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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Tomorrow 1985 Ricky Nelson died

Tomorrow New Years Eve 1985 Ricky Nelson died. You can read a lot about him in that famous internet encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Ricky is so well know by his famous hit Hello Mary Lou, written by Gene Pitney. Other songs include Teen Age Idol, Fools Rush In and It's Up to You.
But here I want to present ya his first 2 albums. In my country it was released just later on by Imperial with the same front cover but different back sleeves.

Nelson, Ricky - Ricky 1957_10
_Imperial LP 9048

02-Boppin' The Blues
03-Be-Bop Baby
04-Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
05-Teenage Doll
06-If You Can't Rock Me
07-Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
08-Baby I'm Sorry
09-Am I Blue
10-I'm Confessin'
11-Your True Love
12-True Love

Nelson, Ricky - Ricky Nelson 1958_07 _Imperial LP 9050

01-Shirley Lee
02-Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
03-There's Good Rockin' Tonight
04-I'm Feelin' Sorry
05-Down The Line
06-Unchained Melody
07-I'm In Love Again
08-Don't Leave Me This Way
09-My Babe
10-I'll Walk Alone
11-There Goes My Baby
12-Poor Little Fool

All Music Guide review by William Ruhlmann to this second LP.
Elvis Presley's first LP was called Elvis Presley, and his second Elvis. In stark contrast, Ricky Nelson's first LP was called Ricky, and his second Ricky Nelson. Nelson remained a slavish imitator of the Sun Records rockabilly style on his sophomore long-player, but he had improved enormously in the endeavor. The production was closer to the Sun Studio sound, with the same kind of vocal echo, and in James Burton, Nelson had found the real article, a classic rock & roll guitarist with a style that was both distinctive and perfectly attuned to the essentials of the sound. But the improvement over the first album was also attributable to Nelson himself, who had become a far more involved singer. He may have been turning out carbon copies of Presley (There's Good Rockin' Tonight) and Roy Orbison (Down the Line) from Sun, as well as old favorite Fats Domino (I'm in Love Again), whose I'm Walkin' had launched his career, and even Little Walter (My Babe), but he executed these approximations with the fervor of a true believer. And he was beginning to write his own material (Don't Leave Me This Way) and introduce the writing of his band (Burton and bass player James Kirkland's There Goes My Baby). As usual, there was a complement of tricked-out pop covers from the past — the 1940 copyright Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You), the 1944 song I'll Walk Alone, the recent movie hit Unchained Melody — songs that Nelson also managed to be comfortable singing. And there was his latest (and biggest) hit, Poor Little Fool. Ricky Nelson thus marks a distinct advance over Ricky, even if was not embraced as enthusiastically as its predecessor, peaking only in the Top Ten and remaining in the charts only a couple of months.

As usual more info in the comments.

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Today 2007_dec_29 on this very moment

A 100.000 visitors/clicks since I installed this counter on 2006_june_19.
So there were even more, after all I started my Blog 2006_april_01.....
I think it's also time to reconsider the future of my humble Blog.........

Friday, December 28, 2007


TV games on Beat the Clock in the 1950's

All those TV games today are soooo stupid ! In the fifties they were quite different. Much more intelligent as you can see in this clip of three bonus games played on Beat the Clock in the 1950's with Hazel Bishop. LOL.

Them were the days, wish they could come back. Ahh, just wishful thinking... :-)

Thursday, December 27, 2007


How to take care of your records (LP sleeve)

If you take care of your vinyl records in a proper way they will last long and sound as good as a CD. In my opinion even better assuming you don't have a so-called 'music center' from the Wall-mart ... :-)

Care Of LPs, 45s And Other Vinyl Records.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2007_12_26

Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2007_12_26
01-Bobby DeWitt - Annie Mae
02-Billy Troy - Broken Marionette
03-Eddie Quinteros - Come Dance With Me
04-Leen Teens - Dream Around You
05-Jess Conrad - Every Breath I Take
06-Linda Griner - Goodbye Cruel Love
07-Tony Orlando - Halfway To Paradise
08-Archie Bleyer - Hernando's Hideaway
09-Jamie Coe - I'll Go On Lovin You
10-Cathy Carroll - I'm Available
11-Varetta Dillard - I'm Gonna Tell My Daddy
12-Conway Twitty - Lonely Blue Boy
13-Sandy Nelson - My Girl Josephine
14-Etta James - Pushover
15-Molly Bee - She's New To You
16-Johnny McRae - Such A Fool
17-Carl Mann - Till I Waltz Again With You
18-Twisters - Turn The Page
19-El Chicano - Viva Tirado
20-Timi Yuro - What's A Matter Baby

As usual personally compiled from various singles/LP's, so certainly no 'superb CD sound' and not commercially available. Just for fans... Check the comments.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Mary Christmas

Knock knock
Who's there ?
It's me, Mary
Mary who ?
Mary Christmas !

Merry Christmas to you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Popcorn Top20 Christmas 2007

A little late (it's now dec_29) but here's at last my Christmas Popcorn Top20_2007 (not completely, sort of..).

Drifters ft Clyde McPhatter & Bill Pinkney - White Christmas 1955

I uploaded this video just a week ago on Youtube to use it with this little article on my Blog but, without any notice, already over 400 people watched it. So funny.

Christmas Popcorn Top20_2007
01-Drifters ft B Pinkney & C McPhatter - White Christmas
02-Joe Dowell - A Kiss For Christmas (O Tannenbaum)
03-Dean Martin & Guss Levine Orch - A Marshmallow World
04-Darlene Love - All Alone On Christmas
05-Barry Richards - Baby Sittin` Santa
06-Platters ft Tony Williams - Blue Christmas
07-Jan Bradley - Christmas Time
08-Brenda Lee - Christmas Will Be Just Another Lonely Day
09-Toni Stante - Donde Esta Santa Claus
10-Carla Thomas - Gee Whiz, It's Christmas
11-Cashmeres - I Believe In St Nick
12-Paul Anka - I Saw Mommy Kissin' Santa Claus
13-Brook Benton - I Wish Every Day Could Be Like Christmas
14-Adam Faith - Lonely Pup In A Christmas Shop
15-Johnny Preston - New Baby For Christmas
16-Crystals - Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
17-Eartha Kitt & Henri Rene ah Orch - Santa Baby
18-Rocky Fellers - Santa Santa
19-Byron Lee & Dragonaires - Silver Bells
20-Blue Notes - Winter Wonderland

At least WE had some snow on our property. Agreed, just a tiny little bit, and it was gone fast but WE had a white Xmas !
And of course YOU already hurried up to the comments....

EDIT 2008_11
My video was removed by Youtube so I replaced it with someone else's.


Monday, December 24, 2007


Christmas is cancelled

T'was the night before Christmas - Old Santa was pissed.
He cussed out the elves and threw down his list.
Miserable little brats, ungrateful little jerks.
I have a good mind to scrap the whole works.

I've busted my ass for damn near a year.
Instead of "Thanks Santa" - what do I hear ?
The old lady bitches cause I work late at night...
The elves want more money - The reindeer all fight.

Rudolph got drunk and goosed all the maids.
Donner is pregnant and Vixen has AIDS.
And just when I thought that things would get better,
Those assholes from IRS sent me a letter.

They say I owe taxes - if that ain't damn funny.
Who the hell ever sent Santa Claus any money ?
And the kids these days - they all are the pits.
They want the impossible ... Those mean little sh*ts.

I spent a whole year making wagons and sleds,
Assembling dolls... Their arms, legs and heads,
I made a ton of yoyo's - No request for them...
They want computers and robots... they think I'm IBM.

Flying through the air...dodging the trees,
Falling down chimneys and skinning my knees.
I'm quitting this job... there's just no enjoyment.
I'll sit on my fat ass and draw unemployment.

There's no Christmas this year... now you know the reason...
I found me a blonde. I'm going SOUTH for the season!

To ensure that everyone is clear on this, I don't claim to have written this, I am merely passing it on to ya..... LOL


Yesterday 1935 Esther Phillips was born

Esther Phillips (Born Esther Mae Jones, December 23, 1935 in Galveston, Texas; died August 7, 1984 in Carson, California) was an American singer. Phillips was one of the great female R&B vocalists. She's also known as Little Esther from the Johnny Otis Show.

Here's the nice 1965'er LP And I Love him. The titlesong is considered Popcorn.
Phillips, Esther - And I Love Him_1965

01-And I Love Him
02-'Tis Autumn
04-Moonglow & Theme From Picnic
05-Out Of The Blue
07-Makin' Whoopee
08-The Girl From Ipanema
09-I Wish You Love
10-If You Love Me, Really Love Me
11-Too Soon To Know
12-Make Believe Dreams

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Trojan Jamaican reggae-ska Christmas

Although this year Christmas is cancelled due to the sudden death of Santa caused by you it still is the last sunday before Christmas, so here's my last Sunday Christmas oldies album.
I tried to vary the last 8 weeks or so as much as possible and by so this time it's a reggae/ska compilation. This time I did take 20 tracks from a great 3CD 57 songs Trojan Christmas box-set (by the way, all their box-sets are great !). I've seen it on E-Bay/Amazon for just a few bucks so if you like this you know where to buy it.

Trojan Jamaican reggae-ska Christmas
01-Granville Williams Orch - Santa Claus Is Ska-Ing To Town
02-The Ethiopians - Ding Dong Bell
03-Johnny Clarke - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
04-Peter Broggs - Twelve Days Of Christmas
05-Lee Scratch Perry & Sandra Robinson - Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
06-Alton Ellis & The Lipsticks - Merry Merry Christmas
07-Frank Cosmo - Merry Christmas
08-Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Christmas Day
09-King Stitt - Christmas Tree
10-Jacob Miller & Ray I - Silver Bells (Natty No Santa Claus)
11-Hopeton & Primo - Peace On Earth
12-Michigan & Smiley - Drummer Boy
13-The Kingstonians - Merry Christmas
14-John Holt - My Oh My
15-Jacob Miller & Ray I - Deck The Halls
16-Yellowman - Breadfruit Roasting On An Open Fire (The Christmas Song)
17-Reuben Anderson - Christmas Time Again
18-The Aggrovators - Santa Claus Dub
19-Frank Cosmo - Greetings From Beverley's
20-The Rhythm Aces - C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S (The Meaning Of Christmas)/span>

If you wanna see more of my Christmas oldies albums check my 2006_december archives. V-Rocket is a fan of Ska/reggae so you can also go V-Rocket and his 2006_december archives if you like my compilation above.
For today's album you better check the comment section below.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


News flash : Christmas is CANCELLED

Location : North Pole

There was a lot of excitement today at the North Pole.
A call to 9-1-1 was made from Santa's Workshop at approximately 10:30 a.m. An ambulance was immediately dispatched.
It seems that Santa collapsed in a fit of unknown origin and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.
The hospital spokesman reported that the doctors aren't yet certain if Santa will recover in time to save Christmas.
Later, an unnamed source shed some light on the cause of Santa's collapse...
"Everything was fine" he said..."Santa was reviewing his list, started checking it twice and started laughing and just couldn't stop. We tried everything, and finally had to call for help!"
When asked if the reason for the untamed mirth was found, the source pointed the finger right at YOU !! It seems that someone (maybe even you yourself ??) reported to Santa that you had been good this year and he just died laughing !!

Friday, December 21, 2007


I'm a millionaire : the last bunch of 'my' girls 3

I'm a millionaire and I share even more of my girls 3.

A million dollars worth of Girl Groups Vol 3
01-54-Miller Sisters - You Know I Can't Live Without You
02-61-Exquisites - Johnny
03-59-Ross, Shirley & Group - Girl in Love
04-59-Cordells - Dream Boy
05-64-Teardrops - I'm Gonna Steal Your Boyfriend
06-63-Reginas - Why Must I Love the One
07-61-Linderella & Group - I Don't Wanna Walk Without You
08-63-Ray, Sherry & Group - Say Little Star
09-62-Dielles - I'm in Love
10-63-Jean, Betty & Group - You Better Get Wise
11-64-Page, Mayalta & Group - You're So Fine
12-63-Sa_Shays - This Is My Story
13-63-Deane, Janet & Group - Another Night Alone
14-63-Four J's - Will You Be My Love
15-61-Mae, Maria & Chaperones - Till the End of Our Days
16-58-Brooktones - Cute & Collegiate
17-64-Sonnets - Forever for You
18-61-Brown, Judy & Meadowlarks - Heaven & Paradise
19-62-Venus & Group - Walkin' & Talkin'
20-62-Parkins, Barbara & Group - Unbelievable
21-62-Maria Elena & the Twilights - I Was Too Careful
22-58-Hearts - I Want Your Love Tonight
23-62-Maree, Gina & Group - Don't Leave Me Now
24-56-Shannon Sisters - Willingly
25-62-Classinettes - To the Church
26-61-Dolly & Deans - The Happiest Years
27-59-Sequins - Hold My Hand
28-62-Wadood, Arleemah & Group - Oh! Baby
29-57-Santos, Paliya de & Group - Wishing Well
30-63-Lyons, Joanie & Hitchhikers - You Lied

Don't pity on me, I'm not broke (yet) : still have
Check the comments for this last one (for you...).

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I'm a millionaire and I share more of my girls 2

I'm a millionaire and I share more of my girls........

A million dollars worth of Girl Groups Vol 2
01-53-Miller Sisters - I Love You My Own
02-62-Gleams - Give Me a Chance
03-60-Williams, Verna & Sharp Cats - Mine All Mine
04-56-Forbes, Dorothy & Group - My Love Is Just for You
05-60-Charmettes - The Deed to My Heart
06-63-Florence & Nightingales - In Your Loving Care
07-57-Batemon, June & Group - Yes I Will
08-61-Harper, Thelma & Group - Without Love
09-61-Higgins, Renee & Vontones - Bald Headed Man
10-64-Ford, Gloria & Group - Could It Be Love
11-56-Belletones - All My Love
12-61-Pearlettes - Never Be Another Boy Like You
13-58-Gibson, Ann & Group - It Hurts to Be in Love
14-56-Joan & the Hearts - Love Shall Never Return
15-62-Corlettes - How Do You Feel
16-58-Galloway, Pearl & Group - Think It Over Baby
17-63-Lindettes - My Dreams
18-59-Love, Sybil & Lovenotes - I Love You Darling
19-61-Masterettes - Never Ever
20-64-Owens, Gwen & Group - Someone to Love
21-57-Washington, Baby (Justine) & Group - Congratulations Honey
22-63-Summits - He's an Angel
23-62-Steele, Arleigh & Playgirls - Donnie
24-62-Hammond, Nita & Group - Mighty Fine
25-58-Mitlo Sisters - Let Me Tell You
26-62-Debbie & the Darnells - The Time
27-63-Lee, Ruby & Group - I'm Gonna Put a Watch on You
28-59-Bifield, Lenore & Group - Lies
29-59-Lee, Vicki & Group - With All My Heart
30-61-Sweet Hearts - My Only You

I still have some girls left...... Check the comments for these girls.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I'm a millionaire and I share some of my girls 1

I'm a millionaire and I share some of my girls........

A million dollars worth of Girl Groups Vol 1
01-63-Miller Sisters - Please Mr Disc Jockey
02-59-Baby Dolls - Is This the End ?
03-59-Uniques - Cradle Rock
04-58-Penny & Overtones - What Made You Forget
05-58-De_Vaurs - Teenager
06-58-Dew_Drops - He Was Out With a Lady
07-61-Petites - The Beating of My Heart
08-61-Allen, Mimi & Group - Do You Miss Me
09-58-Edwards Sisters - Don't Make Me Cry Again
10-60-Sandettes - Without You
11-60-Duchesses - Every Boy in Town
12-63-Terri & Velveteens - I'm Waiting
13-62-Camille & Creations - Hey Baby
14-64-Shondelles - Why Do Fools Fall in Love
15-58-Marlettes - Just the Way You Are
16-63-Allisons - Ling Ting Tong
17-60-Velveteens - Please Holy Father
18-58-Gingersnaps - Bald Headed Papa
19-62-Margaret & Charmettes - Donnie
20-59-Deb_Teens - Drip, Drop
21-59-Taylortops - I'll See You Somewhere
22-58-Maye, Hartsy & Group - As the Years Go By
23-63-Cheryll Ann & Group - Here Comes Another Teardrop
24-57-Sweet Marquees - I Love My Baby
25-62-Cannon Sisters - Johnny
26-62-Joy, Barbara & Group - Do This Do That
27-62-Contessas - You're a Hard Guy to Please
28-61-Marie, Elena & Group - Soldier Boy
29-62-Ellen, Mary & Rainbows - This Love of Mine
30-63-Levettes - I'll Try Again

I offered this elsewhere last year and now you can benefit too. Check the comments.

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Today 1938 Chas Chandler was born

Today 1938 Bryan James "Chas" Chandler was born in the Heaton district of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.
He began his career playing bass guitar in a trio with Alan Price. After vocalist Eric Burdon, joined them, the group was renamed The Animals and became one of the most successful R&B bands of the 1960s. Chandler's most famous bass lines are the opening foundation riffs of their 1965 hits We Gotta Get Out of This Place and It's My Life. Chandler was also the most prominent of the group's backing vocalists and did occasional songwriting with Burdon.
After the group split up in late 1966, Chandler reinvented himself, becoming manager of Jimi Hendrix and recruiting other musicians to form The Jimi Hendrix Experience. He also produced their first two albums.
Chas Chandler died of a heart condition in Newcastle in 1996_july_17, days after performing his final solo show.

You know me by now. An all-time greatest hits album you already will have ? O no... This reunion album (in my opinion back to their 'bluesy' roots) is the one !!
Animals - Before we were so rudely interupted 1977_08

01-Brother Bill (last clean shirt)
02-Its all over now baby blue
03-Fire in the sun
04-As the crow files
05-Please send me someone to love
06-Many rivers to cross
07-Just a little bit
08-Riverside county
09-Lonely Avenue
10-The fool

Cut 11 years after the Animals' original lineup recorded their last LP and six years before their more well-remembered reunion tour, this oft-overlooked album is just short of a lost classic; it lacks the intensity of their 1983 studio effort, Ark, but it is more substantial musically than that album and fits in very neatly with their preceding work, as though they'd scarcely skipped a beat. Recorded under the auspices of the late Chas Chandler's Barn Productions, the album was highlighted by a dramatically bluesy rendition of It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, boasting superb playing by Alan Price. Hilton Valentine's soaring guitar pyrotechnics light up Fire on the Sun, perhaps the flashiest performance of his career for this most introspective of '60s British blues axemen, and As the Crow Flies has the group returning to its roots, as a dark, brooding rendition of the Jimmy Reed song that gives room for Chandler, Valentine, Price, and John Steel to show off their '60s-era blues chops in a more expansive form. After a promising start, the gospel number Many Rivers to Cross falls apart a bit, but Just a Little Bit, with its rippling organ break, the group original Riverside County, and the pounding finale, The Fool, make the rest of side two eminently enjoyable, although, coming out in the midst of the punk and disco booms, the LP never had a chance to be heard by more than the most dedicated fans (like me).

I think enough reason to go on further in the comment section.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Today 1936 Tommy Steele was born

Today 1936_december_17 Tommy Steele was born as Thomas Hicks in Bermondsey, London, England. His biography and discography can be found at, or Tommy Steele International fanclub.
Tommy Steele was undoubtedly Britain's first great Rock and Roll idol. He didn't stay just a singer but developed himself into a complete artist. He made movies and performed in various theater plays. Even in 2005 he played 'Scrooge' at the London Palladium.

Here's his 1957 stage performance of Teenage party.

On behalf of his birthday I present ya here a compilation of studio recordings and live performances. Note, I didn't include songs from his theater shows.
Steele, Tommy - Greatest Hits_Rock with the caveman
01-Rock With The Caveman
02-Singing The Blues
04-Water Water
06-Happy Guitar
07-Hit Records
08-Little White Bull
09-What A Mouth
10-Giddy Up A Ding-Dong
13-Time To Kill
14-Teenage Party
15-Two Eyes
16-Wedding Blues
17-Will It Be You
18-On The Move
19-Treasure Of Love
20-Flash, Bang, Wallop

Link to my compilation in the comment section.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


A million dollars worth of Christmas doo-wop

A million dollars worth of Christmas doo-wop is an album that goes along with the two great serie's A million dollars worth of.....

A million dollars worth of Christmas doo-wop
01-Cameos - Merry Christmas
02-Cool Breezers - Let Christmas Ring
03-Enchanters - Mambo Santa Mambo
04-La Fets - A Christmas Letter
05-Voices - Santa Claus Baby
06-Robins - Have A Merry Xmas
07-Youngsters - Christmas In Jail
08-Marvin & The Chirps - I'll Miss You This Xmas
09-Hepsters - Rockin' & Rollin' With Santa Claus
10-Channaclairs - Yuletide Love
11-Golden Gate Quartet - Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer
12-Dipper's Quintet - It's Almost Christmas
13-Beale Street Boys - Next Christmas
14-Sabers - A Cool, Cool Christmas
15-Ebonaires - Love For Christmas
16-Rhythm Kings - Xmas Is Coming At Last
17-Golden Gate Quartet - Silent Night
18-Bill Lacey & Group - Cowboy Santa Claus
19-Voices - Santa Claus Boogie
20-Golden Gate Quartet - White Christmas
21-Velvet Sounds - Sing A Song Of Xmas Cheer
22-C Quents - All I Want For Christmas Is You
23-Kenny Williams & Group - An Old Fashion Christmas
24-Motivations - The Christmas Spirit
25-Playboys - The Night Before Christmas
26-Creators - I'll Stay Home New Year's Eve
27-Cameos - New Year's Eve

If you checked this tracklist well you'll check the comments...

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Popcorn party tonight : Back To The Roots

Tonight's Popcornparty in Scaldiana :
Back To The Roots, It Started in '68 Part II
With dj Gilbert Govaert : The Groove (Oostende) & Popcorn (Vrasene), dj Gerry Popcorn Franken : Popcorn (Vrasene) and with his brother Luc 'founder' of the word and musicgenre Popcornoldies, dj Jeff Callebaut : Champou (Wichelen) & Popcorn (Vrasene), dj Andre Seymus : Kings Pub (Tielrode) and dj Hugo : Popcorn (Vrasene). Also with Veejay Benji who shows some exclusive video's.

Take a look at to get more info.



Today 1921 Alan Freed was born

Alan Freed, born 1921_december_15, and also known as Moondog, was an American disc-jockey (DJ) who became internationally known for promoting African-American Rhythm and Blues (R&B) music on the radio in the United States and Europe under the name of Rock and Roll. Many of the top African American performers of the first generation of rock and roll (such as Little Richard and Chuck Berry) salute Alan Freed for his pioneering attitude in breaking down racial barriers among the youth of 1950s America.
The biggest payola story that hit the broadcasting industry (in the early 1960s) was attached to the biggest name in rock 'n' roll in the late 50s : Alan Freed. The powerhouse DJ who may have been half-inventor of the very term rock and roll was dragged before Washington politicians who had developed a fond interest in encouraging the "race music fad" to come to a close.
Freed was trading spins for cash. Here's some dough, Alan, make sure my record gets noticed. A lot like the Hutchinson Family Singers. Freed argued the honorariums he received were tokens of appreciation or consulting fees. He also claimed he earned those occasional songwriting credits that would pop up on records now and again, too. No one believed him.
His career was destroyed and he eventually died 1965_january_20.

Testament Of Rock'n'roll - Alan Freed's Moon Dog Show
01-Bill Haley ah Comets - Rock Around The Clock
02-The Treniers - Good Rockin' Tonight
03-The Treniers - Go! Go! Go!
04-Frankie Lymon & Teenagers - Why Do Fools Fall In Love
05-Frankie Lymon & Teenagers - I Promise To Remember
06-Bill Haley ah Comets - Rip It Up
07-Gloria Mann - Teenage Prayer
08-Gloria Mann - Razzle Dazzle
09-The Cadillacs - Speedo
10-The Cadillacs - Woe Is Me
11-Jimmy Cavello & House Rockers - Rock Rock Rock
12-Jimmy Cavello & House Rockers - The Groovy Thing

13-The Penguins - Earth Angel
14-The Penguins - Ice
15-Bill Haley ah Comets - Hot Dog Buddy Buddy
16-Sam 'the Man' Taylor - Blue Suede Shoes
17-Joe Williams - All Right, OK, You Win
18-The Platters - (You've Got) The Magic Touch
19-The Platters - My Prayer
20-Mabel King - Alabama Rock And Roll
21-Mabel King - Second Hand Love
22-The Treniers - Rocking Is Our Business
23-Johnny Burnette Trio - Tear It Up
24-Johnny Burnette Trio - Oh Baby Babe
25-Bill Haley ah Comets - The Saint's Rock And Roll

But folks, this album is not all. I added an 1957 interview by Alan Freed with Buddy Holly.

And last but not least is here also just a little piece of one of the great Rock'n'Roll shows that Freed produced in the 50's, a chunk from the 1957_november Brunswick Rock'n'Roll Show. A 15 minute piece of history on which you can hear Terry Nolan, Buddy Holly, Jackie Wilson (see picture on the left) and others.

All together about 90 minutes history for ya when you go to the comments and do what ya wanna do ! You'll understand the download file is this time quite big...

Friday, December 14, 2007


Today 1932 Charlie Rich was born

Today 1932 Charlie Rich was born in Colt, Arkansas, USA and he died 1995_07_25. If you don't believe me check Wikipedia.

He is perhaps best remembered for a pair of 1973 hits, Behind Closed Doors and The Most Beautiful Girl but I'm more into his earlier recordings. If you're not so familiar with his early music you now can meet thát side of Charlie Rich.
He's one of the most soulful performers of countrypolitan yesteryear, and one of the most overlooked old-timers in the country canon. Working his way up as a second-stringer in the roster of Sam Phillips' Sun label, Charlie Rich developed an incredible blend of jazzy whiteboy pop and hauntingly bluesy soul. He's sort of a weird morph of Ray Charles and Jerry Lee Lewis, but with more genuine emotional impact than either of his piano-plunkin' brethren. At the peak of his fame, Rich was known as the Silver Fox and won the Performer of the Year award in 1974, riding high on a series of lavish countrypolitan hits that helped define the genre. No small irony, though, that the next year he refused to announce the winner's name (John Denver), because he was horrified at country music's decline into mere defanged, de-twanged pop... a situation he did as much to bring about as anyone else. Still, Charlie Rich is about as cool as they come...

If you don't know his early (SUN) years here are a few songs to get you started.
Rich, Charlie - JeanDupree Compilation _58_62
01-Whirlwind (Undubbed Version)
02-Philadelphia Baby
03-Stop Fakin' Your Love (Alt.)
04-Lonely Weekends (Master)
05-Baby I Need You
06-On My Knees
07-There Won't Be Anymore
08-Who Will The Next Fool Be
09-It's Too Late (Undubbed)
10-My Baby Done Left Me
11-Midnight Blues
12-Easy Money
14-What's My Name
15-The Ways Of A Woman In Love
16-Break Up
17-Blue Suede Shoes
18-Popcorn Polly
19-Sittin' And Thinkin'
20-Right Behind You Baby
21-Turn Around And Face Me

The above picture shows Charlie and his wife Margaret Ann who did so much for him/his career (especially in them Sam Phillips SUN years...).

By this compilation you can learn a little bit about his style in them years. You will notice the resemblance with Jerry Lee Lewis. Total playlist 45 minutes.
As a special bonus I added the Popcorn song Turn around and face me.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Rockabilly Top20 2007_12_13

No special events today. No interesting birthdays or sad deaths. So I prepared an article about how to take care of your vinyl records but I was listening and recording last night some fine Rockabilly compilation albums. I'll keep that article for the future and instead here's my first Rockabilly top20. Well, not actually a top20, even a top40..... : over 90 minutes listening pleasure !
Please note, this is not an available CD, just a compilation from various sources !

Jean's Rockabilly Top40 2007_12_13
01-Buddy Sharpe & Shakers - Bald Headed Baby
02-Big Sandy ah Fly Rite Boys - Barnyard beatnik
03-Bobby Roberts - Big Sandy
04-Joe Hall & Corvettes - Bongo Beatin Beatnik
05-Rosie Flores - Bop Street
06-Kim Lenz ah Jaguars - Devil On My Shoulder
07-Jimmie Davis - Cherokee Boogie
08-Joyce Poynter - Chilli Dippin' Baby
09-Joe Montgomery - Cool Cat
10-Jimmy Boyd - Crazy Mixed Up Blues
11-Gene Simmons - Crazy Woman
12-Kim Lenz ah Jaguars - Dang Good Stuff
13-Elmore James & His Broom Dusters - Cant Stop Lovin You
14-Janis Martin - Drugstore Rock
15-Barbara Pittman - Everlasting Love
16-Jack Scott - Good Deal Lucille
17-Glen Goza & Damangos - Goshmody Whatabody
18-Davis Sisters - Gotta Git A_Goin
19-Hank Penny - Hadacillin Boogie
20-Tillman Franks - Hi Tone Poppa
21-Larry Down - Honey Bunn
22-Orville Fox - Honey, You Talk Too Much
23-Wanda Jackson - Hot Dog That Made Him Mad
24-Sonny Burgess - Itchy
25-Carl Perkins - Just Coastin'
26-Johnny Cash - Luther Played The Boogie
27-Jimmy Wages - Mad Man
28-Jerry Lee Lewis - Milkshake Mademoiselle
29-Elvis Presley - Mystery Train
30-Rusty Howard - No Help Wanted
31-Carl Perkins - Put Your Cat Clothes On
32-Maggie Sue Wimberly - Rock'n'Roll Simmon Tree
33-Wanda Jackson - Rock Your Baby
34-Davis Sisters - Rock A Bye Boogie
35-Johnny Burnette Trio - Rockabilly Boogie
36-John Hampton - Shadow Blues
37-Johnny Burnette Trio - Tear It Up
38-Charlie Feathers - That Certain Female
39-Elvis Presley - That's All Right
40-Johnny Burnette Trio - Train Kept a Rollin
41-Charlie Feathers - Wild Wild Party
42-Terry Daly & Nu-Tones - You Don`t Bug Me

Great names and songs don't you agree ? Sorry to admit some have a little crackle noise. In my opinion it gives a more authentic feeling so kept it.
Lemmie know what you think of this compilation (which is of course a little bit bigger than usual...) in the comment section.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Today 1938 Connie Francis was born

Today 1938 Connie Francis was born Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero in the Italian Down Neck, or Ironbound, neighborhood of Newark, New Jersey. She's an American pop singer best known for international hit songs such as Who's sorry now ?, Where the boys are and Everybody's somebody's fool. She is known to have one of the most distinctive voices in the history of pop music.
Again, Wikipedia is the best start to get more info about her. But of course you could also do a Google search.
Connie Francis had her ups and downs, to say it nicely, but she always managed to overcome the problems which came on her way. I really do admire her for that.

I have to admit in them years I wasn't really a fan of Connie Francis but that changed over the years.
So I sadly have just a few of her normal albums and some compilation cd's.
The German Bear Family issued the nice Francis, Connie & Hank Williams Jr - Sing favorite country album (don't know if it's still available). Bear Family also issued in 1993 Francis, Connie - White sox, pink lipstick.. and stupid cupid, a great 5 cd-box set. I have this box and it's in my opinion worth much more than the 95euro Bear Family charges.
And luckily this bargon is still available for ya !! So buy it !!

On 2007_august_27 I offered ya her Love'n'country album.
On behalf of her birthday I do present ya Francis, Connie - Heartaches by the number 'cause she's had enough heartaches, one way or the other....
This is 45 minutes easy listening pleasure in superb stereo sound !!!
01-Bye Bye Love
02-I Fall to Pieces
03-I Don't Wanna Play House
04-Oh Lonesome Me
05-I Can't Stop Loving You
06-Heartaches By The Number
07-Your Cheatin' Heart
08-Singing the Blues
09-I Walk The Line
10-Tennessee Waltz
11-Cold, Cold Heart
12-I Really Don't Want To Know
13-I'm A Fool to Care
14-Half As Much
15-Room Full Of Roses
16-I Don't Hurt Anymore
17-How's The World Treating You ?
18-Peace In the Valley

You can get heartaches all the time and everywhere but also in my comments....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Today 1964 Sam Cooke died

Today 1964 Sam Cooke died. You can read all (well, not all, because there are still today several versions of what happened) about his deatch in Wikipedia.

On 22 january I wrote an article about Sam Cooke (he was born that day 1931) and I noticed this page is one of the 'best read' pages (because of the offered gospel songs ??).

Here I present you (again) that superb 1964 BBC appearance in which Cassius Clay & Sam Cooke perform 'a capella' The gang's all here.

If you wanna know what this song is all about go to my 27 may 2006 article : Ali ah Gang & Bad habits and the lessons (the link !).

My todays offer is Cooke, Sam - Hits of Sam Cooke.
Included is the Popcorn song Cupid. When I first heard it I found the sound ssshhhh strange. Just later on I understood it was the sound of (Cupid's) arrow..... Lol.
01-You Send Me
02-Only Sixteen
03-Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha
04-(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
05-(What A) Wonderful World
07-Chain Gang
09-Twistin' The Night Away
10-Sad Mood
11-Having A Party
12-Bring It On Home To Me
13-Win Your Love For Me
14-You Were Made For Me
15-Nothing Can Change This Love

Click below to go to the comments.

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Monday, December 10, 2007


Today 1999 Rick Danko (The Band) died

Today 1999 Rick Danko died. Rick played in the famous Canadian band The Band.

Band - Moondog Matinee 1973_10_15 Extended edition
01-Ain't Got No Home
02-Holy Cow
03-Share Your Love
04-Mystery Train
05-Third Man Theme
06-Promised Land
07-The Great Pretender
08-I'm Ready
10-A Change Is Gonna Come
11-Didn't It Rain (Outtake)
12-Crying Heart Blues (Outtake)
13-Shakin' (Outtake)
14-What Am I Living For (Outtake)
15-Going Back to Memphis (Outtake)
16-Endless Highway (Studio Version)

More info at the definitive Band resource and Rick Danko biography or the comments over here.

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