Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I was in France : Richard Anthony

Last week I had to be some days in France. To me a little ('understatement'...) chaotic country. We have a saying in my country about that...... :-)
Had a little time to look on a flee markett.
Found some nice old LP's (like Edith Piaf and Les Compagnons de la Chanson) and even a great Barclay 10-cd box of Dalida (I think I must have her complete now in one effort .... and it did cost me only $40 !!)).

Next saturday (I anti dated this post ....) there will be another Popcorn prg by Theo Dumoulin on Laser radio so I present you here a nice French compilation by Richard Anthony. Cin cin is a nice Popcorn song and is included as you will see when you look in the comments.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Fairport Convention - Unhalfbricking

Unhalfbricking was Fairport Convention’s third LP and featured the legendary Richard Thompson on guitar, the now sadly deceased Sandy Denny as vocalist, Ashley Hutchings, the “John Mayall of UK folk rock,” on bass, Simon Nicol, the longest serving Fairporter on guitar, and Martin Lamble on drums (who tragically died in a traffic accident before the album’s release).
This album preceded Liege & Lief, the first Fairport LP to feature mostly traditional folk songs and, in many ways, Unhalfbricking was a transitional album.
Bob Dylan was strongly represented. His “If You Gotta Go, Go Now” was translated into French – Fairport were well educated – and the result became a UK Top 30 hit single. They adopted an invigorating Cajun style on this and “Million Dollar Bash” (at the time an unreleased Dylan Basement Tapes composition).
Denny’s “Who Knows Where The Time Goes”, surely her best known composition, was later covered by Judy Collins.
The longest track is the traditional song “A Sailor’s Life”, which Denny had been perfoming for some time in folk clubs. This jaw-dropping epicf was recorded in a single take, and saw folk fiddler Dave Swarbrick duel at length with Thompson’s guitar.

The enigmatic picture on the sleeve shows Sandy Denny’s parents outside their garden – it is at once very English and slightly unsettling (the group are visible through the fence).

And the odd title ? A word Denny coined in the course of a word game the band were playing on the road.
John Tobler in "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die" (and printed on the back sleeve of the UK re-issue).

My friend Willem is a huge fan of soccer club FC Utrecht as well as Fairport Convention's Sandy Denny. I know he also has this LP Fairport Convention - Unhalfbricking.
So two times FC U ... :-)
As a personal present to him is in the comments some extra info to this LP.
Hope he likes it (well, I'm sure at least tracks 3 & 6).

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Friday, November 24, 2006


Jive competition

Already quite a while ago someone attended me to some marvellous clips called Jive competition on Youtube. Here's an example.

There are several so you can choose yourself over there.

Isn't that great dancing ?? Today they are just 'standing'and/or shaking .... :-)
It looks sooooo natural the way they dance. It's so fluently.
Someone made this comment on YouTube :
That makes me want to jive !!! Jiving is not mooving the feet in every direction... Jiving is listening to the rythme of the music and that's exactly what that couple does with perfection !!! It's a great pleasure to look at them !!!

The title of the song is obvious but who's the singer ?
My humble guess is Gibson, Don - Sweet sweet girl.
Other possibility is Smith, Warren - Sweet Sweet Girl.

In the comments I placed 2 links to these great performances.
Is there someone out there who can help me definitally identify this song ?

Edit : V-Tone helped me out. Thanks, appreciated your comment !!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Beetles new album

Tomorrow a new music album will be released.
It seems a certain George Martin and his son have done a great job by remastering old songs and fully using the 5.1 sound system.

I think dedicated fans of that Liverpool group will certainly want to have this.
But will other music lovers ? What will it add to everything already available ?

This ends the advertisement space I've reserved for this local Liverpool group.
It seems the price is quite fair ($10-15 or so) so no reason not to buy it.
This is also way to new so no download possibility !

I'll listen now to the greatest R'n'roll Band in the world : The Rolling Stones !!


Saturday, November 18, 2006


When were you 21 ?

Today, saturday, a friend (that's to say an internet musical friend, never met her) celebrates her birthday.

Don't dare to ask how old she's now but certainly not 21 anymore.
Maybe double that.... Hope she will still be pleased...
Hope also she will be pleased with this little image to honour her (although that pipe .... probably not appropriate).

I'm not invited to her private dinner but still want to give her a propriate present.
She likes old German/French and even Scandinavian music.
Was a fan of European off shore radio station Radio London. In my archives nothing interesting for this day I think.

So I decided for this Cliff Richard celebration album 21 Today which was issued in 1961_10_14.
Was she already born then ?
Cliff is still singing. I think he was/is a great artist. I remember his superb spontanious live 'a capella' performance at Wimbledon some years ago when the tennis matches were suspended because of the rain. Was a great 'sing a long' session.
Could any of the present 'artists' do such a thing ? Don't think so.

So only for her is in the comment the link to this mono LP. Really hope she likes it.
Don't you reader dare to get this also !!!
For not insiders : the song Outsider is a wel known 'mellow Popcorn classic' and is on this LP.

Mrs MM, as Clairette sings 'With all my heart' (many thanks !!), I hope you/your husband and family/friends have a very pleasant day !!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Waikiki's - Hawaii tattoo

I think The Waikiki's were a so called one hit wonder and became famous in Europe with their great (biggest) hit Hawaii tattoo.
They were a Belgium group who played a lot of these songs. I think they mostly played in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Her is my/their Hawaii Tattoo LP. Note, this is of course from vinyl, so not so good sound quality as you all desire. But you will have to accept it as always ....
I made the sleeve at the right by scanning left/right and than copy/past. So that's why you see a vertical line ... :-)

I played last week quite a few Hawaiian music. Felix Mendelsohn is an example, sooo good.
Look in the comments for this Belgium Hawaiian music. Hope you will like it.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Star Sisters in concert

During the second World War there were a lot of US/UK entertainers who performed for the troups.
Amongst them of course The Andrews Sisters. My mom liked them soooo much.

In the Netherlands there was in the seventies a producer Jaap Eggermont who got a lot of succes with his series 'Stars of' on which Dutch singers covering old hits in medleys like it was original.

He also made an LP 'Star Sisters in concert' on which the 'Paay sisters' acted as if they were The Andrews Sisters.
When one listens to this record it's just like you are present on such an old evening.

On the left is the announcement and on the right the setlist for this superb extra ordinary evening. In the comments is my personal invitation to attend.

EDIT 2007_07_17.
On this day I posted a videoclip Star Sisters proudly presents Andrew Sisters Medley which 'belongs' to this Star Sisters in concert LP !

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


My daughter got her driver's license

My two children are the most important things to me in my life.

In august my daughter got her driver's license. She passed the test the first time. In that respect she's just her daddy .... :-)

But as a father I'm also very curious how she drives. Well last week we went to the Mall Store to do some shopping. She said 'I will not go into the parking place, it's too difficult.'
One has to trust one's children. I always try to remember how I/we acted when we were that age (soooooo loooong ago ...).
Her parking went great.

Gladly I didn't choose a school which was the cheapest but the one who was the best in our region.
I must admit she did drive very good.
Ahhh, she's just my girl !

I live in the country side.
Hope this will not happen to her .....

No. I'm certain. She will drive very well.
I'm proud of my daughter. I will always love her.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Bob Dylan - Modern times

I lost Bob Dylan out of sight in the early seventies.
My last LP's I bought were 69-Nashville Skyline and 70-Self portrait. The later albums became more and more too difficult to understand for me.

After I heard two songs of his latest CD I decided to listen to it in our small local music store. Well was that a refreshing CD and so I decided to buy it.
Listened to it now several times and must say it stays refreshing.
Of course there are differences but this CD reminds me to those (country) LP's.
Played them also again. To me Bob Zimmerman is 'back'.

Take a look in the Music Bible for an extensive review.

No download possibility, just buy it : you will not be disappointed.


Friday, November 03, 2006


Diamond Popcorn

Next saturday it's again mister 'mellow Popcorn' Theo Dumoulin with his show on Laser Radio.
This time the show is called Diamond Popcorn because of #18 Darren, James - Diamond head.
Doesn't everyone recall his great hit 61-Darren, James - Goodbye cruel world ?

Jimmy "Moondoggie" Darren also performed as a special guest in The Donna Reed Show (starring Shelley Fabares as "Mary Stone" and Paul Petersen as "Jeff Stone"). Lots of hits... many performed on Donna's show in glorious black and white... many songs from "Bye Bye Birdie"... can be heard by these three on Teenage Triangle (1963) and More Teenage Triangle (1964) about which Cub Koda writes
The practice of grooming teen idols and marketing them through popular TV shows hasn't changed much in 50 years, and in the early '60s, these three artists were reaping hit records as the career bonus for appearing on network TV and in teen movies like Gidget. This is pop-rock lite with a nary a sneer or swagger to be found in its 24 original tracks and, as such, makes a perfect little bird's eye view of the state of pop in the pre-Beatle 1960s. These two albums were taken from various solo sessions by the three that produced singles on the Colpix label and hits like "She Can't Find Her Keys," "Johnny Angel" and "Goodbye Cruel World" are all present on this reissue. The only track that features all three of them together is an ear rending version of "Put on a Happy Face" that strains the limit of just how much nice an average listener can actually stand. Believe it or not, pop music was once this simple.
Yes I like the simple Popmusic. If you also do look in the comments !

When you look at Theo's great playlist Diamond Popcorn you will also find at #13 his ending tune 63-Marketts - Bella dalena. Look for this song my very first Popcorn posting 2 april.

I had fun writing this again so I hope you will JOIN (just click this to attend live !) us at 20 hrs local time (when the Popcorn counter on the left goes to zero !) to have some wonderful oldies to listen to. If you don't you will really miss something !!!

Last month I joined Theo and Brigitte in the studio. They had such a warm welcome for me !
I'm certain there will be an even more warm welcome to new listeners. You can even join the 'chatroom' to participate live !!
On the Laser site there is a 'local way' to chat (Click on top on 'chat' ; twice ??) but when you use MIrc or similar here's the necessary info.
Server: IRCnet
I hope this is usefull. If there are prob's please comment so I can try to help you better next time.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Michael Chapman

An advantage of a huge music collection is that one listens to a wide variety of music.
In the seventies I bought that 'golden' LP you see on the left by Michael Chapman and I was soooo enthousiastic.
Mozart lives upstairs, Wrecked again, Polar Bear fandango, Shuffleboat River farewell are great songs.
You can imagine I like also JJ Cale, the bluesy part of Eric Clapton, Randy Newman and so on. Just lay back and listen.

If you don't know Michael Chapman take a look in the comments for a 'best of'.

Wanna see more ? Click the archive buttons in the left bar !

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