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Today 1991 Billy Vaughn died

Born Apr 12, 1919 in Glasgow, KY and died Sep 26, 1991 in Palomar, CA

Billy Vaughn was one of the most popular orchestra leaders and pop music arrangers of the '50s and early '60s. In fact, he had more pop hits than any other orchestra leader during the rock & roll era. Vaughn was also the musical director for many of the hitmakers on Dot Records, including Pat Boone, the Fontane Sisters and Gale Storm. As a pop music arranger, his most distinctive feature was
his clean, nonoffensive mainstream adaptations of rock & roll and R&B hits. Billy Vaughn was also a recording artist, and he cut a number of albums of easy listening, instrumental music that were very popular throughout the '60s.

Billy Vaughn began his professional music career in 1952, forming the vocal quartet the Hilltoppers with Don McGuire, Jimmy Sacca and Seymour Speigelman. From 1952 to 1957, the Hilltoppers had numerous hit singles, beginning with Billy Vaughn's song Trying but also Marianne, I keep telling myself, Till then, Poor butterfly and A fallen star. He left the group in 1955 to join Dot Records as a musical director.

At the same time he was leading the vocal pop division of Dot, Billy Vaughn was recording his own instrumental records, which frequently were also covers of R&B and country songs. Beginning with 1954's Melody of Love, Vaughn had a string of easy listening US hit singles that ran for over a decade. He also recorded numerous hit albums, with 36 of his records entering the US album charts between 1958 and 1970.

The above Youtube video shows you, while listening to Swinging safari, a lot of his albums. Have fun.
In the comments I offer ya some of Billy Vaughn's many golden hits like Swingin' Safari, Petite Fleur, Wheels, Lili Marleen, Midnight in Moscow, Moon Over Naples (Spanish Eyes), Guitar Boogie, Blue Tango, La Paloma and the beautiful Weill-Brecht song A Theme From The Three Penny Opera Moritat


Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Golden hits

01-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - A Swinging Safari
02-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Moon Over Naples (Spanish Eyes)
03-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Wheels
04-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Moonlight And Roses
05-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - La Paloma
06-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Happy Cowboy
07-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Petite Fleur
08-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Wooden Heart
09-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Unter Dem Doppeladler
10-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Midnight In Moscow
11-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Morgen
12-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Chianti Lied
13-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Lili Marleen
14-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Cimarron
15-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Aloha-Oe
16-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Blue Tango
17-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - You're My Baby Doll
18-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Blue Tomorrow
19-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Red Sails In The Sunset
20-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Look For A Star
21-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Tumbling Tumbleweeds
22-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - A Theme From The Three Penny Opera Moritat
23-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Everybody's Twisting Down In Mexico
24-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Glow Worm March
25-Vaughn, Billy ah Orchestra - Guitar Boogie

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