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Today 1945 Don McLean was born

Donald Richard McLean (born October 2, 1945 in New Rochelle, New York) is an American singer-songwriter. He is most famous for his 1971 songs American Pie (about the death of Buddy Holly, the big Bopper and Ritchie Valens) and Vincent (about Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh).
Earlier I also wrote about him and offered his LP American pie which contains these two songs. Check the october 2006 archives!
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, gives you detailed info about the guy.

Today I offer ya McLean, Don - Playin' Favorites 1973 (with also 2 nice Buddy Holly covers !).
Nice 'easy listening' like Sitting On Top Of The World, Living With The Blues, Mountains O' Mourne, Fool's Paradise, Love O Love, Medley _ Bill Cheatham_Old Joe Clark, Everyday, Ancient History, Over The Mountains, Lovesick Blues, New Mule Skinner Blues and Happy Trails.

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McLean, Don - Playin' Favorites 1973

01-Sitting On Top Of The World
02-Living With The Blues
03-Mountains O' Mourne
04-Fool's Paradise (Buddy Holly cover !)
05-Love O Love
06-Medley (Bill Cheatham_Old Joe Clark)
07-Everyday (Buddy Holly cover !)
08-Ancient History
09-Over The Mountains
10-Lovesick Blues
11-New Mule Skinner Blues
12-Happy Trails

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Pass to extract the file : 071001

File is a small 30MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

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In the 1970's, I was a big fan of Don McLean, had all his albums. This one was not my favorite, because it had no Don's songs on it, but the two Holly covers are very fine, so are two nice ballads (Mountains O Mourne / Over the Mountains). Happy to have it back ! Sometimes, I feel sorry 'cause today, Don McLean is remembered only for American Pie and Vincent. He was a very talented songwriter, back then !
Mario, I have 4-5 LP's of Don McLean and agree completely. Most of his other recordings are very much worth to listen to.
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