Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Pamela des Barres is coming to town

Pamela des Barres is coming to town to sign her new book Let's Spend the Night Together : wednesday, October 31- November 3, 2007 AMA Conference Nashville TN......
Who the f*ck may Pamela des Barres be ??
Well, the 'f*ck' is truely ment to her. She was the Queen of the supergroupies of the sixties/seventies.
Read all about her in Wikipedia.

On her own site you can find great video's about her and her girl friends reading from her new book at Soho McNally Robinson - New York City - Jul 9, 2007.
Classic moment in part 7: "if you don't wanna be in my life story then don't put your dick in it".
If you wanna see the whole hour in one piece : PUNKCAST#1177 and click at the bottom the button next to 'You can watch/download the entire reading'.

A lot of songs refer to groupies in general or Pamela in particular. Just an example : Paul Simon's Graceland has the lyrics There's a girl in New York City who calls herself the human trampoline.... Of course you already knew...... :)

Frank Zappa persuaded her and her girl-friends to make an album. So the GTO's (Girls Together Outrageously) were born. More info again on Wikipedia.

Todays offer is that LP Permanent damage and also her first book I'm with the band.
A lot of pictures are included.

So, dirty as you are, hurry up to the comments to get the link.....

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today 1938 War of the worlds _HG Wells

It's 1938_october_30. It's Halloween. It's dark outside. The radio is on.......
Nice big band music. Suddenly the program is interupted by a news flash........

The New York Times the day after....

A wave of mass hysteria seized thousands of radio listeners between 8:15 and 9:30 o'clock last night when a broadcast of a dramatization of HG Wells's fantasy, The War of the Worlds, led thousands to believe that an interplanetary conflict had started with invading Martians spreading wide death and destruction in New Jersey & New York.

The broadcast, which disrupted households, interrupted religious services, created traffic jams and clogged communications systems, was made by Orson Welles, who as the radio character, "The Shadow," used to give "the creeps" to countless child listeners. This time at least a score of adults required medical treatment for shock and hysteria.

Throughout New York families left their homes, some to flee to near-by parks. Thousands of persons called the police, newspapers and radio stations here and in other cities of the United States and Canada seeking advice on protective measures against the raids.

The program was produced by Mr Welles and the Mercury Theatre on the Air over station WABC and the Columbia Broadcasting System's coast-to-coast network, from 8 to 9 o'clock.....

So far the New York Times 1938_october_31....
The book by HG Wells was issued 1898.
Most of you will know the LP version by Jeff Wayne or the movie by Stephen Spielberg.
In the comment I offer ya the complete original radio broadcast.
But there's more ! Also the complete New York Times & Nebraska State Journal articles. Even more ! I added also, to get the best way to listen, the complete original script (it corresponds exactly to what was spoken by the actors on the broadcast) !

The above Youtube video is a 6 minute animation based upon Jeff Waynes Album. Created for a university project as a short animation and fun to watch.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Fleetwood Mac plays on (then/than and now)

Today 1946 Peter Green, English guitarist was born (Fleetwood Mac founder).

Fleetwood Mac - Then Play On 1969_10

01-Coming Your Way
02-Closing My Eyes
03-Show-Biz Blues
04-My Dream
06-Oh Well
07-Although The Sun Is Shining
08-Rattlesnake Shake
09-Searching For Madge
10-Fighting For Madge
11-When You Say
12-Like Crying
13-Before The Beginning

This Peter Green-led edition of the Mac isn't just an important transition between their initial blues-based incarnation and the mega-pop band they became, it's also their most vital, exciting version. The addition of Danny Kirwan as second guitarist and songwriter foreshadows not only the soft-rock terrain of "Bare Trees" and "Kiln House" with Christine Perfect-McVie, but also predicts Rumours. That only pertains to roughly half of the also excellent material here, though; the rest is quintessential Green. The immortal Oh Well, with its hard-edged, thickly layered guitars and chamber-like sections, is perhaps the band's most enduring progressive composition. Rattlesnake Shake is another familiar number, a down-and-dirty, even-paced funk, with clean, wall-of-sound guitars. Choogling drums and Green's fiery improvisations power Searching for Madge, perhaps Mac's most inspired work save Green Manalishi, and leads into an unlikely symphonic interlude and the similar, lighter boogie Fighting for Madge. A hot Afro-Cuban rhythm with beautiful guitars from Kirwan and Green on Coming Your Way not only defines the Mac's sound, but the rock aesthetic of the day. Of the songs with Kirwan's stamp on them, Closing My Eyes is a mysterious waltz love song; haunting guitars approach surf music on the instrumental My Dream; while Although the Sun Is Shining is the ultimate pre-Rumours number someone should revisit. Blues roots still crop up on the spatial, loose, Hendrix-tinged Underway, the folky blues tale of a lesbian affair on Like Crying, and the final outcry of the ever-poignant Show Biz Blues, with Green moaning "do you really give a damn for me ?" Then Play On is a reminder of how pervasive and powerful Green's influence was on Mac's originality and individual stance beyond his involvement. Still highly recommended and a must-buy after all these years, it remains their magnum opus.

An offer to 'Neil Parsons' (see below, 25 october).



Interesting historical events

1956 - Suez Crisis begins: Israel forces invade the Sinai Peninsula and push Egyptian forces back toward the Suez Canal : Wikipedia Suez crisis

1969 - The first-ever computer-to-computer link is established on ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet : Wikipedia ARPANET

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Christmas with the Lennon Sisters

Continuing with my sunday Christmas serie I now come to The Lennon Sisters.
They were a singing group consisting of four siblings : Dianne, Peggy, Kathy and Janet. They were all born in Los Angeles, California between 1939 and 1946.

'Deepsouth' Shirley has a very nice Blog about The Lennon Sisters. What Shirley doesn't know about them isn't worth to know.... She has great stories, a lot of pictures and she even placed a lot of video-clips on Youtube last week !
So check Shirley-girl out !!

Christmas with the Lennon Sisters 1960
01-Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer
02-The Little Drummer Boy
03-Christmas Island
04-Adeste Fideles
05-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
06-Silent Night
07-White Christmas
08-Jingle Bells
09-Away In A Manger
10-Hark The Herald Angels Sing
11-Winter Wonderland
12-O Little Town Of Bethlehem
13-Joy To The World
14-I'll Be Home For Christmas

More info about this LP (yes, you'll hear the scratches) in the comment.



When someone wants to download a specific file from a Blog there are 2 possibilities.

The 'downloader' himself is (also) paying for the (same) server-account which the Blogger uses. Simple and fast but it costs a dime. But he is a wise man.......

The 'downloader' wants everything for free. Even a comment is too much (to him time is money......). But everytime he has to fill a code to be redirected. So annoying isn't it ???
Also he has to wait for over an hour for the next download... Annoying again. Time, time..
Those stupid hosting-servers....... I my opinion he's not a wise man.

Maybe I have a solution to that second category of my Blog visitors.
I changed some things so I hope there's for them no waiting time anymore.
So direct downloads to them also...... Isn't that nice ???
But somehow those hosting-servers have to be paid. Well it's me who is paying for you !

My service starts with the offer of Leonard Cohen friday 2007_10_19.
I will only give this opportunity to the, let's say, last 3 articles. So you have to be quick.

Please 'free RS users' let me know here if, what I've done, works as intended or not.
I moderate comments, so will not publish it.

EDIT nov_20
No comment whatsoever if this is appreciated so I cancelled this service.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


San Remo Golden Strings - Hungry for love

I like to learn about the internet.
I like to try things out.
For youngsters (like you ?) everything is sooooo normal but for the elderly like me it isn't.

Untill now I used videos uploaded by others. I will continue to do so, but about an hour ago I uploaded for the first time myself a video to Youtube !!! Congratulations to me !!

The San Remo Golden Strings were a strings group which recorded for Ric Tic. When Ric Tic was purchased by Motown in 1967, Motown re-released the LP "Hungry For Love".

San Remo Golden Strings - Hungry for love 1965.


Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2007_10_27

As usual, this is not a normal LP/CD, just some songs gathered from various singles.

01-Wonders - Be My Love, Be My Love
02-Emotions (Lena Calhoun &) - Been lookin' Your Way
03-Checkmates - Buona Sera
04-Richard Anthony - Cin Cin #
05-Chords - Cross Over The Bridge
06-Andy Lee Lang - De De Dinah
07-Four Holidays - I Can't Wait
08-Lanny Duncan - I'm A Lover #
09-Jesters - I'm Falling In Love
10-Bill Haley & Comets - Jealous Heart

11-Nana Mouskouri - Laissez Moi Pleurer #
12-Kenny & Be-Bops - Lindy Lou
13-Dicky Doo & Don'ts - Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu
14-Johnny Raphael - School Of Love
15-Steve Cooper - Sky Diver [Instrumental]
16-Adriano Celentano - Stai lontana da me #
17-Jerry Jackson - Tell Her Johnny Said Goodbye #
18-Jennell Hawkins - The Mess Around
19-Bobby Fuller & Fantastics - Those Memories Of You
20-Little Joe & Morrocos - Trouble In The Candy Shop

I marked the Popcornsongs with an #. I like these oldies. As usual I added a lot of others, so it's again a variety of genre's. A pleasure to listen to.
Buona sera and Cross over the bridge are, of course, very well known songs. The ones I present here are in my opinion very nice covers.
Adriano Celentano - Stai lontana da me is an Italian cover of Tower of strength.
Jerry Jackson - Tell her Johnny said goodbye. Last week I offered the French translation by Johnny Halliday. This is the original.

Gimmie some 'feedback' in the comment whilst you're there to get the link.

Cleaning the dir's containing these songs I just noticed I already posted a few of them (as was also last week) earlier (august). Sorry about that.


Friday, October 26, 2007


Today 1966 Alma Cogan died

Alma Cogan, born 1932_may_19 and died 1966_october_26 at the unbelievable young age of 34.

Alma Cogan was one of the most successful and tragic figures in English pop music of the '50s and early '60s. Her 18 chart hits were a record for a female singer at the end of the '50s in England, and despite being part of the pre-rock & roll era, Cogan seemed capable of working with the new music when her life was cut short.
In 1966, she was diagnosed with cancer. She received treatments and planned to continue her career, even writing several songs (under the name "Al Western") that were recorded by other singers. She kept working during the year, and an album was intended. Cogan continued concertizing, and while touring Sweden, she fainted. She was diagnosed as terminally ill, and died on October 26 of that year in a London hospital.

Here's my tribute to Alma Cogan with this 1960_1967 compilation.
01-Tennessee Waltz
02-Don't Read The Letter
03-Snakes, Snails And Puppydog's Tails
04-Tell Him
05-The Train Of Love
06-Hold Your Hands Out You Naughty Boy
07-Just Couldn't Resist Her Pocket Transistor
08-Quando La Luna
09-It's You
10-Goodbye Joe
11-Just Once More
12-I Can't Give You Anything But Love
13-Cowboy Jimmy Joe
14-I Wish You Love
15-Love Is A Word
16-Let Her Go
17-There's A Time And Place
18-Hello Baby
19-Fly Me To The Moon
20-I Knew Right Away
21-How Many Nights
22-The Birds And The Bees

The comments is the place to be....


Maybe I should have done this years ago

Watch it (especially her sweet 'hmmmm' and the guy's smile at the end), you won't be disappointed ....!!!
I apologize to the lady-visitors of my Blog... How can I make this up to you ???
Ah, I already posted a funny commercial (even more) about stupid guys like me.
Check my 2007_march archives about two car commercials...

In the comment you'll find a RS link to a small 900K avi-file of this 30 seconds.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Today 1976 Bachelor party with ping-pong

Today 31 years ago I had my bachelor party with my friends. The day after I was, at last, going to marry the woman of my dreams.
We did drink some beer and gin, talked and played (bought by Guillaume and Henry) the first home-computergame : Ping-pong.

NeilParsons, has on his Spanish Blog on 22 october, a nice article about this game. And when you are there you might as well help him to identify some songs....
That game did cost at the time $50....
It seems there's now an 'other game' going on that will cost a little bit more... :(

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Today 1930 Big Bopper (JP Richardson) born

The Big Bopper was born as Jiles Perry Richardson on 1930_october_24 in Sabine Pass, TX and died 1959_february_03 in Clear Lake, IA.

He was legendary as one of the three rock greats to die in the tragic 1959 Clear Lake, IA, plane crash that also claimed the lives of Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper had just established himself as a rock hitmaker with the rollicking Chantilly Lace. Born in the heart of Texas, Richardson grew up in Beaumont and changed his first name to Jape. He broke into show biz as a DJ over KTRM radio, where he coined the nickname the Big Bopper. He began recording for Mercury in 1957, his animated baritone scaling pop play lists the next year with Chantilly Lace (easily his top seller) and the equally raucous novelty Big Bopper's Wedding. Richardson wrote White Lightning, a huge country hit for George Jones, and Johnny Preston's number-one smash Running Bear.

Big Bopper (JP Richardson) - Chantilly Lace 1958
01-Chantilly Lace
02-Pink Petticoats
03-Walking Through My Dreams
04-Old Maid
05-Big Bopper's Wedding
06-Little Red Riding Hood
07-Crazy Blues
08-Monkey Song (You Made a Monkey out of Me)
09-It's the Truth Ruth
10-White Lightnin'
11-Preacher and the Bear
12-Purple People Eater Meets the Witch Doctor

More info in the comment to his only LP.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


A BLog (actually 2) without music

I like music and write about it, give some examples.
But music isn't all there is in Blogging. It's interesting to learn something about internet. The way others start and maintain a Blog.
Last year I noticed by accident a link to my BLog. Did take a look over there. NO music at all.
Ann (the woman of this picture compilation) just seems to be doing like me, though in a different way. Watched her 2006 'test sessions' for the "Idols-header".
Ann has only one weak point : she likes the Beatles instead of the Rolling Stones ..... :)
Why don't you pay her a visit at her now restyled Twilightcyclesong or her new AstrologySong Blog (although personally I'm not into that).
Apart from my personal view, that astrology Blog may be of interest to you.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Tops with Helen Shapiro

Helen Shapiro born 1946_september_28 in Bethnal Green, London, England.

She is remembered today by younger pop culture buffs as the slightly awkward actress/singer in Richard Lester's 1962 debut feature film, It's Trad, Dad.
From 1961 until 1963, however, Helen was England's teenage pop music queen, at one point selling 40,000 copies daily of her biggest single Walking Back to Happiness during a 19-week chart run. A deceptively young 14 when she was discovered, Shapiro had a rich, expressive voice properly sounding like the property of someone twice as old, and she matured into a seasoned professional very quickly.

Helen Shapiro's debut LP 'Tops' with me is a selection consisting primarily of covers of 1961_1962 hits associated with other singers.
It's an astonishingly wide array of material, associated with the Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight, Marv Johnson - You Got What It Takes, Connie Francis - Lipstick on Your Collar, Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea, Brenda Lee -Sweet Nothin's, and, from a British perspective in the jacket notes, Marty Wilde - A Teenager in Love, among others. She does well with the repertory, backed by Martin Slavin and his Orchestra in tasteful fashion on most of it, and Shapiro was probably the only female singer in England at the time who would not embarrass herself covering an early Motown number, You've Got What It Takes.
The primary goal of this LP seems to have been to show off the 15-year-old singer's range, intonation, and control, which this disc does admirably.
Most of the contents of this LP subsequently appeared on two EPs, and some of the best of those appear on the 2003 Helen Shapiro EP Collection CD.

Shapiro, Helen - 'Tops' with me 1962_03_10

01-Little Devil
02-Will You Love Me Tomorrow
03-Because They're Young
04-The Day The Rains Came
05-Are You Lonesome Tonight
06-Teenager In Love
07-Lipstick On Your Collar
08-Beyond The Sea
09-Sweet Nothin's
10-You Mean Everything To Me
11-I Love You
12-You Got What It Takes

You know where to look to get this LP.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Christmas with the Rat Pack

I read this week in the New York Times Joey Bishop, Last of the Rat Pack, died.

Joey Bishop, the long-faced comedian and last surviving member of the Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra’s celebrated retinue of the 1960s, died Wednesday night at his home in Newport Beach, California. He was 89.

Mr Bishop was the least flamboyant of the Rat Pack and no match for the others (Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr and Sinatra himself) in their dedication to hell raising.

But he shared in their phenomenal success in the early 1960s, when they headlined music and comedy shows at the Sands in Las Vegas and made movies like “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Sergeants 3.” When John F. Kennedy, a friend of Sinatra’s and a brother-in-law of Lawford’s, was elected president in 1960, Mr. Bishop was master of ceremonies at the inaugural ball.
So you won't be surprised this week's Christmas record is one by The Rat Pack. Joey Bishop was a stand-up comedian and he isn't on this record himself. Just Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis jr.
By the way, this week the Sands hotel was turned down to build a new one.

Christmas with the Rat Pack
01-Dean Martin - I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
02-Frank Sinatra - Mistletoe and Holly
03-Sammy Davis Jr - Christmas Time All Over The World
04-Frank Sinatra - The First Noel
05-Dean Martin - Baby, It's Cold Outside
06-Frank Sinatra - I Believe
07-Dean Martin - Silver Bells
08-Sammy Davis Jr - The Christmas Song
09-Frank Sinatra - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
10-Dean Martin - Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer
11-Frank Sinatra - The Christmas Waltz
12-Dean Martin - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
13-Frank Sinatra - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
14-Dean Martin - Peace on Earth _ Silent Night
15-Sammy Davis Jr - Jingle Bells
16-Dean Martin - White Christmas
17-Frank Sinatra - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
18-Dean Martin - Winter Wonderland
19-Frank Sinatra - I'll Be Home for Christmas (If Only in My Dreams)
20-Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra - A Marshmallow World [Live]
21-Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra - Auld Lang Syne [Live]

Note. This is just a compilation of Christmas songs they did on their own albums and TV shows. If you have those don't bother. If you don't... well the comments...

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2007_10_20

As usual, this is not a normal LP/CD, just some songs gathered from various singles.
To those who aren't on my mailing list, here's your copy.

01-Galens - Baby I Do Love You _$70 !
02-Bob Hicks - Baby Sittin' All The Time
03-Miss X - Christine (original)
04-Marisa - Christine (French cover version)
05-G-Clefs - Darla My Darlin' _$35 !
06-Sedaka, Neil - Feliz Cumpleanoz Dulces Dieciseis
07-Kilgore, Merle - 42 in Chicago
08-Evans, Paul - Hello, This Is Joannie

09-Honorables - How About A Date
10-Holland, Eddie - I Couldn't Cry If I Wanted To
11-Floraine Darlin - I Don't Know
12-Ronnie Gallant - In The Night
13-Gerri Granger - Just Tell Him Jane Said Hello
14-Hallyday, Johnny - Johnny Lui Dit Adieu
15-Adamo - Mis Manos En Tu Centura
16-Rosemary June - Repeat After Me
17-Rickey Coyne - Rollin' Pin Mim
18-Gabriel & Angels - That's Life (that's tough)
19-Gabriel & Angels - Zing _$75 !
20-Rich Roman - TTB (Truly, Truly Baby)
21-Bobbie Smith - Wanted

Merle Kilgore is here present with the fine mellow Popcorn 42 in Chicago. He wrote, together with June Carter-Cash, the Johnny Cash hit Ring of fire.
I wrote earlier about Miss X (Joyce Blair) and the explanation of this song (the sex-scandal Christine Keeler & UK foreign minister John Profumo). Search my Blog.
I added the estimated price of three singles. But this saturday it's free.... at least if you follow the comment instruction....


Friday, October 19, 2007


Leonard Cohen live in Israel 1972_04_20

The first time I learned about Leonard Cohen when a fellow coutryman of mine translated and sang his Suzanne.
The songs LC writes and sings are, although sometimes difficult, always interesting. His music is always so very smooth. I can listen to him for hours.
Learn more about Leonard Cohen on Wikipedia or Yahoo.

Here's a beautiful concert he did 1972_04_20 at Yad Eliahu Sports Palace Tel Aviv.
The year of those bad Olympic Games what has come to be known as the Munich massacre....
Since then there haven't changed much. Why can't people live in peace together ? Or better said, why can't the leaders really do something about it....

The playlist of the above concert (done over 35 years ago is) :
Famous Blue Raincoat
Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
Song To The Machines/I Love Spending The Night With Two Girls
Sisters Of Mercy
Chelsea Hotel (#1)
We Shall Not Be Moved

In them days it wasn't allowed in Israel to do concerts on Friday night because of the Sabbath. In recent years there is more entertainment available on Friday nights, but back then it was strictly forbidden. So on this friday you may join Leonard Cohen live.....

I post this to get a little bit of balance after my last friday's Ramadan article. After all, when you went to Wikipedia or Yahoo, you'll know Leonard Cohen is of Jewish origin.
I hope an 'old men' commenter understands I did choose this concert just for him.

In this offer you will find in the text file also a lot of info about Leonard Cohen's performances in Israel. Including info about this year's (last month) re-release of Ira Nadel's book 'Various Positions'. Also some other interesting links.

Hope also other readers wil find this interesting enough to get my file which is placed in the comments.
And if you have done so please listen carefully to Leonard Cohen's announcement of Suzanne and We shall not be moved........

EDIT 2007_nov_08.
I supplied a wrong pass. To the few who did take this earlier : sorry, je m'excuse !
In the comments is the correct pass.


Today 1810 Cassius Marcellus Clay born

Interesting historical information (to me anyway).... Also to you ?

Clay, nicknamed “The Lion of Whitehall,” was an American politician who made a name for himself as an outspoken abolitionist and the publisher of the True American antislavery newspaper. In 1843, Clay was shot by a hired assassin. He defended himself against his attacker with a Bowie knife he kept strapped to his chest. Astonishingly, it was this knife's scabbard that stopped the assassin's bullet.

What has world-famous boxer Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr, to do with this ?
More...if you are interested.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Today 1926 Chuck Berry born

Charles Edward Anderson Berry was born on Oct 18, 1926 in St Louis, MO
So it's time for some good old r'n'roll and have fun again with that great Ding-A-Ling for over 11 minutes (the single version is just a extraction of about 5 minutes..) !!

Berry, Chuck - The London Chuck Berry Sessions 1972

01-Let's Boogie
02-Mean Old World
03-I Will Not Let You Go
04-London Berry Blues
05-I Love You
06-Reelin' And Rockin'
07-My Ding-A-Ling
08-Johnny B Goode

This half studio/half live record spawned the surprise #1 hit My Ding-A-Ling and marked the pinnacle of Chuck Berry's commercial peak, but is often overlooked in favor of his golden-era late 50s LPs. What a shame. On the five studio tracks here, Chuck Berry is ingeniously backed by the Faces' Ian McLagen and Kenny Jones (on piano and drums respectively) for a set that simultaneously sounds as if it could stop on a dime or fall apart at the end of every bar. For a record that was aimed to be Chuck Berry's answer to the early 70s Rock n' Roll revival scene, there couldn't have been a more fitting pair to back him up. For me it's pretty entertaining to hear Chuck Berry's command over his audience in the three live tracks.

To be continued in the comment.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Dario Moreno sings Brigitte Bardot

Was yesterday evening looking in some old photo albums.
Saw some nice pictures from a holiday in 1975 october when we visited Turkey. Stayed one week in Istanbul (the former Constantinopel). Visited Aya Sophia & Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque).
Went on to Izmir and visited the archaeological Ephesus and Pergamon.
Every day we had a trip to such a place and lemmie tell ya, it was great. Because there were so little tourists at that moment (season was over) one really could go 'into' 2000 years ago. I'll never forget that.
If you ever go to Turkey visit such places instead of just laying in the sun...

Was yesterday evening also listening to some Popcorn oldies. Amongst them the beautiful 59-Fraternity Brothers - Passion flower.

Dario Moreno was born in Izmir-Turkey. Learn more about him on Wikipedia.
First heard from Dario Moreno in 1961 when a made a cover of that nice song Brigitte Bardot. Wasn't every man crazy about her at the time ..... ?

Here's a nice compilation to get acquanted with the man.
Examples his version of Passion flower : Tout l'amour, his version of the Four Lads' Istanbul and his cover of Les Compagnons de la Chanson's - Si tu vas en Rio.

01-Tout l'amour
02-Amor amor amor
03-Quand elle danse
04-Eso es al amor
05-Adios muchachos
06-Brigitte Bardot
08-Papa loves mambo
10-Quizas quizas quizas
11-C'est magnifique
12-Si tu vas a Rio

You can meet Dario Moreno in the comment. And if you don't wanna meet him you will of course wanna 'meet' Brigitte Bardot ...!! So, one way or another ....

EDIT 2008_january_04.
Check also my addition on 2008_january_04 due to the reply of Baikinange.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


More Popcorn-oldies later this week to Aussie

Hope the person from Australia who searched almost every page of my Blog this morning has found what he as looking for (Booker T Jones, Connie Francis & some august Popcorn).
He even made a direct link in his desktop (or used mine..).
I'm working on more Popcorn and/or other oldies (expensive : up to $75 !) to post later this week.



Today 1923 Bert Kaempfert born

Bert Kaempfert was born Oct 16, 1923 in Hamburg, Germany and died Jun 21, 1980 in Switzerland.
He was one of the most successful conductors, arrangers, and recording artists in the latter field, but was also a major producer and played a key (if indirect) role in the roots of the British beat boom of the early '60s, which evolved into the British Invasion of America in 1964.
He arranged, produced, and recorded an instrumental entitled Wonderland by Night which was pretty enough but couldn't seem to get a hearing in Germany, even from his own company. Instead, Kaempfert and his wife brought the track to Milt Gabler, the legendary producer at Decca Records in New York, who arranged for its release in America in 1959; with its haunting solo trumpet, muted brass, and lush strings, the single topped the American pop charts and turned Bert Kaempfert and his orchestra into international stars.
To the Americans, the rest is history.....

Here's a nice compilation Classic hits by Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra.
01-A Swingin Safari
03-Afrikaan Beat
04-Happy Trumpeter
05-Tootie Flutie
07-Black Beauty
09-Tijuana Taxi
10-Blue Moon
11-Strangers In The Night
12-The Maltese Melody
13-Red Rose For A Blue Lady
14-Spanish Eyes
15-Danke schon
16-Wonderland By Night

Where's the info to get this compilation ? You guessed : the comments.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Today 1925 Mickey Baker born

Today 1925 Mickey 'Guitar' Baker was born Louisville, KY.
With the 10 year younger Sylvia Vanderpool he formed the duo Mickey & Sylvia who made some remarkable songs of which only Love is strange (also well known by the later recording of The Everly Brothers) became a hit in 1957. By the way, this song was recorded otober 17, so in a few days exactly 50 years ago !

01-Love Is Strange
02-I'm So Glad
03-Forever And A Day
04-Se De Boom Run Dun
05-No Good Lover
06-Walkin' In The Rain
07-In My Heart
08-I'm Going Home
09-There Oughta Be A Law
11-Too Much Weight
12-Let's Have A Picnic
13-A New Idea On Love
14-Say The Word
15-Love Will Make You Fail In School
16-I Gotta Be Home By Ten
17-Loving You Darling
18-I'm Working At The Five And Dime
19-Peace Of Mind
20-Two Shadows On Your Window

In the comment you can find the above 20 songs compilation of the 60 I posess.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Brenda Lee's Merry Christmas 1964

The fourth sunday of my Christmas postings.

Brenda Lee - Merry Christmas 1964
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
This Time of the Year
Jingle Bells Rock
Strawberry Snow
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
Silver Bells
Winter Wonderland
Blue Christmas
A Marshmallow World
Christmas Will Be Just Another Lonely Day
Frosty the Snowman
The Angel and the Little Blue Bell

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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Popcorn & Oldies Top20 _2007_10_13

Irrelevant info to you, my reader : I had a PC problem.
Runned a security scan, but afterwards every time my PC started in safe mode instead of normal mode. Couldn't go into normal mode, although the screen told me to use the cursor to choose safe/normal. Didn't work.
Finally figured it out and as generally the solution was quite simply.....
Used an old PS2 keyboard...... Saw a little light : Numlock was on.......

There seems to be a lot of interest in my Popcorn & Oldies compilations.
I already prepared earlier for this day a nice offer (I hope).
This is not a normal LP/CD, just some nice songs gathered from various singles/albums.

I also noticed some people come to me searching for certain oldies.
I noticed last weeks some searching for the 'mellow' Bla bla bla bla cha cha cha so I included the Titus Turner's version.

Popcorn & oldies Top20 2007_10_13
01-Tracy Pendarvis - A Thousand Guitars
02-Ronnie Dee - Action Packed
03-Troy Ferguson's Country Gentlemen - At The Jamboree
04-Titus Turner - Bla bla bla bla cha cha cha
05-Cliffy & Jerry - Go To Sleep Little Suzie
06-Dick Glasser - Heartaches Over You
07-Paul Anka - Hello Jim (French Version)
08-Paul Wayne - I'll Touch A Star
09-Genevieve & Johnny Tillotson - I'm never gonna kiss you
10-Cinnamons - I'm Not Gonna Worry (Cause I Know He's Mine)
11-Marva Josie - Later For You Baby
12-Excels - Let's Dance
13-Cardinals - Near You
14-Marcels - One Last Kiss
15-Kenny Rossi - One Night Stand
16-Dion di Mucci - Rosalie
17-Diana Renay - Soft Spoken Guy
18-Ginny Angel - Tra La La La I'm Yours Tonight
19-Johnny Maestro - We've Got To Tell Them
20-Arthur Alexander - You Better Move On


Friday, October 12, 2007


Ramadan ending : Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

Ramadan or Ramadhan (Arabic : رمضان) is an Islamic religious observance that takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Prayers, sawm (fasting), charity, and self-accountability are especially stressed at this time.
The name came from the time before the Islamic calendar, when the month of Ramadan fell in the summer. The word Ramadan is derived from an Arabic word for intense heat, scorched ground, and shortness of rations.

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. The month is spent fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to dusk. Fasting during this month is often thought to figuratively burn away all sins. Muslims believe that the Qur'an was sent down to the earth during this month. Furthermore, the prophet Muhammad told his followers that the gates of Heaven would be open all the month and the gates of Hell would be closed.

The first day of the next month is spent in celebrations and is observed as the ‘Festival of Breaking Fast’ or `Eid ul-Fitr. Eid ul-Fitr or Id-Ul-Fitr (Arabic : عيد الفطر), often abbreviated as simply Eid, is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting. Fitr means "to break the fast" and therefore symbolizes the breaking of the fasting period. On the day of the celebration, a typical Muslim family is awake very early and then after praying the first normal everyday prayer, is required to eat in a small quantity, symbolizing the end of Ramadan. They then attend special congregational prayers held only for this occasion in mosques, in large open areas, stadiums or arenas. The prayer is generally short, and is followed by a sermon (khutba). Worshippers greet and embrace each other in a spirit of peace and love after the congregational prayer. After the special prayers, festivities and merriment are commonly observed with visits to the homes of relatives and friends to thank God for all blessings.

Just wanted to say this all.
I myself am Roman Catholic but learned the last 35 years a lot about true, normal, modern Moslims. As I stated earlier on my Blog we could go along very well.
On the other hand there are few extreme Muslims who want to go back to the 15th century.....
They cause the trouble.
They don't see/recognice the rules are given in that certain period of time.
I don't wanna go (more..) into politics (right now...) but just an example.
A Muslim man is allowed to have more wives than just one.
In them days a woman couldn't survive when her husband died (for whatever reason). So it was allowed (or even moral obligate) for, example, a brother in law to take that woman as a second/third wife to help/support her to survive.
Nowadays there are laws to help and (financially) support such a woman.
So today there's no reason to strickly stay to Muhammed's rule/suggestion. One has to bear the time period in mind.
Hope you understand.
The same goes for every religion. Also my own Catholic religion.
Rules are given at a certain 'time period'. But everyone has to 'translate' the sense/meaning behind it into these times.
Science is important. One and one makes two. No doubt about that.
Religion is important. But (maybe....) we know for sure when we are dead.
So don't claim your religion is the one and only for sure.................
PROVE it to me... You can't. Religion is thought... Mostly brought to you by your parents... Am I right ? I could talk hours about religion (and culture...)...
Most important to me is to be honest to each other. We'll get along quite well.
Jews and Palistinians could go along quite well.
I put hope in the fact that damned Berlin wall was taken down by 'the people'....
Sorry, I still went along with politics/religion.... Sometimes I'm so mad about how things are going on while normal people simply want to live together but can't because of...

One of the issues of the Ramadan :
Take a little less and give a little more.......
You my readers, please think about this.....
So little comments compared to the number of visitors and downloads.....
I'm disappointed about your participation in my Blog but I have to accept.

Todays offer has to do with the Ramadan/Islam.
I liked Cat Stevens a lot in the sixties/seventies. Wonderful music and text. Wanted to do something about the enviremont. Was thinking. Suddenly he stopped performing. Became a muslim and adopted a new name Yusuf Islam.
I remember a German TV interview on which he stated he was never to record or perform in public again. Wanted to dedicate his life (and his money) to God. Helped a lot of children in London.

Gladly he changed his mind about recording and performing.
First he made an album on which he tells about the Qur'an. After that with some friends a really nice album about Islam just for children called I Look, I See 2003.
At last in 2006 a 'normal' album An Other Cup. I also have a live FM radio broadcast aired 2006_12_21 on KCRW Santa Monica, California (recorded two days earlier at Lincoln's Center, New York) where he sings some old songs and a few new ones from this album.

I wanted to share with you that nice children's album but finally I changed my mind.
Two years ago (2005_may_28) there was, organised by sir Paul McCartney, a benefit gala in Neuss Germany called Adopt a mine field, clear a path to a safer world.
At the end even his (I mean Cat Stevens') guitar is sold by auction.

If you have read this all untill now (I really do hope so) I surely must have gotten your interest.
You know you will have to go to the comment of this article to be present of this extra ordinal concert because that's my todays (giving...!!!) offer.


Thursday, October 11, 2007


Request Sam the Sham & Dan Penn

I'm not interested in Sam the Sham so don't have anything by them.
But Furyanimal Musicnews mainpage or Musicnews oct 2006 archive is.
He has two offers.
Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs (Repost) The Complete Wooly Bully Years 1963-1966 [3 Cds] Bear Family Label.
Pharaohization! (LP) 1986 Rhino Records RNLP 122

Other request Dan Penn I also dont have. Only know he co-wrote the great Action speaks louder than word.


Today 1963 Edith Piaf died

Edith Piaf (real name Edith Giovanna Gassion) was born 1915_december_19 and she didn't even reached the age of 50 'cause she died 1963_october 11.
Well, that's actually wrong, she died october 9th. But the official announcement was made 2 days later, so you will find as her dying date 9, 10 and 11 october.

Edith Piaf was one of France's most beloved singers and became a national icon. Her singing reflected her tragic life, with her specialty being the poignant ballad performed in a heartbreaking voice. Some of her famous songs are La vie en rose (1946), Hymne à l'amour (1949), Milord (1959) and Non, je ne regrette rien (1960).

Born Edith Gassion her nickname became Piaf (a Parisian colloquialism for môme = sparrow).
In my humble opinion it's a 'must' to read her interesting biography at Wikipedia !!

I have a 9CD box called Piaf, Edith - L'Integrale. Wonderful music if you like it (and I do...).
I offer you just a simple but Grand Collection of 19 of her songs.
Hurry up to the comments....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Popcorn was on Laser radio 2007_10_06

Last saturday evening we had again a great Popcornshow by Theo Dumoulin on Laser radio. Wasn't able to post in time some songs accompaning the show. But waiting is a nice thing to do, don't you agree ?
This is not a normal LP/CD, just some nice songs gathered from various albums.
I did take some artists and songs Theo played and added some different songs by artists who were also on the show.

Popcorn was on Laser radio 2007_10_06
01-Preston, Mike - A Girl Like You
02-Jackson, Jerry - Always
03-Di Bari, Nicola Di - Amo Solo Te
04-Precisions - Cleopatra
05-Robert Knight - Dance Only With Me
06-Johnson, Lou - Don't Play That Song (You Lied)
07-Singer, Susan - Gee! It's Great To Be Young
08-Clark, Lucky - Let Me Be The Fool
09-Dowell, Joe - Oh! My Papa (O Mein Papa)
10-Gardner, Don & Dee Dee Ford - Son My Son

11-Markees (Lloyd Jones &) - Special Delivery
12-Holliday, Michael - Starry Eyed
13-Chapman, Grady - Sweet Thing
14-Torme, Mel - Walk on by
15-Carter, Fred - What Am I Gonna Do With Anna
16-Franklin, Erma - What Kind of Girl (Do You Think I Am)
17-Naylor, Jerry - With This Ring
18-Teddy & The Twilights - Woman Is A Man's Best Friend
19-Brown, Maxine - Yesterday's Kisses
20-Chandler, Gene - You Threw A Lucky Punch

No further personal remarks. It's the music that counts, so hurry up to the comment section !


Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Today 1978 Jacques Brel died

Jacques Brel was born 1929_april_08 and he died today 1978, so 29 years ago.
The quality and style of his lyrics are highly regarded by many leading critics of popular music.
Brel's songs are not especially well known in the English-speaking world except through the translations and interpretations of other singers, most famously by Scott Walker and by David Bowie.
First a Youtube video Jacques Brel Ne me quitte pas (1959 with English subtitles).

And at the right an even better one but without the English subtitles.
Yeah, that's real music made over 40 years ago !!! What the f*ck with the socalled 'artists' nowadays with their computerised music.....

Tomorrow my friend Guillaume goes to France for a two week holiday and that is a good opportunity to give a listen to this great (mostly) French singing Belgian musician.

So today I offer ya a great 1961 live concert Jacques Brel at l'Olympia.
Beautiful familiar songs like Les Bourgeois, Les Flamandes, Marieke, Madeleine, La Valse À Mille Temps, Le Moribond and of course his famous Ne Me Quitte Pas.

As usual the comment is the place to get further info.
Bon vacances Guillaume !

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Nat 'King' Cole sings his Christmas Song

The third sunday of my Christmas postings.
This time Nathanial Cole.

Nat 'king' Cole recorded the definitive version of The Christmas Song in 1946, and while this 1960 re-recording is sublime, seek out the original. Although there is a heavy-handed use of orchestras and choruses on this record, Cole rises above the dreck with stellar versions of Deck The Hall, O Holy Night, First Noel, Adeste Fidelis, O Little Town Of Bethlehem, The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot and more.

To be continued in the comments.


Saturday, October 06, 2007


First Popcorn broadcasting 2001_10_06

We'll forget the short time Theo Dumoulin played his records way back in 1973 on the famous Radio Veronica but tonight we celebrate the fact he had hist first Popcorn radio broadcast on midwave exactly six years ago on Radio192. After the deficit of R192 he joined internetstation Laser radio so there's a party tonight.....

For tonight's Popcorn playlist go to LASER radio or the The Popcorn Is On.
So take a look at the playlist. My personal 'rate' is, like last month when I joined in the studio, just a small 30%.... What's yours ??

Saturday at exactly 20 hours local_CET time Theo Dumoulin starts again. You can be live present if you JOIN us (click there on the 'listen' button) !
This way you get the internet stream directly in your Winamp or Mediaplayer.
You can also go to the LASER stream page and their stream.

I suppose it'll be tomorrow when I have time to post some music to the show. Sorry.


Friday, October 05, 2007


Today 1962 Beatles : Love me do/PS I love you

Today it's 45 years ago the Beatles released their fist single. When I heard it a few days later for the first time I immediately knew this was different. A new musical era had started.
A few month's later I discovered an even better British group called The Rolling Stones. And I became fan of them. From that moment on I just talk about that 'local group from Liverpool'..... I like to tease.

Well 45 years ago was a memoriable day so I present in the comment the Beatles' first 1963 LP Please please me on which Love me do is present..
But that's not all there is to say. It's a Purple Chick double cd for fans only. It contains the mono version as well as the stereo version of the original LP. Added are a lot of alternate takes.

You have never heard of Purple Chick ?? Purple Chick is a purely online trading bootlegger who tries to make an album (artist/group) really complete.
An example : The Beach Boys Smile - a reconstruction.
Another one is the great 10CD complete Buddy Holly (10 hrs....) recordings !
Well he made the Beatles also complete (almost....). So credits to him !
Don't bother searching the web : there is no Purple Chick website.
Purple Chick writes along with his personal made cd's :
DISCLAIMER: The following work is in no way a "bootleg" made for profit or sale.
The words printed on the packaging of the disc say it all - "This is a fan-created disc, and Never For Sale !!!"

Back to Love me do. Full info can be obtained at Wikipedia.
Love Me Do was recorded by the Beatles on different occasions with three different drummers:
The Beatles first recorded it on 6 June 1962 with Pete Best on drums, as part of their EMI audition at Abbey Road Studios in London.
By 4 September, Best had been replaced with Ringo Starr (producer George Martin did not approve of Best's drumming), and on that day the Beatles with Starr recorded a version again at Abbey Road Studios.
One week later, on 11 September, the Beatles returned to the same studio to discover that Martin was dissatisfied with Starr's drumming, and they made a recording of "Love Me Do" with session drummer Andy White on drums while Starr played tambourine.

On the LP (and this 2CD) is the Andy White version.
As bonus I added the two other versions of Love me do in the 'root section' of my offer.
First the original UK single version with Ringo.
Second the version with Pete Best. Personally I like this one the best. At 1.40 he starts a kinda waltz theme. This recording is a littlebit slow so I can imagine this didn't became the definitive single (also because Pete Best was replaced).

Full further info about this Purple Chick 2CD in the comment.


Thursday, October 04, 2007


Teentown Hop (kinda Popcorn/oldies)

At first I had in mind to write something about the launch of Sputnik in 1957 (those of you who also remember this : what an event.....and to know it was only 50 centimeter big/small...) or J Frank Wilson but I decided to post an CD-r album I got last year from a friend, without further comments.

Teentown Hop
01-Eddie M Kinney - Teen Town Hop
02-Bobby Lee - Run, Fool, Run
03-Jimmy Reagan - Lonely, Lonely Hearts
04-Davey Holt - Pittery Pat
05-Billy Eldridge - Half A Heart
06-Dennis Smith - This Little Heart
07-Freddy Cole - Please Love Me Now
08-Recalls - No Reason

09-Chavis Brothers - Love Me Baby
10-Phil Gray - Somebody's Got My Baby
11-Recalls - The Lonely Wait
12-Joe Hughes - Make Me Dance Little Ant
13-Ronnie Speeks - Please Wait For Me
14-Chuck Mills - She's Mine
15-Ray St Germain - She's A Square
16-Ronnie Speeks - What Is Your Technique

Great r'n'roll/rock'a'billy ! Careful listening to the songs reveal some well known songs by Danny & Juniors, Elvis and others which seem to be covered.
A real gem for an oldies-lover ! He/she will go to the comments....


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