Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Elvis Presley #4, his final live performance

This month 30 years ago we moved into the house I'm still living and from which I showed you earlier this year some pictures.
A new house has to be cleaned. It has to be arranged the way one likes it. It's so empty at such a moment : no chairs, no dinner table, no bed etcetera.
But one thing was working : my small radio-tape recorder. So while working we played a lot of oldies tapes. It was fun. Did sing-a-long a lot with Buddy Holly, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Jerry Lee Lewis, little Richard and of course also Elvis Presley.

On january 8 I wrote about Elvis' birthday in 1935. Look for the complete posting my post archive 2007 January 8.

Quote from that post.
I decided to give you his last (unofficially recorded ...) performance from Indianapolis, Indiana, on June 26 1977 the evening concert at 8:30 PM !
Sound: "Audience Recording" (..not so good quality... ha ha, you will certainly be surprised). Reportedly from a tape recorded from the 2nd row center.

Available on many inferior sounding cd's : "The Last Show" , "The Last Farewell" , "The Last Live Session" , "The Last Concert".
But this one is definately the best sounding release of this infamous and historic concert.

How could we imagine this was his last performance ?? August 17, 1977, was to be the start of another tour.

If you want this last recording you really have to go to my January posting. In the comment over there is the complete info to it !


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