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Today 1966 : Bobby Fuller found dead

Bobby Fuller (October 22, 1942 – July 18, 1966) was an American rock singer and guitarist best known for his classic "I Fought the Law".

At a time when the British invasion and folk rock were culturally dominant, Fuller stuck to Buddy Holly's style of classic rock and roll with Tex Mex flourishes.
His recordings reveal the influence of Eddie Cochran, the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Little Richard and the Everly Brothers in cover recordings and original compositions, as well as instrumental surf guitar. Less well known was Fuller's ability to emulate the reverb-laden surf guitar sounds of Dick Dale and the Ventures.
His first Top 40 hit was "Let Her Dance" written by Bobby Fuller. His second hit "I Fought the Law" hit #4 on Billboard and was written by Sonny Curtis, a former member of Holly's group The Crickets, and recorded by the line-up of the Fuller brothers, James Reese on guitar and Dalton Powell on drums. His third Top 40 hit was the Buddy Holly cover song "Love's Made a Fool of You".

Just after "I Fought The Law" became a top ten hit, Bobby Fuller was found dead in a parked automobile near his Los Angeles home. The police considered the death an apparent suicide, however many people still believe Fuller was murdered. He was found with multiple wounds all over his body and covered in gasoline leading many to speculate that the perpetrators fled before they could set the car on fire. He is buried in the Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills Cemetery in Los Angeles. Dead at age 23, Fuller barely outlived his idol, Holly, who died at 22.

It would be too easy to offer one of his many Greatest hits compilations.
Instead I post the above less known 1966er LP Celebrity night at PJ's where Bobby performed on the famous Sunset Strip before an audience of (in those days) hot Film and TV stars like Sally Field (see the back of the included sleeves).
So go to the comment where I also placed a link to the video itself. By the way, it's a version with a jailhouse set from From Hullaballoo.

Hé Svinx this clip was played on the Veronica reunion contest ! Remember ?

Fuller Four, Bobby - Celebrity night at PJ's _1966

01-Fuller Four, Bobby - I fought the law
02-Fuller Four, Bobby - Brown eyed handsome man
03-Fuller Four, Bobby - A new shade of blue
04-Fuller Four, Bobby - Let her dance
05-Fuller Four, Bobby - CC Rider
06-Fuller Four, Bobby - Anytime at all
07-Fuller Four, Bobby - Medley _My babe_Keep a knockin'_Long tall Sally
08-Fuller Four, Bobby - Vamp introduction
09-Fuller Four, Bobby - California sun
10-Fuller Four, Bobby - Do you wanna dance
11-Fuller Four, Bobby - Wooly bully
12-Fuller Four, Bobby - Gloria
13-Fuller Four, Bobby - Oh boy
14-Fuller Four, Bobby - Carol
15-Fuller Four, Bobby - Thunder reef
16-Fuller Four, Bobby - High heel sneakers
17-Fuller Four, Bobby - Slow down
18-Fuller Four, Bobby - Think it over
19-Fuller Four, Bobby - Medley _Money_shakedown

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I am a muscian here in El paso. I have had the pleasure of working with Bobbys Drummer,Dalton Powell several times. He is both a great drummer and a great guy!
Take care partner, Herb
Just mentioning a name and you again have a memory ! Great !
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