Sunday, August 05, 2007


Hot Rods & Custom Classics #3

Cars, cars, cars..... Here's the third part of this serie.

Again great car songs like the famous Diddley, Bo - Road Runner, the hits Playmates & Hugo Peretti - Beep Beep & Delicates - Black & White Thunderbird & Vincent, Gene ah Blue Caps - Pink Thunderbird & Riddle Orchestra, Nelson - Route 66 Theme.

You can see in the comment the complete tracklist.

Hot Rods & Custom Classics 3

01-58-Collegians - Let's Go For A Ride
02-68-Canned Heat - On The Road Again
03-88-Hiatt, John - Drive South
04-55-Groves, Ernie 'big boy' & Band - I Gotta New Car
05-56-Berry, Chuck ah Combo - No Money Down
06-82-Edmunds, Dave - Dear Dad
07-59-Smith, Leon - Little Forty Ford
08-63-Grand Prix - 41 Ford
09-91-Phranc - 64 Ford
10-96-Green Hornets - Stolen Car
11-87-Ramones - Go Lil' Camaro Go
12-59-Diddley, Bo - Road Runner
13-58-Playmates & Hugo Peretti - Beep Beep
14-59-Delicates - Black & White Thunderbird
15-57-Vincent, Gene ah Blue Caps - Pink Thunderbird
16-63-Costums ft Gary Usher - 54 Corvette
17-63-Routers - Sting Ray
18-62-Riddle Orchestra, Nelson - Route 66 Theme
19-58-Jan & Arnie & Adam Ross Orchestra - Gas Money
20-70-Stewart, Rod - Gasoline Alley

Link :

Of course you understand to replace twice the '#' in an 'a' !!

Pass : 070728

File is a small 45MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

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