Thursday, July 19, 2007


Dutch Soccer Intelligence

Like in every sport there's every year improvement in material and so on.
For instance in ice-speed-skating the Dutch introduced about 10 years ago a new skate, the so called slap shoe. So the Dutch women did won almost every tournament instead of the, at the time, 'unbeatable' German Gunda Niemann (by the way, in my opinion a great sportswoman). A year later everyone used this skate which improves the speed with 2%.
Famous Prof. Dr. Jacob Pennie from Football Union Intelligence explains together with his associate Prof. Dr. Harco de Boer in this video how the Dutch soccer team will win every match from now on.

It's obvious the Dutch will be the next world champion providing this info doesn't leak to the other nation coaches. So please keep this to yourself .... :-)
I placed in the comment a Rapidshare download-link to this video.

Dutch Soccer Intelligence

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