Friday, October 27, 2006


Rapidshare.DE to Rapidshare.COM #2

I've posted last week a topic to
I got elsewhere a lot of questions but also on my humble BLog (which is the most important to me).
There was a comment which I wanted to answer in the comments again but I thought it would be much more interesting to answer it in the open.

Anonymous question was 'if I switch to can I still use my premium account or both'.'

My answer to him and you all.
Just wrote this without thinking (so straight from my heart), maybe I will edit this later.
Will say where when I do so.
Reply to anonymous.
I've seen some people had trouble with that (read 'couldn't do'). But as I remember it had something to do with their operating system. They used Firefox.
I use WinXP as OS and Flashget as downloadmanager (so NO Rapidget !).

I'm (still) able to premium download on (now) both RS sites. No prob at all. It all goes automatically.
Later I discovered the way I did change to is described in the FAQ of So look also over there (and check the other buttons). Always first read the instructions and than do something.... :-)
I will not give garantee but my advice is to switch (when you use WinXP as OS).

Just one remark about premium points.
I don't give a damn about that ! I just want to have fun with my BLog ! Learn something about the internet and so on ! I also don't give a damn you and you and you are reading this. I see my BLog as a kind of personal diary where you 'broke in'... :-)
I know other people are just very keen about those points. Once you switch, your points are transferred to (as a 'gift'). On they will still raise but they are worthless. Only downloads from your new account will really raise your premium point.
As I wrote elsewhere (a few times and already a few weeks ago) my information (...) is that will close at last the end of this year!

I personally duplicated already all my links to (very easy to do ; explained at See there 'remote upload' : does 'the trick', very fast !).
Only disadvantage is you have to change all the info on your own BLog (if you have one).
But when is really closed you have to upload anyway. So why not now ? And this is soooo fast !

I don't give a damn about those points as I said but others will. Lot of people search for items on Google which you have on your BLog. They don't give a damn about your BLog and why you
are writing about your passion and give examples of low rate mp3's of your LP's. They don't want to discuss your items.
So they are just takers/leechers (as you my dear reader maybe are). I noticed my amount of downloads (some/few/super small compared to what I see elsewhere but I don't mind) but very few comments ..!!
Without comments/discussion any BLog will die eventually. Think about it !!!!!
What I want to say is that those people only look into Google's cache and download your links. So you get only worthless premium points (when you already switched to When you delete those old links (of course first transfer them to !!) they get a message 'link deleted by uploader' and maybe (maybe ...) they go to your site and see the new link and hopefully discuss with you.

Suggestion you/anyone read (I am more than quite certain there are a lot of other places/info also) :

So today no LP to listen to but something else very interesting to read and to reply.
Do you agree or not to what I've said above ?

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Wedding day : I wanna be your man ?

Ah well, the Beatles and the Stones. Will we ever agree ? Not in the past but of course we will (or at least should) nowadays.

It's just like a marriage. You see a nice girl and marry. But are all the other girls 'nothing' ?
Somehow one seems to stick to the first one you really like above all the others.

Somehow I think the same goes for your religion. Mostly you believe what your parents believe. That's why the world is so 'devided' in the Christian world, the so called moslim states, the Hindu world and so on.
Somehow I think the same goes for your political view. Aren't you affected by the thoughts of your parents ?
Somehow I think the same goes for .....
Ever thought about that ?
But do we fully disagree about the really important matters ? I think no, but we may disagree about the way it should be solved.
I like the sculpture of Rodin, the thinker.

Talking and discussing. I/we did that for hours. Just a few weeks ago I learned that the daughters of one of my best friends didn't like it much at the time (We never agreed and they'd mostly didn't win the discussion) but now they know how important that (educational) was for them. No one can teach them a lesson, they know what they are worth. Independent. Sooo important.

Ah, just some thoughts today. My 30th wedding day. Difficult talking or no talking at all. Problems. Living apart now for almost 5 years. No solution. I'm used to it now. Not satisfied, especially because of the children.
What will you, my readers, think about this all ?
I don't mind. It's MY personal Blog, MY diary as you wish.
You are only readers. Only 'takers'. Selfish.
How much did you do for others, your family, the society/community ? Think about it.

Back to the music you will be interested more/only .....
That's life ... :-(

Paul & John wrote I wanna be your man for Richard Starkey (Ringo, who didn't have much singing capabilities) but gave the song also to the Rolling Stones.
It was the first major hit of my fav Rolling Stones.

In the seventies I met a, to me special, girl and I wanted to be her her man.
So on my 30th wedding day I offer you this 1963 video song by the Rolling Stones.

See the comment and hope you like it.


Saturday, October 21, 2006


Big Night Out

As a dedicated Rolling Stones fan I have to inform you that, with a lot of pain in my heart, I will offer you today a 15 minute TV show Beatles - Big Night Out 1964_02_23.

So everyone can see for themselves the crazyness in those days.

Luckily there were also a lot of sensible people. They liked a real 'band' : The great majestic Rolling Stones !


Friday, October 20, 2006


Rapidshare.DE to Rapidshare.COM

Instructions for premium users to join the new RS site.

Go to your RS.DE premium account. Theres the date mentioned when your account will expire. Between brackets there's a number. Copy/write down that number.

Go to RS.COM.Click below on the page join premium. On the next page there's a banner RS.DE users join. Click.
You get a page where you have to fill in that RS.DE number. That's all you have to do.
You get new inlogname/number and pass. Put that in a safe place for future use.

Your info/links on the old RS.DE stays there.
Just did it, worked perfect.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Fairport's Full House

Sandy Denny has always been one of my favorite female singers. And today it was 'Denny's day' again. I wanted to share some of her music with you but unfortunately Rapidshare seems to have their servers full.
Sandy has also been part of Fairport Convention. I had already 'in stock' for you an old LP 70-Fairport Convention - Full house. Didn't have time to post it here, but now I will.
Sadly there's no Sandy on it but it's really worth to listen to.

AMG Review by Stephen Winnick & Bruce Eder
Fairport Convention is a group that has always beaten the odds — that's why a version of the band is working in the 21st century. By the time of this, the group's fifth album, key members Ashley Hutchings and Sandy Denny had exited the lineup, yet the group continued here without skipping a beat, for the first time without a female singer — and it turned out not to make a major difference. Richard Thompson and Dave Swarbrick took over as singers, and Dave Pegg (more recently of Jethro Tull) joined on bass, and the resulting album was actually more viscerally exciting than its predecessor, Liege and Lief, if not quite as important as that record, since it came first. Even vocally, this version of the group needed offer no apologies. Thompson, Swarbrick, Pegg, and Simon Nicol harmonize beautifully around strong lead vocals. Not only does the singing here retain the high standard of the earlier incarnation of the group (check out the harmony singing on "Sir Patrick Spens" and "Flowers of the Forest"), but the playing throughout has greater urgency and punch, from the rousing Thompson-Swarbrick opener "Walk Awhile" to the haunting, moody, dazzling nine-minute "Sloth," which remained part of the group's live set for years. An indispensable recording, and one that anybody who wants to truly know this band, or to take in some of the best work of Richard Thompson's career, must own (his playing on "Sloth" and "Doctor of Physick" makes it worthwhile). Swarbrick's fiddle and viola playing is also among the best of his career. Ironically, Thompson would make this his last full-time studio venture with Fairport, but what a way to go!

When I got your interest look in the comments for further details.
Don't bother me with remarks about the quality of this vinyl rip I've done in 1999 but positive remarks are very much appreciated : so feel free to do !

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Sunday, October 15, 2006


Cliff in Spain

I always quarreled with my sister about Elvis and Cliff in the old days.
Nowadays we like them both.

Someone asked for some Cliff Richard songs and he seems to be especially interested to get 63-Richard, Cliff - When in Spain in a short time.

Although I have quite a few I sadly don't have this, or do I ?
Well a few months ago I saw it at and downloaded it.
I wanted to give the link but sadly it's gone due to inactivity.
So I had to re-upload it but at the same time I can offer it to you, thanks to nong sey nyo !

To listen to Cliff in Spanish look in the comments.


Friday, October 13, 2006


Paul Simon happy birthday

Paul Frederick Simon was born Oct 13, 1941 in Newark, NJ.
So today Paul is celebrating his 65 birthday !

In a career dating back to the 1950s, Paul Simon has established himself among the best and most popular songwriters of the rock era. Growing up in Queens, NY, Paul Simon befriended schoolmate Art Garfunkel, who had an angelic tenor voice, and the two teamed up as Tom & Jerry, taking the names of the cartoon characters.
In the winter of 1957-1958, they scored a chart hit with "Hey Schoolgirl"; both were 16 years old at the time.
Look at the picture above. Isn't that cute compared to the way they looked when they recorded those well known songs as Simon & Garfunkel ?

Paul continued to try to score hits in the late '50s and early '60s, reaching the charts briefly in 1962 in the group Tico & the Triumphs with "Motorcycle" and under the name Jerry Landis in 1963 with "The Lone Teen Ranger."

I played today some of his solo albums but I also looked in my archives for some of his real oldies. I decided to offer you Paul as Tico.

Look in the comments to get some of those songs. Included is his small hit 61-Motorcycle. Sorry for the 'crackles' but that belongs to the real oldies.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Some Buddy covers

In the Don McLean's post a few days ago I told ya about the great booklet of the 6LP box by Buddy Holly. To be true I'm already quite some time (read years ..) busy with a Buddy Holly project to put all his songs together.
I must have at the moment 350-400 on various sources.

How sadly did Buddy die in a plane crash together with Ritchie Valens and JP Richardson (The big Bopper).
Here's one of the Newscasts about that crash. I have also a short videotape of the accident. Looked at it again last week and was wondering how things should have been if not ..... Memories.

Of course Buddy's been covered a lot. Look in the comments to listen to a few.
I have to thank for this !

EDIT 2008_10_19
The mp3's of this event only got 5 downloaders as of today... So I deleted this broadcasts.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


All I have to do is dream

By Cliff and Phil, a little older of course (aren't we all ?) both still sounding great ! Youngsters can learn about real singing.

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Monday, October 09, 2006


McLean, Don - American Pie

Was looking tonight in the great booklet belonging to the 6LP box The complete Buddy Holly.

When Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens died in the plane crash it really was to me the day the music died.

Don Mclean made a great song with that title on his second LP made in 1971.
Also included is the song Vincent which is about the great Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh.

See the comments to listen to it.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Moments of Popcorn on Laser radio

It's the first saturday of the month again so there are just a few hours to go to the next Popcorn show by Theo Dumoulin on Laser Radio.
You can count with us Popcornlovers using the counter on the left untill zero.
Tonight's show is called Moments of Popcorn named after #06 Davis, Joyce - Moments (to remember).
Moments to remember .... I intend to join Theo and his 'side-kick' Brigitte in the studio. Of course flowers to Brigitte and for Theo 3 DVD's with almost all of his shows of the R192 years in mp3.

What a superb choice Theo has compiled again. Look and look again at the playlist !
How many of these songs/singles/LP tracks do you have in your collection ? Five, seven ? Of course there are some songs we Popcorn lovers know for a long time but again he managed to get some completely unknown songs. I can already feel the enthousiasm in the chatroom when they are air played !

One of the songs Theo will play (#13) is the beautiful 64-Danleers - Were you there.
One can say this Brooklyn group was a one hit wonder. Their first hit 'One summer night' was also their only one : it sold over a million copies.
Still The Danleers became one of the most successful vocal groups of the late '50s.
After performing at Alan Freed's Labor Day Extravaganza at the Brooklyn Fox Theater The Danleers joined Frankie Avalon, Bobby Darin, Eddie Cochran, Connie Francis, Dion & the Belmonts, Buddy Holly & the Crickets, Clyde McPhatter, and the Coasters in a nationally touring road show.

See as usual the comments to get some extra info about the Danleers .... :-)

Saturday you can JOIN us at 20 hrs EET to have some wonderful oldies to listen to.
If you do and like the prg (and of course you will like it, I'm certain !) please leave a comment in the guestbook/gastenboek over there !


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Frank Zappa

When you look at my BLog you may think I only like the real oldies.

Yeah, that may be true but when I was at the university I was living in a kind of community on a farm and because of my (soccer) friends I learned about Frank Zappa.
We also attended a concert in my country. Made a lot of (great) pictures. Still have to digitalize them. Will do that when I am really retired ......
So the seventies are also a part of my live.
Sometimes I wonder why I liked that music at the time.

Made today 2 dvd's for my daughter with something they call today 'music'. Really hope she will like it. I don't.
Same goes for my musical appreciation. You can like/dislike it.
Take for instance Frank Zappa's music. I have 20 LP/CD's by him.
I personally like his early music. To a not American it is more understandable than his later compositions. I understand his later work is still great but I have the problem I don't really quite understand his orchestrations.

Anyway I had tonight an enoyable evening with (amongst 2 others) his
68-Mothers of Invention - Cruising With Ruben & The Jets

I know this may be not his best LP/CD but to me it brings backs back some nice memories of the end 60's.

See the comments.

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Monday, October 02, 2006


Booker T & Mar-Keys

Was listening last week to a lot of instrumentals by Ventures, Spotnicks, Johnny & Hurricanes, MarKetts, Booker T & MG's and also the Mar-Keys.

Here's LP 67-T, Booker & MG's & Mar_keys - Back to Back (Live Paris)

Look in the comments to join.


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