Tuesday, October 23, 2007


A BLog (actually 2) without music

I like music and write about it, give some examples.
But music isn't all there is in Blogging. It's interesting to learn something about internet. The way others start and maintain a Blog.
Last year I noticed by accident a link to my BLog. Did take a look over there. NO music at all.
Ann (the woman of this picture compilation) just seems to be doing like me, though in a different way. Watched her 2006 'test sessions' for the "Idols-header".
Ann has only one weak point : she likes the Beatles instead of the Rolling Stones ..... :)
Why don't you pay her a visit at her now restyled Twilightcyclesong or her new AstrologySong Blog (although personally I'm not into that).
Apart from my personal view, that astrology Blog may be of interest to you.

Jean - Hi!

Thank you for featuring my blog - much appreciated.

I do have music on my astrology blog though - I compile videos using graphics and a music track - so although I discontinued my music blog, I still like to include a tune now and then.

Thanks again for the link.
I'll add your blog to my own links.
Hi Ann,
what a coincidence about my birthdate, isn't it ?
Well I suppose you'll say something like 'not at all, it's just Mars and Venus ....'
To be true, I really was asthonished.

Yes I know you have some music on the Blog.
But it is soooo different from most (music)Blogs, so that's why I wrote that.

The way you write about your hobby's astrology and music and putting it into one issue makes your blog so refreshing and interesting to read for everyone !
Hope a lot of my readers will take the chance to pay you a visit too.
It's worth their time !!!
She's on MY list for sure!
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