Saturday, August 04, 2007


Tonight we have to play our own Popcorn ....

A weekend without Popcorn music ? Impossible !
So we play our own records. OUR recordplayers and vinyl are intact ..... :-)

It's time to play 1959 song The Mystics - Hushabye on a 1956 Philips automatic record player. Enjoy the video.

No Popcorn show by Theo Dumoulin on Laser radio today ?
That maybe so, but we play those kind of records every day.
Theo has a very high standard on his 'mellow' Popcorn. I think no-one can compete with him. But the genre 'Popcorn' itself is broader.
So instead of Theo & Brigitte's broadcast I present you here a personal compilation and I hope you will like it.
So please note, this is a quick personal compilation of songs I listened to last week ! You cannot buy this anywhere !!
Made this in a hurry tonight so please no offence if you don't consider some songs as 'Popcorn'. I know, I know, I just think these are nice songs to listen to or are special in one way or another.
The tracklist of my choice to about 80 minutes listening pleasure.

01-Mystics - Hushabye
02-Tracy Pendarvis - A Thousand Guitars
03-Charles Aznavour - 19 Donne Tes Seize Ans
04-Mimms, Garnet & Enchanters - A Quiet Place
05-Prince Buster - Al Capone Guns Don't Huck You
06-Troy Ferguson's Country Gentlemen - At The Jamboree
07-Turner, Titus - Bla Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha
08-Miss X (Joyce Blair !) - Christine
09-Platters - Day-O
10-Barry & Tamerlanes (Barry Devorzon) - Don't Go
11-Sedaka, Neil - Feliz Cumpleanoz Dulces Dieciseis (Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen)
12-Anka, Paul - Hello Jim (French Version !!)
13-Mike Taylor - He's A Lover
14-Idalia Boyd - Hula Hoppin'
15-Arnell, Ginny - I Wish I Knew What Dress To Wear
16-Hallyday, Johnny - Johnny Lui Dit Adieu (Tell Her Johnny Said Hello)
17-Mouskouri, Nana - Laissez Moi Pleurer
18-Bennett, Jo Jo & The Mudies All Stars - Leaving Rome
19-Adamo - Mis Manos En Tu Centura (Mes Mains Sur Les Hanches)
20-Jamie Horton - Missing
21-Rich, Charlie - Philadelphia Baby
22-Celentano, Adriano - Stai Lontana Da Me (Tower Of Strength)
23-Bell Notes - Stay With Me
24-Anthony, Richard - Tchin Tchin
25-Baker, Lavern & Jackie Wilson - Think Twice
26-Moreno, Dario - Tout L'amour (Passion Flower)
27-Dey, Tracey - Who's That
28-Brown, Maxine - Yesterday's Kisses
29-Alexander, Arthur - You Better Move On
30-Corsairs - Dancing Shadows _1962_Tuff_1830
31-Gary Micks - Johnny Dollar
32-Marisa - Christine
33-Baker, Lavern & Jackie Wilson - Think Twice (Version X_Great_Horny !)

I did choose of course this one because of the Youtube video.
The broader side of 'Popcorn' also involves a lot of reggae songs. This one is from 1967.
I wrote about this song and Joyce Blair earlier. Check the sex scandal with former UK foreighn minister John Profumo on my Blog. Use the search button on top.
This Paul Anka's song is soooo well known. But do you have the French version ? So hard to find ! Well here you can get it !
Idalia Boyd was the little sister of Little Eva (Boyd) who was of course the baby-sitter of Carole Klein (Carole King you all will know....) and Gerry Goffin. Doesn't this song make you happy ?
Ginny Arnell sings about 'the important things' every girl in this world faces.....
I have so much music. I 'know' so much (no actually...!!!) but I can't recall the original English version of this song. Can you help me out ?
Certainly not 'Popcorn' but I just like this one.
The original by the Fraternity Brothers is a real Popcorn classic. But this one isn't bad at all. Maybe change the speed a little....
The above picture shows the cute Tracey Dey and her producer Bob Crewe.
I have only six of their songs but in a very low quality. This vinyl is an example.
I would be very glad if someone has a better version for me. Is there a CD mastered from the original recordings ? I would be very glad to get a copy !

Nowadays every CD has a few so-called bonus tracks, so here are mine .....
This is the same song as #04 by Garnett Mimms but with a different title on the label. Just discovered his recently.
Almost an exact copy (but less 'sexy') of the original by Joyce Blair. Sung in French !
Can someone tell me something about Marisa ?
This song was issued on a Canadian label, so I suppose she's Canadian instead of French.
If you like exceptional oldies this is really 'a must have' !!! I have never seen this somewhere else on the internet !
Have a lot of these kind of studio outtakes. Always nice to listen to what the artists were doing 'outside' the official recordings....


Link to the music :

Of course you understand to replace twice the '#' in an 'a' !!

Pass : 070804

File is a small 75MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

Link to the video :

Same procedure with the '#' and 'a' ...!!

When you see this in Google cache (or alike) you actually have to go to my BLog and this comment otherwise you cannot copy/paste this ! If you don't wanna come to me of course you can also write it down ...... :-)
So go back to 'Google search' and click on my main 'Blog link' instead of the 'Google cache'.
EDIT !!!!

The correct archive link is :
Aaaaaa !!! Can't believe that you have Hello Jim in French ! It was on my Grumpy's list (oops...)
Halo Dupree,

Bedankt voor een zeer mooie samenstelling.

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