Saturday, August 18, 2007


Popcorn top20 _2007_08_18

Retired......but busy, busy, busy........
Worked in the garden, did some small bicycle tours, tried to post every day on my Blog but also found time to play a lot of oldies.
I decided to make a personal 'Popcorn top20' of songs I played last week from various LP's/CD's.
Well Popcorn is not exactly the right word. I've added also some other songs.

01-Joy, Benny - Money Money
02-Turbans - When You Dance
03-Johnny Rebb - How Will It End
04-Holden, Ron & Thunderbirds - Here I Come
05-Wooley, Sheb - Meet Mr Lonely
06-Johnny MacRae - Such A Fool
07-Spaniels - Everybody's Laughing _live
08-Johnny David - I Met A Girl
09-Halll, Linda - You Don't Have A Wooden Heart
10-Guytones - Ooh Bop Sha Boo (Give All Your Love To Me)
11-Hardy, Francoise - Il Tuo Migliore Amico [Ton Meilleur Ami]
12-Gene Cook - Silly Girl
13-Everly Brothers (Phil Everly solo) - Made to Love
14-Dowell, Joe - Poor Little Cupid
15-Martin, Dean & Easy Riders - Memories Are Made Of This
16-Hank Price III - How Will It End
17-Misty Bonner - I Can't Sit Still
18-Stone, Judy - Break My Heart, Break
19-Vartan, Sylvie - Dum Di La
20-Stan Vincent & The Dwains - The Snark

Some remarks
#01 Always liked this instrumental
#02 Superb Popcorn song in my opinion
#04 We all know his hit Love you so. This is almost the same song, so you know what to expect
#05 A little 'Tyuana sound', nice song
#06 Maybe not Popcorn but I find it so funny
#07 This is Popcorn, but here is a live version
#09 Nice answer record to Elvis' (although Joe Dowell recorded his version a few days earlier ..) Wooden heart
#13 A very rare version sung by Phil Everly sec with just his guitar (a not issued demo). Superb ! I'm a great fan of the Everly Brothers
#16 I've put two versions in my compilation. I think this is the best version of this Popcorn song.
#17 I'm sure you can't sit still listening to this rock'a'billy...
#19 Going through some old Sylvie EP's I found this (again..)
#20 An instrumental to end with

Note this is not an official LP/CD but my personal compilation. Look in the comments when you think it's valuable to you.



Of course you understand to replace twice the '#' in an 'a' !!

Pass : 070818

File is a small 40MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

When you see this in Google cache (or alike) you actually have to go to my BLog and this comment otherwise you cannot copy/paste this ! If you don't wanna come to me of course you can also write it down ...... :-)
So go back to 'Google search' and click on my main 'Blog link' instead of the 'Google cache'.
Or click on this page on 'home' and go to the '2007 august archives'.
thank you for this music.
popcorn or not, it's a nice compilation and i enjoyed it.
Halo Dupree,

Ik Ben van de zelfde menning als Luc.

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