Saturday, April 29, 2006


Past, present, future ...... part 2 Dylan, Bob - First XM Radio Show 2006_05_03

Second the future.

Here's Bob Dylan's first radio show for XM radio. It isn't scheduled to air until May 3rd 2006. Be one of the first to hear it !

Almost only songs from the fifties by :
Muddy Waters - Jimmie Davis - Joe Jones - Dean Martin - Prisonaires - Consolers - Jimi Hendrix - Judy Garland - Irma Thomas - Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Slim Harpo - Lord Beginner - Fats Domino - Spaniels - Stevie Wonder - Frank Sinatra - Staples Singers - Carter Family.

Hey Bob Zimmerman is in shape !
And this man becomes 65 years next month and still will not retire according to his tour schedule !

The playlist and link is in the comments.



Past, present, future ...... part 3 It's Popcorn time tonight !

Last part (and not the least !) of this radio serie is the present.
Is this Popcorn on the left ? Seems so. Is this Popcorn on the right ? No.
On the right is MISTER Popcorn Theo Dumoulin and his beautiful side-kick Brigitte !

In two hours from this posting (20 hrs CET) they will present another great Popcorn show on Laser radio. To join click the button Laser on the left of this BLog. At the site of Laser radio click on top 'luister' en you will have two wonderful hours of oldies. The majority of songs will be unknown (to you) and some of them will even have never been played on radio !
I assure you, when you love real oldies, you will have a very good time !
And if you like the show you can also click on my left button 'Popcornoldies'. A Belgium site give you a lot of info and is a very very good starting point.

The title of the show is I MIGHT like Popcorn.
After you've listened you WILL like Popcorn !
The playlist is in the comments.

In a few days I will give a link to some songs. Don't have the time anymore.



Past, present, future ...... part 1 Everly Brothers profile on BBC radio 2

I don't like TV, I like radio.

This is a three part radio posting.

First the past.

As the Everly Brothers celebrate fifty years in the business, Bob Harris told the story of the greatest brother duet of all time as an 3 part profile on BBC radio 2.
As well as some of the greatest pop songs ever recorded, there are Don and Phil's parents who fostered their early career, Wesley Rose (their first manager), songwriters Felice and Boudleaux Bryant, producer Chet Atkins, Albert Lee, John D Loudermilk and of course the Everly's themselves.
The last broadcast was yesterday. So here I can offer you 90 minutes Everly history.

The link is in the comments.


Thursday, April 27, 2006


63-Clay, Cassius - The greatest

A promise is made, a promise has to be kept.
Especially with this guy. He kept his promises : 'in round three ....'.
The wonderfull Cassius Clay. The man who did so many good projects for eg non educated children (I have his album from 1976 teaching children not to eat too much sweeties and why/how to clean their teeth).
Don't recall Cassius winning the Olympic boxing championship. Was it in 1962 in Rome ?
But then his big mouth spread the world. He was so different from the other world boxing heavy weight champions.
High trees catch a lot of wind. Of course a lot of people were against him. But to me he was the one who made boxing popular all over the world by his behaviour. I'm a king bee and stick when I want. I'm the greatest. He predicted when he would knock down his next opponent.
Remember so well his fight against Sonny Liston, the 'bear'. He would lose everyone knew. Sonny Liston would be unbeatable for years. But within a minute it was over. See the above picture : Cassius was the greatest, indeed. And for many, many years.

Next saturday I will listen again to a radioshow called 'Popcorn'. When you click on the radio button left on my BLog you will come on the homepage of Laserradio. There you click on 'luister' on top (left). I hope you all join us at 20 hrs GMT for a 2 hour show.

What's to expect ? Very nice music, mostly end 50 begin 60, danceable, certain latin sound, not known (mostly b-sides). Theo Dumoulin tells a lot of background info to each song/artist.
Here are some tracks from the playlist (do you know any ?).
21 Harper, Toni - Heavenly love
22 McKenzie, Scott - Look in your eyes
23 Denton, Mickey - Now you can't give them away
24 Celentano, Adriano - E voi ballate
25 Sinatra, Nancy - Think of me
26 Doren, Mamie van - Nobody but you
27 Turner, Dennis - My lady love
28 Adams, Bobby - Save these teardrops
29 Butler, Jerry - He will break your heart
30 Dee, Jackie - Strolypso dance
31 Clay, Cassius - Stand by me
The last one does it.
I promised DJ 'master Theo Dumoulin' (BTW he became #5 in a DJ poll in the Netherlands some weeks ago) a long time ago I would offer an album called '63-Clay, Cassius - The greatest' from which this single (known by Ben E King of course) is taken. Cassius isn't a bad singer at all !
Beware, this isn't a music album ! But when you can remember those days when we listened to his 'big mouth' and stayed up all night to watch his great fights you will be very pleased with this one, I assure you.

The link, the tracklist and the password is in the comments.
EDIT !!!!!
Summertime/wintertime & GMT/CET are giving problems to this old man.
The broadcast saturday on Laser radio is at 20hrs CET and because of summertime that's 18hrs GMT !!!!!
EDIT !!!!!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Delaney & Bonnie & friends - Motel shot 1971

Today there was a little misunderstanding. But as grown-ups we settled and we'll stick with the music. So this one is for Athos !

Almost 6 years ago I started recording and digitalizing my LP's. Why I did this one only three years ago I can't remember. Delaney & Bonnie belong to my fav's. Made some superb albums. I'm now wondering how much of their stuff is available on CD.

This Motel shot contains one of their huge hits 'Never ending song of love'.
I suppose Motel shot is only the working title : the way they were making fun/jamming in motel rooms.
To me it's almost impossible this is just a kind of 'bootleg', it must be a normal studio recording listening to this good sound.
I'm in that motel room enjoying myself at the moment. I put the tracklist and a link in the comments if you want to join.


Friday, April 21, 2006


Nilsson, Harry - Son of Dracula _Soundtrack 1974_04

When I posted Harry Nilsson The point 'Anonymus' asked for some more HN.

It would be easy just to repost a link of one of the many CD albums that go around.
But I didn't came across this one 'till now.

Here's my own vinyl rip of this album. It's 40MB - 160kbits from vinyl.
Tracklist :
01-It is he who will be King
03-At my front door
04-Count Down meets Merlin and Amber
05-The moonbeam song
06-Perhaps this is all a dream
07-Remember Christmas
08-Intro & Without you
09-The Count's vulerability
11-Frankenstein, Merlin & the operation
12-Jump into the fire
13-The abduction of Count Down
14-The end (Moonbeam)
The link is again in the comments.


Gram Parsons just joined The Byrds

In 1968 GP (nót Gene Pitney ....) joined the Byrds.
Since I heard about the connection between Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris I was interested in both.

Emmy is one of my fave female singers. I also followed Gram/Byrds and all the other country guys at the time.

HansZun had lately a lot of Byrds. Bút, bút he didn't had this one. Hé had very nice songs in quite good quality but I have I think a very rare (at least I couldn't find it elsewhere) Pop concert in Rome 1968 may.

It's only 15 minutes, five songs in not so good quality (although the bitrate is 160, my source isn't so good). But I hope this is a collector's item.

Tracklist :
You dont miss your water - Hickory wind - Mister spaceman - Feel a whole lot better - Chimes of freedom.

The link is in the comments.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Tielman Brothers

I shared with you The Blue Diamonds (Ruud & Riem de Wolff of which Ruud died tragically from cancer some years ago ; my assistance knew him so well) as an example of the Dutch Indo music.
On his BLog Ceasartjalbo pointed to this posting.

I'm glad now I can point to him. Ceasar has posted a wonderful 3 CD box of the Tielman Brothers.
Another example of the Dutch Indo rock !

On this picture (from Ceasar !) you see Riem de Wolff (Blue Diamonds), Andy Tielman & George Baker (real name George Bouwens, worldfamous because Una Paloma Blanca etc).

So go to and enjoy some Indo rock !

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Hess, Troy - Don't go topless mother

I know this one a long time but heard it 'walking' through my files today again.
It's just something like my first post. Dirty, but somekind a funny.

It sounds like end 50's but it's maybe end 60's or even later.
Does someone has an answer ?

My next post will be end this week (I have to work ...).
Will be either Harry Nilsson or GP (not Gene Pitney but Gram Parsons ....)

Edit 2007_04_06.
The old link has expired. I decided to re-upload this again.
But note, this time I added DreamTime Podcast episode 29_Info behind Troy Hess.
Dreamtime is so well know by Bob Dylan's radio shows on XM radio, so this is really worth to listen to.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Champs - The early years (a & b sides)

Last saturday GMT 21-01 hours I was listening to an internet radiostation called VRockitRadio.I heard very nice oldies.

There was a request for a certain 'Jos' (he was 'chatting' there ; have to find out how I can join next time) : 61-Champs - Cantina.
I think I 'know' the guy. He's just like me (and a lot of other people) much more interested in the b-side's which are mostly more interesting than the well known a-side's.

As a kind of Eastern gift here's for him (and you !) the complete Champs Early singles collection. Bought this CD almost 9 years ago and it never bores me when playing.
Have to confess it was already some time ago but Jos' request was a good reason to take it out of my archives. Hope you will do the same.
For those who don't have this CD I've put a link and the tracklist in the comments so you can get to know them. The scans of the booklet is also included in the file.
If you like it buy the CD, it's much more better quality than I offer.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


My first LP

The first album I did buy (1957 or so) was a cheap classical album with Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik and on the back Bach's Brandenburg's Concert #03. It was a gift for my mother.
Later on I discovered why it was so cheap. Bach's Concert didn't have violins. So instead of very lively it sounded dark (hope you understand my English). Sometimes when I'm in a bad mood I still play that record.

Round 57-58 I was going to the outdoor swimming pool and heard there for the first time US r'n'roll/rockabilly/ballads etc. Quite different from what we heard from our parents. Immediately the Everly's got me. Such a nice harmony. Such a nice text's (mostly by Beaudlieux/Bryant I learned later on).
So the second album was a one only released here in Holland somewhere end 50's. A 10 inch The Everly Brothers - It's Everly Time.
Too costly to play nowadays so I enjoy the Cadence period on a cd.



Byrds - Preflyte sessions

I'm a beginner but a month ago when I was a complete 'newbie' there was a man called HansZun who was posting a lot of Byrds.
He was so very kind to let me participate with the above Byrds title.
I never thought there would be so many people who would listen to this.

I post the links here again in the comment section (the track list as well and this time also the booklet).
Each one is 50MB Bitrate 160.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Excuse me with Booker T & MG's !

I'm just a beginner with no beginner's luck.
Just found out that I have to approve your comments before they appear.
So just did that.

To make it up to you I post an LP from Booker T. Their interpretation of The Beatles :
Booker T & MG's - McLemore Avenue.

The link and the tracklist are in the comments.



Blue Diamonds

When Indonesia declared itself independant in 1949 Ruud (6 yrs) and Riem (8 yrs) de Wolff came from Indonesia to the Netherlands.
A lot of those Indie's played very good guitar and so we got in Holland the 'Indo rock' style.
These boys make music on school party's and are very succesful covering The Everly Brothers.
Who are they ? In 1960 they became worldwide famous with their classic Ramona which sold over 7 million copies.
So for you all here are The Blue Diamonds.
The tracks (the link and the list are in the comments !) are from an LP. I added some more songs in English as well in German.
So some are duplicates but I wanted some cracky single's be a part of this personal (not complete !) compilation.

EDIT 2008_august_15
Check the comments about the year of independence of Indonesia.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Peter, Paul & Mary in concert 1962

I always liked Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey & Mary Travers.
Nice harmony vocals, very pleasant to listen to.
Someone is looking for them and I'll try to be of help. Of the 15 LP's I have I will post here their live appeance from 1962.
So this is (also) a vinyl rip from a 2LP and it gives you almost 1 1/2 hours of great music/entertainment pleasure.
Hope she likes it. And you of course.

The tracklist & link is in the comments.

EDIT 2007_06_20
See the comments.
Click the pictures for a better view of this great Rhino DVD 'Carry it on' about Peter, Paul and Mary.

EDIT 2008_08_14
Alan is so right when he said in the comments this 2LP is from 1964 instead of 1962 !!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Gene Pitney

After GP died I see everywhere on the net only various compilation LP's with the obvious songs.
Here's my tribute to Gene Pitney.

Pitney, Gene - Every breath I take
Pitney, Gene - If I didn't have a dime (to play the jukebox)
Pitney, Gene - Follow the sun (thanks to Raoul)


Friday, April 07, 2006


Emmylou Harris, that fragile woman.

Emmylou Harris is one of my favorite singers. Interesting to know how she 'dealt' with the 'junkies around' Gram Parsons when she just started. She became a kind of mother for them.
Her duet 'Love hurts' with Gram Love is one of the best.

Played today one of her first LP's. Remember driving to the airport in 1976 in the middle of the night for our honeymoon to the Canarian Isle's and we heard on the radio her beautiful 'If I could only win your love'. So appropriate. Here's that LP.
Is there need for more Emmylou ?

Heard this week she's coming to Holland (with Mark Knoffler).


Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Don & Phil Everly

As a member of The International Everly Brothers fanclub one of my first postings has to be one of them.
Everyone knows the famous Cadence classic songs. It's Everly Time is an 10-inch LP which was only available in Holland. I treasure it.
At Warner Brothers they still made some fine collector's (Cathy's clown eg).

Having split they also made a few solo LP's like Don's Brother Jukebox 1975.
I prefer Phil's smoothy voice. Here's a compilation cd : Everly, Phil - A portrait of Phil Everly 1993.
See comment for more info.



Nilsson, Harry - The point! 1970

The Point! is the soundtrack to a cartoon feature originally aired on ABC TV in 1971. Especially at this stage of his career, Harry Nilsson was uniquely suited for writing and recording children's music, given his sweet melodicism and love of whimsy. As it happens, The Point! worked out better than anyone could have expected, not just because "Everything's Got 'Em," "Me and My Arrow," "Think About Your Troubles," and "Are You Sleeping?" are songs strong enough to have been on a proper Nilsson record. There's also an intangible quality to this record, a warmth and generosity that really wasn't on any of his other albums, quite possibly because his humor is never sardonic or reliant on in-jokes. It's gentle and loving, as is the music. The tale is fantastical enough to be of interest to children (and the moral is strong enough to reassure them and their parents !!!), but the songs and music are so strong that the album continues to be a source of wonder, even as those children become adults.

Nilsson, Harry - The point 1970
Pass (type it and don't forget the underscore) : JD_070121

Note that this is my vinyl recording from the original LP. The fantastic whole booklet/cartoon is included.
There's also a CD with bonus tracks but I prefer the vinyl recording.

Raises me a question. Does someone has the original cartoon (NOT the remake with Ringo Starr !) ??

EDIT 2008_01_14
I finally laid a hand on the TV-cartoon. Not an excellent tape after all those years but it is sooo great to watch ! Thanks Marvin & Harriet !!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


2006_04_01-Heartbreak Popcorn

This saturday I listened to a radio show with famous Dutch top DJ Theo Dumoulin.
It was as always a perfect combination of nice music, info and chatting.
In the future I will give more details.
The last song of his show is always an instrumental :
63-Marketts - Bella dalena.

Look in the comments for three nice LP's, so 1 1/2 hour fine instrumentals, by those great Marketts !

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Thanks Perrr !!!

Got this from Perrr, the man behind so many Dutch internet sites !


Williams, Dicky - The same motel

For over more than 20 years I heard on the radio 'Williams, Dinkie - The same motel'. Since then looking for it, nice/funny text etc. Couldn't find it.
In nov 2005 I entered the new era : we also got broadband internet.
Within 2 days I got it. Searched for the wrong name : had to be Williams, Dicky - The same motel.

It gave me mixed emotions.
Was very glad my search ended successfully, but on the other hand this way almost every wish can be fulfilled (so quickly).
I like to have wishes. I like to be glad that maybe next week/month/year .. maybe ..

Anyway my opening bid on this Blog is Dicky in a motel and what does he hear from the room nextdoor ? On the wrong end of a cheatin' song : what was hé doing there ?
If you don't know the song, in the comment is the info (please note, this is only for your listening pleasure, NOT an advice/suggestion ...!) :

Can anyone provide me with technical date ?

EDIT 2008_august_14
Here are the scans.
So The same motel is the b-side.
Price is very reasonable, just a few dollars.

EDIT 2009_07_08.
From the comment section : Dicky Williamsmusic & Dicky Williams Music blogspot


It seems I finally made it !

This old man has fixed on april fool's day 2006 his own Blog !
What will the future bring ?
Surprise surprise.

Don't expect to see a posting every day. One or two a week will already be an effort for me because I'm still a very busy guy. But who knows with your help ...

Jean Dupree

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