Sunday, July 29, 2007


Hot Rods & Custom Classics #1

Was yesterday writing about cars.
The last track on this (first !) album gives the pure wonderful sound of Mike Young's 1960 Chevrolet Exotica Impala !

Other titles are Dee, Ronnie - Action Packed, Duals - Stick Shift, Vincent, Gene - Cruisin', Berry, Chuck - Maybellene, Shore, Dinah - See The USA in Your Chevrolet (advertisement), Collins Kids - Hot Rod.

Well, you know where to look ...

Hot Rods & Custom Classics - Cruisin' songs & highway classics 1

01-Advertisement - New Car Attitude
02-Dee, Ronnie - Action Packed
03-Duals - Stick Shift
04-Runoinowitz, Tex - Hot Rod Man
05-Stray Cats - Hotrod Gang
06-Vincent, Gene - Cruisin'
07-Golden Earring - Radar Love
08-Lindley, David - Mercury Blues
09-Berry, Chuck - Maybellene
10-Mitchum, Robert - The Ballad of Thunder Road
11-Eddy, Duane - Forty Miles of Bad Road
12-Rever, Paul & Raiders - SS396
13-Shore, Dinah - See The USA in Your Chevrolet (advertisement)
14-Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe
15-Collins Kids - Hot Rod
16-Howlin' Wolf - Mr Highway Man (Cadillac Daddy)
17-Williams, Hank - Lost Highway
18-Junior Brown - Highway Patrol
19-Monroe, Bill - Heavy Traffic Ahead
20-Mr bear ah Bearcats - Radar
21-Watson, Johnny 'guitar' - Motorhead Baby
22-Freeman, Denny - Led Sled
23-Advertisement - Steve Wertheimer's 1951 Mercury Custom & Mike Young's 1960 Chevrolet Exotica Impala

So note : WE had this Chevrolet Impala Bel Air car ! What a sound !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

File is a small 50MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

Copy and paste into one link :

Pass : 070728

File is a small 00MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

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