Saturday, September 29, 2007


Today 1935 Jerry Lee Lewis' Birthday

Will post something about 'the killer' Jerry Lee Lewis. Suggestions ?
In the comment yesterday just one suggestion. So that'll be the one.
I intended to post either The Killer's Private Stash (including unissued Jerry Lee's first recordings, done at a radio station in Louisiana in 1954) or a personal made compilation of 20-25 unissued takes of his early Sun sessions.

So instead of one of those here's Lewis, Jerry Lee - The Killer Rocks On 1971
01-Don't Be Cruel
02-You Can Have Her
03-Games People Play
04-Lonely Weekends
05-You Don't Miss Your Water
06-Turn On Your Love Light
07-Chantilly Lace
08-CC Rider
09-Walk A Mile In My Shoes
10-Me And Bobby Mc Gee
11-Shotgun Man
12-I'm Walkin'

Info in the comment.


The Killer rocks on
Request of my (not so) anonymous visitor from Comcast Cable Communications

Lewis, Jerry Lee - The Killer Rocks On 1971_vinyl

01-Lewis, Jerry Lee - Don't Be Cruel
02-Lewis, Jerry Lee - You Can Have Her
03-Lewis, Jerry Lee - Games People Play
04-Lewis, Jerry Lee - Lonely Weekends
05-Lewis, Jerry Lee - You Don't Miss Your Water
06-Lewis, Jerry Lee - Turn On Your Love Light
07-Lewis, Jerry Lee - Chantilly Lace
08-Lewis, Jerry Lee - CC Rider
09-Lewis, Jerry Lee - Walk A Mile In My Shoes
10-Lewis, Jerry Lee - Me And Bobby Mc Gee
11-Lewis, Jerry Lee - Shotgun Man
12-Lewis, Jerry Lee - I'm Walkin'

Link :

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Pass : 070928

File is a small 27MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

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