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Yesterday 1931 Benjamin Franklin Peay born

Benjamin Franklin Peay ???? Never heard of ?? Maybe so. This guy's artist' name was Brook Benton.... :-) Ahh, that explains a lot.
Born 1931_september_19 in Camden, SC and died 1988_april_09 in New York, NY.

Silky smooth: that was Brook Benton's byword from his first record to his very last, as the singer parlayed his rich baritone pipes into seven number one R&B hits and eight Top Ten items. Stints on the gospel circuit preceded Benton's first secular session for Okeh in 1953, but his career didn't begin to take off until he teamed with writer/producer Clyde Otis. Benton co-wrote and sang hundreds of demos for other artists before frequent collaborator Otis signed his friend to Mercury; together they pioneered a lush, violin-studded variation on the standard R&B sound, which beautifully showcased Benton's intimate vocals.

Benton crashed the top spot on the R&B charts in early 1959 with his moving It's Just a Matter of Time then rapidly encored with three more R&B chart-toppers: Thank You Pretty Baby, So Many Ways, and Kiddio. Pairing with Mercury labelmate Dinah Washington, their delightful repartee on Baby (You've Got What It Takes) and A Rockin' Good Way paced the R&B lists in 1960.

In the comments some nice songs by Brook Benton. Note that's not an official available LP/CD but just some of my personal fav's of the years 1959-1962.

Benton, Brook - Compilation

01-Benton, Brook - It's Just A Matter Of Time _1959
02-Benton, Brook - Endlessly _1959
03-Benton, Brook - So Close _1959
04-Benton, Brook - So Many Ways _1959
05-Benton, Brook - That You Pretty Baby _1959
06-Benton, Brook - Fools rush in _1960
07-Benton, Brook - Kiddio _1960
08-Benton, Brook - The Same One _1960
09-Benton, Brook - The Ties That Bind _1960
10-Benton, Brook & Dinah Washington - A Rockin' Good Way _1960
11-Benton, Brook & Dinah Washington - Baby you've got what it takes _1960
12-Benton, Brook - Boll weevil song (stereo) _1961
13-Benton, Brook - Frankie And Johnny _1961
14-Benton, Brook - Revenge _1961
15-Benton, Brook - Still Waters Run Deep _1962
16-Benton, Brook - Looking Back _1962
17-Benton, Brook - Hotel happiness _1962
18-Benton, Brook - Shadrack _1962

Link :

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Pass : 070919

File is a small 40MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

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And when you want to have this LP you can, while downloading, easily tell me (and other viewers) why you like to listen to it or afterwards what you think of these songs. Don't you agree ?
A Blog is in my opinion a meaning to express thoughts (instead of just downloading music) ! Participate !
Brook Benton has just a wonderful voice, that reminds me sometimes of that of Antony. Brook's got the Soul.
Thanks so much for this compilation.
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