Tuesday, September 18, 2007


For Sale: Belgium, a kingdom in three parts

Noticed this on E-Bay few days ago.....
You don't have to look now because it's removed for a reason I really don't know..... :-)

For Sale: Belgium, a kingdom in three parts
Opening bid : Euro 1
Bidding ends : 2007_sep_25
Specification : Second hand

Kingdom in several (3) parts, can be bought as a whole (but not recommended), can be bought in parts.

I. Flanders
highly traficated and very heterogeneous architecture (as well art nouveau as spanish hacienda style), hard working people understanding American english (due to an overdose of episodes of Dallas), catholic but not fanatic. Be aware some Flemish (not to confond with Amish) are 'practiserende Vlamingen' and you recognise them easily by their Lion Flags (hand model or life size flag). As a whole easy to govern provided that you dont cut mobile phone traffic or television broadcasting. If you do so you will see what. Oh yes, in possesion of a seaside (50 kilometres) and flashpilars ( 'flitspalen'). What to say, when you meet them: it is the one and the other ('t is t' een en t'ander) in case of emergency, Say it is not true (Zeg dat het niet waar is) in all other circumstances.

II. Brussels
Lively village with nineteen lord mayors and a government on top. The real Babylon with several coexisting minorities. Nice realestate taken by National, Regional and European institutions. Still opportunities in the Bois de la Cambre for de luxe flats. Possibility to establish farming facilities both on Grand Place, De Brouckère, Place Rogier and on the Boulevards (contact mr. Pascal Smet). What to say when meeting with a Brussels subject: Hello good morning (Zeg, draag ik soms iets van U. Quoi tu veut ma photo!)

III. Wallonia
First become member of Parti Socialiste which makes it easier in many ways to establish your situation. Has plenty of water (sometimes sparkling), tons of old iron, acres of woods, several homebrews, ingenious shipptraffic (The Pending Slope of Roncquiers), The Shape head quarters (tax fee cigarettes!) and German speaking backyard. In general the Wallons are more philosophical and relaxed guys then the Flemish. Plenty of opportunities but find out yourself. What to say if you bump into a Wallon: Hide the Flemish are there!

So you see there is plenty of choice. Beware there is a 300 billion of National Debt which has still to be devided under the three, but that wil be fixed soon after the Duchess Valley Talks ( het beraad van Hertoginnendal).

Free premium: the king and his court (costs not included).

EDIT 2007_09_19.
Funny, funny !! Today this posting was on local TV !!!

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