Sunday, January 14, 2007


On this day 1954 : Marilyn Monroe marries

One of the most famous actressess was certainly Marilyn Monroe. Not only on the screen but also because of her personal life.
We all will remember that screenshot in the movie The Seven Year Itch.

Look at Wikipedea for Marilyn Monroe's biography.

Joe DiMaggio was a famous New York Yankee baseball player. His biography can also be found on Wikipedia.
So check for yourself.
On this very day in 1954 they married. I just wanted to tell ya.

May 1962 Marilyn Monroe 'performed' Happy birthday mr president to John F Kennedy.

I have a whole LP by her but just want to share only this 'song' because she also seemed "to have been involved with the Kennedy's" to say it nicely...
I like Kennedy's 'thanks' to her at the end. :-)

If you also want to listen :
Marilyn's Happy birthday song to John F Kennedy

'Anyjazz' has some more nice info about Marilyn Monroe on his Blog 'Thinks happen'. Just click his links over there, you'll not be disappointed !

I linked your page to this one. I tried to do a page for Marilyn's birthday last year and found some very interesting items. There is so much material on the idea that I did two other pages. They are all linked together.
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