Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today Uncle Bull celebrated his 98th birthday

Today the 'lion of Loosdrecht' celebrated his 98th birthday (it's now 23 hrs...).
I can hear first visitors of my Blog ask themselves 'who may 'uncle Bull' be' ?
Well he was with his two brothers the 'founders' of Dutch commercial off-shore radio. European visitors will of course have heard of the name 'Radio Veronica'.
Only later on Radio Caroline, North Sea International, Lord Sutch, Mi Amigo and so on 'arrived'. But Veronica was the first !

The station initially announced itself as the "VRON" "Free Radio Station Netherlands (of course in Dutch)" but this was quickly changed to "Radio Veronica".

Uncle Bull led the company as a father, always worried for the well-being of "his boys and gals". He knew exactly how you should deal in a pleasant manner with intangible creatives like dj's Rob Out (who died a few years ago), Willem van Kooten, Tineke (Vos-)de Nooy, technician Adje Bouman and so many others.
He always loved party's and a little drink on it's time (as did the others...).
Could that be the secret of Hendrik 'uncle Bull' Verwey ?
The above nice photo was taken about 6 month's ago during the Radio Veronica reunion. Great applause when he entered the room : he's loved by everyone !

The picture on the left shows you uncle Bull 1974_august_31 on the vessel whilst the last broadcast was prepared.
His 'looks' didn't change much in 33 years, dont you agree ?

I intended to offer you today a (Dutch) 1973 two hour interview with Uncle Bull but can't find it so quickly.

That march post offers you the last Radio Veronica broadcast from 1974_august_31. So you will have to do for the moment with that famous last hour (including the final speech by dear uncle Bull).

The eyes aren't what they used to be, nor is his general health. Yeah he needs to be taken care of ('nursed'). No wonder when you're 98.

Dear uncle Bull I'll drink some 'Kettle one' (Dutch gin) to your health and up to the hundred !!!!

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