Thursday, August 16, 2007


Today 1977 : Elvis Aaron Presley died

Yesterday I told ya about cleaning our new house these weeks in 1977. It was sunny and we made a lot of fun. A new life was ahead of us.
Suddenly there was a radio announcement.
"Elvis Presley died this morning at 08.42 hrs local time".
Well the cleaning and the fun was over. Had to sit down, couldn't believe it. But when the hours went by we had to believe the news. It became a sad day.

Read somewhere and you'll all agree with what Rolling Stone Mick Jagger has said : "No-one, but no-one, is his equal, or ever will be. He was, and is supreme."

I suppose there will be placed a lot of memory posts all over the internet. Preferably with a lot of albums in one post (so you can buy it...)... The more the better...
I don't like that.
Instead I have something special for my visitors. I'm almost certain this will not be available elswehere. I assure ya, you will not be disappointed downloading this ! Just take it and give your comment if you like it, but please don't reveal the content or I will not publish your comment.

This 5th post about Elvis completes my celebrating of the 30th anniversary of the death of 'the king'. Hope my stories and the musical offers I gave did interest ya.

His life had ended, a new life was still ahead of us. We all moved on. That's life...



Of course you understand to replace twice the '#' in an 'a' !!

Pass : 070815

File is a small 50MB, 'cause this treasure is as always only in 128kbits

When you see this in Google cache (or alike) you actually have to go to my BLog and this comment otherwise you cannot copy/paste this ! If you don't wanna come to me of course you can also write it down ...... :-)
So go back to 'Google search' and click on my main 'Blog link' instead of the 'Google cache'.
Or click on this page on 'home' and go to the '2007 august archives'.
I have to download it just to see what it is...

I was going to ask if you know about after seeing your Train Station compilation (he likes to compile all versions of songs about one subject - one of the latest was marijuana), then I saw it on the bottom of one of your pages.

BTW: Grumpy pointed me your way. I hope you understand that some of us music fans are only just now finding places that have been around for a few years, even though we have been online for a long time, and we just _have_ to work our way backwards through the archives to see what else is posted. I discovered you and Zakkorama the same day; you guys really know your music.

I've been converting my vinyl to CD for a year now, and am about 1/6 done. (Cassettes were easier - 2 tracks: side A and side B.) With all of the music I have, what I don't have is is also huge. It's really nice to be able to fill in the gaps in the collection, especially as most is no longer in print. It is also nice to read the history and be reminded about some of what I knew about these people when I was younger, and to also learn new stuff.
Yes Rodney, Philxmilstein is a great site. Everyone should visit him at least one time.

It is fun to digitalize one owns music. Figuring out for the best results. And one listens also, maybe for the last time, very carefully to the songs...
But it is of course also handy to get some songs from others who have done the same before.

Hope you, and everyone else, like my contribution to remember 'the king'.
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