Stars - Leaving Rome
19-Adamo - Mis Manos En Tu Centura (Mes Mains Sur Les Hanches)
20-Jamie Horton - Missing
21-Rich, Charlie - Philadelphia Baby
22-Celentano, Adriano - Stai Lontana Da Me (Tower Of Strength)
23-Bell Notes - Stay With Me
24-Anthony, Richard - Tchin Tchin
25-Baker, Lavern & Jackie Wilson - Think Twice
26-Moreno, Dario - Tout L'amour (Passion Flower)
27-Dey, Tracey - Who's That
28-Brown, Maxine - Yesterday's Kisses
29-Alexander, Arthur - You Better Move On
30-Corsairs - Dancing Shadows _1962_Tuff_1830
31-Gary Micks - Johnny Dollar
32-Marisa - Christine
33-Baker, Lavern & Jackie Wilson - Think Twice (Version X_Great_Horny !)

I did choose of course this one because of the Youtube video.
The broader side of 'Popcorn' also involves a lot of reggae songs. This one is from 1967.
I wrote about this song and Joyce Blair earlier. Check the sex scandal with former UK foreighn minister John Profumo on my Blog. Use the search button on top.
This Paul Anka's song is soooo well known. But do you have the French version ? So hard to find ! Well here you can get it !
Idalia Boyd was the little sister of Little Eva (Boyd) who was of course the baby-sitter of Carole Klein (Carole King you all will know....) and Gerry Goffin. Doesn't this song make you happy ?
Ginny Arnell sings about 'the important things' every girl in this world faces.....
I have so much music. I 'know' so much (no actually...!!!) but I can't recall the original English version of this song. Can you help me out ?
Certainly not 'Popcorn' but I just like this one.
The original by the Fraternity Brothers is a real Popcorn classic. But this one isn't bad at all. Maybe change the speed a little....
The above picture shows the cute Tracey Dey and her producer Bob Crewe.
I have only six of their songs but in a very low quality. This vinyl is an example.
I would be very glad if someone has a better version for me. Is there a CD mastered from the original recordings ? I would be very glad to get a copy !

Nowadays every CD has a few so-called bonus tracks, so here are mine .....
This is the same song as #04 by Garnett Mimms but with a different title on the label. Just discovered his recently.
Almost an exact copy (but less 'sexy') of the original by Joyce Blair. Sung in French !
Can someone tell me something about Marisa ?
This song was issued on a Canadian label, so I suppose she's Canadian instead of French.
If you like exceptional oldies this is really 'a must have' !!! I have never seen this somewhere else on the internet !
Have a lot of these kind of studio outtakes. Always nice to listen to what the artists were doing 'outside' the official recordings....


Friday, August 03, 2007


No Popcorn this saturday !!

Some Popcornlovers got a mail there will be no Popcorn next saturday because of the 'holiday season' ! Holiday season ???
Most of the songs played on Laser radio Popcorn are from expensive vinyl.
On this video you can see how 'Theo' prepared himself this week (as he usually does). Playing records and reading some interesting notes to tell the listeners.

When you watch this video you can understand why there's no Popcorn this saturday. Hope 'he's' recovered saturday september 1 !!! :-) :-)
It's (only) 21 seconds fun !

Maybe there's a 'stand in'.....

Luckily we can amuse ourselves tonight in the following Belgian disco's :

Popcorn is alive and kicking.....


Thursday, August 02, 2007


Elvis Presley #2, Today tomorrow and forever

Just 15 days to go........the 30th remembrance of Elvis' death.

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of his death, RCA's four-disc Today, Tomorrow, & Forever presented fans in 2002 with 100 tracks of previously unreleased Presley, a parade of alternate takes — both very welcome and curiously not so — and scattered live recordings from throughout his career.

In compiling Today, Tomorrow and Forever, RCA aimed to include material from every significant phase of Elvis Presley's career, starting with his 1954 Sun Records sessions and concluding with three studio recordings from 1976. The idea was to present some unreleased material from every step along the way, mostly in the studio, for which it exists.
The first question that many fans may have is, "After all these years of Elvis Presley CD reissues, compilations and rarity-laden box sets, how could RCA possibly come up with yet another 100 unreleased tracks that are compelling?" ... Jørgensen's answer was simple: Presley recorded over 1,000 different songs during his career (including home recordings), so there's always been a lot to choose from. And more importantly, RCA's intensive search for missing Elvis tapes throughout the '90s has yielded impressive results.

Among the highlights: seven songs from an incendiary set recorded in Arkansas on May 16, 1956. Note these are different live recordings I offered in my first post about Elvis.
Also a 1959 version of "The Fool" recorded with Elvis alone at the piano while serving in Germany. I have a nice 4CD box set about that period. It gives a nice insight in what he was doing at that moment.
My personal highlight is the raw version of I want to be free.

It's worth to pick this 4CD box and play it. Well, at least I can.
I offer you in the comment only the first CD. If you like it you'll have to buy the box-set itself (I suppose there will be a re-issue of this kind of material). Otherwise you'll have to do with this, sorry.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Wedding ceremony

They say 'the most beautiful day of my life'.... Just 18 seconds....

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