Saturday, April 01, 2006


Williams, Dicky - The same motel

For over more than 20 years I heard on the radio 'Williams, Dinkie - The same motel'. Since then looking for it, nice/funny text etc. Couldn't find it.
In nov 2005 I entered the new era : we also got broadband internet.
Within 2 days I got it. Searched for the wrong name : had to be Williams, Dicky - The same motel.

It gave me mixed emotions.
Was very glad my search ended successfully, but on the other hand this way almost every wish can be fulfilled (so quickly).
I like to have wishes. I like to be glad that maybe next week/month/year .. maybe ..

Anyway my opening bid on this Blog is Dicky in a motel and what does he hear from the room nextdoor ? On the wrong end of a cheatin' song : what was hé doing there ?
If you don't know the song, in the comment is the info (please note, this is only for your listening pleasure, NOT an advice/suggestion ...!) :

Can anyone provide me with technical date ?

EDIT 2008_august_14
Here are the scans.
So The same motel is the b-side.
Price is very reasonable, just a few dollars.

EDIT 2009_07_08.
From the comment section : Dicky Williamsmusic & Dicky Williams Music blogspot

I hope there will be some nice popcorn over here !!!!
Funny song, Hans.
I like it. ;-)
The old link has expired because of time limit.
So here's a new one.

Copy/paste into one link :

I'm starting to work through your blog, from the back forwards in time. What a hilarious track!
According to the artists website:
the track was released in 1986. It has the feel of an older track.
You are right Alan. As I said I was looking for this song about 20 years after I first heard it on the radio. But it sure sounds early 60's rhythm & blues.
And it sure is hilarious !!!
By the way, I am working with Mr. Dicky to promote his new CD, AND he is going to re-record the song, In The Same Motel, with a new line in it. His new site went live today, and there's not much to see yet, but keep checking back.
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