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Single songs 2008_november

From time to time there are suggestions or requests in the comments of my articles. Sometimes I honoured that in the past, but from 2008_july on (well, it will be a test) I will post them the last date of the current month.
Please note, my Blog isn't a request Blog. For that purpose sometimes other sites can be of help like Grumpy's Golden Oldies... But when I like a remark and if I can and have time I wanna be of some help.
Requests over here will not be posted or honoured ! Just specific comments about the songs are allowed and posted.

Songs will be available in the comments to download for just a very limited time !
If you just wanna listen click the play-button > on the left.

BoUmBoUm Frans v Schaik & Cor Steyn _City Theatre organ - Ketelbinkie _1954

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Flaming Star party Rotterdam

Quite a lot of my visitors have found their way to Rotterdamrebels. His links on the left will bring you today to Flaming Star. At the agenda section you will find an announcement of a great rock 'n roll party tonight in Rotterdam.

So why not today some rock'n'roll/rock'a'billy music ?

Rockabilly Rarities 2008_11_29
01-Lee Mitchell & Combo - Rootie Tootie Baby
02-Roxie Williams, Buddy Ray & Shamrocks - Fifteen Seconds
03-Lafayette Yarborough - Cool Cool Baby
04-Gene Parson's Band - Night Club Rock And Roll
05-Wesley Hardin & Roxters - Anyway
06-Tiny Tim ah Tornadoes - I've Gotta Find Someone
07-Jess Hooper & Daydreamers - All Messed Up
08-Turner & Charley Moore & Crystals - I'll Be Leavin' You
09-Dickie Damron - Gonna Have A Party
10-Tom Dorsam - Baby Of Mine
11-Billy Adams & Rock & Roll Boys - Rock Pretty Mama
12-Jack Kitchen & Rock-A-Billies - Hot Rod Boogie
13-Dazzlers - Something Baby
14-Lonesome Long John - Long John's Flagpole Rock
15-Junior Gravely & Rock-A-Tones - You Lied To Me Honey
16-Joyce Gree - Black Cadillac
17-Hender Saul - I Ain't Gonna Rock Tonight
18-Glen Glenn - Everybody's Movin'
19-Lee Mitchell & Combo - Who's That Big Man
20-NA Stephenson & Four Kings - Boogie Woogie Country Girl

As always... the comments.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving dinner prayer

Thanksgiving ... the old days....
Praying before dinner...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tom Shannon Presents Rockin' Rebels

Lately on Grumpy there was a request for the Rockin' Rebels. I promised to make a short post on mt Blog. A promise made is a promise kept....

Tom Shannon Presents Rockin' Rebels
---Tom Shannon Show Logo ft Angels
02-Wild Weekend
03-Rockin' Crickets
04-Another Wild Weekend
06-Happy Popcorn
07-Monday Morning
08-Sweet Little Sixteen
10-Wild Rebel
11-The Third Man Theme
12-Wild Weekend Cha Cha
15-Donkey Walk
16-The Stripper
18-Loaded Dice
19-Happy Popcorn
20-Anyway You Want Me
21-Theme From The Rebel
---Tom Shannon Show Wild Weekend Theme

Below is a 'button' called 'comment'.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Everly Brothers - Bye bye love

One of my first articles on my Blog was about a quite unique LP For Everly yours.
I found out internet and blogging is a nice thing. I'm also 'present' on other sites. One meets people, although not physically. My son plays poker on the internet for small amounts of money, just for fun. Poker is about bluffing... It's not ment for me. I like to be sure/certain. No gambling. Mailed with a professional poker player (well, she says she is). I am a kind of big brother also and I learned yesterday she's, like me, a fan of the Everly Brothers.....
So to 'bluffin' grandma Barbara an Everly Brothers video. Maybe she's forgotten the difficult lyrics. So for her a karaoke version.

Everly Brothers - Bye bye love

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Philly Cuzz - My Favorite Doo Wop Song

Another great song by Philly Cuzz off his Cool Bobby B Doo Wop Convention CD. This video is a tribute to all the great DJs who play Philly Cuzz on the radio and on-line. Philly Cuzz can be seen live in concert at the All Star Doo Wop Weekend Show in Hauppauge NY on April 25 and 26, 2009.

Philly Cuzz - My Favorite Doo Wop Song

Surprise... a 'familiar' face when you get to 2:27 into the video.... Wanda W !
For information, go to LAR Enterprises.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Carolyn Hester and Bob Dylan in 1961

Quite a while ago I told ya about the famous Midnight special sessions by Harry Belafonte and Bob Dylan. I told ya also about Bob Dylan's first ever official recording with Carolyn Hester. Last week I got a comment over there.
Time to 'complete' things.

Bob Dylan time line 1961
After performing at the Cafe Wha? on his first night in town, Bob continues to play in Village coffeehouses using the name Bob Dylan. Before long he receives his first paid gig at NYU's Student Center, then as the support act for John Lee Hooker at Gerde's Folk City. He performs at Carnegie Hall to a sparse audience of 53 people, mostly friends. He plays harmonica on Harry Belafonte's album Midnight Special. While playing harmonica at a session for Carolyn Hester at Columbia Records, Dylan impresses producer John Hammond, who signs him to a five-year contract. His debut recording, entitled Bob Dylan, contains two original songs and an assortment of blues and traditional covers.

Releases Including Guest Appearances by Bob Dylan
Midnight Special (Harry Belafonte) - RCA LSP 2449 (1962) (harmonica)
--Midnight Special
Carolyn Hester - Columbia CL 1796 (1962) (harmonica)
--I'll Fly Away
--Swing And Turn Jubilee
--Come Back Baby

This Carolyn Hester recording session
New York City, New York
Columbia Recording Studio A

Carolyn Hester - Guitar & Vocal
Bruce Langhorne - Guitar & Fiddle
William E Lee - Bass
Bob Dylan - Harmonica

Produced by John Hammond
01_02-Swing and Turn Jubilee (trad) / 03_07-Come Back, Baby (trad) / 08_09-Los Bibilicos (trad) / 10_11-I'll Fly Away (Albert E Brumley) / 12_16-Unidentified
03, 04, a splice of 15 and 16, and 10 or 11 released on Carolyn Hester _1962

Carolyn Hester interview 1992_may_24 about her, Bob Dylan and this recording.

Are you still with me (and clicked the links ?) or did you slipped it ?? Well, the LP.
Carolyn Hester - Carolyn Hester 1962
01-I'll Fly Away
02-When Jesus Lived In Galilee
03-Los Bibilicos
05-Dink's Song
06-Swing And Turn Jubilee
07-Once I Had A Sweetheart
08-Come Back, Baby
09-Dear Companion
10-Galway Shawl
11-Probre De Mi
12-Virgin Mary
Alternate takes :
13-I'll Fly Away
14-Come Back, Baby

The price of this album ? Not really expensive. An example I found on the internet.
CAROLYN HESTER Self-titled Columbia CS8796, 1962. ex-/ex+ $45.00
Orig 6-Eyes label stereo with orig Columbia insert. With BOB DYLAN, harmonica - his second time on wax, and the session where he was discovered by John Hammond! Bruce Langhorne & Bill Lee also accompany. In beautiful condition - looks unplayed! I would have given it a m-; but just in case... A bit of edgeware and small back cover tear.

A priceless mp3 sample can be found in the comments.

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Referring keywords

My blog is 'hosted' at Google's Blogspot. It's a blog about memories. I write/wrote about (mostly) oldies music. Big hits info will not be found here.
Visitors came to me by searching for artists like Elvis Presley, Emmylou Harris, Everly Brothers, Paul Anka, Jacques Brel, Rolling Stones, Beatles (in that order...), Fairport Convention, Little Richard, Sam the Sahm, Sam Cooke, Delaney and Bonnie, Connie Francis, Adamo, Roy Orbison and so many others.
Brothers and sisters also score quite well.
Popcorn is untill now, of course, the major music genre. Next month Christmas will be one of the major entries again.
This all means I seem to have something they are interested in and they hope to find rar-files of (live) albums which they can download.

Does this all make sense to you ? It does to me...

Thursday, November 20, 2008


End of Year Merit Award (2008)

Lately I told ya all about the possible Blog retiring of my dear friend BinkySpoons. He can recieve any moment his 8 million bucks.... Well, he is not the only lucky guy. Just minutes ago I got this e-mail.

End of Year Merit Award (2008).

Ref: CLUK/475061825,
Batch: 7056470902/138 and
Serial Number: 7937/16

We are delighted to inform you that your EMAIL Account has won you £500,000 GBP from the City Lotto program held in London.
You are to contact the claims director with the fellowing:

Claims Director: Mr. David Newton

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Ian William.
I suppose it has something to do with the email-adress of my humble Blog. A great honour and of course I will accept that prize. Agreed, less than what Binky gets but I am satisfied. For the rest of my life every day Vette or Kriek beer. I'm already searching the internet for a nice house in Hawaii. I wonder how many ladies will contact me now. We'll leave the rain over here and start a Popcorn dancingpub over there !!!!

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Grumpy's Golden Oldies Top20 2008_11_19

Grumpy's Golden Oldies is a personal website and is run by enthusiasts of historical pop music, for the interest of other enthusiasts, on a non-profit making basis. The objective is to introduce you to forgotten artists and songs.
So go to Grumpy's Golden Oldies and check the main-page. By the way, 'the site is best viewed with a bottle of scotch' (or gin.... as long as it is above 35%..).

Please, first read the rule-DETAILS (no simple requests like Four Tops - Reach Out I'll Be There) and just songs older than 25 years !! Write 'Artist - Song Title' with the first letter of each word capitalised in that order and without mistakes. It's easier to search.
Requests can be made in the GUESTBOOK and the songs can be found in the THE MUSIC IS HERE. Easy enough but please participate also in finding old songs !

Yesterday some problems occured with the guestbook (and not for the first time) so today a new guestbook is installed. To celebrate the new guestbook here are some songs which have been found lately and fit a littlebit in 'our' genre of oldies.

Grumpy's Golden Oldies Top20 2008_11_19
01-Andrea Carroll - It Hurts To Be Sixteen
02-Bob McFadden - Dracula Cha Cha
03-Brook Brothers - Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week
04-Conway Twitty - Hey Little Lucy (Don'tcha Put No Lipstick On)
05-Dick Glasser - Jeannie's Bikini
06-Gerry Granahan - Too Big For Her Bikini
07-Jeanette 'Baby' Washington - Let's Love In The Moonlight
08-Keith Colley - Enamorado
09-Little Joey & The Flips - Fool, Fool, Fool
10-Micki Marlo - Little By Little
11-Milt Buckner - Let Me Love You
12-Narvel Felts - Honey Love
13-Ron Goodwin - Kill Or Cure
14-Shirelles - (Mama) My Soldier Boy Is Coming Home
15-Six Teens - Stop Playing Ping Pong With My Little Heart
16-Sunny & The Sunglows - Talk To Me
17-Temptations - Isn't She Pretty
18-Vic Damone - Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
19-Weavers - So Long (It's Been Good To Know Yuh)
20-William Bell - Never Like This Before

More info in the comment section.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Best Of Johnny Preston

Johnny Preston is best known by his hits Running bear, Charming Billy and Cradle of love. All are included in this compilation. Baby you got soul, Billy's bag, Let me know, Summertime & A new baby for Christmas can be called Popcornsongs. Only the last one is included. Sorry.... Well, am I really sorry.... ? I could have done...

Best Of Johnny Preston
01-Do what you did
02-Feel so fine
03-Running Bear
04-Hearts of stone
05-Cradle of love
06-That's all I want
07-I wan't a rock 'n' roll guitar
08-Charming billy
09-Leave my kitten alone
10-Chief heartbreak
11-A new baby for Christmas
12-Madre de Dios (Mother of God)
13-Chosen few
14-You'll never walk alone
15-Little boy blue
16-Four letter word
18-Sitting here crying
19-City of tears
20-Kissin' time

The majority of these songs were recorded 1960 in the Bradley Studio in Nashville.
Grady Martin & Hank Garland guitar, 'Pig' Robbins & Floyd Cramer piano, 'junior' Husky & Bobby Moore bass, famous 'boots' Randolph on sax, Murray 'buddy' Harman drums and Elvis Presley's Jordanaires vocal on some tunes.
Info that makes sense for the real musiclovers, not for the downloaders....

Monday, November 17, 2008


First mail from US to Europe 20 years ago

Today, 20 years ago this very moment, the first not militairy mail was sent from the US to Europe. It was recieved by Piet Beertema at the 'Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI)' (Centre of mathematics) in Amsterdam. Europe was connected to the US internet.
The CWI in Amsterdam plays even today a major role in the internet. It's Europe's major 'backbone'.
How internet has changed our lives in those 20 years...

The historical e-mail..... Such a simple e-mail.....

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Only six weeks to go ?

In the header of my Blog I wrote 2 1/2 yrs ago : Will it survive two years ?
I wanted to learn about the internet. I wanted to learn about Blogging. I changed a lot of the original chosen template of this Blog. Testing/developing my brain.
I reached my goal to get at least a few dedicated regular visitors in two years. A few ? As of today over 225.000 visitors came to my humble blog.
The number of visitors increases but my personal fun decreases.....
I wanted to stop 2006_december. I expressed my concerns about my Blog's future. I postponed the Lucky Luke article since 2007_december several times.
I suppose 99.90% of you (....downloaders...) don't 'run' a blog.
I'm thinking why am I writing this ? Stupid me. I seem to have a wrong kind of expectation of mankind/visitors like you.
I just changed the dates of the dec_31 articles to dec_15 or so....
Only six weeks to go ?

Heeee, a new Blog : JeansMusicBlog - no moderated comments..... just in case....

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Rob Hoeke ah Boogie Woogie Quartet

The last days I had some boogie woogie on my Blog. I must admit I had an 'hidden agenda'... Today's article reveals what it's all about.

Rob Hoeke, born in January 1939, was in the sixties and seventees the most well known boogie woogie piano player in the Netherlands. He lost a few fingers in a car accident but managed to keep on playing his favorite music. Rob Hoeke passed away november 1999 in Krommenie due to cancer.
BinkySpoons (one of those UK soccer hooligans sometimes coming to Europe) will like the above picture : Rob with a cigaret and a Heineken beer..

On another Blog I found the following text and Youtube video's (...I edited it...).
Rob Hoeke founded his first Boogie Woogie Quartet during the mid 1950s featuring himself at the piano, Wim Bitters on guitar, Kees Kuypers bas and his brother Paul Hoeke on drums. They became known due to the fact that they won prices at the Loosdrecht Jazz Concours early 1960s. Thanks to this success they were allowed to make a record, titled Boogie Hoogie for the Philips label. I found a great film fragment from a Polygoon film journal, as played in the cinemas, about the Blues- and boogie festival for amateur piano players in Bergen, in the north western part of The Netherlands, probably somewhere in the 1970s. The Dutch speaking visitors of this blog will understand the commend of the announcer; others should know that the film fragment shows the winner of the contest, Gé van der Pol. The members of the jury were the three major boogie woogie piano players of the Netherlands, Rob Hoeke, Jaap Dekker and Rob Agerbeek. The piano player who sings is Rudy van Ingen and the woman is mrs Bluys. The final shot is the winner Gé van der Pol playing a boogie together with the three members of the jury (double quatre-main for the connesseurs....).

On the right : Boogie Train (Dutch Rob Hoeke, Jaap Dekker, Rob Agerbeek and the Metropole Orchestra) - Boogie on the move. Rob Hoeke is the guy on the left with the moustache and red blouse.

Moustache ?? All pianoplayers wear a moustache ! Hey moustache BinkySpoons..!!

I have 3-4 LP's of the guy including today's offer. It's a reissue in the Philips serie Favorieten Parade. The LP contains 12 tracks (mostly Rob's own compositions) with titles as Astrid's Blues, Jungle Boogie, Schoolday Boogie and Breakdown Boogie.
Mid 60's a house-organ, a Philips invention called the Philicorda, came on the market. Rob Hoeke had a contract with the Philips Grammophone company and so he was asked to promote this new organ. Half of the tracks are pure piano playing, the other half is organ playing.
I added some Philips Philicorda GM 754 series soundsamples (not on the LP itself).

Rob Hoeke ah Boogie Woogie Quartet - Boogie Hoogie _1964
02-You Are My Sunshine
03-Astrid's Blues
04-Honky Tonk Train Blues
05-Tony's Blues
06-Swanee River Boogie
07-Boogie Woogie Stomp
08-Schoolday Blues
09-Jungle Boogie
10-Walkin' The Rock
11-Blues For Kid
12-Breakdown Boogie

Philips Philicorda GM 754 soundsamples : Chord / Pointless melody / Whistling / Sounds like plastic / Vibrato effect / Mellow sound / Close encounters / Trying to sound like an oboa / Wheeeee
Take another step to the comments...

By the way, I am really interested what you think about the music of this LP.
I am also interested in your opinion about the results of my effort to digitalize this vinyl I did in 2001.... I do better nowadays I think. I use CoolEditPro if you are interested. Reach (some or a lot of) my offers the quality of a CD ?

Friday, November 14, 2008


Billy Vaughn's greatest boogie woogie hits

Billy Vaughn was one of the most popular orchestra leaders and pop music arrangers of the '50s and early '60s. In fact, he had more pop hits than any other orchestra leader during the rock & roll era. Billy Vaughn was also the musical director for many of the hitmakers on Dot Records, including Pat Boone, the Fontane Sisters, and Gale Storm. As a pop music arranger, his most distinctive feature was his clean, nonoffensive mainstream adaptations of rock & roll and R&B hits. Vaughn was also a recording artist, and he cut a number of albums of easy listening, instrumental music that were very popular throughout the '60s.

Billy Vaughn - Greatest boogie woogie hits
01-Guitar Boogie
02-Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
03-Honky Tonk Train
04-Humoresque Boogie
05-In A Little Spanish Town
06-Swanee River Boogie
07-Down The Road A Piece
08-Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar
09-Summit Ridge Drive
10-Boogie Woogie Maxixe
12-Sabre Dance Boogie

I fully agree with you when you say this isn't really boogie woogie but it's still a pleasure to listen to. It shows the way Billy Vaughn orchestrated his albums.
For normal Billy Vaughn's hitmusic check elsewhere on my Blog (use eg the label).


Thursday, November 13, 2008


'Tennessee' Ernie Ford's 16 Tons of Boogie

Three days of boogie (woogie) are ahead of you ; well kind of....

In his later years, 'Tennessee' Ernie Ford's little pea-pickin' heart was closely associated with gospel and patriotic music, but in earlier years he knew how to boogie. This 'starters' compilation includes all the essential material from that period : Sixteen Tons, The Shot Gun Boogie, Mule Train and Blackberry Boogie.

'Tennessee' Ernie Ford - 16 Tons of Boogie
01-Sixteen Tons
02-Shotgun Boogie
03-Mister and Mississippi
04-Catfish Boogie
05-Tennessee Border
06-Tailor Made Woman
(& Joe 'Fingers' Carr)
07-Smokey Mountain Boogie
08-Anticipation Blues
09-Kissin' Bug Boogie
(& Joe 'Fingers' Carr)
11-Mule Train
12-I'm Hog Tied over You
(& Ella Mae Morse)
13-Ocean of Tears
(& Kay Starr)
14-Blackberry Boogie
15-I Don't Know
16-Hey, Mr Cotton Picker
17-I'll Never Be Free
(& Kay Starr)
18-Rock City Boogie
(& Dinning Sisters)
The comment is the place to boogie tonight.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Cruisin 1970 Kris Erik Stevens WLS, Chicago

Number nine in my/the small serie of Cruising records. You can get more info about this serie at the great Cruisin' blog.

They were talking about weightier things, the Temptations were, riots and the environment and Vietnam and so forth, but their "Ball of Confusion" didn't just describe the world in 1970. It was also a pretty good metaphor for the state of the music industry and top 40 radio at the time.
It would have been simple if every 14-year-old had heard "Whole Lotta Love" in 1969, decided that top 40 radio as they'd known it was basically irrelevant, and made a beeline for the FM rock side. But that didn't happen - for one thing, most kids had to hear "Whole Lotta Love" on AM because there wasn't an FM rocker in their market yet. Besides, transitions take time. Remember that Doris Day was still having top 10 hits even after Elvis went into the Army.
That's why top 40 spent the next five years looking over its shoulder at rock radio but not, until the end, looking up at its rival. And that's why, during that time, almost anything went.
In the early 70's, you could say that top 40 tried to become FM rock radio and you'd be right. Listen to a tape of nights on KHJ, L.A.'s original "Boss Radio," in the early 70's and you'll hear a ton of album cuts - things that wouldn't even make the cut at classic rock radio today. You could say that top 40 radio went more bubblegum than ever in 1970 and, given the Osmonds, The Partridge Family, the Poppy Family, Bobby Sherman, Tony Orlando & Dawn, The Archies, and the Brotherhood of Man/White Plains/Edison Lighthouse/Pipkins (who were actually one British studio group), you'd be right, too.
More info about 1970 can be found in the text-file !

Cruisin' 1970 Kris Erik Stevens WLS, Chicago, Illinois.
Kris Erik Stevens - WLS opening
Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum
Sears Record Sale commercial / March of Dimes commercial / Weather/WLS sports
Drowning in the Sea of Love - Joe Simon
Joe Woods for Cook County Board commercial / WLS promo
Green-Eyed Lady - Sugar Loaf
WLS promo
Gypsy Woman - Brian Hyland
Coke commercial
Vehicle - Ides of March
Pantry Food Mart commercial / WLS More Music promo
One Less Bell to Answer - The Fifth Dimension
WLS News Special / 89 Hour Color TV WLS promo / Rock of Chicago
Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You - Wilson Pickett
Eastern Airlines commercial / Big Brothers of Chicago public service commercial / WLS Number One Oldie:
Will You Love Me Tomorrow - The Shirelles
Windy City weather / National Conference of Christians and Jews public service commercial / Carling Black Label commercial / Kris Erik Stevens promo / Pepperidge Farm commercial
Sunshine - Jonathan Edwards
George W. Dunne political commercial
Celebrate - Three Dog Night
Chicago Today commercial
New World Coming - Mama Cass

Kris Erik Stevens resume/where is he now.
He's the head of Kris Erik Stevens Productions, and for several years was the host of the weekly RADIO SUPER HEROES series in syndication for Radio Spirits.

To be continued in the comment section.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Last night Miriam Makeba died at age 76

You'll be overwhelmed today with the sad news Miriam Makeba died last night.

Miriam Zenzi Makeba was born in Johannesburg 1932_march_04. Her mother was a Swazi sangoma and her father, who died when she was six, was a Xhosa. In keeping with tradition, her full name contains the first names of her male ancestors followed by a one- or two-word description of their character. So in full : Zensile Makeba Qgwashu Nguvama Yiketheli Nxgowa Bantana Balomzi Xa Ufnu Ubajabulisa Ubaphekeli Mbiza Yotshwala Sithi Xa Saku Qgiba Ukutja Sithathe Izitsha Sizi Khabe Singama Lawu Singama Qgwashu Singama Nqamla Nqgithi.
Miriam Makeba died in the early hours of this morning (2008_november_10) in Castel Volturno, near Caserta, Italy, of a heart attack, shortly after taking part in a concert organized to support writer Roberto Saviano in his stand against the Camorra, a mafia-like organisation.

Famous hits were Pata Pata & The Click Song (Qongqothwane in Xhosa), both on this compilation LP.
Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata
01-Pata Pata
02-Ha Po Zamani
03-What is Love
04-Maria Fulo
05-Yetentu Tizaleny
06-Click Song
07-Ring Bell, Ring Bell
09-West Wind
11-A Piece of Ground

The comment is the place to be.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Harry Belafonte's greatest songs

No time, no message, no info. Just enjoy Harry Belafonte.

Harry Belafonte - My Greatest Songs
01-Banana Boat Song (Day-O)
03-Coconut Woman
04-Mama Look a Boo-Boo
05-Mary's Boy Child
06-Haiti Cherie
07-Island in the Sun
08-Matilda, Matilda
09-Jamaica Farewell
10-Jump in the Line
11-Round the Bay of Mexico
12-When the Saints Go Marching In
13-Come Back Lize
15-Try to Remember
16-This Land Is Your Land

Comment section for Harry...


Friday, November 07, 2008


Credit crisis.... will Binky Spoons retire ?

Already 2008_october_13 I told ya all about Binky Spoons... A guy who spends a lot of money to get nice Popcornsongs and shares them with you.
From his Blog yesterday (Thursday, 6 November 2008) :
A 'must' read : No creditcrisis for Binky Spoons.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Thomas, (grand)mother & father 20081105

Some things are of world importance, some things are of personal importance !
Yesterday, wednesday 2008_november_05 at 16.33 a new-born child : Thomas.
Congratulations to his father and mother, his grandfather and grandmother. Welcome to the world. Let yesterday's hope come to Thomas and other children !

Thomas, (grand)mother & father compilation 20081105
01-Skatalites - Hello (grand)mother, hello (grand)father
02-Art Garfunkel - Mary Was An Only Child
03-Birl Ives - Grandfather's Clock
04-BJ Thomas - Any day now
05-Carla Thomas - Gee Whiz
06-Carla Thomas - Guide Me Well
07-Cat Stevens - Father And Son
08-Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown - My child's child
09-Desmond Dekker - Honour Your Mother And Father
10-Duane Eddy - Guitar Child
11-Eric Clapton - Motherless Children
12-Howard Tate - Sweet Love Child
13-Irma Thomas - I Haven't Got Time To Cry
14-Irma Thomas - I'm Gonna Cry Til My Tears Run Dry
15-Jo Jo Bennett & Mudies All Stars - Mothers Love
16-Johnny Ray & Timi Yuro - A Mothers Love
17-Mitch Miller ah Orchestra - Children's Marching Song
18-Pat Hervey - A Mother's Love
19-Paul Simon - Mother And Child Reunion
20-Sam Cooke & Renee Hall Orchestra - God Bless The Child
21-Sam Hawkins & The Ho-Dads - Song For My Father
22-Simple Simon - Obey Your Mother & Father
23-Sugar Minott - Jah Jah Children
24-Toni Carol - Mother
25-Pat Thomas - Stranger On The Shore

Just copied from my own vinyl label... No CD quality but CD length....
The comments are open for congratulations !!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


President elect Barack Obama 20081104

What a historical day yesterday. Being a Democrat or Republican. Being a US citizen or from abroad. Being black or white. Being religious or atheist. Being.... We all have been present at a historical event : Barack Obama president elect.
We older people remember the days of hope for the future in 1960 with John F Kennedy. Now I am hoping the same way for your and my children.
Let's hope and pray there will be no crazy/insane/stupid person who makes an end to todays dream like we had beginning sixties !
An interesting note as you may recall. The difference between John F Kennedy and Nixon was 100.000 votes. Between Obama and McCain about 5 million votes....

After almost two years of campaining it is time to relax for Barack Obama.

President elect Barack Obama 20081104
01-Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart - L.U.V. (Let Us Vote)
02-Dickie Goodman - Mr President (One)
03-Dickie Goodman - Mr President (Two)
04-Unknown (to me) - Soul President Number One
05-Sophie Tucker - Sophie Tucker For President
06-Lou Monte - Elvis Presley For President
07-Rolf Harris - Ringo For President
08-Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy For President
09-Tides - Dear Mr President (JFK_Kennedy)
10-Ry Cooder - President Kennedy
11-Unknown (to me) - President Kennedy cha cha
12-Johnnie Taylor - I Could Never Be President
13-Helptones & Jah Lion - Mr President
14-Bongo Herman - Tribute to the President
15-Bongo Herman - Vice President
16-Treniers - We Want a Rock & Roll President
17-Roy C - Open Letter To The President
18-Tall T And The Touchers - Touching The President
19-Randy Newman - Mr President Have Pity On The Working Man
20-Ray Ethier - President's Walk

Barack Obama is in the restroom called 'Comment'....

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Are you lonely for Freddie Scott ?

Last saturday Theo Dumoulin had on his Eternal Popcorn playlist 28-Scott, Freddie - Forget me if you can. On my alternative playlist I offered you yesterday 28-Freddie Scott - He Will Break Your Heart.
To my surprise I got quickly a request for more Freddie Scott. Well here ya go.

Freddie Scott - Are you lonely for me _1967
01-Are You lonely For Me
02-Let It Be Me
03-Open Up The Door To Your Heart
04-Where Were You
05-Spanish Harlem
06-Shake A Hand
07-He Will Break Your Heart
08-Who Could Ever Love You
09-Cry To Me
10-For Your Love
11-The Love Of My Woman
12-Bring It On Home To Me

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Monday, November 03, 2008


Eternal Popcorn last saturday

As usual I prepared an alternative playlist to go along with last saturday's Popcornshow presented by Theo Dumoulin. So sad I couldn't access the internet so no post. Even sadder I couldn't listen to the show. Just minutes before ending the show I was able to get into the chatroom....

Better late than never here's my usual (alternative) playlist.
Please note, this is not a normal LP/CD, just some songs gathered from various singles/albums and even old 18cm tapes. I 'follow' Theo's playlist tracks but just use other songs by the same artists. I posted in the past already a lot of todays possible cover Popcorn songs so I compiled some tasty lesser-popcorn here !

Popcorn 2008_11_01 Eternal Popcorn
02-Artistics - Patty Cake
03-Doris Day - Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
05-Walter Jackson - That's what mama say
07-Major Lance - Mamma didn't know
08-Shirley & Lee - Now that it's over
10-Dusty Springfield - Long after tonight is all over
12-Billy Stewart - Fat boy
15-Barbara McNair - He's A King
16-Twilighters - Back To School
17-Parakeets ft Leroy Williams - My Heart Tells Me
18-Bobby Adams - Sixteen Years In The Making
19-Obrey Wilson - Hey there mountain
22-Robins - Riot In Cell Block #9
27-Freddy Butler - Give Me Lots Of Lovin
28-Freddie Scott - He Will Break Your Heart
30-Spaniels - I'll be waiting
31-Al Alberts - Before Tomorrow Is Yesterday
32-Titus Turner - Beautiful stranger
39-Liz Verdi - You Let Him Get Away
40-Valiants ft Billy Storm - This Is The Night

Music link to this 45 minutes compilation is in the comment.


Sunday, November 02, 2008


Long live Rotterdamrebels

Indorockersparadise didn't survive last fridays Halloween and closed freely its doors today. But no panic, Rotterdamrebels ressurected on Indorockers graveyard.

So for oldies in general, Popcorn and a lot (and when I say a lot I do mean a lot...) more pay him a visit !

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Internet connection problem

I'm an oldfashioned guy in many ways. I like the old way of behaviour. Be a gentleman, be polite. Open the door for the lady. Yeah, I know what's written in those etiquette books....
On the other hand I wanted to go along with the modern times and so I am working with (hobby) computers since 1980. The great Commodore 64 for example. How much fun it was to burn new (erasable) chips to replace the original Kernal. Programmed some DBase prgs. And with friends a word processor ; it even could 'justify' and wrap words at the end of a line but we never managed to include pictures.... I also made a personal version of Monopoly which found it's way into the hobby circuit. I stopped programming while making a car crash game. Suddenly I thought/understood I was inventing the wheel again...
Got in 1986 a job offered as senior-director medical advisor at an insurance company. Within a day I had cracked their Symphony (a kinda 'Lotus' prg with spreadsheet, word processor and DBase). Fun to watch the IT guys' faces. Liked to program again in Microsoft DOS.
Didn't wanted to 'upgrade' to Microsoft Windows. Thought I couldn't get 'control' on it and I like (and am used...) to be in control... But had to.
Finally entered the internet world over 2 1/2 years ago. I really must say, it is very interesting and fun. So much to discover like for instance how a search machine like Google works....
Only problem with internet is sometimes I can't control things. My provider had since friday evening internal technical problems (not the first time btw) so I couldn't access internet for about 50 hrs. Felt handicapped.
I suppose a lot were awaiting for my today's Popcorn posting.... Well, I will beginning next week.

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