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Dario Moreno sings Brigitte Bardot

Was yesterday evening looking in some old photo albums.
Saw some nice pictures from a holiday in 1975 october when we visited Turkey. Stayed one week in Istanbul (the former Constantinopel). Visited Aya Sophia & Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque).
Went on to Izmir and visited the archaeological Ephesus and Pergamon.
Every day we had a trip to such a place and lemmie tell ya, it was great. Because there were so little tourists at that moment (season was over) one really could go 'into' 2000 years ago. I'll never forget that.
If you ever go to Turkey visit such places instead of just laying in the sun...

Was yesterday evening also listening to some Popcorn oldies. Amongst them the beautiful 59-Fraternity Brothers - Passion flower.

Dario Moreno was born in Izmir-Turkey. Learn more about him on Wikipedia.
First heard from Dario Moreno in 1961 when a made a cover of that nice song Brigitte Bardot. Wasn't every man crazy about her at the time ..... ?

Here's a nice compilation to get acquanted with the man.
Examples his version of Passion flower : Tout l'amour, his version of the Four Lads' Istanbul and his cover of Les Compagnons de la Chanson's - Si tu vas en Rio.

01-Tout l'amour
02-Amor amor amor
03-Quand elle danse
04-Eso es al amor
05-Adios muchachos
06-Brigitte Bardot
08-Papa loves mambo
10-Quizas quizas quizas
11-C'est magnifique
12-Si tu vas a Rio

You can meet Dario Moreno in the comment. And if you don't wanna meet him you will of course wanna 'meet' Brigitte Bardot ...!! So, one way or another ....

EDIT 2008_january_04.
Check also my addition on 2008_january_04 due to the reply of Baikinange.

Note : full screen window gives you the best view of the comments !

Moreno, Dario - Brigitte Bardot

01-Moreno, Dario (Fraternity Brothers) - Tout l'amour (Passion flower) _1959
02-Moreno, Dario - Amor amor amor _1962
03-Moreno, Dario - Quand elle danse _1956
04-Moreno, Dario - Eso es al amor _1958
05-Moreno, Dario - Adios muchachos _1964
06-Moreno, Dario - Brigitte Bardot _1961
07-Moreno, Dario (Four Lads) - Istanbul _1954
08-Moreno, Dario (P Como) - Papa loves mambo _1955
09-Moreno, Dario (H Belafonte) - Coucouroucoucou _1957
10-Moreno, Dario - Quizas quizas quizas _1963
11-Moreno, Dario - C'est magnifique _1955
12-Moreno, Dario (Compagnons dl Chanson) - Si tu vas a Rio _1958

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Pass to extract the file : 071017

File is a small 30MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

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Fabulous! Thanks for posting.
Get an Original Brigitte Bardot on her Harley poster at Lead Pipe Posters!
his huge, classic poster of actress and sex idol Brigitte Bardot was produced in 1967
by the famous poster company Berkeley Bonaparte and shot by Herman Scoop.
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Halo Dupree,

Ik had er lang geleden maar een liedje van op single en dat was BRIGITTE Bardot.
Ik hoor het nog steeds graag waarvoor Dank.

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