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This week 1957 : Elvis peaks #01 UK first time

The King of Rock 'n' Roll had this week fifty years ago 9 previous UK hits before finally reaching the peak position #01 with All shook up !
No one could predict at the time it was just his first UK number one which would end with his 18th number one in 2002 ! So Elvis Presley was about 45 years present in the UK charts.
The weeks before UK skiffle man Lonnie Donegan was #01 with the great Puttin' On The Style / Gamblin' Man and after 7 weeks in the charts Elvis' position was taken over by Paul Anka with his nice teen pop song Diana.

Position #01 and volume 01 sounds almost the same..... After retiring from my job this is my first real new post marking the start of a new beginning !
It was quite easy why to pick Elvis for this post.
One can argue about the importance of any artist but to me Elvis was the most influential. I have a huge amount of his (unofficial) albums, complete recording sessions and so on.
I still did buy about 10 years ago that terrific 50CD box at $500. Every two weeks a new CD was delivered by mail.... One can never have enough of the man ! I can listen a whole evening to him without getting bored.

I dedicate this to my little (not anymore..) sister Elizabeth....
At the time we quarreled a lot. I was a Cliff Richard fan, she an Elvis fan.
Me : He can't sing, he even makes mistakes like in Fame and fortune. Listen to this song carefully at 1.15 .....
My brains must be quite good 'cause I still remember our quarrel after 50 years. Dear sister, time heals all wounds .... (....but I'm right ....).

Look in the comment for a link to my vinyl of Elvis' Golden Records (still no volume number ....... but a lot followed !).


Elvis' Golden Records 1958_04
Vinyl, almost no restauration

01-Presley, Elvis - Hound dog
02-Presley, Elvis - Loving you
03-Presley, Elvis - All shook up
04-Presley, Elvis - Heartbreak hotel
05-Presley, Elvis - Jailhouse rock
06-Presley, Elvis - Love me
07-Presley, Elvis - Too much
08-Presley, Elvis - Don't be cruel
09-Presley, Elvis - That's when your heartaches begin
10-Presley, Elvis - Teddy bear
11-Presley, Elvis - Love me tender
12-Presley, Elvis - Treat me nice
13-Presley, Elvis - Anyway you want me (that's how I will be)
14-Presley, Elvis - I want you, I need you, I love you

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