Thursday, December 31, 2009


Farewell to my friends and supporters

Hi all. This final post is to say thank you to everyone who has visited and enjoyed my humble JeansMusicBlog.

The blog was much fun for me, accent on was. But as I stated before (for over a year...) the fun was going down. So many visitors a day (400 at the moment....), so many downloads and so little comments......
As much as I enjoyed re-arranging the looks of my Blog, the writing about music and sharing a very small part of my collection, I simply don't like the take and leave thing. Some responded with a comment : appreciated. Some anonymous, but why not with Frank or Ann ? To the majority even hitting the button below every post (added 2008_may or so) to 'rate' it seems to be too much of an effort...
Compare it to the time a complete article and upload takes to make. Very often about two hours... In 900 days I made 730 articles....
In my opinion in return a Blogger has to be fed with, at least, comments... : participation is necessary.
I better use my time to people (ladies...) who appreciate me a little bit more...

I started my blog to have fun, not to be just a free mp3 corner... It gives a bad taste in my mouth how things turned out.
You cannot buy official copies of most of my over 700 posts. My blog didn't wanted to take from the artists (or recording company for that matter !), but tried to keep them alive in the public eye.

In the header of my Blog I wrote will my blog survive 2 years ? To be true, I first wrote just one year.... Well it did, to my own surprise. But in a better Blogging world, it could have go on for a very long time.

I want to thank the nice people who supported my blog by giving comments or additional info or suggestions/requests. In the open or in private by mail..

My blog is comment moderated. It means I have to approve every comment.
So I opened a blog called JeansMusicBlog_comments which is not moderated. Everyone can say whatever you like over there.
I suppose in time I also wanna tell you over there what my (blogging) plans for the future will be like the unfinished bussines... Cruisin serie for example.

Take care my friends and may God bless each and every one of you on your life's journey.

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