Sunday, October 28, 2007



When someone wants to download a specific file from a Blog there are 2 possibilities.

The 'downloader' himself is (also) paying for the (same) server-account which the Blogger uses. Simple and fast but it costs a dime. But he is a wise man.......

The 'downloader' wants everything for free. Even a comment is too much (to him time is money......). But everytime he has to fill a code to be redirected. So annoying isn't it ???
Also he has to wait for over an hour for the next download... Annoying again. Time, time..
Those stupid hosting-servers....... I my opinion he's not a wise man.

Maybe I have a solution to that second category of my Blog visitors.
I changed some things so I hope there's for them no waiting time anymore.
So direct downloads to them also...... Isn't that nice ???
But somehow those hosting-servers have to be paid. Well it's me who is paying for you !

My service starts with the offer of Leonard Cohen friday 2007_10_19.
I will only give this opportunity to the, let's say, last 3 articles. So you have to be quick.

Please 'free RS users' let me know here if, what I've done, works as intended or not.
I moderate comments, so will not publish it.

EDIT nov_20
No comment whatsoever if this is appreciated so I cancelled this service.

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