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Today 1938 Ben E King's birthday

Ben E King (born Benjamin Earl Nelson on September 23, 1938, in Henderson, North Carolina) moved to Harlem, NY at the age of nine. He became one of the greatest soul singers of the early 60's.

In 1958, Ben Nelson joined a doo wop group called The Five Crowns. Later that year, The Drifters' manager fired the members of the group and replaced them with The Five Crowns, who had performed several engagements with the Drifters. Nelson co-wrote the first hit by the new version of the Drifters There Goes My Baby (1959). He also sang lead, using his birth name, on Save the Last Dance for Me, a song written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, Dance With Me, This Magic Moment, I Count the Tears and Lonely Winds. Ben E King only recorded ten songs with the The Drifters, including a non-single called Temptation.

Here's a Youtube video of his classical original Stand by me.

In 1960, he left the Drifters after failing to gain a salary increase and what he felt to be a fairer share of the group's royalties. At this point he assumed the more memorable stage name Ben E King in preparation for a solo career. Remaining on Atlantic Records, King scored his first solo hit with the stylish, Latin-tinged ballad "Spanish Harlem" (1961). "Stand by Me" was his next recording. Written by Ben E King along with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.
Like they use to say, the rest is history.....

In the comments I offer you all his charted hits of 1961 and 1962, the A-sides as well as the B-sides.
Spanish Harlem, Stand By Me, Amor, Ecstacy, Don't Play That Song (You Lied), The Hermit Of Misty Mountain and My Heart Cries For You. Sixteen songs in total.
A link to the above video is also included !
Have fun 45 minutes listening and watching !
Marv Goldberg gives you also very interesting information. Check it out !.

King, Ben E - Hits (A & B sides) 1961_1962

01-King, Ben E - First Taste Of Love _1961
01-King, Ben E - Spanish Harlem _1961
02-King, Ben E - On The Horizon _1961
02-King, Ben E - Stand By Me _1961
03-King, Ben E - Amor _1961
03-King, Ben E - Souvenir Of Mexico _1961
04-King, Ben E - Here Comes The Night _1961
04-King, Ben E - Young Boy Blues _1961
05-King, Ben E - Ecstacy _1962
05-King, Ben E - Yes _1962
06-King, Ben E - Don't Play That Song (You Lied) _1962
06-King, Ben E - The Hermit Of Misty Mountain _1962
07-King, Ben E - My Heart Cries For You _1962
07-King, Ben E - Too Bad _1962
08-King, Ben E - I'm Standing By _1962
08-King, Ben E - Walking In The Footsteps Of A Fool _1962

Link :

Of course you understand to replace twice the '#' in an 'a' otherwise you don't have a 'valid' link !!

Pass : 070927

File is a small 40MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

Link to the 6MB videoclip :

Again : replace twice the '#' in an 'a' !

I like to try things out. Here's also a 'clickable' link to the videoclip. Stand by me video clip
Hope this works out. If so I've learned again something. If it doesn't please tell me.

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