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Today 1966 Alma Cogan died

Alma Cogan, born 1932_may_19 and died 1966_october_26 at the unbelievable young age of 34.

Alma Cogan was one of the most successful and tragic figures in English pop music of the '50s and early '60s. Her 18 chart hits were a record for a female singer at the end of the '50s in England, and despite being part of the pre-rock & roll era, Cogan seemed capable of working with the new music when her life was cut short.
In 1966, she was diagnosed with cancer. She received treatments and planned to continue her career, even writing several songs (under the name "Al Western") that were recorded by other singers. She kept working during the year, and an album was intended. Cogan continued concertizing, and while touring Sweden, she fainted. She was diagnosed as terminally ill, and died on October 26 of that year in a London hospital.

Here's my tribute to Alma Cogan with this 1960_1967 compilation.
01-Tennessee Waltz
02-Don't Read The Letter
03-Snakes, Snails And Puppydog's Tails
04-Tell Him
05-The Train Of Love
06-Hold Your Hands Out You Naughty Boy
07-Just Couldn't Resist Her Pocket Transistor
08-Quando La Luna
09-It's You
10-Goodbye Joe
11-Just Once More
12-I Can't Give You Anything But Love
13-Cowboy Jimmy Joe
14-I Wish You Love
15-Love Is A Word
16-Let Her Go
17-There's A Time And Place
18-Hello Baby
19-Fly Me To The Moon
20-I Knew Right Away
21-How Many Nights
22-The Birds And The Bees

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Cogan, Alma - Alma Cogan

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I loved Alma Cogan and thanks for this album
Thank You very much for sharing this wonderful album.
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