Saturday, October 20, 2007


Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2007_10_20

As usual, this is not a normal LP/CD, just some songs gathered from various singles.
To those who aren't on my mailing list, here's your copy.

01-Galens - Baby I Do Love You _$70 !
02-Bob Hicks - Baby Sittin' All The Time
03-Miss X - Christine (original)
04-Marisa - Christine (French cover version)
05-G-Clefs - Darla My Darlin' _$35 !
06-Sedaka, Neil - Feliz Cumpleanoz Dulces Dieciseis
07-Kilgore, Merle - 42 in Chicago
08-Evans, Paul - Hello, This Is Joannie

09-Honorables - How About A Date
10-Holland, Eddie - I Couldn't Cry If I Wanted To
11-Floraine Darlin - I Don't Know
12-Ronnie Gallant - In The Night
13-Gerri Granger - Just Tell Him Jane Said Hello
14-Hallyday, Johnny - Johnny Lui Dit Adieu
15-Adamo - Mis Manos En Tu Centura
16-Rosemary June - Repeat After Me
17-Rickey Coyne - Rollin' Pin Mim
18-Gabriel & Angels - That's Life (that's tough)
19-Gabriel & Angels - Zing _$75 !
20-Rich Roman - TTB (Truly, Truly Baby)
21-Bobbie Smith - Wanted

Merle Kilgore is here present with the fine mellow Popcorn 42 in Chicago. He wrote, together with June Carter-Cash, the Johnny Cash hit Ring of fire.
I wrote earlier about Miss X (Joyce Blair) and the explanation of this song (the sex-scandal Christine Keeler & UK foreign minister John Profumo). Search my Blog.
I added the estimated price of three singles. But this saturday it's free.... at least if you follow the comment instruction....


Note : full screen window gives you the best view of the comments !

Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2007_10_20
The tracklist is already given on the Blog, so nothing more to add.

You will have to do a little work to get the link. Sorry, otherwise I have to use 'transferrers'.
Copy and paste into one link, paste it in your browser and hit RETURN

Pass to extract the file : 071019

File is a small 50MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

When you see this in Google or Yahoo cache or by my Blog's search function read first the RED instructions at the top left of my Blog !
Direct link (after that go to the plain comment of this 2007_october article !) :
Halo Dupree,

Spijtig dat er niet word gereageerd op je Comments

Wat een kleine moeite is om te bedanken voor al het harde werk dat je iedere keer weer doet.
Bij deze dan maar weer BEDANKT.

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