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Elvis Presley #2, Today tomorrow and forever

Just 15 days to go........the 30th remembrance of Elvis' death.

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of his death, RCA's four-disc Today, Tomorrow, & Forever presented fans in 2002 with 100 tracks of previously unreleased Presley, a parade of alternate takes — both very welcome and curiously not so — and scattered live recordings from throughout his career.

In compiling Today, Tomorrow and Forever, RCA aimed to include material from every significant phase of Elvis Presley's career, starting with his 1954 Sun Records sessions and concluding with three studio recordings from 1976. The idea was to present some unreleased material from every step along the way, mostly in the studio, for which it exists.
The first question that many fans may have is, "After all these years of Elvis Presley CD reissues, compilations and rarity-laden box sets, how could RCA possibly come up with yet another 100 unreleased tracks that are compelling?" ... Jørgensen's answer was simple: Presley recorded over 1,000 different songs during his career (including home recordings), so there's always been a lot to choose from. And more importantly, RCA's intensive search for missing Elvis tapes throughout the '90s has yielded impressive results.

Among the highlights: seven songs from an incendiary set recorded in Arkansas on May 16, 1956. Note these are different live recordings I offered in my first post about Elvis.
Also a 1959 version of "The Fool" recorded with Elvis alone at the piano while serving in Germany. I have a nice 4CD box set about that period. It gives a nice insight in what he was doing at that moment.
My personal highlight is the raw version of I want to be free.

It's worth to pick this 4CD box and play it. Well, at least I can.
I offer you in the comment only the first CD. If you like it you'll have to buy the box-set itself (I suppose there will be a re-issue of this kind of material). Otherwise you'll have to do with this, sorry.


Presley, Elvis - Today, Tomorrow & Forever (alternate takes_Box set)

01-Harbor Lights - (alternate take 3)
02-I Got A Woman - (alternate take)
03-Shake, Rattle And Roll - (alternate take 2)
04-I Want You, I Need You, I Love You - (alternate take 13)
05-Heartbreak Hotel - (live)
06-Long Tall Sally - (live)
07-I Was The One - (live)
08-Money Honey - (live)
09-I Got A Woman - (live)
10-Blue Suede Shoes - (live)
11-Hound Dog - (live)
12-Rip It Up - (alternate take 14)
13-Don't Forbid Me / You Belong To My Heart
14-I Beg Of You - (alternate take 5)
15-Peace In The Valley (For Me), (There'll Be) - (alternate take 1)
16-Is It So Strange - (alternate take 10)
17-Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do - (take 17)
18-Loving You - (alternate take 6, farm version)
19-Treat Me Nice - (alternate take 6)
20-Young And Beautiful - (alternate takes 4 & 5)
21-I Want To Be Free - (alternate takes 3 & 4)
22-Steadfast, Loyal And True
23-Doncha' Think It's Time - (alternate take 48)
24-I Need Your Love Tonight - (alternate take 4)
25-I Got Stung - (alternate take 16)
26-Fool, The - (alternate take 1)

Link :

Of course you understand to replace twice the '#' in an 'a' !!

Pass : 070801

File is a small 55MB 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

When you see this in Google cache (or alike) you actually have to go to my BLog and this comment otherwise you cannot

copy/paste this !
If you don't wanna come to me you can of course also write it down ...... :-)

Other three volumes (just info....):

CD 2
01-Make Me Know It - (alternate takes 17 & 18)
02-Are You Lonesome Tonight? - (alternate takes 1 & 2)
03-GI Blues - (alternate take 5)
04-Pocketful Of Rainbows - (alternate take 3)
05-Flaming Star - (alternate takes 4 & 1)
06-Swing Down Sweet Chariot - (alternate takes 2 & 3)
07-Lonely Man - (alternate take 1)
08-There's Always Me - (alternate take 2)
09-Can't Help Falling In Love - (alternate take 26)
10-I'm Yours - (alternate take 5)
11-Follow That Dream - (alternate take 3)
12-Anything That's Part Of You - (alternate take 8)
13-King Of The Whole Wide World - (alternate take 3)
14-Gonna Get Back Home Somehow - (alternate take 2)
15-Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You, A - (alternate take 4)
16-They Remind Me Too Much of You - (alternate take 4)
17-Mexico - (alternate take 2)
18-Witchcraft - (alternate take 3)
19-Today, Tomorrow And Forever - (take 2, with Ann-Margret)
20-Ask Me - (alternate take 2)
21-Roustabout - (alternate take 8)
22-Puppet On A String - (alternate take 10)
23-My Desert Serenade - (alternate take 7)
24-Please Don't Stop Loving Me - (alternate take 10)
25-This Is My Heaven - (alternate take 7)
26-Never Say Yes - (alternate takes 1 & 2)
27-Hide Thou Me - (home recording)

CD 3
01-Love Letters - (alternate take 2)
02-If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side - (alternate take 4)
03-Come What May - (alternate takes 3 & 4)
04-Indescribably Blue - (alternate take 1)
05-Long Legged Girl - (alternate take)
06-Love Machine, The - (alternate take 3)
07-You Don't Know Me - (take 3, movie version)
08-Big Boss Man - (alternate take 9)
09-We Call On Him - (alternate take 8)
10-Stay Away - (alternate take 14)
11-US Male - (alternate take 7)
12-Wonderful World - (alternate take 15)
13-Guitar Man - (alternate take 1)
14-Where Could I Go But To The Lord - (alternate take 4)
16-Almost - (alternate take 6)
17-In The Ghetto - (alternate take 20)
18-True Love Travels On A Gravel Road - (alternate take)
19-Let Us Pray - (alternate take)
20-Baby What You Want Me To Do - (live)
21-Funny How Time Slips Away - (live)
22-Runaway - (live)
23-My Babe - (live)
24-What'd I Say - (live)

CD 4
01-See See Rider - (live)
02-Polk Salad Annie - (live)
03-Walk A Mile In My Shoes - (live)
04-Next Step Is Love, The - (alternate take 6)
05-Life - (alternate take 2)
06-Snowbird - (alternate take 2)
07-For Lovin' Me, (That's What You Get) - (alternate takes 9 & 10)
08-Until It's Time For You To Go - (alternate take 5)
09-Fools Rush In - (alternate take 9)
10-Thing Called Love, A - (rehearsal take)
11-I'll Be Home On Christmas Day - (alternate take 9)
12-Where Do I Go From Here - (alternate take 5)
13-No More - (alternate take 1)
14-Take Good Care Of Her - (alternate take 3)
15-I Miss You - (alternate take 1)
16-I Got A Feeling In My Body - (alternate take 1)
17-If You Talk In Your Sleep - (alternate take 5)
18-Promised Land - (alternate take 2)
19-Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming - (alternate take 10)
20-Pieces Of Life - (alternate take 1)
21-For The Heart - (alternate take 4)
22-She Thinks I Still Care - (alternate take 10)
23-Hurt - (alternate take 5)
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