Saturday, November 10, 2007


Remember the Titans (movie 2000)

My son came home with this video and we watched it tonight. We both were impressed by the story and the great play of actors like Denzel Washington.

Based on the true story of the explosive events that took place in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971 when African-American football coach Herman Boone was hired to guide an integrated but racially polarized high school team--the T.C. Williams Titans. Angry, stubborn and a rigid taskmaster, Boone faces a cool reception from the team's players as well as an awkward relationship with assistant coach Bill Yoast, a local white man with seniority and a tradition of winning who was bypassed for the job. It's made clear that Bill has feelings of animosity for having to be an assistant under a black man. As the two men learn to overcome their ignorance and bigotry and realize that they have much in common (integrity, honor, and a strong work ethic) they work together to transfom a group of angry, unfocused players into a dynamic winning team of responsible young men. In the process, they also unite a divided community and ensure that Virginia will always "Remember the Titans."

My son said by this movie he understands a littlebit how it was for black people in them years. Told him some stories about Nat 'king' Cole, Billie Holiday ('Strange fruit' song) & Paul Robeson.
Just wanted to say I like this kind of movies with some underlaying thoughts.

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