Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I don't like this !

Got this today by mail. How bad some people can be. This isn't sportslike.
Dirk, I'll get you whereve you go on this earth. There will be no place to hide !

Ha ha, I think it's great !! :-)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


It's over ......

This wasn't a football match. Could better be called as a 'card' game.
Holland - Portugal.
During the match my sun and I argued. I found the Portugese playing more 'clever'. That's also part of the game and in that sense they deserved to win.

As all the country's involved we also had fun the last two years during the qualifying matches. Even the first part of the tournament was great. Great party's everywhere with people dressed in orange (our queen comes from the 'House of Orange').

The above picture shows referee Ivanov who showed so many yellow/red cards and at the right our goalkeeper Edwin vd Sar who achieved a record of 115 caps (when I understand well).

Still 8 country's left I believe. So another 7 will be very disappointed this/next week..

Oh well there are more important things in the world than football.

There was a comment from, I believe, an American about this 'silly soccer'. American football is better he says. Sorry, sorry. Lack of knowledge.

Football is called that way because it is played with .... a ball and played with ....., you guessed, foot/feet.
American football on the other hand is played with something one cannot seriously call it a ball and mostly ...... with hands. Only sometimes there's a drop kick.

Football is based on improvisation/intelligence/artistics/skills and so on. Take Barcelona's Ronaldino as an example.
In American football it is quite different. The coach intructs the quarterback, he tells another player what he has to do. Then 15 seconds great violence : they win 15 yards and the game is stopped again. Next instructions ....

Football is played all over the world. That's why this is called the World championship football.
American footbal is just a local sport. We have here eg korfball and filjerleppen. We are champion in those sports .... You may be champion in your own local sport, I don't mind ... :-)

Friday, June 23, 2006


VRocket live radio

Always when I'm working on this BLog I click on the Vrocket button at the left.

At the moment there's a great Spyder Turner (born Dwight David Turner in West Virginia on February 4, 1947) - Stand by me (speed up) issued end 1966.

If you like great mostly un-known oldies give VRocket a try !

Will we hear Spyder Turner again saturday the first of july on Theo's Popcorn show at 20 hrs CET on Laser radio (see the counter on the left) ??


Bill Haley & Comets

What a week it was. Busy and of course also the world championship football.
Didn't had time to do anything on my BLog.
Seems I'm allowed by my co-workers to have a two week holiday half of july.

Today I played some Big Bopper, early Cliff & Shadows, Ry Cooder, Leo Kottke and Bill Haley.
So totally different styles.

I 'rocked' today about 40 minutes on these 16 tracks of a great vinyl Rock around the clock.
I must have bought this Bill Haley somewhere around 1963 and I'm not dissappointed how good it sounded when I made the vinyl rip in 2000 or so. The cover is more worn out ... :-)

An extended biograph of Bill Haley can be found on the AMG music bible.

Info tracklist and pass in the comments.

We all cross fingers for Holland sunday when they have to play against Portugal. I understand we don't have a good record against them. Anyway I hope it'll be another fair game.


Monday, June 19, 2006


New counter

Just added a new counter just to see what the back ground (country) is of the visitors of my humble BLog.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Gene Vincent rockin' date

At my age I don't want to date again.

A good thing having mp3's is one can compile cd-r's with about 8-10 hours of music.
In the past I made compilations with just one artist/group but also with just one style or just a 'various' compilation.

Yesterday it was quite hot.
To make it even hotter I put a r'n'roll/rockabilly cd-r in the player and enjoyed soccer while listening.

Amongst them were some fine ones by the late great Gene Vincent like A rockin' date and a nice date it was.

This LP is from 1957 I think and it must be one of my first LP's, so a little 'worn out'.
Gene is known as a rocker. To me the best songs from this LP are Peace of mind & You're the one. Both quiet songs.

Here's my vinyl rip made in 2000 (in the local store or Amazon you can get better audio).

Youngsters who don't know Gene Vincent have to look in the AMG music bible for info.

See the comments for the tracklist and the pass to have a date also.



Soccer again !

It was a hot day friday. The predicted winner of this tournament (... the Dutch ...) started as expected by me and the other specialists. :-)

In their match against Ivory Coast they made a fantastic goal by Robin van Persie. The goalkeeper didn't see his free kick.
Later on Manchester United's 'Van the man' Ruud van Nistelrooij also scored.
Was it off side ? Certainly not as this frozen picture shows.

Then coach Marco van Basten told his group the rest of the match was just a training. He instructed the players to act as it was already the final with one goal ahead. So defend.
It should have been easy to score more goals but this was his decision.
So if you think the Dutch were under a great pressure during the second half of this match you're wrong : it was just a training.

Pfff, how did I sweat.... We were quite lucky !

Today Ghana did a great job against the Tsjechs (I believe ...). They simply have to win their nexy match to go on.
Also the US got a very deserved draw against Italy (should have been more I understand).
It'll be an interesting third round.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Holland won : Emmylou Harris

As expected the wold cup favorit did won today 1-0 against Serbia_MonteNegro.
So here's a celebration gift.
Harris, Emmylou & Linda & Dolly - To Know Him Is To Love Him (from the Trio sessions), a very nice video clip.

Look in the comment to enjoy. No pass, just enjoy.
Now beer to celebrate ourselves !



Soccer world championship

The world championship soccer started yesterday. A lot of people will watch.

In my country there's a saying 'Soccer is a game where 22 players run accross the field and try to score a goal but whatever happens in the end Germany wins'.
It's just a saying. Reality is different. The whole world will watch it curious who will win in the end.

From very reliable sources I have the information that the country who has this flag wil be the world champion soccer for the next 4 years.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Stones unique

Don't see much written about the Rolling Stones. Somehow it seems the Beatle fan(atic)s are far more present. I like that fan(atic)s .. :-)
I understand why. They still have to let people know about their Liverpool band they adore so much.
We, the Rolling Stones adepts, stay quiet. We know what we have : the greatest r'n'roll band in the world ! We just listen to them and let the ignorant be.
From time to time we come out of the dark and present something special.
During their World Licks tour in 2003 The Rolling Stones also visited Utrecht in Holland for one of their 'private' shows.

Only a few could be present. Super security all week. Not a mouse could come in without being checked. But, but that wasn't the week before. So some equipment .... you fill in.

What a show it was. Here's a review.
Stones conquer Utrecht.
The US needed 5 years to free Europe, they needed a few months to free Iraq. But the Stones needed only two hours to achieve 19 amazing victories in Utrecht tonight! Vredenburg was ON FIRE. This was the best clubshow I've ever seen, the best sound I ever heard and the best crowd I ever witnessed. I'm still shaking and think it will last forever. And please! Don't try to cure me. Vredenburg should be closed now forever. Not any band or artist in the world should get permission to play this temple again. From now on Vredenburg is a museum, a holy church of rock 'n roll, a forever lasting monument of four saints called the Rolling Stones!!

I'm proud to offer the visitors of my simple BLog this clubshow in full stereo. Of course you cannot compare it with an official release or even a bootleg but I think this is quite good.

I've seen the show mentioned a few years ago on a Rolling Stones fan page. But that's not this recording.

They started at 22 hrs with this set list to play :
Jumping Jack Flash - Live With Me - Hand Of Fate - No Expectations - Worried About You - Saint Of Me - It's Only Rock'n Roll - Dance - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love - That's How Strong My Love Is - Going To A Go Go - Introductions - Thief In The Night (Keith) - Happy (Keith) - I Can't Turn You Loose - Can't You Hear Me Knocking - Start Me Up - Tumbling Dice - Brown Sugar - Satisfaction (encore).

I made a rip at 160Kbits and the info is in the comments.


Thursday, June 08, 2006


Shadows #4, 5 and 6

Just watched a very old music clip from the Shadows. So much fun to see again their steps forward, left, right, back over and over again. Decided to also post the other three albums. In total I hope it's a complete overview of their early hits.

You can get complete info in the AMG Music Bible.

Tracklist aso is in the comments.

Dance on and have fun !


Monday, June 05, 2006


Blog 10.000 visitors

Well, well.
At my old age starting something completely new.
Two month's ago (april fools day) I also started a BLog. Just to keep up with you/the youngsters. To learn, to write etc. I still can't handle a mobile phone (sorry son) but I was proud like a child with my first (text only) post : I entered the new world !

Of course I hoped for some vistors somehow in the future but didn't expect too much of it. It would be a lonely matter.
And look now : 10.000 visitors (when you pronounce it it is even bigger) ! Above my wildest dreams.

Of course that will not be 10.000 unique visitors. It's just a counter you see.
Humble as I am ... I guess there will be only a 100 regular BLog visitors. So I thank you all for visiting me a 100 times each (some even twice a day to make the total correct ..) !
Seriously, so far it's been fun. It looks like I've been doing something worthwhile here. Not only to me but also to you.

It calls for a celebration. What to post ? My favorite song, LP, group ? Just a picture ? Do a poll first ?

Well I like the Stones. I don't see much of them on the various BLogs. A lot of Beatles (I hardly can write that name ..) but no Stones. A few weeks ago I played at home for two days only Rolling Stones. I think their starting period is the best. The cover period, the R&B period. Let's say 'till their 5th LP or so.

One song struck me (again). From their later 1978 LP/CD Some girls from which you can see info/tracklist at AMG the song 'Far away eyes'.
'I was driving home early sunday morning through Bakersville listening to gospel music on the colored radiostation and the preacher said ..'.
A great song. Kinda country (parody). Could be a Gram Parsons song.

Here's that LP Some girls. It's only 32Mb because I did it on 112Kbits vinyl, so the advice is to buy .... Hope you (my 100 friends ...) like it.

Up to the next 10.000 !

Look in the comments.


Sunday, June 04, 2006


Dylan, Bob - XM Radio shows

As I earlier wrote (see Cassius Clay) a promise is made, a promise has to be kept.
So here are the two missing shows by Bob Dylan on XM sattelite radio shows.
Scodav & Sylans owe me some .. :-}

The last one should be #03 but in the file it's OK.

Password (if necessary) is :


Saturday, June 03, 2006


Popcorn evening again !

It's again the first saturday of the month. So at 20hrs CET Mr (mellow) Popcorn Theo Dumoulin is on air again on Laserradio with his great prg this time called Pretty Popcorn. Very nice playlist as you can see. There are also links to earlier playlist and podcasts if you want to listen to his old shows.

If you want to join us press LaserSound.

Theo starts the second hour with Arthur Alexander's - Anna.
I had a Tsjech girlfriend with that name during the 'cold war' and visited Eastern Europe almost every month. So the song has something 'special' for me...
Anna is so well known covered by a band (which name I can't pronounce because I'm a fan of good music, so the Rolling Stones ...) from Liverpool. :-)

Here's the whole LP by Arthur Alexander (scans not included in my re-upload 2007_may), a former bus chauffeur if I remember well. Theo will tell wether or not he's in the heavenly hall of fame.
I've added some covers by eg that Liverpool Band, John Lamers (from Holland) and Paul Anka (both in German !). Also two very fine versions of You better move on by The Rolling Stones and by Larry Vine from Denmark. Especially this last one is a 'must have'.
Note the mistake Delbert McClinton (harmonica) makes at 15 seconds on Bruce Chanel's version of Hey baby ! He has too stop for a second ! Never noticed ?? On their tour in the UK Delbert learned John Lennon how to play harmonica).

Mr Theo, do you consider the single version of 'You better move on' Popcorn or not ... ? :-)

See for this all the comments. There's also the usual pass to this (I think) nice LP (which, by the way, is only in 128Kbits). If you like it try to buy to original (but I think that will not be so easy !).

I very humble ask you to leave a comment when you listened (even if it is a short while) and what you think of it.
I even more like it when you place it in de 'gastenboek' on the Laser site !!

Oefffff, new way of making my post, so I hope all the links work .. !


Friday, June 02, 2006


Dylan, Bob - 2006_05_31 XM Radio

With no further comment here's Dylan's radio show #05.
I'll provide also show #02 & 03 as asked by Scodav & Sylans.
Gimmie time.

Dylan, Bob - 2006_05_31 XM Radio Show #05 - Coffee

Java Jive - The Ink Spots
One Cup of Coffee and a Cigarette - Jerry Irby
The Coffee Song - Frank Sinatra
Black Coffee in Bed - Squeeze
Cigarettes and Coffee - Otis Redding
Caffeine and Nicotine - Curtis Gordon
Cigarettes and Coffee Blues - Lefty Frizzell
Coffee Blues - Sam Lightnin' Hopkins
Keep That Coffee Hot - Scatman Crothers
Coffee Cigarettes and Tears - The Larks
Black Coffee - Bobby Darin
Raindrops In My Coffee - Sexmith and Kerr
Coffee and TV - Blur
Forty Cups of Coffee - Ella Mae Morse
Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee - Glenn Miller Orchestra (no end because running out of time ...).

No pass.


Thursday, June 01, 2006


Smith, Arthur ah Cracker Jacks

I saw somewhere an LP from the great guitarist Smith, Arthur ah Cracker Jacks.

I still have the original 78rmp 48_10_23-Smith, Arthur ah Cracker Jacks - Guitar boogie / Boomerang.

It became a huge top 5 hit in/by 59-Virtues (Frank Virtue ritme_2e solo_bas_drums James Bruno lead guitar) - Guitar boogie shuffle.

Frank also made some great records in the fifties. Look eg for Cadets, Esquire boys and Frank Virtuoso.
If there is need I'll offer you some songs. Leave a comment.

Here's the scan of my original 78rpm single. Note the info on the record 'made in Holland' !!

I have a strange habbit to smell on old books, the same goes for old records. Am I the only one ?

I always thought this one was issued in 1945 but I read this week the release info should be 48_10_23.
At the time I was too young (you could also say I am too old today ...) to remember now.
Can someone help me out ?

Here is this record (my own 78rpm is just a collector's item, I played it only once and it is bad) taken from an vinyl LP I also have.

Hope you like it when you download from this link. I imagine the sound from a CD is much much better.

Edit 2007_may.
I made a new link, so look in the comment.

Wanna see more ? Click the archive buttons in the left bar !

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