Saturday, April 01, 2006


It seems I finally made it !

This old man has fixed on april fool's day 2006 his own Blog !
What will the future bring ?
Surprise surprise.

Don't expect to see a posting every day. One or two a week will already be an effort for me because I'm still a very busy guy. But who knows with your help ...

Jean Dupree

Congratulations Hans, you did it!
This blog looks great and you even have a nice logo (great artwork from Per!)Thanks for the info and links to rare music. I'm looking forward to the next posting.
Keep on the good work.
I wish you Happy Blogging.
Dear Hans, This was to be expected, but it might cost me another external harddisk. Thanks anyway!
does Per do requests?
i am looking for a logo already for a looooong time !
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