Friday, January 01, 2010


Blog closed but.....

Well, I closed my blog 2009_jan_01 but still have some 'unfinished bussines'.
So I decided to change the date of that last post to 2009_dec_31.
Just below it you can read my 2009's postings.

happy to see you are back
i missed you verry much
i'm happy that you changed your mind from leaving and came back to us
i just love your kind of music
i hope you stay on

beire, from belgium
Fantastic site,Fantastic music.Thanks for your hard work,gladto have you back...Zephyr.
Hi! Your blog is fantastic!
I always take a look at it.
Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Happy 2009!

Using time and resources without feeling appreciated is certainly disappointing. Better late than never, hopefully, but I want to thank you for sharing your John and Darlene Edwards material. I love Jo Stafford's singing, and hearing this music makes me laugh. My friends who sing in the choir really get a kick out of it too, and can appreciate how talented someone has to be to sing this bad on purpose.
Jy verdien 'n groot Hallelujah! maat. Musiek is onse blyskap, en jy is vol musiek. Jy weet wat ? Ek geniet die Buddy Holly 1959 plaat. Baie dankie vriend. Dit lyk vir my dat jy hou om die naar te speel. LOL!!!
...jammer..die woord is 'nar', met een 'a' Engels... 'buffoon, clown, jester' It does seem you like to play the your blog 2010 ... lyk vir my .. you leaped to far, in a non-leap year. Wild! my maat, dis wild. Erik.
Dear Jean,
During a search related to "Like Strangers" by the Everly Brothers, I came across your blog. Just my luck, after you've closed it! Anyway, after looking over some posts, I feel like I've come upon a treasure chest. Let me offer you belated thanks and congratulations for the wonderful work you have done here and my best wishes for a happy and fulfilling retirement.
Ed L
New York, NY
I am keeping a link in my blog to here anyway. Most don't realize the time and effort it takes for just ONE post. Thanks from me.
Hello Jean,
I'm sorry to have stumbled upon your blog so late in the game. I'm a big fan of 50's and sixties music but had never heard of Popcorn Parties. Thanks for all the hard work finding, uploading and sharing this with us. Very cool place.
p.s. Have you listened to any She & Him? They're current but wear alot of these influences prominently on their sleeves.
Wow! It's been a whole year, and I am glad I finally made it back to your blog. You did some GREAT work here, and I am going to spend a few hours just reading. Peace and goodwill to you in this new years. Eric.
Stay,i just started making changes to my blog after about a year away. After a while you'll miss writing about stuff.
I did as you've advised, thank you
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