Sunday, July 30, 2006


Leo Kottke - 6 and 12 string guitar

I was yesterday in a not so good mood. Played some quite records.
Amongst them a great instrumental called 6 and 12 string guitar.
I especially like Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. It's wonderful if you hear it in a real classical way with a church organ but this is also great.

I dedicate this to a German friend.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Linda Ronstadt 60 years : happy birthday

Today Linda Ronstadt has her birthday. She's 60 now !!
Happy birthday Linda.
So played today (also) her Living in the USA.

See info in the comment.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Such a great player ..

So stupid ....

The fighting match Holland - Portugal and this will be remembered most from this worldchampionship.
At the whole we had fun again.


Funicello, Annette - Jamaica ska

Had this posting prepared when I saw all my links were deleted. So I just saved it without posting.
Showed my son yesterday and told him of the deleted links.
He said to me to post it anyway : never mind the links. It is a nice piece of my home work. I was proud (have to agree).
So here it is.

I believe Annette is outside the USA not well known.
So it's time to introduce her because she made some great records (mostly with her Afterbeats).
Some nice examples are Pineapple Princess, O Dio Mio, Luau Cha-Cha-Cha, Tall Paul (dedicated to Paul Anka), The Monkey's Uncle (with the Beach Boys as backing group ..) and Jamaica ska.

Not many people can ChaChaCha. Not everybody can do the Twist.
But everybody can do the Ska. It's the new dance you can't resist.

Isn't this a great 1964'er clip ?

So Annette (or Annette Funnicello).
Read her biography in the Music bible.

I made a compilation (including this irrisistable Jamaica ska) so you can join in with us.

If you like it you can get the full box at i.e. here.

See for the songs I have chosen and the pass the first comment.

EDIT 2007_09_01
I repaired al the missing links untill now. Please help me and report if I missed one. Thanks !.

Sunday, July 09, 2006



Got last year from my children a new PC. They also provided internet connection. Dad, it's the future (for them a long one I hope, for me less I must assume).

So I discovered a new world.
I started this BLog beginning of april because I wanted, at my old age, learn more about that internet and Blogging seemed an interesting way to even participate.

I could write about collecting stamps or gardening but music seemed far more suitable. It's a hobby for a lot of people as well as mine. Since a lot of years I digitalized my vinyl. I learned about computers, programs, it served a certain purpose and I'm off the street ..
I wrote about it once or twice a week. Provided some various music (in low bitrate) which is 'out of print' or not easy available in the store. But if so, far more better to listen to.

As time went by I tried to make the BLog look nicer (as I said I wanted to learn and like to try things out). Made the page nicer. Added pictures. Made links. Installed a counter (I'm still a child ..). Made clickable links. Made links to news agency's. Made direct links to radio stations.
Had 'in stock' the wheather report and a video fragment ....
Just showed today that last one very proud to my son. Daddy, daddy ... and he smiled (as he did the other times). Isn't that great for a father ?

But I also showed him what has happened. That wasn't so great.

As my visitors of the last 2 days will have noticed all my links have been deleted.
Also file with a few songs nowhere to get which I placed just to put attention to a radio prg I like.
Looking at all the new (!!) stuff I see everywhere I really don't understand this behaviour of deleting. Must be sad person(s) with a wrong priority.
But it's a fact at the moment.

I will try to let my dementing brain work what to do.
Maybe I can/will place my childrens new cd's of Britney Spears, rapper XYZ, Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, Alicia Keys, Jack Johnson or trance music.
Suggestions ?

Thanks for reading.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Emmylou Harris again

Listened today on my work (it was way too hot to really work) to some beautiful Buddy Holly songs from my about 100 vinyl one's.
One did strike me again : Learning the game. Such a great song.

Came home and played 2 LP's (of course digitalized already some years ago).
One by Harry Nilsson and one by Emmylou Harris.
Emmylou's 1980 LP Roses in the Snow is so interesting.
On it is a wonderful song by Charles & Ira Louvin : You're Learning. Really thrills me.

I placed the necessary 'needle' in the comment ..... You don't need it when you want to listen to your own CD but for my vinyl it is !

If you like it as much as I do you can buy it at various places.

And please, please don't forget her new great Duet CD made with Mark Knopfler 'All the roadrunning' which is available everywhere !


Saturday, July 01, 2006


Look At My Popcorn

At the moment of this writing it is only one day (or 24 hours, or 1440 minutes) to go to the next Popcorn show by Theo Dumoulin on Laser Radio.
You can count with us Popcornlovers using the counter on the left untill zero.

Again it's a great Look At My Popcorn playlist, don't you agree ?

When I want to listen to music sec I take an LP or CD and listen. When I want to be enjoyed listening to music I choose a radio show like Theo makes. Songs/info/filler's/chat make's it always two very nice hours. Ron had a comment about Theo sometimes talking through the beginning/ending of a song. I don't mind, otherwise I could put that vinyl on the turntable. As Raoul answered a lot of these songs are collector's items worth quite a few euro's/dollars, so that's another reason not to give away the complete songs.

As always there will be some songs who didn't have airplay untill now.
Here I present 5 songs of the show. I think the first 2 belong to that category.
1_Fabulous Five Flames - Lonely lover
2_Gregory, Ian - Time Will Tell (for this one search Jo Meek, the famous UK producer)
3_Radcliffe, Jimmy - (There Goes) the Forgotten Man
4_Smoothies - Softly
5_Velvets - Let the fool kiss you (but don't let the kiss fool you)_nice one Jacques .. :-)

The info can be found in the comment as usual.

Saturday you can JOIN us at 20 hrs CET to have some wonderful oldies to listen to.


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