Tuesday, July 03, 2007


It's indeed all over ..........

Haven't slept last night because of the forthcoming hours.
After having worked for 45 years it's finally all over.
Today was the last day I was in charge, felt the responsibility.
In my opinion 'responsibility' is the keyword in everyone's life.
Well... last day..., not really. Yesterday was my last day and I had to do 'my things' all alone, without any help. This morning I didn't 'work'. Just fixing the last personal and legal things ending with the signing of the official certificate's at the notary.

No celebration, no party.
One starts anonym and in my opinion one has to leave like an ano in any job !
I never understood why there has to be (to some people....) a party at the end of a working career (or even before when someone leaves after, let's say, just 10 years....).
Don't you just (have to) do what you were educated for ? Note : and for certain paid by your community ! Your education and by so also your 'status' is paid by your community, it's not just your merit !
I've done my best for the people who were my responsabilty and although we all understood we had differences regarding race/color/religion/sex and so on we respected each other and we could get along very well.
The political leaders (pfff....) seems to make the differences, not the people.
In my opinion it should be just the way around. Despite the differences we can get along very well. I did with 'my people' and they certainly did with me !
I honestly am very grateful/thankful to 'my people' !!!!!!!!!

Hope I have done right to the (just a rough guess) 20.000 people who have gone through my hands in all those years. I certainly must have made mistakes but I'm glad I didn't made fatal mistakes.

I'm just a simple man (as I say in my profile) regarding my back ground and I'm proud of that. I really consider 62-Nash, Johnny - Deep in the heart of Harlem appropriate to me. Only difference is it really is possible to get out of 'your' ghetto speaking of 'status/money'. But in my heart I will always belong to 'my roots'.

Here are some pictures of this, to me very emotional, day.

On the left a front picture from where I worked the last 17 years.

On the right my so loyal, fine, trustworthy, beautiful assistant (I can better say co-worker !!!) Hennie. I owe her soooo much ! We worked together for about 30 years and went through only a few bad days when things didn't worked out as we planned but the rest were just good days.
I can't remember when she was ill. Maybe two days in all those years. Trustworthy ! Thank you, it was more than a pleasure !!!!!!!! You're my girl !!!!
We both say we didn't had a job to do, we had a vocation. So true !
For the first time in 30 years Hennie called my by my real Christian name. I felt so honoroud !
I hope you will have a pleasant time with my succeeder but even more with your husband René and your fine family like your mother (and I'll always remember your deceased fine father), Marian, Mike jr & Barbara, Babette, Mattias and your friends Ronald or 'Dixie' and others we had so much fun with in person or on the phone.

Also my thanks go to Pauline and Ann who were always so loyal to 'our people'. Even in dark times when there were problems.... I understand this is quite 'vague' to my readers but Pauline and Ann will understand and that's what most important to me.

How silly it may be to the people who know me my thanks also go to my (ex-)wife Agnes.

My son is taking my last personal belongings in his car. He stayed the rest of this day beside me. At the end we had a simple but very fine Chinese dinner.
The next picture shows on the left my advisor. He did very well. Thank you Gert. On the right the person who will be in charge of 'my stuff' from now on. I wish him and his employees a sincere 'good luck'.

The moment of moments for me. On 2007_07_03 at 11.53 I sign my withdrawal.

And when the same minute the notary also signs I'm officially retired !
My bussiness isn't my bussiness anymore..... I'm not in charge anymore.

Now I'll take a '2 months sleep' and than I'll see what the future will bring for me.

EDITED 07_aug_10

What a touching commentary on your retirement. I brought tears to my eyes. I wish you the most happy retirement. You deserve it!
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