Monday, July 09, 2007


Ending a career takes sooo much time

I suppose most (or all ??) of my visitors just come to me because of the music they can 'download'. Am I right ?
I mean it's a bit disappointing I just noticed there was this last week no (indeed : none !!!) comment about my retiring.
I suppose that will be the same to the people I dealt with all those years.

As I wrote a lot of months ago people are 'selfish'. I'm glad I'm the opposite. Have now for over 45 years done enough (back) to the community/society.

Last night I slept for the first time in about 15 years 8 hours in a row. What a privilege.... My neighbours told me they saw today less stress in my eyes.....

Last week I indeed slept a lot. Four hours sleep, five hours up, six hours sleep, eight hours up, three hours sleep, six hours up.
You watch something like 'ER' ???? Nice to watch but you don't understand 'the pressure' when you have their responsability in real life ........
Yesterday I did a little bicycle tour. Just 5 miles. I needed oxygen......
I'm so priviliged to live in the country side. Today I was busy in my 'private garden'. We turned down 6 big trees to make more 'space'. There are enough trees left to sit in the shade.
So this 256 feet high 'Google Earth' overview of my property isn't correct anymore ....

This evening I was busy writing letters to a lot of firms I dealt with. Saying thanks by helping me all those years. So I'm still quite busy.
Well you are not interested in this bla bla. But this BLog is my diary !!

Listened this evening to some nice songs by Emmylou Harris, Dion di Mucci and Troy Shondell.
I promise I will post at the end of this week some music again ! Suggestions ?

I hope you are able to enjoy the loss of stress and anxiety in your life. I have visited this blog off and on for the last few months and I must admit, I am not one to leave comments. Just not very verbal I guess. But I would be very grevious if I did not let you know that I have enjoyed very much my sojours through your blog.........the music is always first rate.......but even better is your comments and personal insights into why you choose what you choose. God Bless.........hope I can continue to come and browse......thank you!

ps..........I am 62 and retired on disability.........Ohio, USA Jeff
Hi Jeff.
Thanks for the comment : appreciated !!

Consider starting a BLog of yourself.
Started myself 2006_april_01.
Learned a lot of what the youngsters may consider simple.
Try to 'compete' with them, keeps my mind fresh ....

Had/have a lot of fun doing this BLog. My BLog isn't an 'important' BLog but I like what I'm doing.
Give it a try, I'll make a link for ya !!
If not : happy surfing and all the best !!
Hope you have a great retirement experience! My friends have been retireing recently, and I have been ripping CDs I call, "Music For Retired Persons" (Mantovani, Enoch Light, The Three Suns, etc) Best Wishes,
Hi anonymous,
I assume you are not retired at the moment.....
After almost one month I can say I feel sorry for ya. Feels sooooo good ! No agenda anymore !!
Don't agree your choice 'Music for retired persons'. Still too 'soft' for me. I still prefer a more rock'a'billy style at the moment.

Anyway, thanks for the reply !
"I suppose that will be the same to the people I dealt with all those years."

I get the impression you had that last job for a very long time. I just lost the job I've had for the longest time (11 years); before that never more than 5 years before quitting or being laid off (made redundant). Only 1 person has kept in touch with me from all of those jobs. Such is the way in today's world - if you did not know them before the job, you probably won't afterwards.

I used to look forward to retirement for the reasons you are enjoying it, but I have 12 years to go and my pension plan/fund is my faith in God. So now I worry a bit, and sometimes I wonder if not lasting that long might be a blessing in disguise.

BTW: You really are out in the country. My cousin rented a place similar to yours, but with no yard - just a driveway into a corn field to a house with about 3 feet of grass around it.
Yes Rodney, I did 'my thing' for about 35 years.
It was not just a job. A lot of people in my profession call it 'a way of living, of existance'....
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