Monday, August 06, 2007


Hot Rods & Custom Classics #4

Cars, cars, cars..... Finally the last part of this serie which I started july 29 !
So go back untill that date if you want the set complete.

Again some classic car songs like Pickett, Wilson - Mustang Sally & Williamson, Sonny Boy - Pontiac Blues & Ronny & Daytonas - GTO & Berry, Chuck - No Paticular Place To Go but also Flying Burrito Brothers ft Gram Pasons - Wheels !!

Again, you can see the complete tracklist in the comment.

Hot Rods & Custom Classics - Cruisin' songs & highway classics 4

01-66-Pickett, Wilson - Mustang Sally
02-64-Sanders, Arlen & Pacifics - Hopped_Up_Mustang
03-64-Dale, Dick & del_Tones - Wild, Wild Mustang
04-63-Quads - 409
05-93-Spaniels - Automobiles
06-62-Allison, Mose - V8 Ford Blues
07-51-Williamson, Sonny Boy - Pontiac Blues
08-64-Ronny & Daytonas - GTO
09-65-Carol and Cheryl - Go Go GTO
10-64-Randell, Bobby & Knickerboclers - Bite Bite Barracuda
11-58-Allen, Honey Boy - Ford V8
12-64-Berry, Chuck - No Paticular Place To Go
13-63-Shutdowns - Four In The Floor
14-58-Carrol, Jimmy - Big Green Car
15-58-Four Teens - Spark Plug
16-54-Medallions - Buick 59
17-60-Fugitives - Freeway
18-75-Pure Prairie League - Two Lane Highway
19-63-Dudley, Dave - Six Days On The Raod
20-69-Flying Burrito Brothers - Wheels

Copy and paste into one link :

Pass : 070728

File is a small 45MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

When you see this in Google cache (or alike) you actually have to go to my BLog and this comment otherwise you cannot copy/paste this ! If you don't wanna come to me of course you can also write it down ...... :-)
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