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Shadows : Bruce Welch and Hank B Marvin

Bruce Welch (born Bruce Cripps, 2 November 1941 in Bognor Regis, Sussex, England) is an English guitarist, songwriter, producer and singer, best known as a member of The Shadows.
Welch grew up with his Aunt Sadie in Chester le Street, County Durham. After learning to play the guitar, he formed a Tyneside skiffle band called The Railroaders when he was fourteen. His Rutherford Grammar School friend Brian Robson Rankin (born October 28, 1941, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England and later to be known as Hank B Marvin), joined the group and they travelled to London in 1958 for the final of a talent competition.
In September 1958 Welch and Marvin joined The Drifters, later to become The Shadows, as Cliff Richard's backing band.

So they both became this week 66 years (young...).

If you like the old Shadows go to my 2006_May_19 & 26 and 2006_June_08 archives where I offered you their complete early recordings (6 LP's, in total a 120 instrumental songs).
All the hits are included like Apache, Quartermaster Stores, Man Of Mystery, 36_24_36, The Savage, Guitar Tango, Dance On, Foot tapper, Shazam.
Need I go on ?
But there are also a lot of very nice lesser known songs.

So hurry up to those archives and check their comments !!


Who were the other members of the Railroaders? Almost everybody here in Newcastle claims to have been!

Almost everybody here in Newcastle claims to have been!

Kate I really can't tell ya.
Looked at Wikipedia but here's no clue to your question.
Maybe a letter to your local Newcastle newspaper will help....
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