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Today 1940 Bruce Chanel celebrates his birthday

I remember so well the moment when Bruce Chanel's - Hey baby was issued in 1962. To me the intro wasn't right : harmonica player Delbert McClinton made a mistake. Have you noticed at the time and/or do you remember ? Here's the chance to re-listen. The b-side Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) is at the end not right but on this LP it is ok. Anyway, it was his greatest succes.

These two songs are on his very first LP Hey! Baby 1962 which is today's issue.
01-Hey! Baby
02-Breakin Up Is Hard To Do
03-Baby, It's You
04-Chantilly Lace
05-Ain't Got No Home
06-Sorry Baby
07-Dream Baby
08-Since I Met You Baby
09-Love Me
10-If Only I Had Known
11-Dream Girl
12-Baby You Got It Takes

In 1962 Delbert McClinton was touring as a member of Channel's band in Britain. On one of their shows, they were supported by a then-unknown Liverpool group, the Beatles, who had yet to cut their first record. John Lennon was smitten by McClinton's style of playing, and picked up some pointers that he put to use on the Beatles' very first single, Love Me Do. In fact, McClinton's influence can be easily detected in Lennon's harmonica playing on many early Beatles tracks from 1962 and 1963. Just compare Hey baby to their Love me do & Please please me (as example).

Check the comment and tell me if I'm right or wrong.

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Many thanks for this. McClinton undoubtedly influenced Lennon! I enjoy your blog.
hi Jean

good to read your observant comments on the harmonica intro to this track – yes, I noticed it first time around but I think that, rather than making a mistake, Delbert McClinton just has a naturally relaxed, or 'sloppy'? style (listen carefully to the rest of the track and you will notice that he makes the same “mistake” in quite a few places) ...I mean, if you call this a mistake then surely every bit of Bob Dylan's harp-playing is one BIG f**k-up!

but seriously, music obviously means a lot to you, as it does to me, and it was really interesting to read your insights regarding the connection to John Lennon's early learning - I think you got that one spot-on

as a harmonica-player myself, Delbert's playing was the first time I noticed the sound (as an 8-year-old) and then the beatles changed everything –'love me do', 'please please me', 'from me to you'?... wa-hey!

thanks for a breath of fresh air amongst the internet dross – I wish you well

Thanks Pat.
I will 'withdraw' my remark 'mistake'......
I am not a musician, just a music lover. But I noticed something particular, so that's why my remark.
And mistake or relaxed style ? Who bothers ? I like that better than what they do today. Record over and over again, cut and paste even single words on the computer.... That is not music !

Although also in them days songs were recorded in several tracks and sometimes 'overdubbing' was done what became 'a master track' was a pure song !
Remember what Paul Anka said later on about the re-recordings on RCA of his Paramount songs. It was his biggest musical mistake !
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